June 2010 - McNairy County Chamber of Commerce


June 2010 - McNairy County Chamber of Commerce


Hospital Wing Lands in McNairy

Hospital Wing (Memphis

Medical Center Air

Ambulance Service, Inc.)

has been committed for

over 21 years to

providing the highest

level of care to the

critically ill and injured for

the Mid-South and

surrounding regions.

Hospital Wing has logged

over 30,000 flight hours

and is primarily

supported at the original

Memphis, TN base with a

24/7 medical crew. In

addition, they supply an

aircraft for the Pedi-Flite

Transport Team of

LeBonheur Children's

Medical Center for interfacility



The company recently

announced that a facility

would be constructed at

the McNairy County

Airport and that they

would begin offering their

services to McNairy

County residents and

surrounding communities.

Local leaders were on

hand to welcome Hospital

Wing to the community.

McNairy County Mayor Jai Templeton and McNairy County Airport

Authority Board member Bob Sibley are shown one of the


Hospital Wing representative Mollie Baltimore is happy to have a

presence in McNairy County.



The Adult Leadership Class held it's 5th session on

July 7. They toured the McNairy County

Developmental Center. McNairy County

Developmental Service Center Director, Quinnie

Bell (left), gave the leadership class a tour of the

facility. Various department heads spoke

throughout the day to the leadership class about

the various services offered throughout the


USDA representative, Rhodes Platt (bottom left),

and Lafran Plunk of West Tennessee Legal

Services (bottom right) spoke to the leadership

class about services offered through their


The 2010 Adult Leadership Class members


Tracy Helmuth, McNairy Regional Alliance

Renee Moss, Buford Pusser Home/Museum

Justin Broadway, McNairy Co Health Care

Suzanne Ingle, McNairy County News

Elana Shelton, Bancorp South

Judi Mashburn, MAS Components

Andrea Downen, McNairy Co Health Care

Sandy Robinson, McNairy County

Kristie Loupe, Bank of McNairy County

Leslie Garner, Masco Bath

Henco Furniture founder, Tom Hendrix (above), spoke to the

leadership class about being a leader.



The Adult Leadership Class held it's 6th and

final session on July 22. They toured the

McNairy County Health Department, McNairy

Regional Hospital, Monogram Refrigeration, and

the McNairy County Airport. The leadership

class heard presentations from MRH

representatives Pollyanna Justice and Pamela

Roberts, State of Tennessee Economic &

Community Development representative

Vanessa Parker, and West Tennessee Industrial

Association representative Mike Philpot. While

at the airport, the leadership class heard a

presentation from Hospital Wing and toured the

ISR hangar and training facility.



Despite extreme heat and humidity,

the second annual Rockabilly Highway

Revival Festival was a huge success.

The music was provided by the

legendary W.S. Holland, Phil Hummer

and The White Falcons (right), and

Jason Thomas and the Mean-Eyed Cats


As part of the day’s festivities, two

specially commissioned sculptures by

local artists, Tim Pace (bottom right)

and Bob Brooks (next page), were

dedicated. Pace and Brooks each

created a work of art that captured

different aspects of the Rockabilly era.

Pace’s work, ”Twist and Shout!”,

features a large cyclone with musical

instruments being drawn up toward a

weathered-looking Highway 45 sign.

Brooks’ piece, “Rockabilly Cats”, is a

Rockabilly period band piece.




Ribbon Cuttings

The Rockabilly Café held

it’s grand opening during

the Rockabilly Highway


Hospital Wing landed in

McNairy County and will

soon have a staffed

facility at the local airport.


Ribbon Cuttings

Jesus Cares held it’s

ribbon cutting July 19th.

The McNairy Regional

Alliance staff, along with

local leaders and members

of the community, took

part in the grand opening.

The McNairy Regional

Alliance staff was joined

by community leaders

Tuesday, July 27, as they

welcomed Salon Elite to

the community. Salon

Elite is located at 103

South Magnolia Street in

Adamsville. For more

information call 632-




Leaders with





County this

week. After

several stops


the county,

our guests

were treated

to snacks at

the Buford

Pusser Home




Learning Japanese Culture

Kyoko Hammond,

Lecturer of

Japanese Foreign

Languages at the

University of

Tennessee at

Martin, visited

with local and

regional officials


regarding "How

to communicate

with the


McNairy County Mayor Jai

Templeton (above) welcomes

everyone to the local UT Martin



Learning Japanese Culture

Ted Moore, Executive

Director of the MRA,

introduced Kyoko

Hammond, Lecturer of

Japanese Foreign

Languages at the

University of Tennessee

at Martin. She spoke to

regional and local leaders

about the importance of

understanding Japanese

culture in regards to

economic development

and recruiting.



McNairy Regional Alliance Executive Director Ted Moore

I want to take this opportunity to welcome Russell Ingle to the MRA team.

Russell will be a key asset to our organization. He has already hit the ground

running on several key initiatives.

Your MRA is a busy, multi-tasking operation that strives to achieve excellence

in community and economic development. We have completed the requirements

for recertification as a Three-Star community and will be recognized at the

Governor’s Economic and Community Development Conference on September

17th, 2010. McNairy County is the only community in Tennessee to be certified

for thirty consecutive years.

Despite the struggles we are facing economically, we are seeing some signs of

turnaround. We are optimistic now that Toyota has resumed construction of

their new plant in Mississippi. Suppliers are beginning to look for sites and

buildings in the region. MRA has established key relationships with state and

regional economic development organizations to position McNairy County for

successful recruiting efforts. State Economic Development professionals

recently recognized MRA for our aggressive and organized effort that is putting

McNairy County in a very strong position for success.

As we close our fiscal year, we want to thank our chamber members and

contributors for their support. Without your support, we could not carry out

programs and initiatives to improve our community. We are at a critical stage

for opportunities and need your continued support to succeed in our efforts.

Director of Chamber Programs Russell Ingle

I just want to thank the members of the McNairy Regional Alliance for your

continued support of this agency. My two months with this organization has

cemented my desire to see McNairy County rise to it’s fullest potential. I look

forward to working with county and city leaders, as well as the various local

agencies that work to benefit the community. Together we will take this county

to new heights of success. I look forward to working with you all.






Governor Bredesen Joins U.S. Chamber in

Promoting Job Creation and Free Enterprise

‘Tennessee’s free enterprise-friendly policies have led to $4 billion in new investment,

which will lead to thousands of new jobs,’ Says Spellings

NASHVILLE, TN—Governor Phil Bredesen recently joined the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s National Chamber Foundation (NCF)

and the Tennessee Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the first in a regional series of roundtable discussions on the importance of

free enterprise to economic growth and job creation. During the event, the U.S. Chamber released an expanded Tennessee profile, an

addition to the Enterprising States study released in May 2010, which highlights how state and local policies play a vital role in creating

an environment needed to spur job creation and economic growth.

“Tennessee’s free enterprise-friendly policies have led to $4 billion in new investment, which will lead to thousands of new jobs,” said

Margaret Spellings, executive vice president of NCF. “The 260,000 person upswing in Tennessee's population is further proof that

people are voting with their feet and choosing Tennessee.”

Governor Bredesen welcomed the study’s expanded Tennessee profile today at the event and discussed many of the economic initiatives

outlined. “States continue to develop innovative strategies to build their workforces and expand their economic bases, even in tough

economic times, and I’m pleased this report highlights the success Tennessee and other states have had in creating these jobs,” said

Governor Phil Bredesen.

The study’s expanded Tennessee profile looks at how the state has implemented initiatives to streamline red tape and help businesses

sort through layers of government regulation. Straightforward, understandable taxes have minimized uncertainty and have provided

incentive for private sector investors. The profile also highlights how targeted investments in infrastructure projects at the state level

can create growth‐friendly environments in the state. Science- and technology-based economic development and clean tech initiatives

continue to grow throughout the state. Global exports and strategies for foreign direct investment (FDI) in Tennessee have also made

significant headway. Finally, cultivating people through workforce development has allowed for continued economic growth in

Tennessee, the profile shows.

The Enterprising States study was released in May 2010 during a bipartisan summit of governors hosted at the U.S. Chamber in

Washington D.C. The study highlights six factors that drive job creation: Innovation; productivity through investments in workforce

development and training; science and technology; infrastructure; exporting; and competitive tax rates. The study found that states are

much more active than the federal government on the job creation and economic development front. While state priorities vary

considerably, there is renewed focus among states to create more favorable conditions for businesses to grow. For example, the study

found that Tennessee has utilized friendly tax incentives to lure corporate headquarters and plants. These tax incentives have helped

spur new investments in manufacturing projects and have led to the creation of thousands of jobs.

The regional roundtable series continues the Chamber’s escalation of its American Free Enterprise. Dream Big. campaign by spreading

the message about bipartisan state and local policies that have proven to help create jobs. The Chamber’s nationwide campaign, an

effort to spur the creation of 20 million jobs over the next decade, was the driving message of the governor’s discussion.

The expanded Tennessee profile is available here: http://library.uschamber.com/reports/tennesseeprofile

American Free Enterprise. Dream Big. is the U.S. Chamber of Commerce's comprehensive, multiyear campaign to support free

enterprise through national advertising; grassroots advocacy; citizen, community, and youth engagement; and research and ideas


The National Chamber Foundation (NCF), a non-profit affiliate of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, is dedicated to identifying and

fostering public debate on emerging critical issues. We provide business and government leaders with insight and resources to address

tomorrow's challenges.


Mark Your Calendars!

September 2010

August 11—WEOC Meeting at the Tennessee Technology Center

in Crump.

September 4 - Adamsville Main Street Music Fest. 10 am to 5


September 14-18 - McNairy County Fair

September 17 - 3 Star Award Presentation in Nashville.

September 18 - Broomcorn Festival. Selmer City Park

September 25 - Rosecreek Village Villagefest.

October 23 - Starry Night - Celebrating 30 Years of 3 Star

Excellence. More information coming soon.

October 29-30 - Haunted House at the Selmer Community

Center. 6-10 pm.

October - Bethel Springs Quilt Show and Sale and AiM

Photography Contest/Show.

November 12 - Craft Mart at the Selmer Community Center. 1-7


November 13 - Craft Mart at the Selmer Community Center. 10

am-5 pm.

November 13 - Veteran's Day Parade in Downtown Selmer starts

at 10 am.

November 27 - Country Christmas at Duncan’s Christmas Tree

Farm. Christmas Carols and Sleigh Rides.

144 Cypress Ave.

P.O. Box 7

Selmer, TN 38375

Phone: 731.645.6360

Fax: 731.645.7663

E-mail: mcnairy@charterinternet.com

What Does the Alliance Do

The Chamber of Commerce and Economic

Development Commission, now the McNairy

Regional Alliance is a vital link

between business and prospective

industries which enhances survival of

local retailers. The Chamber and EDC

strives to create community pride,

growth, and to help businesses and

companies maintain a viable workforce,

customer base, and clients. Our

members and their investments, through

Chamber memberships, help to create a

thriving community.

Peaceful, Progressive,

and Proud

Please visit our website at www.mcnairy.com

Join us also on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/


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