Upcoming Events... What's happening in our school community...


Upcoming Events... What's happening in our school community...

Upcoming Events...

Monday 13 May 2013 - Term 2 Week 3

Tues 14 May NAPLAN Testing (Yrs 3 & 5)

Wed 15 May NAPLAN Testing (Yrs 3 & 5)

Thurs 16 May NAPLAN Testing (Yrs 3 & 5)

Fri 17 May Rugby League Gala Day - Yrs 5/6

What's happening in our school community...

Fri 24 May

Tweed District Cross Country

27 May - 3 June National Reconciliation Week

Mon 3 June Netball Gala Day

Mon 10 June Queen’s Birthday Holiday

Term 2 student learning is full steam ahead! This week we have the National Assessments for Literacy

and Numeracy for Year 3 and 5 students. These assessments are spread over 3 days. Results of these

assessments are not provided to the school until Term 4 and by that time participating students will

have covered a lot more ground in their learning. At the end of this term Kindergarten to Year 6 Student

Reports for Semester One will be distributed providing progress and achievement information

to all parent/carers.

Communicating with your child’s classroom teacher

Thank you to the many parent/carers who took up the opportunity to meet with their child’s classroom

teacher at the end of Term 1. Communication and a shared partnership is essential to support

your child’s learning as they progress through the school year. At the commencement of Term 3 midyear

Parent/Teacher interviews will be scheduled. We hope that, as we get towards the end of this

term and an invitation is sent to parents/carers, that more are able to take up the opportunity to

attend these valuable meetings with their child’s teacher.

Homework and Home Reading

Please encourage and support your child with their homework and home reading. The homework

given by the classroom teacher generally should not overburden the student and is given at their expected

level of learning. The homework is provided for students to practise and consolidate their

classroom learning. Home reading is given at a level that is not instructional as its purpose is to allow

students to read for practise in a setting that allows them to share with you a sense of pleasure at

their achievement and success. For many students sharing their reading with someone special helps

them to develop positive self-esteem and self-confidence. If you have any concerns regarding the

completion of the homework please contact your child’s classroom teacher to discuss homework


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Congratulations and thank you to -

The amazing mums and P&C ladies who gave up their time to coordinate and tend the Mothers’ Day Stall last week. The students

love to go shopping for a bargain for that special day and the smiles on their faces after their shopping was done was beautiful to

see as they squirrelled away their secret gifts for Mothers’ Day. The stall was well stocked and very well supported by our school

community. Great work everybody! I hope all mums had a lovely day on Mothers’ Day yesterday.

The wonderful volunteers coordinated by our Learning and Support Teacher, Mrs Sandra Jorritsma. This group of ladies are seen

every day out and about in our school assisting in many different ways i.e. reading, maths, craft, and breakfast club. Their voluntary

contribution to the school is amazing and very much appreciated by students and staff. Many of the volunteers coordinated by

Mrs Jorritsma do not have children or any connections to this school other than their voluntary role. They are special, highly valued

people in our school community who want to help make a difference. Thank you to each of you.

Heidi Burton, our School Chaplain has got the Breakfast Club running smoothly and for this to happen there have been many behind

the scenes negotiations and running around in her own time to access supplies to keep the Breakfast Club running. Heidi has

made contact with many local businesses to secure breakfast menu supplies. Contact has even been made with The Men’s Shed in

Murwillumbah to get some benches and tables made for our breakfast club. A lot of hard work and energy has gone into this program.

Well done Heidi and thank you. Thanks to Fran, a member of the Tweed community who comes along to help Heidi on Monday

and Thursday mornings. If anyone is interested in giving a helping hand with the Breakfast Club I’m sure Heidi would love to

hear from you.

Have a great week everybody!

Jacquie McAllum


School Banking Competition

To be in the running, students simply need to make three or

more School Banking deposits during Term 2, regardless of the

value. They will then be automatically entered into the competition.

If the winning entry is one of our students, our school

will receive a great prize too - $5000 cash to spend however we


P&C News

Mothers’ Day Stall

Thank you to all the families who purchased pressies from the

Mothers’ Day Stall, it was a huge success, I’m sure there were a

few spoilt mums this year. A very big thank you to Annette

Finch, Ruth Wright and Leanne Treloar for their very generous


Bunnings BBQ - Cooly Rocks On

It’s coming soon, the Bunnings BBQ and our school’s major

fundraising, Cooly Rocks On. We provide parking on Saturday

and Sunday from 8am - 4pm and need as many volunteers as

possible. Volunteering is in 2 hour time slots so if you able to

volunteer some time please fill in the note that will go home

this week and return it to the office ASAP.

Weekly Student Blue Awards

KF Cody, Ariah

K/1M Ethan, Elijah

1F Nash, Lily, Tyla

1/2W Sophia, Skyla

2C Zahra-Jane, Skye, Jalamari

3S April, Seth, Jessy

4M Teme, Torrian, Michaela

5/6C Mykah, Lucas, Gracey

5/6R Julian, Nicholas, Emily

Welcome to Tweed Heads Public School

K/1M Dylan

K/1M Cooper

2/1W Andrew

Bookwork Awards

KF Emily

K/1M Kailash

1F Ethan

2/1W Sienna

2C Auburn

3S Jacinta

4M Chloe

6/5C Angel-Lee, Jasmine

6/5R Jesse-Lee

Bronze Rippa Awards

4M Dayne, Emma, Ava, Sheridan, Michaela, Laela, Chloe

6/5C Joe, Ben, Angel-Lee, Jorja, Lachlan, Jasmine

6/5R Sunni

Mothers’ Day Pampering - Kindergarten

Mellow music, dimmed lighting, massages and mouth watering

goodies were the order of the day on Friday 10th May as KF and

K/1M students treated their mums, great aunty and great grandmother

to a relaxing Mothers’ Day morning. The students rubbed

moisturizer into hands, massaged shoulders, necks and heads

and served up morning tea to the ladies to show their appreciation

for all the wonderful things that they do for them. Thank you

to all the KF and K/1M students who displayed such kindness to

their special visitors.

Dollarmite Banking Certificates


1F Tyla

2/1W Chloe

2C Lilly

3S Jacinta


2/1W Skyla

Multicultural Day

As part of our HSIE curriculum many classes are studying the

celebrations and culture of a variety of countries.

A multicultural day is planned for later in the term where students

can sample foods from different countries. We are hoping

that some of our families will share their recipes and knowledge

from their own countries.

Parent helpers are needed to help the teachers plan, prepare

and serve the meals. If you are interested in being part of our

Multicultural Day, please return the note below to your child’s

class teacher. You will be contacted soon to discuss our plans.

We are looking forward to a great day of sharing tastes and cultures.

With thanks

The Multicultural Committee

Multicultural Day Volunteers

I am interested in helping with the food for the Multicultural


Child/ren’s Name: ___________________________________

Class: ___________

Parent Name: _______________________________________

Telephone: _____________________________________

Country of Interest: __________________________________

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