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Photos by Pete Sills

fab 4

# 13

Natalie Both


Xavier Prep


Left Field

# 12

Sarah Mroz


Xavier Prep

Center Field

# 5

Sarah Hunsaker


Arcadia High

2nd Base

# 3

Alicia Dominick


Arcadia High

Right Field

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zona: What did you accomplish, individually, this season

Natalie: I hit a home run and pitched a no-hitter.

MROZ: I had no errors this whole season!

Alicia: I’ve managed to get straight A’s while having softball practices twice

a week and a tournament every other weekend. During our games, I’m a really

good bunter, so I’m used a lot to advance the runners when they’re on base.

zona: How did your team’s (Heatwave) season go

Alicia: Our record was 28 wins and 15 losses.

Hunsaker: We did pretty good I think. We won a tournament and got really

cool trophies with turkeys on the top!

zona: Who’s your coach Is he/she tough

Alicia: Bill Dominick, my father, is the coach, along with Gary Hunsaker.

They’re both tough coaches, and we have really hard workouts at practice (lots

of push-ups). It’s worth it, though, because it has made us stronger and we’re a

really good team.

Parker: They’re tough when they need to be, but usually they’re pretty cool.

AZ Heatwave 18 & under travel softball team

zona: Is the team pretty tight Do you all get along well

hunsaker: Yeah, we’re all pretty much friends. On most teams

there are a lot of cliques, but we all get along really well. We had a Christmas

sleep over, which was fun. I actually made the mistake of falling asleep first, and

I woke up with a very disturbing drawing on my face.

alicia: Our team is very tight! We recently had a team sleep over at a

teammate’s house, and we had a blast! We have many inside jokes, and

everyone likes each other. The most fun thing we did (besides softball) was

watch the movie House Bunny together.

Zona: Has anyone here ever hit a home run

MROZ: Sadly, I have not. But it’s never too late.

Natalie: I hit a home run on a 300 foot field and it went all the way to the fence.

Alicia: No, I’ve never hit a home run. I’m not a power hitter, but I hit a lot of

singles and doubles, which still helps advance runners so we can score.

Zona: For those who pitch, how hard can you throw

Natalie: I can throw around 55, 56 mph.

mroz: If i pitched, you could probably run a mile before it reached home

plate, if it reached home plate.

zona: Do you think you’re good enough to play in college Where would you

want to play

Hunsaker: I think I’m probably good enough for a community college maybe.

Alicia: I think I’m definitely good enough to play at a junior college, but I

don’t think I’m athletic enough to play for a Division I school. However, I wish

I could play for ASU, because they won the Women’s College World Series last

spring and they’re an awesome team!

mroz: I think I could play in college if I practiced more often. I would want to

play at University of Texas or the U of A.

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In the Zona! • 5

Senior Speedster

Kevin Rayes

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zona: How do Arcadia High’s track

and cross country teams look this year

kevin: Our team this year is going

to do great. We have many strong

sprinters and hurdlers who I think will

all do very well this year. There are

quite a few seniors out for throwing

events and they have a good shot

at state this year as well. I am really

looking forward to seeing how well

distance will do this year because we

have a lot of potential. My teammate

Brendan Hernandez is a great runner

and friend because he is passionate

about running and we continually push

each other through every race. There

are a lot of freshmen and sophomores

out this year and in a couple of years if

they stick with track our team will be

amazing. zona: What’s your favorite

subject in school and do you have a

favorite teacher kevin: My favorite

subject in school right now is Human

Physiology and Anatomy because I

have learned a lot about the human

body and how everything works. It is

a really cool class because right now

we are dissecting cats! My favorite

teacher is my old American History

teacher Mrs. Hendrix because I learned

a lot of history in her class. I could also

tell she really cared about her job and

enjoyed what she was doing. zona:

Tell us about your involvement with

Student Government Why do you

do it kevin: I am the senior class

Vice President. We do all kinds of jobs

throughout the year such as planning

dances, assemblies and the senior

officer’s big job is to plan graduation. It is

a great program to be in because I have

learned all about the background work

that goes into planning a major school

event and I have a lot of fun doing it

as well! zona: So, you were painted

silver for a pep rally at school, what

was that all about kevin: My friend

Gabi and I were emcees at an assembly

a few months ago. The assembly was

for our schools’ homecoming. The

theme was ancient civilizations. Gabi

and I decided to paint ourselves silver

and stand like ancient Roman Gods in

the middle of the room until everyone

came in. A Britney Spears song started

playing, and we gradually started to

move. As the song got a little faster, Gabi

and I moved a little faster until we began

full-out dancing. zona: Favorite college

mascot kevin: Definitely the Kansas

Jayhawk. zona: Do you prefer Llamas,

Emus or Aardvarks kevin: I prefer

aardvarks, because I hate ants. zona:

Your thoughts on the Michael Phelps

fiasco kevin: Sad.

rrr r r r r

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zona: What are you like on the softball field Are you

different when you’re just hanging out

mroz: When we are on the field we are serious, but

we still have fun. We know we have to focus on the

game and play our hardest, but we also make jokes

in the dugout and mess around. When we are just

hanging out, we can be sillier than when we play.

Alicia: I can get pretty competitive on the softball

field, which is really different from how I act around my

friends at school. However, I don’t get nervous under

pressure, especially when the bases are loaded and I’m

up to bat, which helps when we’re in tight situations.

zona: If you had to compare your kind of play to any

animal, which animal would it be and why

Alicia: I guess I’m like a puma because I use the

element of surprise when I bunt! Also, I can steal bases

when the other team isn’t paying attention!

MROZ: Hmm... I think I am definitely a cheetah

because I can run like them. Well, not that fast but fast

enough to get those fly balls.

Hunsaker: I don’t really have an animal to compare

my kind of play to. But Natalie is definitely a gazelle,

because when she runs she takes these big graceful

strides like one. Haha. And Aubrey runs like a giraffe,

and Ashley’s a duck. Kaela’s kind of like a roadrunner,

cause her legs move so fast when she runs. But that’s

pretty much it.

zona: Tell us a secret... is there anything you do that

is a little embarrassing

mroz: I sometimes find myself talking in a weird

accent, it’s almost like i can’t stop. Oh, I am also

OBSESSED with Superman. If I could be him... I would.


“Mighty Mroz”

The Natural”

Hunsaker: Well I don’t think it’s very embarrassing...

but Natalie and Sarah say it’s embarrassing that I like

scream and hit people a lot in my sleep.

Alicia: Sometimes I fantasize that I’m on a Broadway

stage and I’m a superstar! But then I realize I can’t

really sing or dance…

zona: Do you prefer Llamas or Billy Goats

Hunsaker: Umm I don’t really have a preference.

I guess if I had to pick one, it’d probably be llamas.

There’s actually this one house that we pass all the

time on the way to Rose Mofford where we play most

of our tournaments, and they have like twenty llamas

in the front yard. It’s weird.

Alicia: Llamas or Billy Goats Uh, Llamas!! (duh)

MROZ: Definitely Billy Goats. There is this book I had

about them, and they died or something. I think one

lived actually.

zona: What makes a great athlete

Natalie: Someone who will work hard and not give up.

Alicia: In my opinion, a great athlete is someone

who is willing to dedicate a lot of their time and

energy to their sport of choice. Great athletes and

leaders help their teammates stay confident and don’t

bring them down, although they do offer constructive

criticism to their teammates.

MROZ: Someone who is willing to give it their all on and

off the field. Someone who doesn’t let their teammates

down and plays their best for the team and themselves.

zona: What are some of your other hobbies and

interests besides softball

Natalie: Other sports, basketball, volleyball, piano.

Alicia: When I’m not playing softball, I’m a band

geek. I play both the soprano and alto saxophones

in my high school band. It’s kind of embarrassing,

yes, but it’s really fun! I’m also a part of a community

service club, as well as a club to support Sudanese

refugees, at my school.

MROZ: Other talents... I can play the guitar and sing in

the shower... if that counts.

Hunsaker: I don’t really have any other hobbies.

Softball is pretty much my life. I like to bake I guess.

zona: Do you like broccoli

Natalie: HATE broccoli!

Hunsaker: I LOVE broccoli!

Alicia: I love broccoli!

MROZ: Broccoli... no. Well, sometimes.

zona: Favorite toy growing up

Hunsaker: Skip-It!

Alicia: Barbie dolls!

MROZ: My teddy bear Cheddar, and I still sleep with

him every night. :)

Photos by Pete Sills

“Golden Girl”

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