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valid until

december 2012




Logistik department is relocated to Graz


First online appereance


First Blue Tomato Shop in

Schladming 70m 2


Reconstruction of Schladming Headquarter


Expansion of Shop Graz


First Blue Tomato

Back to School Catalogue


Blue Tomato Shop

relocates to 150m 2


First Blue Tomato

Freeski Catalogue


Expansion of the Blue Tomato

Shop Schladming to 400m 2


Office and logistic departments

relocate to a new building with

an area of 1.500m 2


Creation of Blue Tomato

Snowboard School


Website relaunch &


of Blue Tomato Webshop


Blue Tomato Shop opens

with 300m 2


Relaunch of the E-Business



First Blue tomato

Snowboard Catalogue


First simple Webshop


Blue Tomato Shop and

Snowboard School in Obertauern


Blue Tomato Shop Vienna opens with 1.000m 2 area


Blue Tomato „Travel“ Section is launched

in cooperation with Lineupexplorers


Internationalisation begins


First Blue Tomato

Surf/Summer Catalogue

Credit: Nitro Snowboards

Customer Profile

The target customer group of Blue Tomato consists of snowboarders, freeskiers,

surfers, and lifestyle orientated young adults. The target market group is very

brand aware and consists of strong consumers. The main target customer group is

between 19 and 25 years of age, followed by 14 to 18-year-olds. Many of these

teenagers/young adults can be classed as a peer group and opinion leaders,

otherwise known as trendsetters.

• 60.000 visitor/day

• over 450.000 products online

• newsletter with 380.000 subscribers

Customer Sports

(multiple choice possible)

Snowboard (Freestyle, Freeride) (57%)

Freeski (Freestyle, Backcountry) (19%)

Skate (Street, Longboarding) (25%)

Surfing (20%)

30 Mio.

25 Mio.

20 Mio.

15 Mio.

10 Mio.

Online Visitors (x1.000)

2008 - 2011

Forecast 2012 - 2014

5 Mio.


2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014

Onlineshop Visitors

(January - November 2010)

German speaking 40%

(10: 45%, 09: 52%)

non-German speaking 60%

(10: 55%, 09: 48%)

Product Group Sales

4th Quarter

Men 73%

Women 24%

Youth 3%

Age Groups

below 14 (2%)

14-18 years (24%)

19-25 years (35%)

26-30 years (18%)

31 years + above (21%)

03 Timeline / cusTomer profile

The Blue Tomato Philosophy

your ride. our mission | work hard. ride harder

Team spirit, professionalism and a passion for snowboarding, skating

and freeskiing are the foundation of our success.

We live and love our business, our sport and lifestyle.

We pass this spirit and enthusiasm on to our customers and


We are First Movers - we move forward from first ideas to courageous

and creative implementation.

Blue Tomato stands for know-how and quality.

Blue Tomato Vision 2015

Blue Tomato is the leading multi-channel retailer in the snowboard,

surf, skate and freeski sector.

We are Europe‘s leading retailer in the snowboard sector when it

comes to selection and expertise.

In surf, skate and freeski Blue Tomato is among the top three retailers

in Europe looking at selection and competence!

The brand Blue Tomato is known amongst our target customer group

throughout Europe.

The schools and test centers contribute to our standard of competence

and help to strengthen the brand.

05 blue TomaTo philosophy & vision

Blue Tomato Shops

Blue Tomato exists in real life too, with 5 Blue Tomato shops.

Since October 2010 there is a Blue Tomato Shop in Vienna 1) .

In Neubaugasse 3 you will find 1000m 2 covered with everything a

boarder needs.

Schladming 2) is the homebase of Blue Tomato and is surrounded

by some of the best snowparks in Austria. This is where everything

started and you can find the first Blue Tomato shop in the middle

of town.

The Blue Tomato Shop in Graz 3) opened its gates 5 years ago and

has become an importanat part of the city. Right in the heart of

the city, close to the wall, customers can find great products and

super service.

The Blue Tomato Shops in Obertauern 4) and Haus/Ennstal 5) are

only open in winter. They are located close to both the slopes and

the parking lots.

No matter which shop you chose to visit, you will find a vast

selection of cool outerwear, first class snowboard equipment and

stylish streetwear.



In the shops Blue Tomato employees are waiting to welcome you

with open arms. All of our employees live and love snowboaring

and can provide expert help and advice.

As if that weren‘t enough, the shops open up their door for events

at close intervals. Whether you try on clothes whilst listening to a

chill DJ session, have a cocktail with your friends during late night

shopping or take the chance to meet your favorite pro during a

signing session: there is always something going on in the Blue

Tomato Shops.




07 blue TomaTo shops

New logistics department in Graz

Since May 2010, Blue Tomato has been shipping its deliveries from

the new delivery centre in Graz.

It consists of 5.000m2 storage space. Plenty of shelves, the

picking and packing area and also our photo and video studio are

housed there.

The relocation to Graz allowed us to greatly improve our logistics

department and enhance our expertise in the mail order trade.

The resorting of the shops is also coordinated in Graz.

Schladming Headquarter

After the relocation of the logistics department, the Blue Tomato

headquarter in Schladming was reconstructed into a modern

office building. The Finance & Controlling, Product Management,

Marketing & E-Marketing, Purchasing and Customer Service

departments are now stretched out across three floors.

The IT department was also relocated to Graz. The open,

communicative office areas allow enough room for further



logisTics & headquarTer

Focus on social media

The presence and daily service to customers and friends on

facebook, twitter, youtube and vimeo is the heart of social media

strategy. Multiple times a day the social media channels are

updated with news from the scene, team rider news, product info,

brand presentations and much more.

Escpecially relevant is the close and direct contact with customers

and target groups. On facebook fans stand in close contact with

Blue Tomato and eachother and have helped to develop a strong

community which is constantly growing.

Competitions and special promotions are posted on the facebook

fanpage. Through an individually programmed lookbook it is possible

to present selected catalogue material directly on facebook.

Facebook: 135.000 fans in January 2012 and constantly increasing.





Blue Tomato is a new TTR Gold Partner

Since the past winter season Blue Tomato is a Gold Partner of

the TTR and are supporting the full tour on its journey across the


Freeride World Tour - Gold Media Partner

Since December 2011 Blue Tomato is supporting all tour stops for

the Freeride World Tour as a Gold Media Partner.

11 social media & parTner

Blue Tomato Snowparks

This winter Blue Tomato Park Stuhleck opened its gates.

As of the winter season 2011/12 a Blue Tomato Park will be

standing in the heart of Austria. The Blue Tomato KINGS PARK

Hochkönig! This park stands out with Austrias longest rail, box and

kicker line (ca. 2 km) and is snow safe because of snow making


If the Nike 6.0 Stairset battle or the Volcom Peanut Butter Rail

Jam at Stuhleck were the highlights of last season, the Nike 6.0

Chosen Austria Event will keep it coming this year. Follow it and

many other events on in our online magazine,

blog and on facebook.

Following parks are supported by Blue Tomato:

Blue Tomato Kingspark Hochkönig

Blue Tomato Snowpark Stuhleck


Horsefeathers Superpark Planai and Dachstein

Longplaypark Obertauern

Absolut Park Flachauwinkl

Zauberberg Semmering


blue TomaTo snowparks

Blue Tomato Team Riders

Snowboard Team: Mathieu Crepel1) , Anne-Flore Marxer2) , Marc

Swoboda, Ville Uotila, Herby Thaler, Phips Gruber, Kareem El

Rafie, Clemens Schattschneider, Urška Pribošic, ˇ Mathias

Weißenbacher, Roli Scharmer, Franki Wörndl, Vanessa

Waldenhofer, Flo Galler, Paz Gruber, Marco Hafez, Dominik

Wagner, Georgi Mihaylov, Viktor Szigeti, Anna Gasser, Adam

Granqvist, Tuomas Pohjonen, Tobi Grünwald, Max Grünwald,

Hansi Kainz, Diz Pichler

Freeski Team: Josh Absenger, Alexander Moser, Luca

Tribondeau, Martin Hauck, Stefanie De Menech, Flo Wieser,

Daniel Walchhofer, Lisi Gram

Summer Team: Philipp Schuster, Lisa Veith, Mathias Haas,

Armin Walcher, Petra Bernhard, Boris Tetzlaff, Markus Pekoll,

Martin Roll, Norbert Grunt, Daniel Fetz, Joachim-Arno Habart,

Tom Kozissnik, Ralf Marl

DVD: Blue Tomato Team Movie CHAPTER XI 11/12



Blue Tomato Events

Best Urban Shot Europe

Blue Tomato team riders will judge the best best photos and

videos dervied in various locations around Europe.

Blue Tomato Kids Days

Free coaching, material, DVD‘s and a whole lot of fun on the slopes

and in the park for kids! Schladming, Stuhleck and other locations

around Austria.

In-shop events in Vienna, clearance sale, Blue Tomato is present at various large events, for example

15 Team riders & evenTs

Blue Tomato product finder

With this great tool Blue Tomato are setting another landmark in

terms of product searches in an online shop.

With just 4 clicks customers can find their ideal product. Specific

search criteria and filters help generate a selection of suitable

products alongside suggestions to round off the search.

Available in 14 languages.

The product finder is available for snowboards, boots, bindings,

snow wear and street wear.

Mobile Media / iPhone App

Launched in autumn 2009, the Blue Tomato

Product Finder iPhone App was expanded to

include the categories snow wear and street

wear. Plus, the app is available in all Blue

Tomato languages.

Users can rapidly find their favourite products

in their native language and order them

directly in their iPhone.

In the beginning of 2010, Blue Tomato entered a cooperation with

the travel portal for surf travels. Since October,

snow travels have been added to the platform. As of January 2012,

the selection encompasses over 364 destinations.

Blue Tomato Catalogue Distribution

• Winter catalogue circulation

(Snowboard, Freeski, Streetstyles): 750.000 copies

• Summer Catalogue circulation: 350.000 copies

• The Snowboard Catalogue is printed in 5 languages:

de, en, es, fr, it

• The Summer Catalogue is printed in 4 languages: de, en, es, fr

• Direct mailing to selected Blue Tomato customers

• Free catalogue request on the Blue Tomato website

• Distribution at events

• Supplement in several snowboard, freeski and surf magazines

Distribution Area for Snowboard Winter Catalogue 2012/13, total circulation 500.000 copies

Austria (de) 155.000

Germany (de) 165.000

Switzerland (de+en) 40.000

rest of Europe (en, es, fr, it) 140.000

Distribution Area for Freeski Catalgoue 2012/13, total circulation 170.000 copies

Austria (de) 60.000

Germany (de) 74.000

Switzerland (de+en) 16.000

rest of Europe (en, es, fr, it) 20.000

Distribution Area for Streetstyles Catalogue 2012, total circulation 80.000 copies

Austria (de) 55.000

Germany (de) 25.000

Distribution Area for Summer Catalogue 2013, total circulation 350.000 copies

Austria (de) 104.000

Germany (de) 133.000

Switzerland (de+en) 23.000

rest of Europe (en, es, fr, it) 90.000

17 specials & caTalogue disTribuTion

Blue Tomato Cooperations

The Blue Tomato website and its multimedia channels offer an

attraktive communication platform for the market.

• adds in the catalogue

• banner on various webshop pages

• adds in newsletters

• promotions in the shops

• and much more

We would be happy to provide you with a detailed offer.

Blue Tomato Brand Newsletter

Blue Tomato now offers the Brand Newsletter as a

new advertising method: brands can now exclusively

book an entire newsletter. In each newsletter, up to 6

topics about the brand will be presented. The Brand

Newsletter can be booked for a specific channel or

for all channels.

Exclusive Brand Newsletter

... in the Snowboard Channel: € 4.050

Exclusive Brand Newsletter

... in the Freeski Channel: € 2.190

… in the Girls Channel: € 2.090

… in the Surf Channel: € 1.300

Prices - Overview

PRINT MEDIA 2/1 1/1 1/2

Snowboard/Winter catalogue 2012/2013, circulation 500.000 copies

Product-featuring in catalogue € 12.100 € 6.750 € 3.650


€ 35.790 € 19.890

Freeski Catalogue 2012/2013, circulation 170.000 copies

Product-featuring in catalogue € 6.000 € 3.400 € 2.200


€ 12.190 € 6.900

Streetstyles Catalogue 2012, circulation 80.000 copies

Produktfeaturing im Katalog € 3.240 € 1.800 € 1.100


€ 5.600 € 3.190

Surf/Summer catalogue 2013, circulation 350.000 copies

Product-featuring in catalogue € 7.500 € 4.300 € 2.970


€ 21.900 € 12.090

Advertisement Sizes 300dpi

Summer Catalogue: 21x27,5cm

Winter Catalogue: 22,9x30cm

Freeski Catalogue: 21x27,5cm

Streetstyles Catalogue: 17,5x26cm

For detailed information on the processing of advertisements please contact:

Paul Becker at

Printed Newsletter circulation 20.000 copies

Single page inside (products and brand logo) € 600

Double page inside (products and brand logo)

€ 900

Cover image

€ 750


Product placement on Homepage

(ImagePic for one week | approx 1/4 of bannerspace)


Image on the

category hompage

Online Magazine article

researched by Blue tomato

Wallpaper on the


Online Magazine article

to display

Product-featuring in the

Blue Tomato Newsletter

Product-featuring im Blue Tomato

Newsletter and Online Magazine article

Promotion on the Blue Tomato Facebook page

Brand Channel Newsletter

(exclusive Brand topics in each channel)

Snowboard Channel

Freeski Channel

Girls Channel

Surf Channel


Supplements in Customer Catalogue Mailing

(September 2012 or March 2013)

Supplements in delivery packages

Supplements in daily catalogue delivery

(Winter: September to January, Summer: March to July)

€ 1.100

Price upon request

€ 330/month

€ 1.100/article

€ 1.000/month

€ 660/article

€ 790/article

€ 1.650/article

price upon request

€ 4.050

€ 2.190

€ 2.090

€ 1.300

price upon request

price uopn request

price uopn request


cooperaTions & prices


Marketing and Catalogue

Mag. Paul Becker

Buying Department

Andreas Wurmhöringer

Product Management

Mag.(FH) Jürgen Kranabitl

General Manager

Gerfried Schuller

Contact Adress

Snowboard Dachstein Tauern GmbH

Hochstraße 628

A - 8970 Schladming

Fon: +43(0)36 87-24 223 1180

Fax: +43(0)36 87-22 474


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