Technical Data Sheet - ADLER - Lacke

Technical Data Sheet - ADLER - Lacke

ADLER PUR-Spritzlack

26021 ff

82019 10 % 80019


Fast drying transparent polyurethan varnish; very good mechanical and chemical resistance, excellent filling

ability, very good intesification.

Basis of binding agent: Oil-modificated polyester-resin/ cellulose nitrate.

ADLER PUR Spritzlack contains a right quantity of light-stabilizer, which protect against yellowing. Another

addition is not permitted.

Resistance against chemical influences

ÖNORM A 1605-12 – test 1 Assessment classification 1-B1

Reaction when exposed to abrasion

ÖNORM A 1605-12 – test 2 Assessment classification 2 D ( ≥ 50 U)

Reaction when exposed to scratching

ÖNORM A 1605-12 – test 4 Assessment classification 4 D ( ≥ 1,0 N)

Fields of application

• For furniture surfaces wit an extrem good body and surfaces in the interior including kitchens and

bathrooms: Fields of application II to IV corresponding to ÖNORM A 1612-12.

• Because of its particular solvents this varnish is suitable for varnishing profiled or standing surfaces.

ADLER PUR-Spritzlack displays a certain colour of its own or a slight yellowing which might disturb

on light wood or light stain shades. We therefore recommend not to use ADLER PUR-Spritzlack on

surfaces bleached with hydrogen peroxide, even if the appropriate hardener would allow application

in principle.


ADLER PUR-Spritzlack is mainly intended for the „varnish-on-varnish”-procedure.

Mixing ratio

Mixing viscosity

Application viscosity

12-07 (replaces 02-06)

10 parts of weight - ADLER PUR-Spritzlack

1 part of weight - ADLER PUR-Härter 82019

Approx. 25 s accord. DIN 53211 (4 mm cup, 20 °C)

Application Airless-/Airmix

Approx. 25 s - undiluted

Application by compressed-air spraying (nozzle of 1,8 mm, 3-4


Approx. 18 s – 10 % ADLER DD-Verdünnung 80019 or

ADLER PUR-Verdünnung 80029

ADLER-Werk Lackfabrik, A-6130 Schwaz, +43/5242/6922-351

Our instructions are based on the current state of knowledge and serve to advise the buyer/user according to our best knowledge but

without obligation and should be matched to the areas of application and processing conditions. It is the responsibility of he buyer to

decide on suitability and use of the supplied product. Otherwise our general conditions of sale apply. All earlier information sheets

cease to be valid with this edition. Subject to changes with regard to can size, shades of colour and available degrees of gloss.


ADLER PUR-Spritzlack 26021 ff

Pot life


Drying time

2 days; mixed material can still be used on the next day if freshly mixed

material is added at the ratio 1:1; further extention of the pot life is

not possible.

100-150 g/m² per coat; total coating: max. 450 g/m²

A coat of approx. 120 g/m² can be sanded and re-coated after approx.

90 min. drying time. When the object is dryed at room temperature, it

is recommended to maintain an intermediate drying time of 12 hours,

thus enhancing the amount of rest-solvents in the paint film and the

stand of the varnish of the subsequent coating.

Intermediate grinding Granulation 240-320

Intermediate grinding has to be affected immediately before applying

the finishing coat, thus guaranteeing a good intermediate adherence.

Please refer to our „Guidelines for PUR-Varnishes“ as well as to the Security Data Sheets for varnish,

hardener and thinner.


Hardener ADLER PUR-Härter 82019


ADLER DD-Verdünnung 80019 or

ADLER PUR-Verdünnung 80029

These thinners are recommended as well for the cleansing of the


Degrees of gloss

G 10 Deep matt 26021

G 30 Matt 26023

G 50 Semi - matt 26025

G 70 Satin - matt 26027

G 90 Satin - gloss 26029

Packing sizes

20 kg, 180 kg

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