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Detailed Description (PDF) - Bob Murray & Associates









Nestled in the heart of the Inland Empire in San

Bernardino County, the City of Redlands is approximately

63 miles northeast of Los Angeles

and 110 miles north of San Diego. The closest commercial

airport is the Ontario International Airport, a

30 minute drive from Redlands. The City was named after

the color of the region’s adobe soil, and is a “big town” with a “small

town” feel. Called the “Jewel of the Inland Empire” and known historically as the

“Washington Navel Growing Capital of the World”, Redlands is famous for its

Victorian architecture which include the Morey Mansion, Edwards Mansion, and

Kimberly Crest House and Gardens. Redlands was once part of the territory that

belonged to the Morongo and Agua Caliente tribes. Today, Redlands is a modern

City that is 36 square miles and has over 70,000 residents.

Redlands features a family friendly environment where visitors and residents can enjoy the

14 public parks, shop at boutiques along the tree lined State Street in downtown Redlands,

enjoy the summer concerts at the Redlands Bowl, and visit the Lincoln Shrine,

San Bernardino County Museum, and Redlands Historical Glass Museum. Annual

events in Redlands include the Lincoln Pilgrimage, Redlands Bicycle Classic, and the

Fourth of July Parade on University Street, which features soldiers dressed in 18th Century

American Revolutionary costumes. In addition to the City’s many activities, educational

institutions include the University of Redlands, Crafton Hills College in the local area, and

Community Christian College. Redlands is also home to the world headquarters of Esri

(Environmental Systems Research Institute), the City’s largest employer.


The City operates under the motto “A City That Works” which is indicative of the attitude

even through this difficult economic climate. Incorporated in 1888, Redlands is committed to

preserving the City’s historical qualities while providing services to its residents that are

reflective of the 21stCentury. Redlands has a Council-Manager form of government. The

five members of the City Council are elected at-large for four year terms. The City Clerk

and City Treasurer are elected. A majority of the City Council selects the Mayor and

appoints the City Manager. The City Manager directs 9 major departments: Development

Services, Finance, Fire, Human Resources, Department of Innovation and Technology,

Library, Municipal Utilities and Engineering, Police, and Quality of Life.


Nestled in the heart

of the Inland Empire in

San Bernardino County,

the City of Redlands is

approximately 63 miles

northeast of Los Angeles

and 110 miles north

of San Diego.

The Police Department has a long standing philosophy of community policing which

is exemplified by their CLEER Values. The Department has been very forward thinking

in their use of technology as force multipliers to provide maximum protection

on a minimum budget. This has also been

augmented by the implementation of

multiple, multi-year grants and

community and business partnerships

that have been developed.

These partnerships

have provided access to

cutting edge technology

as well as multiple ongoing

donations and grants.

The Department enjoys

an extremely diverse staff

and encourages the continuation and

growth of this practice.


The City is seeking a Police Chief who will

administer direction, plan and oversee the

activities and operations of the Police Department

including community policing, patrol,

traffic, investigations, internal affairs, communications,

animal control, and support

services. The ideal candidate should be a

confident team player who is intuitive and

can employ political acumen when representing

City interests. The incoming Chief will be a

positive leader who can motivate those

around them, and be able to build consensus.

The ideal candidate will approach issues as

opportunities instead of threats, confront

reality with reasonable expectations and work

across departmental lines. The new Chief

should be innovative, progressive and embrace

technology and volunteerism. The position

requires seven years of responsible law enforcement

experience including five years of

experience in a supervisory capacity; a

Master’s Degree from an accredited college

or university in Public Administration, Business

Administration or other related fields

within 12 months of appointment; and

possession of a P.O.S.T. Management Certificate.

P.O.S.T. Command College Graduation

Certificate; and F.B.I. National Academy

Graduation Certificate is desirable.



The Police Chief works closely with staff

and City management to evaluate and

recommend ways to streamline and improve

departmental efficiency and customer service

incorporating the reduced staffing levels.

The City is currently exploring options for

the development of a future Safety Facility.

Current facilities present a challenge for

communication and access.



Management Style and Personal Traits

The successful candidate:

• Should be a confident team player who is

intuitive and can employ political acumen

when representing City interests in collaborative

efforts and partnerships with other

governmental agencies, academic and

educational institutions, community

based organizations and businesses;

• Will be experienced in designing and

implementing performance management

programs that yield input, output

and outcome measures including the

incorporation of stated City Council

Goals into departmental functions;

• Will have experience coordinating data

availability and support for measure-driven

management across City departments;

• Will be a positive change agent who can motivate

those around them, and be able to build consensus;

• Will be customer service oriented, and look to improve current operations through

innovation and creativity;

• Will be able to think on their feet, be able to prioritize, and be accountable with good

follow through;

• Will be energetic, have a sense of humor, be flexible and interested in taking on challenges,

and work in a collaborative manner accepting responsibility for actions and

acknowledging contributions of others; and

• Will feel comfortable working in a fast-paced environment.

Essential functions and duties require the following physical abilities

and work environment:

Ability to work in a standard office environment; ability to travel to different

sites and locations; ability to sit, stand, walk, run, kneel, stoop, twist,

and climb; lift, drag and push files, reports, or other materials weighing

up to 25 pounds is also required; endure exposure to heat, noise,

outdoors, vibration, confining work space, chemicals, explosive

materials, mechanical hazards, and electrical hazards; ability to

travel to different sites and locations; available for shift work,

on-call, and standby; must be of legal age; must be a citizen of the

United States.

The following list represents examples of knowledge,

skills and abilities that the successful candidate will have a

broad understanding of:

Knowledge Of:

• Operational characteristics, services and activities of a comprehensive municipal

law enforcement and community policing program;

• Management practices as applied to the analysis and evaluation of police

programs, policies and operational needs;

• Modern and complex principles and practices of law enforcement and

community policing program development and administration;

• Technical and administrative phases of crime prevention, law enforcement,

and related functions including investigation, patrol, traffic control

and safety, records maintenance, supplies and equipment, care and

custody of persons and property, training, and communications;

The Police Chief works

closely with staff and City

management to evaluate and

recommend ways to streamline

and improve departmental

efficiency and customer service

incorporating the reduced

staffing levels.

• Principles of Community Oriented

Policing and Problem Solving (COPPS);

• Law enforcement theory, principles

and practices and their application

to a wide variety of services and


• Recent court decisions and how

they affect department and division


• Functions and objectives of Federal,

State, and other local law enforcement


• Use of firearms and other modern police


• Advanced principles and practices of

budget preparation and administration;

• Principles of supervision, training and

performance evaluation;

• Pertinent Federal, State, and local laws

and ordinances, particularly with reference

to apprehension, arrest, search

and seizure, evidence and records

maintenance, and traffic control;

• Local geography, City streets, public

buildings, and businesses; and

• Safe driving principles and


Skill To:

• Operate firearms and

other modern police


• Operate modern

office equipment including

computer equipment;


• Operate a motor vehicle


Ability To:

• Provide administrative and professional

leadership and direction for the Police


• Develop, implement, and administer

goals, objectives, and procedures for

providing effective and efficient law enforcement


• Plan, organize, direct, and coordinate

the work of management, supervisory,

professional, technical, and clerical personnel;

• Delegate authority and responsibility;

• Select, supervise, train, and evaluate staff;

• Identify and respond to community, City Manager, and City

Council issues, concerns, and needs;

• Conceptualize COPPS police/community programs and orchestrate

their implementation;

• Analyze problems, identify alternative solutions, project consequences of

proposed actions, and implement recommendations in support of goals;

• Research, analyze, and evaluate new service delivery methods, procedures,

and techniques;

• Prepare and administer large and complex budgets;

• Allocate limited resources in a cost effective manner;

• Prepare clear and concise administrative reports;

• Interpret and apply Federal, State and local policies, procedures, laws, and


• Act quickly and calmly in emergencies;

• Meet the physical requirements necessary to safely and effectively perform the

assigned duties;

• Exercise good judgment, flexibility, creativity, and sensitivity in response to changing

situations and needs;

• Communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing; and

• Establish, maintain, and foster positive and harmonious working relationships with

those contacted in the course of work.


The current posted annual salary for this position ranges from $170,000 to $198,000.

This range is under review with hiring salary dependent upon the qualifications and

experience of the successful candidate. Department Director positions are “at-will” and

serve at the will of the City Manager. The City provides the following benefits:

Medical Insurance – City pays monthly premium for employees and their eligible

dependents through PERS Health;

Dental Insurance – City pays monthly premium for employees and their eligible


Insurance Adjustment – $150 per year to offset medical insurance co-payments

and/or deductibles;

Vision Reimbursement – up to $225 per year;

Life & AD&D Insurance –


State Disability Insurance –

Paid by employee;

Deferred Compensation – 401(a) Plan–

Annual City paid contribution of $1,125 +

2% of salary; 457 Plan—Participation is

optional and all costs paid by employee;

Public Employees Retirement System

(PERS) – 3% @ 50; 9% employee contribution

amount City paid;

Tuition Reimbursement

Annual Leave – 304 hours accrual first


Paid Holidays – 12 days per year;

Credit Union

Employee Assistance Program


If you are interested in this outstanding

opportunity, please visit our website at to apply online.

Filing Deadline:

May 16, 2011

Following the closing date, resumes will be

screened according to the qualifications

outlined above. The most qualified candidates

will be invited to personal interviews

with Bob Murray and Associates. A select

group of candidates will be asked to provide

references once it is anticipated that they may

be recommended as finalists. References

will be contacted only following candidate

approval. Finalist interviews will be held

with the City of Redlands. Candidates will

be advised of the status of the recruitment

following selection of the Police Chief.

If you have any questions, please do not

hesitate to call Mr. Regan Williams or Mr.

Wesley Herman at:

(916) 784-9080

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