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Richard Schley, President

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Lee Blanchard, Vice President/Secretary

Davison Grant, Treasurer

Property Manager

Jesse Chargualaf •

Cat Mountain Homeowner’s Association

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Cover: Original painting by Cat Mountain resident Alicia Jameson



Environmental Control


Lee Blanchard

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Sergio Maggi

Welcome Committee

Nishi Sarda Goel

Judith Harrison

Clyde Prestwood Jr

Social Committee

Charlene Casillas

911 Emergency

311 City Services

City of Austin: 512-499-2000

Mayor’s Office: 512-499-2250

Mosquito Control: 512-469-2015

Non-Emergency Police Response: 512-974-5000

Fire Department: 512-477-5784

Animal Control: 512-708-6000 ext.43

Crises Center: 512-440-4074

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Tree Service

& Landscapes!


A: • We sterilize our equipment

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• No upfront fees or deposits needed

• 5 out of 5 star reviews on Yelp!

• We are friendly professionals

• We'll beautify your landscape!

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events take place, photographers may be present to take photos for that event and they may be used in this publication.


Call Mike @ 751-5449

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May Cat Mountain View


Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms!

In this issue we get to meet Andie Allen

and learn more about her work as a

docent at the AMOA. What a wonderful

museum we have thanks to the tireless

efforts of volunteers! If you have a cause

you are passionate about, please send me

an email so we can learn more about it. I

am also happy to help support your events by including information

in the newsletter.

I hope you enjoy reading about Judy Harrison’s Screech Owl

and Sally and Andy’s big night at Celebrando Austin! It is

always fun to hear your news. Please don’t be shy and send in

your pictures and stories. Maybe your child had a big game or

event that you want to congratulate them on We all love reading

personal stories and remember - you are more interesting

than you think!


I would like to welcome our new sponsors Beds, Beds and

More, CAPPS Law Firm, Griffith Small Animal Hospital,

Cedar Park Overhead Doors, Shades of TX Window Tinting,

and Junk Busters. Thank you sponsors for making it possible

to produce the newsletter free of charge to the residents of Cat

Mountain Villas!

Enjoy the View,




As we celebrate that special mom in our life this month, let’s

remember to give those moms of babies a little “me time”.

Watching the little ones while mom goes to the store, gets a

project done or takes a nap would make a very thoughtful gift.

She may also like a visit from The Maids or a special piece of

jewelry from WhiteFire. That’s my little guy pictured here. He

loves picking wildflowers out for me (which I cherish more than a

dozen roses).

Mother’s Day flower from Ethan Rose, age 4

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Cat Mountain View May

May Cat Mountain View



HOA News and Events

Don’t miss important events and announcements!

We need your current email address

Networking Group Meeting May 12th

in the Clubhouse

Deer Feeding


Monthly meetings held the 2nd Thursday from 9:30-10:30am.

Resident business owners are invited to attend monthly networking

meetings. It is a wonderful opportunity to share

information on your business and stay connected. Our group is

focused on referrals. Email to RSVP.

The City of Austin adopted an ordinance on February 23, 2009

prohibiting intentional feeding of deer. The ordinance amends

the City Code to add Chapter 10-8 which:

Monthly emails are sent out to the community, please email to join the list! Emails also allow

immediate communication in the case of emergency, missing

pets, etc. so please send us your email today.

Note: This list is NOT shared.

• Prohibits intentional feeding of or making food available to

deer within City limits

• Creates a Class C Misdemeanor for violations

• Establishes a fine not less than $75 or more than $125

Why is feeding the deer harmful



to all our

Cat Mountain


• Feeding congregates deer into unnaturally high densities

• Congregating deer increase birth rates resulting in higher


• It causes over-browsing of local vegetation and ornamental


• Increases deer-vehicle collisions

• Lowers the instinctive fear deer have toward humans and

domestic animals

• Increases negative deer/human and deer/pet confrontations


The Austin/Travis County Health and Human Services Department’s

Rodent and Vector Program is responsible for administering

and enforcing the ordinance. To report a deer feeding

complaint, call the Program’s Deer Feeding Ordinance information/message

line at (512) 972-5692 or e-mail You may also file a written

complaint with the City’s Municipal Court.

Let’s work together to share this information with your neighbors.

They may not be aware of this ordinance or that supplemental

feeding harms deer.

• Don’t feed or make food available to deer

• Educate yourself about the negative impacts of supplemental


• Deer will not starve if supplemental food is withdrawn or


• Communicate to your neighbors that feeding deer is illegal

and could cause harm

• Landscape your yard with plants that deer do not prefer to eat

Find more information about deer resistant plants at

10 NeighborhoodNews

Cat Mountain View May May Cat Mountain View



Prevent Oak Wilt

city ordinance with $1,000 fines.


from February through June,

which is the Oak Wilt carrier

beetle season and also the

peak growth season. Pruning

oaks during this time has

been outlawed by some cities

such as Lakeway, which has a

Out &



s p o t l i g h t

Andie Allen

Wife, mother, grandmother, professional interior

designer and docent at the Austin Museum of Art.

PLAN AHEAD and prune during the coldest months of

November through January when the trees are dormant and the

carrier beetles are hibernating. The hot summer months are also

safe, but the oaks may develop unwanted sucker growth during

the growth season.

Since pruning trees is a major investment (frequently $1,000+)

and needs to be done only every five years, residents should plan

ahead and develop an arbor plan with a certified arborist.

Sally and Police

Chief Art Acevedo

Sally and Andy Gillam of Mountain Villa Dr. enjoyed a wonderful

evening of diversity at the 2011 Celebrando Austin. The

Greater Austin Hispanic Chamber of Commerce held their

black tie annual awards ceremony at the downtown Hilton.

“Celebrando Austin was amazing!” gushed Sally. “ There were so

many state and local dignitaries present. It was a great opportunity

to celebrate business growth in the community that impacts

our Cat Mountain neighborhood as well as our great city of


And the winners are…..

Businesswoman of the Year: Rosie Mendoza

Businessman of the Year: Novert Morales

Small Business of the Year: Jose I. Guerra, Inc.

Corporation of the Year: Seton Family of Hospitals

Volunteer of the Year: Val Velasquez

Ambassador of the Year: Jeanne McLead

Chair’s Award: Anna Marie Arredondo

Lifetime Achievement: Teresa Lozano Long

As many of you know, the AMOA has

two locations, downtown at 823 Congress

and the lovely villa on the banks of Lake

Austin, Laguna Gloria.

Within a few months after moving to

Austin I was inspired to join the docent

team at the downtown location.

My love of art, previous experience as a teacher and current

career in interior design all blend to make the docent experience

a perfect fit for me. I have been a volunteer for the AMOA for

eleven years now. I lead tours for visitors of all ages as well as

groups from area schools and colleges.

The museum provides excellent training for its docents, often

with the artist or curator, for each of the four different exhibits

each year. Besides the on the job training, there is much

research and study to do to be ready to lead the many tours

assigned for each exhibition.

Another program that the AMOA provides, in which I participate,

is the Seeing Special Things program. Here the art program

is taken directly to selected (special) low income schools

in the Austin area. Those participating in this additional docent

program are assigned a specific classroom. Four times per year,

we meet with the class involved for a “pre-visit”.

Next, a school bus trip, funded by the AMOA’s education fund,

brings the classes to the museum for an actual tour. The tour

is followed by an art activity related to the exhibit, something

to take home and share with their family. The home project is

designed to encourage the entire family to come downtown for

a museum visit.

I find it so rewarding to be able to bring these kids to the

museum, many of whom have never been on Congress St. to see

the capitol, much less an art museum. To paraphrase one of the

docents who so aptly expressed the experience for these children:

They walk in the door for the first time with trepidation,

and after the third tour they end up “owning the place”. The

fourth and final pre-visit and tour are at the villa and grounds

at Laguna Gloria. At Laguna, we lead them through this wonderful

example of art, architecture and Texas history. Special,


My part time job at AMOA is strictly voluntary, but it is a “job”

for which I receive more than I give. If any of you art lovers out

there want to participate, call the AMOA and join us!

12 Cat Mountain View May May Cat Mountain View



Sarah Barnett with her precious daughters Camille and Nora

Congrats to Nate & Jill Powell and big brother Patrick on his baby sister Wesley Rose!

Happy Mother’s Day

Thank you to Georgia Levin for taking snapshots of

adorable moms and babes on Autumnleaf Hollow!


You've given me two things

One is roots

The other's wings

- Anonymous

14 Cat Mountain View May


May Cat Mountain View



precious pets

Cat Mountain


Thanks to Judy Harrison for letting us know about her very unique “pet!”

Hello neighbors! I want to tell you about

our backyard friend, a mother Screech

Owl. Our owl nest box has an infrared

camera in it so we have had a ball watching

her daily activities and keeping an

eye on her eggs when she leaves the nest.

Owls cannot see in the infrared range

so the mother owl doesn’t know we are

watching her!

The mother owl found our nest box the

last week of February. She laid her first

egg on March 10th, the second on March

12th, the third came on March 14th

and the last one on March 16th. Our

research says the mother owl will lay eggs

every other day. It takes 26 days to hatch

the eggs so they should hatch April 5.

(Update: The eggs hatched on schedule

and there are now four baby owls!) After

the eggs hatch, it takes 31 days before

the baby owls are able to leave the nest.

The mother owl will push her babies

out of the nest at that time, even though

they have not learned to fly. It is a very

dangerous time for them as they try to

survive the fall and avoid being eaten by

prey. The owls are prey to Blue Jays, larger

owls, crows, snakes, and raccoons. The

baby owls can climb back up the tree but

it takes several days before they can fly.

The Screech Owl on average weighs 7.3

oz and is 9.2” long with a 22”wingspan.

The male is smaller on average: 7.0 oz

weight, 8.2” length, 21” wingspan. The

male is supposed to feed the female when

her young hatch and grow. They mate

for life and come back to the same nest

each year (hopefully). The owls like to

eat earthworms, scorpions, small snakes,

snails, spiders and centipedes. They also

eat flying insects, mice, deer mice, chipmunks,

squirrels and moles.

I have enjoyed working with Jane

Tillman, Urban Landscape Gardener for

the Audubon Society, on my Backyard

Wildlife Habitat. If you have questions

for Jane, she can be reached at

If you would like your Precious Pet featured

in the Cat Mountain View, please email

Happy Birthday


Griffin lives on Twin Valley with his parents, Mason and Stacy.

He is celebrating his 6th birthday this month!

Griffin attends school at Good Shepherd. He loves Legos, Star

Wars, Pixar movies, riding his bike, playing tee-ball, and going

on treasure hunts!

Happy Birthday Griffin--from all your

Cat Mountain neighbors.

close to Kerbey Lane 13359 N. Hwy. 183, Suite #405 (512) 918-3900

15% off 1st visit

(10% off future visits with coupon)

trendy boutique - fashionable collars and clothing - premium dog food

Bentley’s Biscuits & Bones is giving a FREE gift to

each Precious Pet featured in the Cat Mountain View. Take a

copy of your newsletter and visit Bentley’s located on 183 in

the Kerbey Lane shopping center.

Snow House Yogurt is giving a FREE frozen yogurt

to each child featured on the Cat Mountain Kids page.

Take a copy of your newsletter and visit Snow House

Yogurt located on Far West Blvd.

16 Cat Mountain View May


May Cat Mountain View




Is Alimony Dead in Texas

If not, what do I have to do to get it or avoid paying it


Give Her Exactly What She Wants

A common myth exists that alimony doesn’t exist in Texas.

Urban legend or fact Neither.

First, alimony is the nomenclature of the Internal Revenue Service

for post-divorce payments between former-spouses which

meet specific requirements in order to be deductible from the

income of the paying spouse and includable from the income of

the receiving spouse.

Everyone – even Texans -- have the ability to agree that a

spouse will pay alimony. This is referred to as “contractual alimony.”

Additionally, beginning in 1997, the Texas Legislature

introduced court-ordered alimony which is known as “spousal

maintenance.” Texas courts have been ordering support

between spouses ever since. Just to be clear -- by confirming

that we have court-ordered alimony in Texas, by no means do

I intend to imply that it’s common. However, with the right

facts, some level of support is available. 1

Q: How long can alimony be paid

A: Contractual alimony must terminate upon the death of the

receiving party. Parties can choose to terminate it by other triggering

events (like remarriage) but they are not required to do

so. Spousal maintenance cannot be ordered for a period over

thirty-six months from the date of divorce unless the spousal

maintenance is based on the spouse’s or child’s disability.


Custom Designs • Heirloom Updates • Engagement Rings

Private Showroom Open Daily By Appointment. Call 512.231.8502

CHASE Bank Building, 7600 Burnet Road, Suite 520 •

Q: What happens to the obligation if the paying spouse dies

A: Parties can agree that contractual alimony does not terminate

on the death of the paying spouse and becomes an obligation

of his or her estate. Spousal maintenance must terminate

upon the death of either spouse, on remarriage, or upon a finding

of cohabitation. 1

Q: Is there a dollar limit on the amount of support paid

A: Where the payment is agreed, the amount is virtually limitless.

To the contrary, spousal maintenance cannot exceed 20%

of the paying spouse’s gross income or $2,500 per month –

whichever is less.

Kelly J. Capps is the principal attorney of the Capps Law Firm,

PLLC. She lives and works in Northwest Hills and is board certified

by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in Family Law.

Submit your family law questions to for

potential publication.


Tex. Fam. Code §8.056 establishes the requirements for receiving spousal maintenance

based on being disabled or having a disabled child and being unable to work

, not having property for support, and being unable to meet one’s own reasonable

financial needs.

18 Cat Mountain View May

May Cat Mountain View



Never have to ask your friends

if they know a good plumber again!


Looking for Instant Curb Appeal

Austinites recoup 95% of their investment in a

garage door upgrade*

Serving Austin with the Most Trusted

Electrical Work for 16 years

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• Maintenance, Testing and Repair

• Emergency Service

• Custom Lighting Design

Jason Dupre, Certified Master Electrician


We are family owned and operated and have the most

professional staff in town. Our experienced plumbers are

licensed, insured and well trained.

• Tank and tankless water heater installation

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“JNA recently completed a bath area revamp

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updates in our circa 1976 bathroom. They did

a fantastic job on schedule!”

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We have been building homes

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– Owners, James and Patti Wright

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We are dedicated to performing high quality work while making the process comfortable,

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20 Cat Mountain View May

Uncompromising Quality at an Affordable Price

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most experienced tile roofers in the area!

Gary Whillock

Rejuvenate your patio

Working in Cat Mountain:

“ We chose Gary's firm to do the work after I met

with 5 other contractors. He was up front, honest,

delivered according to plan and was forthcoming

with complete detail on the activities of his crew.”

- Andy on Ledge Mountain

Austin Roofing Contractors


“Passionate about the work we do!”

Custom Floors for less than Wood or Tile!

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Landscape lighting is the primary deterrent

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Professional Low Voltage

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carpet removal with

concrete floor installation

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customer reviews on


May Cat Mountain View


Parkside offers a casual venue on Sixth Street

with a bold take on New American Cuisine.

Shawn Cirkiel, one of Austin’s most recognized chefs, offers Parkside

diners a fresh culinary experience in lively downtown Austin.

Chef Cirkiel’s offerings include a sumptuous raw bar—which

often carries as many as 16 varieties of oysters. While the menu

changes seasonally—even daily–diners can enjoy both dramatic

dishes like juicy salmon crowned with almonds and pears or

comfort basics such as fried egg sandwiches. Innovative dishes

that exemplify his flair and innovative touch in the kitchen

include beet and peach tartar, crab fritters with ravigote and

Texas goat cheesecake with basil ice cream.

Bon Appetit magazine crowned Parkside one of the “Hot 10

New American Taverns” as a top destination for pub cuisine and

his towering hamburger was voted one of the best in Texas by

Texas Monthly (2009).


301 East 6th Street

Austin, TX 78701

(512) 474-9898

Open Daily 5pm-12:30am

Low-maintenance kitchen floor

for much less than tile!

Stunning living area

Contact owner and concrete artist Andy McDell today 512-656-1592

22 Cat Mountain View May May Cat Mountain View



Initial Exam and Records are always Complementary

• “ ”


David R. Nelson, D.D.S.


Two Convenient Locations:


11743 Jollyville Rd.

Four Points

10601 FM 2222


s p o t l i g h t

R&M Rustics

Robert Hill


R&M Rustics produces finely handcrafted Adirondack patio and

garden furniture from Western Red Cedar. One of his love seat pieces

is displayed at the Clubhouse area by the swimming pool. Robert

Hill, the owner, told us about his business.

One of my favorite projects was producing 17 pieces for a San

Antonio HOA to surround their new pool. It was rewarding to

see that project come together and the positive response from

the neighborhood.

I started R&M Rustics following a teaching career that spanned

more than forty years. Most of those years were spent teaching

high school mathematics, from algebra I to advanced trig and


I decided to open a business involving my second love, woodworking.

For nearly all my adult life I have enjoyed using the

woodworking skills my father taught me as a young boy. During

the time I was teaching, woodworking was a great hobby

and diversion. Many people have enjoyed this hobby with me

through the gifts they have received and now display in their


Surprising as it may seem, I really enjoy working alone. At times

it gets a little hectic when I have a number of items to complete,

but that adds to the excitement I have when projects are

completed. I challenge myself to build the best possible piece

of furniture each time I produce one. I think that only when we

challenge ourselves do we produce the best possible product.

24 NeighborhoodNews

Cat Mountain View May

May Cat Mountain View


Seton Northwest


Uses Internet to

Shorten ER Wait Times

A few clicks before heading to the hospital

will schedule your “place in line.”

Because patients with minor emergencies prefer the comforts of

home – sofa, TV, refrigerator – to the ER waiting room, Seton

Northwest Hospital is introducing, an online

registration and check-in system.

This Internet-based service allows patients with minor medical

conditions to arrive at the emergency department at a designated

time and be placed in an examination room within 15

minutes of arrival.

If the patient remains in the waiting room for more than 15

minutes past the designated time, the nominal fee for this service

will be refunded.

To receive the 15-minute guarantee, individuals

need to provide complete information during online registration

and arrive at the Seton Northwest emergency department

at the selected treatment time. InQuickER, the platform

behind, charges $4.99 for this pre-registration

and check-in service, separate from hospital and physician fees.

There may be times when the life-threatening or emergency

needs of other patients could delay low-acuity patients’ care, in

which case InQuickER will refund the $4.99 service fee.

For more information about Seton Northwest’s

online registration and check-in system, go to

Seton is a member of Ascension Health, the largest not-forprofit

health network in the nation.

“ is designed for people with non-life threatening

medical conditions,” Scott Fuller, vice president and chief operating

officer of Seton Northwest Hospital, said.

Because emergency departments treat patients in order of severity,

a process called “triage,” patients with low-acuity conditions

sometimes wait for hours while higher-acuity patients receive

priority treatment. With, low-acuity patients can

do most of their waiting at home.


26 LocalEvents

Cat Mountain View May


May Cat Mountain View


Sunday, May 1-14

Sleeping Beauty

Where: Scottish Rite Children's Theatre, Austin, TX

When: 2pm

In the Far, Far Away Kingdom, Penelope, the party-pooping fairy, is

back to her party-pooping ways. Upset that she was not invited to

celebrate the birth of Princess Beauty, Penelope crashes the party

and casts a spell on the baby: at the age of 18, Beauty is doomed

to sleep for 100 years! In an attempt to foil the spell, the King

enlists his page, Sleepy Pete, to guard the Princess at all times.

For more information: (512) 472-5436

Friday, May 6

The Magic Flute

Where: Long Center for the Performing Arts, Austin, TX

When: 8pm

Set to the invigorating music of Mozart’s famous opera, this Stephen

Mills world premiere of The Magic Flute draws you into a

world of suspended reality where a flute has the power to change

the hearts of men. A story wrought with mythical creatures, this

inspiring ballet conspires to turn the most stubborn skeptic into

one who believes in anything.

For more information: (512) 474-5664

Saturday, May 7

Ragtime Ball

Where: The Madison, Austin TX

When: 8pm-11pm

Friends of the House Presents the Ragtime Ball benefiting Austin’s

Ronald McDonald House. Guests will enjoy an indulgent evening

of dancing, hors d’oeuvres, complimentary prohibition era cocktails

and entertainment. Peruse exclusive silent auction items; don

cocktail attire and themed costumes for a night on the town with

Austin’s fabulous young social scene.

For more information: (512) 494-4094

Saturday, May 7 & 8

Old Pecan Street Festival

Where: Sixth Street, Austin, TX

When: 11am

The festival has been an Austin tradition for more than 30 years. The

show features artisans from all over the United States who display

and sell homemade art and craftwork. Festival goers can find paintings,

sculpture, woodwork, candles, jewelry, cowboy hats, home

decor, games, and other useful and whimsical household items.

For more information:

Saturday, May 14

The Metropolitan Opera: Die Walküre

Where: Cinemark Austin Southpark, Austin, TX

When: 11am

This is the second opera in The Ring of the Nibelung series. The

Metropolitan Opera is the most widely heard and known opera

company in the world. The Met is a vibrant home for the most creative

and talented artists, including singers, conductors, composers,

orchestra musicians, stage directors, designers, visual artists,

choreographers, and dancers from around.

For more information: 800-326-3264 #2140

Wednesday, June 1

Michael Buble

Where: University of Texas at Austin: Frank Erwin Center, Austin, TX

When: 8pm

Bublé has certainly achieved success! As with his previous two

143/Reprise bestsellers, 2003’s self-titled debut and 2005’s multiplatinum

follow-up It’s Time, Call Me Irresponsible boasts more of

Bublé’s buoyant, modern interpretations of standards from a variety

of eras, including songs by such greats as Leonard Cohen, Eric

Clapton, Cy Coleman, Gamble and Huff, and others, as well as two

self-penned originals, including the first single, the uplifting love

song called “Everything.”

For more information: (512) 471-7744

28 Cat Mountain View May May Cat Mountain View



30 Cat Mountain View May

May Cat Mountain View



Featured properties may not be listed by the office/agent presenting this brochure.

Source Multiple Listing Service. All information herein has not been verified and is not guaranteed.

Supplied by Richard Schley

Address Neighborhood List Price Beds Baths Status

6104 Mt Villa Cove Cat Mountain Villas $635,000 3 3 Sold

4701 Twin Valley Dr Cat Mountain Villas $485,000 4 3.5 Sold

6200 Mt Villa Dr Cat Mountain Villas $495,000 5 4 Contract pending

6201 Mt Villa Dr Cat Mountain Villas $549,500 3 3.5 Contract pending

5906 Northwest Place Cat Mountain Villas $449,999 3 2.5 Contract pending

4410 Jessamine Hollow Cat Mountain Villas $435,999 3 2.5 For Sale

4851 Twin Valley Dr Cat Mountain Villas $425,000 4 2.5 For Sale

4404 Jessamine Hollow Cat Mountain Villas $369,000 3 2.5 For Sale

5902 Northwest Place Cat Mountain Villas $499,000 3 2.5 For Sale

5842 Westslope Dr Cat Mountain Villas $750,000 4 5.5 For Sale

5404 Knap Hollow Cat Mountain Villas $369,000 4 2.5 For Sale

5909 Mt Bonnell Dr Cat Mountain Villas $675,000 4 2.5 For Sale

6014 Mt Bonnell Cv Cat Mountain Villas $374,900 3 2.5 For Sale

4820 Twin Valley Dr Cat Mountain Villas $424,900 3 2.5 For Sale

4830 Twin Valley Dr Cat Mountain Villas $529,000 4 2.5 For Sale

5817 Mt Bonnell Cat Mountain Villas $399,900 3 2.5 For Sale

4513 Autumnleaf Hollow Cat Mountain Villas $420,000 3 2.5 For Sale

32 Cat Mountain View May

Resident BusinessGuide

May Cat Mountain View


Resident Business Guide

Patty Mora Photography

Attention Residents of Cat Mountain... Do you own or run a business To have your business featured free in the resident business

guide in an upcoming issue of the Cat Mountain View, please send an email to




Richard Schley Realty

Eriksen Marine



Richard Schley

Grant Eriksen

Veronica Barrio

Cipi Ilai

(512) 983-0021

(512) 266-3493

(512) 659-4341

(512) 323-6887





Communication By Hand

Austin Tax Pros

Concierge Family Medicine

Nathan Hall Photography

Delia Mott Merritt

Charles Devany

Mason Jones, MD

Nathan Hall

(512) 467-1917

(512) 522-8293

(512) 454-4849

(512) 914-0435

Northwest Pediatrics


Dr. Nishi Rane


Andrea Allen Interiors

(512) 338-8500

Amelia Bullock

Andrea Allen

Georgia Levin

(512) 374-0742

(512) 461-2051

34 ClassifiedAds

Cat Mountain View May

May Cat Mountain View


classified ads

To submit a FREE classified ad, email details to by the 20th of the month.

Ads will run 6 weeks after they are submitted due to printing schedules. Please keep in mind that

all listings will be kept to a 40 word maximum and will run for one month. If you would like your

ad to run again, feel free to submit the same listing the following month. We hope you enjoy this


Wanted: Babysitters, Housesitters, Pet sitters living in

Cat Mountain Villas. List your services here!

Austin's Home Grown Source for Natural & Organic Mattresses.

Serving Austin since 1998. From Our Family to Yours.

Serving Cat Mountain With all your Insurance Needs



Anna Perez

7718 Wood Hollow Dr. Ste. 220

Austin, TX 78731

(512) 338-0021




Sleep Natural. Buy Local.

Organic & Green

512.452.4444 | |

7530 Burnet Road, Austin, TX 78757 | Mon-Fri: 10-7, Sat: 10-5





Air Conditioning & Heating

Services for over 15 years

We professionally install and

service all major brands.

• Certified Technicians

• Licensed and Insured

• 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

• Family Owned and Operated

• Residential & Light Commercial HVAC

• Fast, Friendly & Professional Service

Honest and Reliable Service – Men of Integrity

Covenant Air Conditioning & Heating

Call for a free quote (512) 515-6946

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