December 2011 - Oldenburg Academy

December 2011 - Oldenburg Academy

Oldenburg Academy

of the Immaculate Conception

opportunities await... every student, every day!

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Slow Down…

Its Advent!

The four weeks leading up to Christmas, for many, is

perhaps the busiest, most hectic time of the year. It is

so easy for me, in my harried pace of life, to get lost in

the “Christmas rush.” I can find myself getting stressed

about my incomplete shopping list and unanswered

questions of what to give those special someones.

The other day, I decided to set aside a few moments

for some quiet reflection and picked up Joyce Rupp’s

book, “Out of the Ordinary.” It caused me to pause

and ponder about the greatest gift of all - the gift


Jesus came into this world and engaged in

the full humanity of life. He lived His life in

being with others. The power of being with

another person and bringing a ray of God’s

love is the greatest gift of all.

I invite all of us to Gift each other with the Gift of

Presence. I share with you an adaptation of some of

Joyce’s suggestions for being with others during this

Advent and Christmas Season.

- Be with someone who needs you.

- Be with a person who gives you hope.

- Be with an older person who hungers for a visitor.

- Be with a person who is struggling with an illness.

- Be with an infant who radiates new life.

- Be with someone in prison.

- Be with a neglected neighbor or community member.

- Be with family and loved ones.

May our God of Love be with each of you, your families

and loved ones as you prepare to welcome Jesus’

Presence into your lives.

Sr. Therese Gillman, OSF, President



“The Sweet Sounds

of Christmas”

Sunday, Dec. 4 at 3 pm

Come one and all to enjoy Oldenburg Academy’s Christmas

Concert, “The Sweet Sounds of Christmas,” on Sunday,

December 4 at 3:00 pm in the OA Auditorium.

The Following Groups Will Perform

Freshmen Chorus, Sophomore Chorus, Concert Choir,

Academy Singers, Senior Vocal Ensemble, Orchestra, Steel

Drums, and Experimental Music. There will also be a

Christmas piano solo by Alexa Fangman.

Choral Selections Include

Frosty the Snow Man, Deck the Halls, It’s Beginning to Look

Like Christmas, It’s That Time of the Year, Soulful Silent Night,

O Come Little Children, The Christmas Song, Candlelight Carol

and the Angel’s Carol.

Instrumental Selections Include

Christmas Fugue, Star of Wonder Medley, Christmas at the

Movies, Do You Hear What I Hear, Coventry Carol, Carol of the

Bells with a Twist, and more.

Music Students Perform At Nativity

The Oldenburg Academy Music

Department will perform at

St. Anthony’s Live Nativity

in Morris, Indiana on Friday,

December 9 from 5:00 to 6:00

pm. Come and join us for this

special Christmas presentation

and enjoy some Christmas

treats and hot chocolate.

Education, A Gift That No

One Can Take Away!

Season’s Greetings! Even as I am writing this, I can’t believe

it’s the 2011 holiday season, and parents are beginning

long term formative plans for their children in choosing

a high school. To wrap you in holiday spirit that not only

solidifies memories but joyful fortitude, come check out

the best gift OA has… her students… and begin thinking

about the best gift you can give that no one can take

away… a high school education!

With regard to holiday events that are sure to

set your hearts and spirits aglow…

The OA Christmas Concert is December 4 at 3 pm in

conjunction with Oldenburg’s “Holiday in the Spires.”

STUCO (student council) will kick off holiday cheer in the

student body with the annual “12 Days of Christmas” event

beginning on December 5th and running through the 20th.

Our very own OA Concert Choir will visit the Chateau on

Friday, December 16 between 2 and 3 pm to Christmas

carol with the residents.

Many parents, much like where some of you were many

years ago with your parents, are beginning to think about

opportunities that will generate greater life chances for

their children. Oldenburg Academy and its curriculum,

staff, and faculty can help provide these greatest gifts/

opportunities of all. The time, investment, and hopes we

have for our children are truly priceless.

Christmas is a time of giving; that’s true, but my challenge

to you is to look at the gifts you are giving. Are they gifts

that will be enjoyed over Christmas break then soon

forgotten or ones that will be enjoyed for a lifetime In my

opinion, the rich heritage of Oldenburg Academy coupled

with the dedicated faculty and staff is one of the best long

term investments you can make. I sincerely pray that both

you and your family have a peaceful and renewing holiday

season with gifts you will remember and enjoy for the rest

of your lives. Have a blessed holiday season!

Mrs. Bettina Rose, Principal

Register For The

OA Placement Test

Saturday, December 10

Oldenburg Academy’s Placement Test is Saturday,

December 10 from 8:30 am to noon in the academic

building. Students can sign in between 8 and 8:30 am in

the school lobby.

This test is for placement purposes, and there is no

minimum score required for acceptance. To be eligible

for incoming freshmen scholarships, students must take

the OA Placement Test.

All supplies for the test will be provided (even some

snacks!) Students are encouraged to get a good night’s

rest the night before the test and to relax and just do

their best.

Pre-registration for the Placement Test is encouraged.

To register, please complete and submit a Placement

Test Registration Form, which is available at www. The test fee is $15.

Checks and completed registration forms can be mailed

to Oldenburg Academy, c/o Mrs. Annette Hunger, PO Box

200, Oldenburg, Indiana 47036.

For more information contact Mrs. Annette Hunger,

Admissions Director, at 812.934.4440 ext. 231 or

Parent Meeting During The Placement Test

During the test, parents are encouraged to attend a

Parent Meeting in the school cafeteria. Information

regarding freshmen scholarships, academics, curriculum

and courses selection, co-curricular activities, financial

aid, and service opportunities will be presented.

Where Do Current OA

Students Live

Do you know a family who is considering an OA

education but is concerned about transportation and/

or carpooling We have recently added a map to the OA

website that shows where our students come from and

how many live in each city. You can point prospective

families to this map to show them where our students

come from. Go to Click on

the Admissions tab at the top, then choose the “Where

Do Current OA Students Live” tab on the right side.

Feast Of The



The Feast of the

Immaculate Conception

of Mary is Thursday,

December 8 this year.

This day is a special feast

for Oldenburg Academy

of the Immaculate

Conception as it is OUR

feast day.

Please join us in our

Eucharistic celebration

of the Immaculate

Conception of Mary in the

Sisters Chapel on Thursday,

December 8 at 9:30 am.

The Class of 2012 won

last year’s Christmas tree

decorating contest. Can

they win it again

Reconciliation Service

Monday, December 12 at 9:30 am

During Advent, we enter into a season of waiting and renewal as the Church year

begins. Advent is literally the season of waiting—waiting for the coming of Christ.

During this period of waiting we prepare ourselves for His coming in a variety of

ways: decorations, manger scenes, and family traditions.

Another way in which we prepare ourselves in this period of waiting is through

prayer and reconciliation. We invite you all to join us in our preparation for

Christ’s coming on Monday, December 12 at 9:30 am, as we celebrate the

sacrament of reconciliation and prepare for the coming of the Lord.

12 Days Of Christmas

Sponsored by STUCO


Music Students!

Congratulations to Marissa Wroblewski ‘15

and Laura Wilson ‘15, who were chosen as

members of the 2011 Indiana Bandmasters

Association Central-East All-Region Honor

Band. Marissa plays the Alto Saxophone

and Laura is a percussionist. Both students

spent the weekend of November 19 and 20

in rehearsals and master classes.

Deck the halls with Christmas spirit! The last twelve days of school before Christmas

Break, OA Student Council chooses themed dress-up days to spread Christmas joy! OA’s

annual 12 Days of Christmas celebration begins this year on December 5. Students look

forward to days like “Christmas Sock Day” and “Play in the Snow Day.”

STUCO has been organizing this event for many years, and fun new days were added last

year. “Ugly Christmas Sweater Day” was a big hit and prizes were awarded for the ugliest

sweaters. “Snowed In” Day was another popular day, where students and teachers

dressed like they do when they’re home on a snow day.

The four classes will also compete again this year in a tree decorating contest. Last year’s

winners, the Class of 2012, will work hard to claim the victory again.

“The 12 Days of Christmas is a great way to get in the Christmas spirit and I enjoy seeing

the creative ideas that my classmates come up with for the dress-up days,” said Peter

Lamping, Junior Class Vice President.

These days before Christmas vacation are sometimes stressful with semester exams

and the end of the grading period, but fun themes seem to make the days a little easier!

Student Council would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Mrs. Amy Grills, STUCO Moderator


Department Of The Month: Mr. Maple’s Classes

Business Foundations

The Business Foundations class has

been busy learning about a variety of

topics such as Business Organization,

Management, Human Resources, and

Career Planning. Currently, they are

learning about Marketing. Students

had the opportunity to learn

interview skills and create their own

resume and cover letter. These skills

will be vital for each student in the

future. Business Foundations is a

one semester course. Next semester,

students will take Personal Finance. All

students are welcome and encouraged

to take this course, which will be

helpful in the future! Most students

take it their junior or senior year.

Recently, Mrs. Marcia (Raab) Barnes,

President and CEO of Defender Direct,

and her son RJ Raab ’07, a Financial

Analyst for Defender Direct, joined

Mr. Maple’s Business Foundations and

By Meredith Brown, Rachel Irrgang

& Emily Oesterling

OLDENBURG - When we hear the third

period bell, we are filled with instant

excitement because our next class is

journalism. Mr. Maple always greets

us with a smile and our fellow students

seem happy to be there as well. It’s unlike

most classes because it is self structured.

We have our own assignments but it is

our responsibility to work on them and

finish them in time. Not only is it in an

independent class, but it is an demanding

one. Each week we do WRBI newscasts,

write for the Oldenburg Academy blog,

work on the yearbook, take pictures,

edit pictures, make video collages, and

the OA Today girls do a small live video

segment which is broadcasted in every


Marcia (Raab) Barnes, President & CEO of

Defender Direct, and RJ Raab ’07 speak to

Mr. Maple’s classes.

Journalism classes. Mrs. Barnes spoke

about being a business leader and,

ultimately, how to be happy. “Work

should give you great joy,” she said.

She encouraged students to wake

up every morning and write down

five things they are grateful for. She

reminded students that “success

comes from inside.” A number of

other guest speakers are being

planned for the future.



classroom on Twister Circle. This class

has helped us to work as a team, develop

confidence, manage time, and utilize

our creativity. Overall, we agree that

Journalism is a valuable way to capture

our senior year and cherish every moment.

Creative Writing &

Academic Study Skills

This class recently studied poems

and then wrote poems and haiku

about the class! All students are

welcome/encouraged to take this

class. Most students take it during

their sophomore or junior year.

Creative writing is the class

It’s full of fun and sass.

We get to express ourselves

through writing.

Mr. Maple keeps things under

control so there’s never any fighting.

Some days are for SAT prep

It takes our knowledge to the

next step.

But we really love when we do our

poem circle time

We make sure things are

appropriate and that they rhyme.

Creative Writing/SAT is the best

Except when we’re hit by a

vocabulary test.

Creative Writing

We write poems and stories

It is really fun

SAT Test Prep

We prepare for the big test

It is super fun

Jonathon Maple

He teaches our favorite class

Creative Writing

Creative writing and SAT

Is like the bomb dig-ity

Mr. Maple teaches us well

Poetry, essays, and stories to tell

Announcements happen every day

We must be quiet and have no play

But during the class time

We love to write and rhyme

So come join us some day

Stop by and say hey!

2011 Christmas

Card Contest

Congratulations to Emmalee

Schulte ‘15, who won the 2011

OA Christmas card cover design

contest! Emmalee won a $50

Kroger gift card for her artwork.

Thanks to all of the students who

submitted designs.

Recent Lucky

Buck Winners

October 28

$100 Friday drawing

Winner: Diane Jamison

Sold by: Mark Hoog ‘15

October 31

$500 monthly drawing

Winner: Mary Vance

Sold by: Jaeger Rose ‘15

November 4

$100 Friday drawing

Winner: Becky Hamilton

Sold by: Madelyn Hunger ‘14

November 11

$100 Friday drawing

Winner: Patrick Back

Sold by: Nicholas Back ‘15

November 18

$100 Friday drawing

Winner: Fr. Rich Schneider, OFM

Sold by: Josh Smith ‘13



Saturday, December 17 from 10 am to 3 pm

Sponsored by the Oldenburg Academy Alumni Association

All second through eighth graders are invited to join us on Saturday, December

17 from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm in the Oldenburg Academy Auditorium for a one

day theater camp. We have planned a day full of theatre games, exercises,

improvisation, and ensemble building. Camp will be led by Stephen Hammoor ‘08.

Make your reservation early, as participation in this camp is limited to the first 25

children who return their registration forms and payment. Registration forms are

available at Click on Alumni, then on Winter Theatre

Camp. Cost is $15 per participant. Registration deadline is December 8.

Bring a sack lunch or, for an additional $5.00, a box lunch from the Village Store

will be provided. Orders for lunch will take place once all participants have been


Return your completed registration form and payment to Sarah Lamping,

Oldenburg Academy, 1 Twister Circle, PO Box 200, Oldenburg, IN 47036. For more

information, contact Sarah at or 812.934.4440

ext. 240.

Congratulations 5th & 6th Grade

Speech Participants!

Oldenburg Academy congratulates the 60 fifth and sixth grade students who

participated in the Batesville Deanery Speech Contest at OA on November 5.

The students did an outstanding job presenting their speeches. A big round of

applause goes to the students and coaches for their time and hard work.

The Following Students Earned The Top Score In Their Category

George Ritter: St. Louis, Batesville - Serious

Delaney Bruns: St. Mary, Greensburg - Humorous

Emily Lowe: St. Mary, Greensburg - Humorous

Stella Hillenbrand & Marigrace Anderson: St. Louis, Batesville - Duet

Ana White & Ava Geers: St. Louis, Batesville, Duet

St. Louis School earned first place with the highest average school score for the

competition. Congratulations to all of the students who participated!

Thank You 2011-2012 Business Sponsors

Enhanced Telecommunications Corp.

McKee & Gunderson PC


Sisters of St. Francis, Oldenburg



Alumni Award

Photo by Jenny Decilles ‘12

The Oldenburg Academy Alumni

Association hosted its third annual

Distinguished Alumni Award

event on Friday, October 7, 2011 at

Hillcrest Country Club in Batesville.

Mrs. Joan Eckstein

McKamey ‘83 was selected

as the recipient for the

2011 Oldenburg Academy

Distinguished Alumni Award.

Over 80 people were in attendance

including her husband, Dr. Jon

P. McKamey, daughter Claire

‘13, friends, alumni, and OA

administrators. Also attending

were community members from

Batesville, where Joan was raised,

and Brookville, where she currently

resides, and coworkers from The

St. Anthony Messenger Press.

“We are proud of Joan and her

accomplishments,” said Sarah

Lamping, Alumni Relations.

“She is an excellent example

of what the Distinguished

Alumni Award is about - taking

Christian values learned at

Oldenburg Academy and

sharing them with family,

community, and the world

at large.”

OA Announces Dual Credit Courses

In Partnership With Ivy Tech

Oldenburg Academy is pleased to announce a partnership with Ivy Tech

Community College with dual credit in three OA courses: Advanced Biology II, AP

Biology, and Advanced Fine Arts,” said Mrs. Joleen Lancaster, Guidance Director.

“Dual credit is the term given to courses in which high school students have the

opportunity to earn both high school and college credits.”

These dual credit courses are free to students and families. No college tuition is

charged to the students or to the school; Ivy Tech covers the cost. Students must

meet requirements for eligibility, including test scores from either the PSAT or

Compass, and final grade earned.

It is not necessary for students to attend Ivy Tech after high school graduation in

order to use the credits. These courses meet requirements for the Core Transfer

Library (CTL) and will transfer to public and most private institutions in Indiana,

and also outside of Indiana. Visit for more information on

transferring college credits. Final policies regarding transferring and awarding

credits at the college level rest with the college/university.

Please contact Mrs. Lancaster in the Oldenburg Academy guidance office at

812.934.4440 ext. 229 or for more information.

OA Thanks Rising Sun Regional

Foundation For Minibus Grant

Oldenburg Academy of the Immaculate Conception thanks the Rising Sun

Regional Foundation, Inc. for their generous challenge grant of $18,000

towards the purchase of a new minibus. Oldenburg Academy matched the

Foundation’s challenge grant with $18,000 in other fundraising revenue in

order to purchase the bus.

“Time, talent, and treasure came together to, once again, help OA go from good

to great,” said Mrs. Bettina Rose, Principal. “I would like to offer a big thanks

for the time and talent of The Rising Sun Regional Foundation for making this

opportunity possible. Our academic, fine arts, and athletic programs have

already gotten use out of this little white treasure!”

“The addition of the minibus will allow for the school to provide adequate

transportation to athletic events and co-curricular activities,” said Mr. Tim

Boyle, Athletic Director. “This will be a tremendous relief to OA parents who, in

the past, have had to contribute a great deal to the after-school transportation

needs of the school.”

Oldenburg Academy’s new minibus will primarily be used as an activity bus

for class field trips, co-curriculars, sports, musical performances, etc. Having

a second school bus will allow OA students to travel to two concurrent events.

The minibus will be especially useful when transporting small groups of

students. The activity bus will allow students to drive to events as a group

instead of being driven by parent carpools. This allows students and coaches

to strategize on the way to athletic events and teachers and club moderators

to discuss information as they drive to their events. The new bus is greener and

more efficient to operate and maintain than the school’s full size bus and does

not require a driver with a commercial license. All OA minibus drivers complete

a safety training course before they are permitted to drive students.

Guidance News

Senior Scholarship And/Or Acceptance

Notification Letters

Seniors who have been awarded scholarships from colleges,

universities, or private organizations should bring copies of

notification to the guidance office. All offered scholarships

and offers of admission will be published in the graduation

program and at school.

Juniors & Seniors: Be Sure To Register To Take

The SAT And/Or The ACT!

SAT Test Dates Registration Deadline

January 28, 2012 December 30, 2011

March 10, 2012 February 10, 2012

May 5, 2012 April 6, 2012

June 2, 2012 May 8, 2012

ACT Test Dates Registration Deadline

February 11, 2012 January 13, 2012

April 14, 2012 March 9, 2012

June 9, 2012 May 4, 2012

Scholarship Information & Notices

Dearborn County Lilly Endowment Community

Scholarship: Seniors residing in Dearborn County are

encouraged to apply for the Lilly Endowment Community

Scholarship. This scholarship will provide full tuition and

required fees at an accredited public or private college or

university in Indiana. Applications are due to Mrs. Lancaster

on January 4.

Franklin County Lilly Endowment Community

Scholarship: Seniors residing in Franklin County are

encouraged to apply for the Lilly Endowment Community

Scholarship. This scholarship will provide full tuition and

required fees at an accredited public or private college or

university in Indiana. A representative from FCCF will be at

OA on December 5 to speak with Franklin County seniors

about this opportunity.

An Updated Scholarship Listing Is Posted On The OA

Website: at


FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)

Beginning January 1, all seniors should file so that they are

eligible for student and parent loans, grants, scholarships,

and work-study programs. Even if you don’t think you will

qualify for financial assistance, you should still fill out this

form! The FAFSA may be filed online at;

students and parents should first get a PIN at It is important to get your PIN very soon; you may

get your PIN at any time before filling out the FAFSA. The

federal processor must RECEIVE the FAFSA by March 10. Visit

the State Student Assistance Commission of Indiana website

for further information at

College Goal Sunday

Mark your calendars for “College Goal Sunday” on Sunday

February 12. On this day, financial aid professionals from

Indiana Colleges and Universities will be available at 39

sites throughout Indiana. These experts will walk you and

your family through the financial aid application (FAFSA)

you must complete to qualify for scholarships, grants, loans,

and other forms of assistance. All you need to bring is your

family’s 2011 IRS 1040 tax return, W-2 form, or other 2011

income benefits and information. Call 1.800.992.2076 or

visit for more information. I

encourage all parents of seniors to attend a College Goal

Sunday site near them.

Mrs. Joleen Lancaster, Guidance Director

Use Your OA Gift Cards During This Christmas Season!

Don’t forget to load money onto your

OA Kroger or Village Store gift cards

when you do your Christmas grocery

shopping. A percentage of all money

loaded supports Oldenburg Academy!

OA receives approximately $750 each

month from the use of these cards!

For more information, contact the

Advancement Office at 812.933.0737.



Christmas Break

Students will be on Christmas Break

from Wednesday, December 21

through Monday, January 2. See

everyone back in school on

Tuesday, January 3!

Coach Merle Hines to Receive


Award on December 12

Longtime OA cross country and track coach,

Merle Hines, will be presented with the 2011

Ammann-Brinkmoeller Award at the December

12 girls basketball game vs. South Decatur.

Coach Hines is in her 22nd year of coaching at

OA. In the past two years, her programs have

enjoyed outstanding success. Cross country

has won back-to-back sectional championships

the past two seasons (their first in school

history) and advanced to semi-state both

years. Last year, track had a state finalist and

two individual sectional champions. Over the

course of her career at OA, Hines has led the

girls cross country team to 22 straight regional

appearances and 14 semi-state appearances.

She has coached OA’s only state champion, as

well as 19 individual state appearances in cross

country and track. Hines will be honored with

the award at halftime of the varsity game and

a small reception will take place in the student

lounge after the game. All current and alumni

runners are invited to come celebrate Coach

Hines’ outstanding accomplishments and

dedication to OA.

Please feel free to share our “good news” with friends and family

Oldenburg Academy of the Immaculate Conception is sponsored by the Sisters of St. Francis Oldenburg

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