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Positioning and removal

Positioning and removal now twice as fast as with conventional partitions. This is how quick and easy it can be, when it comes to reconfiguring interior space with the DORMA MOVEO system. The individual system elements are manually removed from the stacked to the operational position. As soon as the element is in place, the ComforTronic ® control automatically extends the sound-insulating seals until, at the end, the telescopic element extends to complete the closing sequence and secure the wall. Maximum convenience with a great bottom-line pay-off. The panels used in the DORMA MOVEO system are constructed of high-tech, light weight material which facilitate quick, easy operation. The ComforTronic ® control system is provided as a standard feature, eliminating the time and effort of manual crank mechanisms. Panel seals are automatically extended when two elements come into contact. This eliminates any likelihood of operator error, and ensures that the wall is always securely sealed. The lightweight construction facilitated by the system design and production methods ensures outstanding sound attenuation levels of up to 55 dB. So light yet so sturdy. The surface integrity and stability of the panels are unbeatable. Both are achieved through a unique high-tech production process – a true world first – combined with innovative materials. ComforTronic ® included. The ComforTronic ® represents a new standard in convenience and efficiency. The sealing strips and telescopic elements are electronically extended and retracted again as soon as the contacts at the narrow end face of the elements make contact with or disconnect from the power supply circuit. A tight seal is created within five seconds with the precisely metered contact pressure of the seals ensuring outstanding wall stability. In the event of a power failure, the seals can be manually operated. The “anyone can do it” principle. Demanded by the market, introduced by DORMA: a modern movable wall system that can be operated by anyone with ease. DORMA MOVEO, the revolutionary innovation in terms of lightweight construction and convenience, together with the ComforTronic ® control ensures easy, fast and safe handling so that your spaces can be quickly and flexibly reconfigured at any time. 6 7

Your requirements are flexible. Now your rooms are too. 10.00 hours Sales conference in the main auditorium One layout today, tomorrow another. With DORMA MOVEO, the variability of your layout configurations is exceptional. Spaces and areas can be flexibly adapted precisely in accordance with your changing requirements. A broad range of different user and occupant solutions can be quickly and simply implemented – ideal for the “office of tomorrow” in which widely differing space configurations have to be implemented at short notice. As the individual elements can be parked within the smallest of spaces, neither room capacity utilization nor the visual appearance of that interior is impaired. In other words: with DORMA MOVEO, you can open up completely new avenues – and often unimagined possibilities as well. 14.00 to 18.00 hours Small seminar room 14.00 to 18.00 hours Main auditorium divided into an office and a small seminar room. 8 9

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