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Survey information was initially transcribed from TCHGS’ book entitled Tishomingo

County Mississippi Cemeteries by Helah Wilson and Janice Switcher on November 5,

2005. The cemetery was re-surveyed and photographed on August 12, 2006, by Cindy

Whirley Nelson and RaNae Vaughn.

LOCATION: Travel Highway 72 west from Iuka, Mississippi, to Highway 365 at

Burnsville, Mississippi. Travel north on Highway 365. After crossing the first bridge,

turn left and the church will be on the right side of the road. The cemetery is surrounded

by a chain link fence.

A CD of this survey, which includes photographs of each stone, may be purchased from

the Tishomingo County Historical & Genealogical Society. This CD also includes the

survey of Possom Trot Cemetery. Visit the TCHGS website for ordering information:



Barnett, James V. (Jim)

11/14/1923 to 10/01/2000; and

Barnett, Dorothy K.

04/17/1927 to 03/11/2005

Bennett, A. Lorena

04/09/1920 to 01/27/1990

Bennett, Leo E.

04/02/1913 to 07/06/1986

Pvt U.S. Army, World War II

Bennett, Michael R.

04/17/1950 to 11/20/1990

Brown, Audie R.

06/19/1936 to 01/05/2002; and

Brown, Nell T.

Born 09/03/1941

Married 09/07/1965

Brown, Bobby L.

12/27/1932 to 06/09/2003

Burgess, Earl Osborn

09/29/1911 to 05/06/1990


Campbell, Ralph

10/23/1924 to 06/09/1999; and

Campbell, Patricia

01/09/1935 to 05/05/1989

Carroll, Terry Lane

04/04/1972 to 04/05/1972

Chatham, Reva

10/27/1975 to 03/11/1995


Davis, Clydale Osborn

06/04/1933 to 07/30/1985

Dillon, A. J.

03/03/1972 to 11/27/1973

Dodson, Billy F.

08/13/1937 to 06/05/1991


Feltman, Clyde Mack

12/06/1909 to 04/17/1981; and

Feltman, Mandy Frances

08/25/1916 to 07/07/1997

Floyd, Marlar

10/31/1912 to 02/25/1990; and

Floyd, Gladys Marlar

11/27/1914 to 01/27/2003


Gray, Charles W.

12/10/1918 to04/12/2003; and

Gray, Rhoda M.

Born 05/12/1931

Grimes, Henry Stacy

07/13/1928 to 03/02/1991

PFC U.S. Army, World War II


Hall, Jim B.

11/03/1896 to 07/25/1979; and

Hall, Carrie L.

03/01/1906 to 12/04/1986

Hamrick, Brandon Gage

11/30/2003 to 12/14/2003

Son of Brandon & Heather Whirley Hamrick

Hardin, Milton (Bill)

Born 12/30/1926; and

Hardin, Mozell R.

Born 04/13/1927

Helton, Chester W.

04/16/1910 to 02/14/1991; and

Helton, Agnes C.

04/22/1913 to 08/13/1999

Huff, Jennifer Renee

08/28/1980 to 05/08/1988

[Photo on tombstone]


Lambert, Allen O.

05/22/1932 to 11/15/1999

Lambert, Anita Carol

01/02/1964 to 05/14/1988

[A niece to Clay Walls]

Lambert, David

04/28/1918 to 07/30/1988; and

Lambert, Betty J.

Born 03/25/1923

Lambert, Calvin, Jr.

01/29/1949 to 02/26/1989

Lambert, Charles W.

11/04/1940 to 08/15/1974

SN U.S. Navy

(Army marker has 08/13/1974)

Lambert, Calvin Coolidge

08/09/1924 to 10/22/2003

S1 U.S. Navy World War II; and

Lambert, Clista M.

02/07/1928 to 03/04/2004

Lambert, John W.

08/26/1914 to 10/30/1993; and

Lambert, Edith

08/15/1921 to 03/30/1998

Lambert, Linda L. 11/01/1950 to **/**/**** and; Lambert, William Dan 06/21/1954 to

11/12/1986 Marrid 03/08/1980

Lambert, Tomie H. 02/19/1914 to **/**/**** and; Lambert, Mary A. 01/31/1922 to


Lambet, Allen O. 05/22/1932 to 11/15/1999

Lambet, Dennis Ray 06/27/1957 to 09/03/1984 Son of John W. & Edith Lambert Photo

Ligon, Dudley 01/17/1933 to 10/25/1999 Age 66 Corinthian Funeral Home Marker

Lovelace, Melvia M. 05/14/1914 to 01/01/1994 and; Lovelace, George W. 08/02/1897 to


Loyd, Amie A. 01/31/1921 to 05/04/2000 and;Loyd, Arlie C. 02/12/1912 to 12/05/1988

Luttrell, Anthony Cory 11/24/1991 to 11/24/1991


Marlar, Addie (Mother) 12/03/1896 to 03/10/1985 and; Marlar, Kim (Father) 12/30/1893

to 11/02/1984

Marlar, Audie 06/21/1916 to 01/01/1984 T4 US Army WWII and; Marlar, Jane

05/17/1922 to **/**/****

Marlar, Cindy Ann 06/17/1959 to 08/04/1996 (D.A.R.)and; Marlar, Alvin Troy Jr. (A.T.)

06/19/1953 to **/**/**** Married 02/04/1983 Our Children; A.T. III, Justin, Joshua

and Brandy

Marlar, Ruby Louise 07/20/1927 to 10/29/1990 and; Marlar, Alvin Troy Sr. 05/26/1922

to 03/17/1997 Married 09/14/1946 Cpl US Army WWII

Marlar, Ruth H. 10/27/1920 to **/**/**** and; Marlar, Clifton 01/27/1914 to 12/02/1991

Photo Children: Barbara Ann, Tommy Eugene & Betty Fay

McCarley, Joseph L. **/28/1988 to 09/03/1988 Cutshall Funeral Home Marker

McQuilliams, J.L. 10/10/1920 to 05/04/1974


O`Bryant, Bernice K.

06/04/1926 to 12/02/1993

O`Bryant, T. M. (Tommy)

01/19/1929 to 01/22/1999


Patterson, Aubrey P.

03/27/1917 to 05/08/2000

Patterson, Kathleen B.

01/29/1939 to 05/10/1993


Richardson, Raymond

01/20/1916 to 05/06/2000; and

Richardson, Eunice

04/17/1920 to 04/09/1993


South, Robert Lee

08/17/1902 to 01/07/1988; and

South, Esther

06/08/1920 to 10/28/2003


Thacker, Willie Joe

Born 02/19/1937; and

Thacker, Mary Ethel

03/05/1942 to 04/23/2003

Married 12/12/1960

Thompson, Wayne Steve

09/03/1941 to 09/02/2002

Timbes, Clay

10/22/1907 to 01/06/1976; and

Timbes, Iness

06/08/1913 to 05/16/1990

Toloso, Eva Jane

06/04/1919 to 03/26/2002


Walker, Norma

06/08/1940 to 03/11/1977

Wife of Roy Walker

Walls, Clarence Clay

03/08/1941 to 03/03/2004; and

Walls, Shirley Clayton Robbins

Born 09/12/1939

Married 06/29/1973

Washington, Verlon B.

07/15/1919 to 10/13/1994

White, Birdie A.

07/21/1915 to 02/25/2002

Williams, Truman Lafayette

04/12/1930 to 04/08/1994; and

Williams, Jean Francis

Born 02/06/1938

Wilson, Mozelle

04/17/1918 to 04/16/2000

Wright, Creekmore Brunner

06/13/1906 to 04/26/1998; and

Wright, Florence Marlar

06/17/1926 to 06/30/1997


Young, James T.

09/01/1911 to 03/20/1987; and

Young, Vonda R.

10/22/1924 to 08/28/1996

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