Invitation to FDF National Camp 2011 - Leder - FDF

Invitation to FDF National Camp 2011 - Leder - FDF

Invitation to

FDF National Camp 2011

FDF National Camp 2011 is:

• a camp the size of a town of more than 10.000

people - When we arrive at FDF’s beautiful

campsite “Sletten”, there will be nothing more

than fields of grass, which we in a few days will

change into a little town with its own bank, post

office, supermarkets, cafés, hospitals, water park

and anything else that’s needed to make such a

big event run smoothly. Though FDF’s National

Camp is the size of a town the campsite is split

into 9 villages, each village containing many

local groups, who camp individually.

• a wide range of different activities - There are

so many activities that it will be impossible to

get around to all of them. Some activities will be

compulsory for all participants. But there will

also be room in the programme where you choose

from a broad array of different activities.

Part of the activities will be oriented towards the

main theme of the camp, the “Professor Pascaluniverse”,

and will have activities surrounding

the quest of the three FDF children from the camp

theme and their journey through the universe of

“Pascal” (see below).

Another part will be the general activities that

makes the camp work: cooking and eating,

construction of your own camp site, shopping in

the different camp shops, having fun, playing,

sitting around camp fires, music concerts, the big

entertainment shows, activities at the main

square, prayers, singing, evening activities and

much, much more.

Your group will also be invited to bring one or

more special CrossCulture activities from your

home country.

• Denmark's biggest mass - every morning there

are devotions and prayers with music, songs and

stories. One day you will experience the biggest

mass in Denmark, when around 15.000 people

- including guests - gather for the Sunday service.

• campfires/shows - Most evenings there will

be what we in FDF call campfires, which are

entertaining shows. It will take place either in

the local camp, the village or at the big campfire

stage, where all up to 10.000 participants will

be gathered. The shows will be so good that even

your TV will seem boring! All activities on the

main stage will be translated live via FM radio,

so international participants will be able to

participate in the fun.

• making a lot of new friends from all over the

world - At the camp you will of course be able to

make a lot of new friends from all Denmark, but

there will also be more than 500 international

CrossCulture participants, mainly from Europe

but also from India and other parts of the

world. International contacts and friendship

organisations of FDF are all invited to send

CrossCulture participants to the camp.

”Professor Pascal’s Innovation Lab”

Three FDF children have been given the task to create a new and

different national camp. However, the 9-year-old girl Pyt, the 13-yearold

boy William, and Cecilia, a girl of 16 years, soon find their task too


By pure coincidence, they happen to run into the ingenious Professor

Pascal, who together with his assistant runs an innovation lab where

they carry out new, exciting and sometimes very weird experiments.

Pascal, who is the descendant of Blaise Pascal, the famous thinker and

scientist, is more than eager to help the children with their task.

But before they know it, they have been entangled in a strange mystery,

which involves a dusty old book, a long black coat with small notes sewn

into the lining and a secret machine, which seems to have the power to

create a super human being.

The children are very excited - but they have uncovered a secret, which

never should have seen the light of day. And all of a sudden, they are not

the only ones, who want to get their hands on the machine…

You are invited to

Professor Pascal’s Innovation Lab

FDF National Camp 2011

FDF National Camp is the biggest and greatest event

FDF has to offer!

In less than a year it is time for FDF National Camp 2011. We

invite you and all our international friends to join. The camp

theme is “Professor Pascal’s Innovation Lab”. Professor Pascal

and his assistants will challenge you and your abilities to think

anew and differently. The many innovative activities of the

camp will test your creative skills and place playing and funny

competitions in the centre of the programme (See more below).

We hope to see many international guests contribute to

making this a unique and shared camp experience.


FDF’s outdoor centre “Sletten” located by lake Julsoe in Jutland,


Where will you live

As international participants you will camp together with a

Danish local FDF group. Everybody will stay in tents at the

camp. All meals are prepared outside on a campfire by the

participants themselves. However, don’t panic if you have never

tried this before! The Danish FDF group you camp with will be

cooking with you. All activities will take place outside as well.

Camp fee

The camp fee is 25 €. The fee includes all programme, food and

accommodation, but not transportation.

The International Committee of the National Camp will

apply for financial support to partially fund the camp fee and

eventually travelling for participants from Eastern and Central

Europe and from developing countries.


All international groups will arrange travelling to and from

the camp themselves plus any touring of Denmark. You may,

however, arrange your transportation in cooperation with the

Danish local group you are partnered with.

Target group

The camp is primarily aimed at young people 9 to app. 19 years

of age + their leaders of any age. We expect that all participants

are able to communicate in English, as this is the language we

will translate to from Danish.


Thursday 7 th of July to Friday 15 th of July 2011.


is FDF

FDF is one of the

largest Christian

organizations for

children and young

people in Denmark

and affiliated to The

Danish Evangelical

Lutheran Church.

Boys and girls

can be members

of FDF from the

age of 5-6 until

they are 18. Many

young people then

stay on as leaders.

FDF was founded in

Copenhagen in 1902, and

membership counts

about 25,000


In an international

context FDF is

a member of the

European Fellowship/

Global Fellowship as well

as Fimcap Europe.

It is traditional to

FDF that we are

involved in mission

projects in the

developing world -

this year under the

title of “Zambia”.

FDF activities are

multi-faceted, including

outdoor life, camp life,

games, sports and




We ask every international

youth group interested in joining

FDF National Camp 2011 to submit

their not-binding, preliminary

application before 15 December

2011, so we can contact you before

the final registration is to be made

by 15 March 2010.

Please note, that if you

plan to participate

as a group you

have to send in

your preliminary

application due to

our planning of the

National Camp.

You can make your

application in one of

two ways:

1. go to the camp website and sign up in

the English section,

2. send an e-mail to crossculture@FDF.

dk. The e-mail should contain

the following

information (write

“Registration for FDF National

Camp 2011” in the subject line):

• Country

• Name of organisation

• Name of local group

• Estimated number of participants,

including leaders

• Age of the participants

• Name of the group leader

• Contact information for the group

leader (postal address, e-mail

address and phone no.)

• If you have an established

relation to an FDF group, please

also include this information

We look forward to receiving

your application!

Further information:

You are able to find more

information about FDF National

Camp 2011 on the camp website:

You are also welcome to contact

the International Committee of

FDF National Camp 2011 at:

Fotograf: Anette Schjødt Thorsen m.fl. Tegning: Søren Juhl, Artman. Logo: Thomas Brandstrup. Layout: Dorte Fog.

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