No city beats Hong Kong: The obvious choice for Fossil

No city beats Hong Kong: The obvious choice for Fossil

No city beats Hong Kong:

The obvious choice for Fossil

Companies worldwide are taking advantage of Hong

Kong’s unique attractions for a huge variety of corporate

events. No matter whether you are planning a megaevent,

a regional conference, a corporate meeting or an

incentive trip, few destinations can match Hong Kong’s

diversity of activities, sights and venues.

The experience and spirit of Hong Kong’s many tourism

professionals will also guarantee that your event will be

successful and a motivation booster for the attendees.

And don’t forget the Hong Kong Tourism Board is always

ready to offer free advice on venues and social programmes,

as well as a full range of marketing tools.

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An exciting␣ dining room light show heightens

the atmosphere as the awards are presented.

Handsomely appointed meeting rooms were the perfect setting for business discussions.

When US-based Fossil Inc arranged its

annual Asia Sales Conference in Hong

Kong in 2006, it was the fifth year in a

row that Fossil had chosen Hong Kong

as the location.

The annual sales conference is the

most important event of the year for us

and, as a destination, Hong Kong

contributes a lot to our success. Ever

since we began hosting the conferences

here, we have seen a 50 per cent

growth in sales per year,” says Mark

Parker, senior vice president Asia.

Fossil offers an extensive line of fashion

watches, sold under both its own house

brands and a number of licensed brands,

such as Adidas, Burberry, DKNY, Emporio

Armani and Marc Jacobs.

“We bring in customers, brand managers

and media representatives from all

over Asia, as well as from Australia,

Egypt, Germany and the US, so we

need to be at a place which is very

convenient to go to. There is no better

alternative than Hong Kong, since it has

direct flights to most cities where our

guests come from and most of the

flights are just a few hours. It also

makes sense to arrange this conference

in Hong Kong since we have our

regional headquarters here and a

majority of our products are manufactured

in south China,” says Parker.

The customers are entertained by

traditional cultural performances.

Overwhelming response

Through the years, the response rate to

the invitations that Fossil sends out has

continued to grow, and in 2006 Fossil

hosted 170 people, a new record. The

last four conferences have been held at

the same hotel, the Harbour Plaza Hong

Kong, right on the Kowloon waterfront

near Whampoa Garden.

“Two years ago, we only used the first

floor of the hotel. Last year, we also

took over the 18th floor, and for this

year we needed to add the presidential

suite on the 19th floor,” says Seon Joo,

regional marketing manager, who has

been responsible for the planning.

She regards the Harbour Plaza Hong

Kong as an excellent venue for an event

of this kind: “It is inspirational, since it

offers a fabulous view wherever you are in

the hotel. The hotel staff are also very

professional, dedicated and flexible.”

All the business activities took place in

the hotel, including the boardroom

meetings, the poolside welcome dinner,

the awards presentation dinner, and the

product reviews and press interviews,

which meant that many of the hotel’s

rooms and suites had to be transformed

to suit Fossil’s needs.

Special showrooms were set up for

each of the 14 brands that Fossil

markets and distributes in Asia. All the

products were on display, and

Seon Joo books the same Hong Kong hotel

year after year.

Hong Kong sets

a standard

Hong Kong contributes a lot to

our success,” says Fossil Asia's

Mark Parker.

Shannon Washburn works as an international brand

manager for the Fossil brand. She is based in Dallas, Texas

– where Fossil has its headquarters – and has visited the

Asia Sales Conference all five years it has been running.

“This is a great event for us,” she says. “The team in Hong

Kong has really set a standard that we in the US have

adapted for conferences. The organisation has been

excellent and the way they put all the brands on display is

very inspiring.”

Washburn has made business trips to Hong Kong about

10 times. For her, Hong Kong is an ideal place to go to

since it is close to Fossil’s factories in south China.

customers were free to stroll from

room to room, checking out the various

fashion watches, accessories and

apparel, and talking to brand managers,

who were happy to take orders. All

these arrangements were made with

only one day’s notice.

“We also organised things to do for our

guests in the evenings. In every sense,

Hong Kong is a perfect destination. The

city has a great infrastructure, excellent

service levels, and a splendid variety of

things to do for the guests when they

are not working,” says Joo.

The programme included a horse racing

night at the Happy Valley racecourse, and

the guests were also provided with a list

of many free activities to choose between.

Organising a conference for almost 200

people involves a lot of logistics. The

planning takes about a year. No sooner

did the 2006 conference wind up than

Parker and Joo were planning for the

2007 event.

There are no prizes for guessing the

location of next year’s conference –

Hong Kong ...

A flutter on the horses is a must for the delegates.

She loves the skyline, and thinks the people are incredible.

She loves a flutter on the horses, and says a night at the

Happy Valley races is a must-do in Hong Kong. She

enjoys the beautiful scenery and was surprised at all the

greenery in and around Sai Kung in the New Territories:

Hong Kong has such a variety, much more than I could

ever expect.”

Hong Kong’s variety

impresses Shannon

Washburn from

Dallas, Texas.

Next time, Annemiek Ballesty

will bring her family from

Australia to Hong Kong.

Perfect location

Annemiek Ballesty is Dutch, but she has spent the last

ten years in Sydney, Australia, where she is managing

director of Fossil. She says she enjoys going to the

annual conference in Hong Kong, which she has been

doing since they got under way five years ago.

“It’s a perfect way of meeting with the staff from the

regional office. We also have samples of all the

products here, since they are produced on the other

side of the border.”

Ballesty says that Hong Kong is the place to be if you

want to impress customers at exclusive restaurants

and bars. She enjoys shopping, and is a frequent

visitor to both Hong Kong’s brand boutiques and the

Ladies’ Market in Mongkok. She says she also

appreciates Chinese food, and is even partial to a spot

of karaoke.

“I always bring some gifts home to my family and I

have bought Chinese suits for my two small children.

But now my six-year old daughter has found out that

Disneyland has opened in Hong Kong, and she puts

pressure on me to bring her there. So next time,

maybe the whole family will go,” says Ballesty.

Support from HKTB

The Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) encourages

international corporations to hold conferences and

incentive travel activities in Hong Kong.

The HKTB can help planners with ideas for team

building activities or themes for parties. It can give

recommendations on venues and itineraries as well as

plenty of other support (www.discoverhongkong.


Meeting planners can also take advantage of the online

Request-For-Proposal (RFP) system, which covers a range

of hotel partners and venues. Using the RFP system,

corporations can specify their accommodation, meeting

space and catering needs all in one easy-to-use online

form (

Furthermore, corporations can make use of the Hong

Kong REWARDS programme, which provides value addons

for corporate meetings and incentive travellers


“Through the years, the Hong Kong Tourism Board has

also provided us with a variety of other things, such as

a drum show, a lion dance, welcome messages at the

airport and name carving on chopsticks,” says Seon

Joo, regional marketing manager at Fossil.

The Hong Kong Tourism Board encourages international corporations to hold their meetings and incentive travel activities in Hong

Kong. For more information about how the Board can assist in these areas, please visit

Information is correct as of May 2007, but is subject to change without prior notice. The Hong Kong

Tourism Board disclaims any liability for the quality or fitness for the purpose of third-party products

or services, or for any errors or omissions.

© Copyright Hong Kong Tourism Board 2007 4893768004870


Participants received custom-made

souvenirs with a Chinese touch.

Printed for the Hong Kong Tourism Board, Eng, May 2007 (0487)

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