July / August 2012 Bagpiper - Piper's Landing Golf & Country Club


July / August 2012 Bagpiper - Piper's Landing Golf & Country Club

Yacht & Country Club

The Bagpiper


Aerial Photo of the

Indian Street Bridge

compliments of Dave


More photos of bridge

on page 3 taken by

Piper's staff

4th of July Firecracker Classic

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

2 Best Balls of 4

2 Divisions: 18 Holes & 9 Holes

You may play at any time you choose. Just notify the Golf Shop of the time you

would like to play. Please turn in your scorecard following play.

$29.95 per person

Awards & Barbecue will be at 6:00 pm

$19.95 per person for Barbecue Only

9:00 pm Fireworks (weather and drought conditions permitting)

Watch Channel 63 for weekend updates!

Annual club closing Thursday, July 5 thru Wednesday, July 25.

We will reopen Thursday, July 26 for lunch and dinner.

The Bagpiper JULY/AUGUST 2012

News from the General Manager... Brian Reich

At the Town Hall meeting on June 25 th , Debra McCaughy the Director of Martin

County Emergency Management, made a presentation to the community centered on

hurricane preparedness. On the back page of this Bagpiper we summarized much of

what she presented. However, the main issue she focused on was in the event of a

major hurricane (Category 3 and above), everyone should be prepared to leave the

property, as we are in an evacuation zone. So we implore you to have a plan as to

where you (and your pets) will go if an evacuation (either voluntary or mandatory) is

issued by Martin County. We hope all this is for not, but it's best to be thinking about

this and have a plan in place!

Financially speaking, through May we are $76K better than budget YTD, with

$2,093K in cash (combined operating and capital) in 2012 vs. $1,681K for the same

period in 2011.

Troubled account collections have been progressing in a positive direction, with short

sales, bank foreclosures, and settlements netting us over $200K in past due funds in

the last 30 days. The six properties owned by Piper’s at the beginning of the year are

down to three, with pending contracts for sale on two of them.

Our Comcast Contract renewal has been renegotiated. In addition to what services

they currently provide, this renewal offer includes:

• Door fee to Piper’s Landing of $39,000.

• Two HD boxes and HD programming for each homeowner. If you currently have

these your individual bills will be credited. This possibly represents as much as a

$30 per month savings per homeowner on your personal monthly bill. We will

also have Comcast on site to review your bills and schedule installation of these

products later in the summer and in season.

• 10 year term.

• Two year credit for 13 troubled accounts ($12,000 value).

• Increases are capped to 4% annually. Historically it’s been 5%.

• Current price set for an additional 6 months (until January 1, 2013).

• Relocation of Ch. 63 equipment from the Laurel Room to the Real Estate office at

no charge ($3,000 value).

Thanks to our Cable Committee of Beryl Anthony, Dave Dersham, Tom Maguire,

and Lee Rawlinson for helping in this negotiation process.

Have you been on our website lately The entire “Public” side of the site has been

redesigned to provide a fresh new look, enhanced photos and “branding”, and added

key words and phrases to assist in search engine optimization (SEO). You will also

notice short videos available on the front page to assist in visually explaining to

prospective clients, and/or buyers…the Piper’s lifestyle, our banquet capabilities, and a

NEW golf video! Our latest research shows Piper’s is ranked ahead, in both “Google”

and “Bing”, of our competitors on search terms like “Stuart Florida Gated

Communities”, “Golf Communities”, and “Gated Community Florida”. Check it out!

Our “hits are through the roof!”

The highlights from the June 25 th Board Meeting were:

• Approved new Golf Guest Fee Pricing for 2012/2013. See enclosure.

• Approved replacement or refinished furniture for Troon, Parkgate and Thistle

pools as well as extensive painting and acid washing.

• Approved the replacement of two storm water drainage pipes behind the Cano and

Joseph residences.

• Approved replacement of our dance floor.

• Approved replacement of the Ice/Water machine at the 4 th hole rest area.

• Confirmed we will proceed with phase 2 of our bunker project this summer.




8:30 am - 5:00 pm


8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Tuesday - Sunday

Closed Monday


Please drop off and pick up

your shoes in the Golf Shop



Tuesday - Sunday

11:30 am - 2:00 pm

Closed Monday


Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

5:00 pm - 8:00 pm


When Club is Closed for


11:30 am - 5:00 pm

When Club is Open for Dinner

11:30 am - Closing


Casual unless otherwise noted

on your Calendar


Clubhouse 283-7000

Golf Shop 283-1155

Security 283-7002

Security Emergency 283-8803

Fax 287-1282

Golf Shop Fax 221-0493



The Bagpiper JULY/AUGUST MA Y/JUNE 2012

The Bagpiper

News from the General Manager continued...

• Approved the membership applications for two

new buyers and one renter.

• Approved a number of new community rule

changes which are being incorporated into the

current rules and will be available by mid July.

Remember that all Board and Committee minutes,

management reports, golf course performance

(grooming) standards, monthly and annual audited

financial statements, budgets and Bagpipers are

available at a click of your mouse on the website.

Or you may request a hard copy from the office.

We also send a weekly “blast” with community

news, updates and changes or we will email you any

of the above. All you have to do is request it! Let us

know. E–Mail us!

We also have the capability to email your monthly

statements! It’s easy to sign up! Please feel free to

contact me on any issue you need help on, or any

suggestion you may have for improvement! I look

forward to seeing you around the community and



Westside Security Gatehouse Project

Sampson Tree Service will be on property beginning mid August (weather permitting). They have

quoted the following rates for tree trimming: Sabal, Queen and Chinese Fan Palms, $12 each;

Washingtonian Palms, $13. They will also offer good rates for trimming hardwoods. These rates will be

in effect for the month of August only. If you would like your trees trimmed, please let us know

promptly so your trees can be tagged.

Indian Street Bridge


The Bagpiper July/August 2012


Aquatic Friends of Piper’s

This will be the first of an ongoing series of progress reports regarding the implementation of our planting and fish

restocking programs for our lakes in Piper's. A detailed presentation was made to the Board in April that included

the following objective: “To develop and implement a long-term management program which will result in the

establishment and maintenance of a quality fishery and lake environment which is both attractive to wildlife and

complementary to the community.” As many of you already know, in March an electrofishing analysis on thirteen

(13) representative lakes within Piper's was performed onsite by Aquatic Environmental Services, Inc.,

headquartered in Ball Ground, GA. This team of marine biologists provided us with a detailed report on 1) water

quality, 2) fish sampling by species, number, age and relative weight index, 3) vegetative inventory of all lakes, 4)

final recommendations regarding harvesting, feeding, fertilization, aeration, habitat enhancement, and fish

stocking. If you are interested in a copy of the final 183 page report, please request an e-mail e

copy from Julie.

It became obvious that to implement these recommendations for all of our lakes would be both cost prohibitive

and impractical. It was decided that the project would be phased, beginning with three (3) lakes initially. Lake #3

(The 0.81 acre lake located on the west side behind Tom & Jaye Egan’s home and due east of the newly

landscaped area at the corner of Parkgate Blvd. & Parkgate Blvd.) This lake is to be managed as a quality bluegill

and channel catfish fishery. Lake #10 (The 2.52 acre lake located on the west side on Parkgate Blvd. and

immediately adjacent to the peach colored condominiums.) This lake is to be managed as a quality large mouth

bass fishery. Lake #23 (The 0.82 acre lake located on the east side fronting on Thistle Terrace and immediately

behind the fifteenth green.) This lake is to be managed as a trophy large mouth bass and bluegill fishery. The

program for these lakes includes 1) fish stocking, 2) an aeration system as necessary, 3) fish habitat and bedding

boxes, 4) fish feeders, 5) installation of a variety of flowering aquatic vegetation along portions of the shorelines.

Planting is currently underway on the aquatic vegetation for two of the three lakes. Also, a fertilization program

has been initiated for the three ponds in an effort to encourage the production of a phytoplankton bloom. This

produces healthy zooplankton which is the basic organism that is the stable food source for tiny newly hatched fish

minnows. Therefore, fertilization is essential in order to provide a stable food chain in our lakes. It is hopeful that

the remaining activities identified for these three lakes will commence sometime this fall and winter as funding is

made available.

Thank you to the Gifts & Memorials Committee for funding the aquatic vegetative plantings for Lake #23!

Thank you also to all of the members who have helped with the Christmas tree project for the lakes over the past

several years! These will continue to provide deep water habitat for years to come. Unfortunately, our golden

shiner minnows which were stocked in our lakes this past year did not enjoy a very good survival rate due to the

lack of zooplankton. We won’t make that mistake again. The marine biologists with Aquatic Environmental

Services, Inc. (AES) have outlined a month by month schedule to insure successful implementation of our program

for the three lakes. We are hoping that we will have sufficient funding to insure that AES will be available to our

staff over the next year or so as needed.

Equally important, Piper’s has hired a replacement firm, Lake Masters, as our primary consultant for aquatic weed

control. They are headquartered in Palm City and have a proven record of quality lake management throughout

Florida. They will be working closely with staff and AES to insure that our planting program is implemented and

maintained in such a way as to promote a safe and attractive environment for fish and wading birds.

In the meantime, for those of you who are actively fishing our lakes, particularly lakes #6, #10, & #23, AES has

recommended that we harvest 160 lbs. of bass that measure 14 inches or less or larger bass that appear to be

malnourished. These small bass should be properly disposed of by either burial or placing in the garbage.

Finally, a designated account has been established at the Club to accommodate donations to “Aquatic

Friends of Piper’s”. Several members have inquired as to how they might assist in our program

implementation. We do need assistance. You can make your checks payable to Piper’s Landing, Inc.

and note that it is for “Aquatic Friends of Piper’s.” Thank you! Stay tuned for more news and

information to come!

The Bagpiper JULY/AUGUST 2012

Southern Catfish Fry

Grill Room Dress Code

Golf & Tennis attire (including

appropriate shorts for men and

women) may be worn in the Grill

Room until closing.

This will be in effect until

November 4, 2012.

Card Night & Dinner

Tuesday, July 3 & August 7

5:00 pm to 7:00 pm with dinner following.

Please don’t forget to call the Club

for dinner reservations!

Calendar Correction

In last year’s calendar for October 2011 – November

2012, the date of November 28, 2012 was

omitted. In the upcoming calendar for October

2012 – November 2013, the date has been corrected.


The Bagpiper JULY/AUGUST 2012


The Piper’s Landing family extends its deepest condolences

to the family and friends of

Wilson Andrews

who passed away May 25, 2012

He will be sorely missed by the community.

Annual Duplicate Bridge Correction

Tom Houts

1st Place with 5 Wins!

Tennis News by Cullen deWindt

The ladies' and men's teams

will still be playing through the

summer, so if anyone wants to

join please let me know. Of

course, lessons, clinics and the

ball machine are always


The weather is hot and humid, so it is very

important to hydrate and not overdo your


Save the Date!

Sunday, November 11, 2012


Gifts & Memorials


The Gifts & Memorials Committee is proud to

announce the upcoming 3rd Annual "3's for

Trees" Golf Tournament at Piper's Landing on

November 11, 2012. Mark your calendars and

join in this fun event!! Start getting your

6-person teams together. Need help getting a

team Call the golf shop for assistance. See

you there!


When replies to the "alarm signs" question

stopped coming in, the tally was 67% in favor

of their complete removal. After conferring

with Ozzie Cano (Chair of Safety & Security)

the decision to remove them was made

final. Chief Rausch has been asked to do away

with the signs. Thank you for expressing your

opinion on the matter.

Owen Dow, President

Tennis Tips

When hitting a serve, it is very important to

keep your head up and actually watch the

ball hit your strings.

Massage at Piper’s Landing

Summer is a good time to kick back and

relax. If you want to beat the heat, treat

yourself to a massage.



Buy 2 massages at the regular price and get

50% off the 3 rd

Offer applies to

massages scheduled

in the Laurel

Room and inhome


*(Special is valid through

September 30, 2012)

Call Susan at 678-9168

for an appointment.

Massage at Piper’s Landing will be closed

from 7/16 through 7/31.

The Bagpiper JULY/AUGUST 2011

The Bagpiper JULY/AUGUST 2012

Golf News by Michael Eye, Golf Professional

During the summer months, please be aware of the lightning warning system. If the horn

sounds once, that means the course is closed and you must proceed to the clubhouse or

shelter of your choice. If the horn sounds three consecutive times, the course has reopened.

Prior to heading back out, please check with the Golf Shop to make sure the course is in

playing condition after the storm. However, we suggest you use common sense. If you hear thunder or

see lightning, you may want to leave the course whether you hear the horns sound or not.

A reminder that when playing the course, hitting into the green can create ball marks. Please be aware

and fix the ball mark promptly. This will help the condition of the greens and overall look of the golf


We are once again working on an official Piper’s Landing Tournament brochure for a September/October

mailing. It will have information on all guest days and major tournaments so you can plan ahead for next

season. If you are in need of specific dates for scheduling purposes, please let the golf shop know and we

will provide them to you.

Golf Tip: Golf Shot Tendencies:

∗ Ball above your feet: ball will go left and/or you

might hit behind it

∗ Ball below feet: ball will go right and/or you

might top it

∗ Uphill lie: shot travels higher and shorter and/or

shot pulls left and you might hit behind it

∗ Downhill lie: shot is pushed to the right and/or

you might hit behind it or top it


(Weather Dependent)

July 5 - July 14

Front 9 Closed - Back 9 Open

July 15 - July 25

Back 9 Closed - Front 9 Open

Range Closing will be determined at a later

date. Watch for updates.



Closed Mondays

July 5 thru July 25

8:00 am - 2:00 pm

Nine Hole Ladies Golf Members

Please send your check for your 2012-2013 2013 season

dues to:

Mary Funk

4432 SW Dundee Court

Palm City, FL 34990

The amount is $45 and the check should be made

out to:

Piper’s Landing Nine Hole Golf Assoc.

We need your checks ASAP so we can proceed with

compiling the directory. Thanks!


The Bagpiper JULY/AUGUST 2012

Book Notes by Susan Farrell

“The habit of reading is the only enjoyment in which there

is no alloy; it lasts when all other pleasures fade.” Anthony Trollope

Featured Books in April and May

Lone Wolf by Jodi Picoult

An unforgettable story of family secrets and difficult decisions. The comparison of the wolf pack to a

human family; the wolf never forgets that each member of a pack needs others and sometimes survival

means sacrifice.

The Witness by Nora Roberts

A programmer’s past captures the attention of the local sheriff and she is forced to hide in the Ozarks.

Stay Close by Harlan Coben

Three people dissatisfied with their lives are reunited by a disappearance in Atlantic City.

New Books in April and May

After Camelot by J. Randy Taraborrelli; Agent 6 by Tom Smith; Almost Home by Pam Jenoff; A Quiet

Vendetta by R.J. Ellory; Are You Kidding Me by John Feinstein; A Season In Hell by Robert F. Fowler;

Blind Man’s Bluff by Sherry Sontagg & Christopher Drew; Blood of Victory by Alan Furst; Blood Trust

by Eric Van Lustbader; Bodily Harm by Robert Dugoni; Bonnie by Iris Johansen; Celebrity in Death by

J.D. Robb; Cell 8 by Roslund & Hellstrom; Chasing Midnight by Randy W. White; Clawback by Mike

Cooper; Cold Vengeance by Preston & Child; Corsair & Crescent Dawn by Clive Cussler; Culture of

Corruption by Michelle Malkin; Darkness All

Around by Doug Magee; Dead or Alive by Tom

Clancy; Defending Jacob by W. Landay; Down

The Darkest Road by Tami Hoag; Fall from Grace

by Richard North Patterson; Guilty Wives by James

Patterson; Gun Games by Faye Kellerman; Halsey’s

Typhoon by Bob Drury; Hard Knocks by Howie

Carr; Hell Gate by Linda Fairstein; Kill for Me by

Karen Rose; Last Will by Liza Marklund; Lawyer

Trap by R.J. Jagger; Lethal Legacy by Linda

Fairstein; London Bridges by James Patterson;

Longitudes & Attitudes by Thomas L. Friedman;

Lost Gold of The Republic by Pritt Vesilind;

Mary’s Mosaic by Peter Janney; Micro by Michael Crichton; Mystery by Jonathan Kellerman; Natural

Cures "They " Don't Want You To Know About by Kevin Trudeau; Need You Now by James

Grippando; Night Train To Lisbon by Pascal Mercier; Oath of Office by Michael Palmer; Private Games

& No 1 Suspect by James Patterson; Restless by William Boyd; Restless in The Grave by Dana

Stabenow; Rules of Vengeance by Christopher Reich; Saving Faith, Simple Genius & Zero Day by

David Baldacci; Singularity by Kathryn Casey; Shock Wave by John Sanford; Sixkill & Split Image by

Robert Parker; Sleepwalker by Karen Robards; Soft Target by Stephen Hunter; Star Flight by Phyllis

Whitney; The Atlantis Code by Charles Brokaw; The Big Miss by Hank Haney; The Cat’s Table by

Michael Ondaatje; The Darlings by Christina Alger; The Hammer of Eden by Ken Follett; The Heir by

Barbara Taylor Bradford; The Informationist by Taylor Stevens; The Keeper of Lost Causes by Jussi


The Bagpiper JULY/AUGUST 2012

Book Notes


Adler-Olsen ; The Last Time They Met by Anita Shreve; The Last Six Million Seconds by John Burdett;

The Quest by Daniel Yergin; The Whisperer by Donato Carrisi; The Short Forever & Unnatural Acts

by Stuart Woods; Three Seconds by Roslund & Hellstrom;Training A Tiger by Earl Woods; Victims by

Jonathan Kellerman; Washington, A Life by Ron Chernow; When The Light Goes by Larry McMurtry;

Where Are You Now by Mary Higgins Clark; Who’s Looking Out For You by Bill O’Reilly; Whistler’s

Angel by John R. Maxim; Windfall by Penny Vincenzi

Donors In April & May

Sheila Anthony, M/M Bowie, Jim Collins, Ann Carrick, M/M Forcella, George Field, Irene Kalpin, Josie

Knoll, Bill Long, M/M Neuman, Judy Nelson, M/M Opfer, Kimber Vought, Paul Smith, M/M

Vannucci, Frank Whaley

Security News by Chief Lou Rausch

Important Life Saving Information:

There are 4 Automated External Defibrillator Units (AED) on property. Their locations

are as follows: Golf Turn: mounted on the wall just inside and under the AED sign. Wait

Station inside the Club: on the counter just inside the double doors of the wait station.

Tennis Facility: mounted on the support pole next to the ice machine & drink cooler. Security Patrol

Vehicle: on the vehicle with the security patrol officer.

The Martin County Sheriff's Office reports the following criminal activity: 156 burglaries throughout the

county with 10 in our zone/area. Twelve suspicious persons were reported in our zone. Please set your

home alarm system anytime you leave your home. Lock your car and remove all money and credit cars

when you are not in the vehicle. Please keep your garage doors closed after dark. Please report any

suspicious person or vehicles to Security ASAP or call the

Martin County Sheriff's Office.

Security Officers of the Month:

Sgt. Kip Little, Cpl. Cliff Comparato and Security Officer

Larry Lemon were awarded "Outstanding Service

Citations" for their actions for the month of May. These

Officer's performances were "Above & Beyond" their

normal duties and were so recognized by the members.


The Bagpiper JULY/AUGUST 2012

Monthly Security Report

Below is the security report for the month of April 2012.

Security Events

This Month

Last Month


Last Year

Alarms-Security Response (DEVCON) 7 2 15 61

Alarms-Security Response (Piper's ) 14 14 50 158

Average Response Time 2.8 min. 3.7 min. 3.2 min. 3.4 min.

Security Incident Reports 11 8 37 93

Burglary 0 0 0 2

Trespass or Vandalism 0 3 4 6

Visitor/Vendor Access's Processed 2,750 2,790 10,785 24,646

Member Assistance:

Food Delivery, Jumper cable, etc. 31 45 196 298

Monthly Security Report

Below is the security report for the month of May 2012.

Security Events

This Month

Last Month


Last Year

Alarms-Security Response (DEVCON) 18 7 33 61

Alarms-Security Response (Piper's ) 22 14 72 158

Average Response Time min. 2.8 min. 3.2 min. 3.4 min.

Security Incident Reports 10 11 26 93

Burglary 0 0 0 2

Trespass or Vandalism 1 0 4 6

Visitor/Vendor Access's Processed 2,635 2,750 13,420 24,646

Member Assistance:

Food Delivery, Jumper cable, etc. 35 31 231 298

ARB Approvals






Winchester Scott, R Frizzell Van Liebowitz

Duffy Harman


The Bagpiper JULY/AUGUST 2012

News In the Neighborhood


of Stuart at Piper’s Landing Yacht & Country Club

The following information was discussed and/or acted on at our most recent Real Estate


• There are 25 homes and 9 condos for sale.

• 14 sales have occurred through June 25.

• 6 sales are pending, 2 of which are sales on Piper’s owned properties.

• We had 2 Stay and Play guests in January, 3 in March, and 4 in April.

• There are currently 6 properties rented (or rental contracts signed), 2 of which are Piper’s properties.

• Our new golf video has also been added to the website, completing our video project. We now have

a "Lifestyle," "Banquet" and "Golf" video available at the click of a mouse.

• ReMax reported approximately 38 showings in May.

What is Piper’s Landing doing to help sellers market their properties

• We have agreed to allow for phased equity payments over a 2 year period between a buyer and seller

on a voluntary basis.

• If you offer extra commission (above 6%) to a buyer’s agent up to $5,000, Piper’s will match the


• Member Referral Program - $2,500 in F&B and golf guest credits to any member who refers a new

member who buys a property at Piper’s - on first time purchase only. Good for one year from


• We offer a "Stay & Play" program for prospective buyers.

• If renters purchase a property within 12 months of the end of their rental agreement, amenity fees

collected (up to $10,000) will be credited to their non-refundable capital fee.

• Certain restrictions apply to all these offers, so please contact Brian Reich, in the Club Office for all

the details!


Piper’s Landing Yacht & Country Club

6160 S.W. Thistle Terrace

Palm City, FL 34990

Return Service Requested




Stuart, FL

Permit No. 157

Hurricane Preparation

Hurricane Alley

Have a check list ready Stop by the office and pick up a Hurricane

Survival Guide.

Have a plan ready

Staying on at Piper’s Be sure to pick up your orange ribbons for

your front door. Have plenty of supplies for 7 days: medication,

plenty of drinking water, money on hand, gas tank filled.

Leaving Piper’s Shut off gas and electric at the main power source.

Shut off water lines into your home. Lock all windows, doors and set

your alarm before leaving. Call security, relatives and friends and let

them know what you are doing.

Have pets Don’t forget to make advance arrangements for your pet.

According to the Red Cross, if you relocate to a shelter, unless you

have a service animal as protected under the ADA, a pet cannot go

with you. For further information on safeguarding your pet during a

hurricane, please contact Pat Pierce in the office.

Plenty of supplies

Outside furnishings tied down or stored away

Shutters up and/or closed

For those of you up North, please make sure that your home is prepared

well in advance.

Although we hope and pray there won't be any hurricanes this season

and that none of this will be necessary, we wanted to remind everyone

to be prepared. Have a safe summer!

Hurricane Season is Here! Do

You Have Special Needs

There is a Special Needs Program in Martin

County that provides assistance to eligible

citizens in time of disasters. Assistance may

be in sheltering, evacuation transportation,

assistance with limited medical oversight

and needs such as oxygen.

Who is Eligible for this Program

Martin County residents requiring

transportation to and from emergency

shelter, assistance with mobility, oxygen,

routine medication administration, routine

health monitoring, etc.

Residents must be pre-registered for this


• Special Needs Information &

Registration Form

• Emergency Contact Phone Numbers

For additional information, contact the

Martin County Emergency Management

Agency at 287-1652.

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