2009 Annual Report - Edmonton Community Foundation


2009 Annual Report - Edmonton Community Foundation


20 Years

of Giving

Edmonton Community Foundation is celebrating

20 years of philanthropy in Edmonton. Over those

20 years, the Foundation has gained a reputation in

the community for its expertise at building bridges

between donors’ wishes and the needs of charities.

The generosity of our donors has helped make ECF

the fourth largest community foundation in Canada.

Donations to the Foundation are endowed, which means

they are permanently invested for long term growth.

The initial gift grows through investment to provide

ongoing support – forever. Earnings from the donations

provide ongoing support to charitable activities.

Over these past 20 years, the Foundation’s assets have

grown to more than $250 million and have granted

more than $110 million to the community. We think this

is something worth celebrating.

Table of Contents

Report from the Chair and CEO 2

Legacy Donors 5

Funds, Grants and Disbursements 24

Financial Highlights and Reports 41

20 Years of Giving


Report from the Chair

& Chief Executive Officer

Anniversaries give us a chance to reflect on

the past and to look ahead to the future. As

we near the end of our 20th anniversary year,

the looking back is easy. The three founding

families from 1989, John and Barbara Poole,

Bob and Shirley Stollery and George and

Rae Poole, are clearly and happily brought to

mind, especially because Barbara and Shirley

are still very much with us!

What perhaps isn’t so widely known is the

vision of these families – matching well their

generosity. Although each family had its own

particular charitable interests, they all put

significant assets into a “community fund”

so that the Foundation of the future could

respond to emerging issues and urgent

needs that weren’t apparent twenty years

ago. The community fund has grown over

the years, although the challenge remains

to respond strategically and effectively to

increasing needs in our community as other

funding sources stagnate.

So, our first twenty years are worth

celebrating. From founding gifts totalling

$15 million, ECF assets have grown to more

than $250 million at the end of 2009. And

during that time, more than $1 10 million has

been distributed to hundreds of mostly local

charities. They have done excellent work

with those resources – thousands of people

have been helped to address pressing needs

and to respond to creative opportunities.

As well, in our first twenty years, hundreds

of other donors have joined the founders in

setting up endowments at ECF – more than

550 named funds have been established

and hundreds of will intentions have been


What this means is that every year of our

next twenty years (even in times of financial

crisis or slower growth) millions of dollars

will be put to work in our community

– invested in essential work in health,

education, social services, arts and culture,

recreation and the environment. As a result,

Edmonton will be a better place than it

would be otherwise – for all of us.

Several important things happened in 2009.

After reviewing and fine tuning our asset

mix and investment policies, ECF’s portfolio

achieved the highest return on investment

ever: 14.75% (15.24% gross of fees). Generous

donors contributed more than $18 million

last year, despite the uncertain economic

climate. More than $10 million was disbursed

to local charities during 2009 and more

than a hundred and fifty students received

scholarships and bursaries.

During this anniversary year, we also made

strategic efforts to reach out more broadly

into the Edmonton community. We invited

hundreds of people to a speaker series on

the Future of Community and we distributed

our first magazine, Legacy in Action, to tens

of thousands of Edmontonians. Another

successful Wills Week was held and the

Social Enterprise Fund and Edmonton &

Area Land Trust continued to grow.

Significant community investments continued

in the several Foundation Directed Initiatives –

supporting high performing organizations and

key collaborations, especially with our closest

partners, United Way of Alberta Capital

Region and City of Edmonton Community

Services. These collaborative projects

allowed us to leverage our funds to bring

more resources to bear on urgent community


Edmonton Community FoundationAnnual Report 2009

problems and longer term opportunities.

We also invested staff time in community

leadership efforts – going well beyond the

funding we were able to provide.

At the Board level, we are sad to be saying

good-bye to four key leaders who have

served us well for many years: Karen Platten,

Chair, John Holmlund, Deputy Chair, Ove

Minsos and Zaheer Lakhani – they all served

the maximum years allowed as Directors.

Fortunately, the Committee of Nominators

has provided worthy successors. Several

committee members have also completed

their terms and we thank them for their

service to us and to you.

As we enter our third decade of operations,

this anniversary is an ideal time to say again

how grateful we are for all of the generous

donors whose commitment to Edmonton

never fades. Your continued support and

confidence in the Foundation has allowed

us to make a lasting and positive impact on

this community we share.

The confetti strewn pages of the annual

report highlight the theme of celebration.

Because it is your foundation, we are

delighted to wish you: Happy Anniversary!

Karen Platten


Martin Garber–Conrad

Chief Executive Officer


The Edmonton Community Foundation exists

to help the people of Edmonton and area

by encouraging philanthropy and funding

charitable activities.

Through contributions from donors, the

Foundation assembles and administers

permanent pools of capital so the returns can

be perpetually reinvested in our community.

The Foundation complements and supports

other charitable agencies.


21st century vision for Edmonton Community


• Trusted by donors as the first choice to

create endowments

• Recognized by charities as the primary

source for grants that meet community

needs, enrich people’s lives and build an

enduring legacy of positive change

• Acknowledged by community leaders as

the right place for innovative and prudent

investments in Edmonton’s future.


The Edmonton Community Foundation values:

• Its relationships with the community including

donors, grantees, volunteers and staff

• Its role as a catalyst for building and

strengthening our community

• The integrity, autonomy and independence

of others

• Openness, honesty, accessibility, fairness

and mutual respect

Community leadership, visionary thinking

and innovation

• Fiscal prudence through efficient and

strategic practices.

20 Years of Giving 3

The Power of


For 20 years Edmonton Community

Foundation has worked closely with donors

to create endowment funds that reflect

their charitable interests. The Foundation

now holds over 550 endowed funds that

support an array of charitable causes that

benefit arts, culture & heritage, recreation

& leisure, education & learning, social &

community services, health & wellness and

the environment.

Donors to the Foundation know that their

gifts will be carefully invested and they trust

us to provide prudent stewardship of their

endowments. There are a number of ways

for donors to make gifts to the Foundation

including gifts to existing funds or the

creation of named funds. Gifts can be cash,

publicly traded securities, bequests, life

insurance policies or other assets.

to respond to evolving needs. Soon this

fund will have provided more than the

total amount in gifts to the fund – over

$10 million. Throughout the years the

Foundation’s Board of Directors and

advisory committees have been able to put

donor dollars to good use for emerging

community priorities. Early investment in

charitable organizations has helped build

some of our most valued community assets

such as Big Brothers Big Sisters Society of

Edmonton, the Citadel Theatre and the

Bissell Centre.

This is the power of endowment – building

funds over time so that gifts can continue

to benefit our community and fulfill donors’

philanthropic dreams forever.

Gifts can also be made through the

General Community Fund, which is also

marking 20 years. This is a discretionary

fund established to allow the Foundation


Edmonton Community FoundationAnnual Report 2009

Gifts Planned

for the Future

We thank the many generous donors who have planned gifts that will create or add

to endowment funds at a future date – gifts such as those made in wills or through life

insurance or other estate planning tools.

When Edmonton Community Foundation is aware of these plans, we have the opportunity

to put documents in place to ensure we understand how we are to use the funds in a way

that brings each donor the greatest meaning and personal satisfaction.

Thank you to the following donors for indicating they have made such a future gift.


Paul & Carol


Diana M. Bacon

Robert A. Bailey

Geoff Ball &

Amanda Newton

R.C. (Reg) Basken


& Tammy


Barbara Bowman

Michael Bull &


Nora Bumanis

Irene Carter

Ross & Muriel


John Choi

Richard C. Clayton

R. Earl Clements

Bert & Joyce


John Corbett

Jean & Barbara


Carla Cumming

Sojonky &

Frank Sojonky

Peter Cunliffe

Helen Davies

Elly de Jongh

Anne Marie Decore

Randy Diamond

David Dickinson

& Colette Mandin

Dolores Dilkie

Dennis Dixon

Elaina Dorsey

Pat Eidem

Leta Gene Eisert

Diann Etter

Terry & Vicki


Pamela Farmer

Malcolm & Avau


Keith Ferguson

Jean Fitzsimmons

Terry Fuga &

Carol Watson

Robert Gellatly

Jaima Geller

Ken & Ruth


Karen Good

Donna Gordon

Ron Gorgichuk

Sarah & Martin


L. Neil Gower

Bill Grundy

Brian & Frieda


Francia Harvonen



L. Dawn Hawley

Brian & Jeanne


Don Hight &

Karen Iversen

Margaret Hiller

Jane Hopkinson

Don Howden

& Jane Squire


Garnet Ireland

Clare & Tammy


David & Karen Jeu

Herbert Junker

Scott & Lorraine


Ann Kendall

Pat Kirby

Anne Kirkpatrick

& Geoffrey King

Larry & Kathy


Phillip Frank


David & Joan


Barbara Leah

Bill Lee

Morris & Doreen


Peg Linton

Jim MacLean

William, Mufty,

Kyle & Kory


Lilian McEwen

Letha McKee

John McPherson

Robert &

Kathryn Merrett

Ron & Lynn


Al & Fran Olson

Esther Ondrack

Vital & Colleen


Louise Perkins

Doris Tanner


Karen Platten

David & Cheryl


Dan Post

Monica Prelusky

& Don Onischak

Gordon Prest

Josh Ramsbottom

& Shannon


L.J. (Larry) Ricard

Gene Robb

Era Rowles

Maria T. Schneider

Wally & Rosanna


Albin J.E. Shanley

Hal Simonson

Jerome Slavik

Peter Sorrell

Alex Stephens

David Earl


Craig & Mark


Thomas Summers

Dree Thomson


Olive Thorne

Darryl Trueman


Unsworth &



John & Andrea


Joseph &

Wadona Walsh

Jack & Marjorie


Marguerite Webb

Eileen Werner

Peter & Anne


Ian & Betty Jean


C.J. Woods, FCA

Don & Leona Yez

John & Olivia


20 Years of Giving 5

Fabian Hopkins

The intent of Fabian’s

fund is to help teach him

the value of philanthropy.


Edmonton Community Foundation





When asked, Fabian Hopkins

knows that the FIFA World Cup

is in Johannesburg, South Africa.

He’s quite sure it’s in 2010 but he’s

uncertain about the month.

Fabian, you see, is eight years old

and nuts about soccer. He’s on a team

that only plays in the summer but he

likes to kick the ball around all year,

even in the snow. He recently had the

opportunity to share his enthusiasm

for the game with kids in developing


In 2009 a family friend established

a permanent endowment in Fabian’s

name at Edmonton Community

Foundation. The intent of Fabian’s

fund is to help teach him the value

of philanthropy. That’s an abstract

concept for an eight year old. It was

explained to him that a pot of money

was put aside in his name and every

year he will have some money available

to give away to help other people.

With guidance from his mother, Fabian

looked into what he could do with the

returns generated by the fund in 2009.

A UNICEF brochure listed a number

of ways donors could help children in

the developing world. He decided he

could buy a lot of soccer balls with the

money available from his fund. Soccer

is played by children all over the world,

from Togo to Brazil to Edmonton, but

some aren’t lucky enough to have

a proper ball.

Fabian may not completely understand

the meaning of philanthropy or

comprehend the idea of perpetuity.

But as he grows older, his fund will

grow as well and by the time he

enters adulthood he’ll have had the

experience of seeing first hand the

difference young philanthropists can

make in the lives of children in need.

Right now, Fabian is happy with his

donation of soccer balls. After all, some

children in South Africa may be kicking

those balls around during the World

Cup. He thinks that’s pretty cool.

20 Years of Giving 7




Neighbour helping neighbour. That’s

the vision of the Bissell Centre – a place

that serves as a centre where people can

gather and interact and acts as advocate

for those who aren’t empowered to

speak on their own behalf.

Philanthropists are important to

supporting the valuable work of the

centre but they are not the only ones

who give back to this community. Neil

Kennedy has been a volunteer at the

Bissell Centre for more than 10 years

and he recognizes its value. Over

the years he has benefitted from its

services – employment services when

he needed help finding a job, laundry

services when he was living in his truck

and needed clean clothes, the drop-in

centre when he needed a warm place

to go and a hot drink. Neil recalls how

he started his volunteer work. When

once having a coffee he noticed some

crumbs on his sleeve so he found a

cloth and began to wipe the table.

He has been volunteering ever since

– working wherever he’s needed

and doing relief work whenever he’s

asked. Neil is proud of his role and his

involvement has been acknowledged

with several awards including a Volunteer

of the Year Award, a human rights award

and recognition at the Alberta Legislature.

Shelley Williams, executive director of

the Bissell Centre, acknowledges that

without the support of the Edmonton

Community Foundation and other

generous donors the Bissell Centre

would not be able to offer the services

it does. But she also recognizes the

importance of the work of people

like Neil to help keep things running.

“It’s all of us together”, she says,

“donors and volunteers and the diverse

contributions that we all make to help.”


Edmonton Community FoundationAnnual Report 2009

Neil Kennedy & Shelley Williams

“It’s all of us together,

donors & volunteers, and

the diverse contributions

we all make to help”

– Shelley Williams

20 Years of Giving 9

Neil Fenna

“We think that a person

is not measured by what

they have earned but by

what they have given

away, and the best way

to give is without any


– Neil Fenna


Edmonton Community FoundationAnnual Report 2009




Neil Fenna and his partners at the Ritchie

Mill Law Office knew they wanted to help

the community in which they make a

living, not only by investing in their own

profession but by contributing to the larger

community. In developing a strategy for

charitable giving Neil raised the idea of

a permanent endowment fund.

“The partners at the firm enthusiastically

embraced the endowment fund”, says Neil.

“They also put up the initial investment to

get the fund off the ground. Without them

the fund would be a non-starter.”

The Edmonton Legal Community Fund

was established at Edmonton Community

Foundation in 2009. The intent of the

fund is to provide awards to University

of Alberta Faculty of Law students and

to support the Alberta Lawyers’ Assist

Program, a society that helps lawyers,

articling students and their families

with personal issues. The Fund will also

contribute to the broader community

through ECF’s community fund.

With the Fund now established, the goal is

to encourage other members of the legal

community to help grow the fund through

contributions and, as Neil puts it, turn a

trickle into a flood. He feels that the fund

is a great alternative for his professional

colleagues who may not have a charitable

giving policy and he hopes it will inspire

them to participate in philanthropy and

make a difference in their community.

20 Years of Giving



$1.0 – $4.9 million

Larry & Janet



Anthony & Daniela


John & Barbara

Poole Family

Estate of Margaret

Edith Alice Rae

Estate of Francis G.


$500,000 –


Edmonton Social

Enterprise Loan


$100,000 –



Investments Ltd.

Robert A. Bailey

Estate of Charles

Frederick Bentley

L. Randall & Margo

S. Cable





City of Edmonton

Edmonton Folk

Music Festival


Government of


Harry Hole

Thaddeus & Helen


Estate of Edith


The Palisade


Stollery Charitable


$50,000 – $99,999

Alberta Heritage

Scholarship Fund


Victor-Osten Fund

Edmonton Opera


Enbridge Pipelines Inc.

Estate of Harris G.


Government of the

Province of Alberta

John & Leni


William & Shirley


ManCap Foundation

SKILLS Society

$25,000 – $49,999

All Weather

Windows Ltd.


Bow Valley



Elly de Jongh

Edmonton Gleaners’


Rod & Pat Eidem

Neil Fenna



J. W. McConnell

Family Foundation

Phillips, Hager &

North Investment

Management Ltd.

Francis C.R. Price &

Marguerite Trussler

Estate of Rosalie


Ritchie Mill Law


Arnold & Grace


TELUS Corporation

Ron & Dorothy Triffo





$10,000 – $24,999

Alberta Baroque

Music Society


Barry A. Biglow


Home Builders’

Association –

Edmonton Region

Carrington Group –

Bedrock Homes

Ross & Muriel


Citadel Theatre

John & Shannon


Edmonton Interfaith

Centre for Education

& Action Society

Edmonton Oilers



Norman & Beverley


Timothy & Patricia


Margaret Hiller

John & Elizabeth


Otto & Johanna


Garnet Ireland

Robert & Vicki Mulyk

Ogilvie LLP

Vital & Colleen


Doris Tanner Pimm

Shell Canada Energy

St. Albert



P & L Strohschein

Terra Association

Victoria School

Foundation for the


Genevieve (Jean)

Mary Whiting

Youth Emergency

Shelter Society of


$5,000 – $9,999

Margaret Andrekson


Canada Lands

Company Limited

Anne Marie Decore

Gifford Edmonds

Edmonton Eskimo

Football Club

The Edmonton

Regional Parent /

Guardian Partnership


Encana Corporation

L. Neil Gower

Ron Hayter

Marilyn Hodysh

Audrey Holmes

Don Howden & Jane

Squire Howden

Louise Humbke

John & Val Kok

Robert & Kathryn


Red Planet Trucking

Bud & Laverna


Maria T. Schneider

Howard Walger

Danny & Virginia


$1,000 – $4,999

Alberta Craft Council

Alberta Farmers

Market Association

Allard Foundation



Les Armstrong

Athabasca University

Diana M. Bacon

Harold B. Banister

Douglas & Sharon


Bentall Capital/

Penreal Capital


Julia Boberg

Terry Bourne

Boyle Street

Education Centre

Elmer & Marion


Cameron Homes Inc.




Canadian Urban


CIT – Careers in


CKUA Radio


Donald Cranston

& Nancy Romanov


John & Ann Dea

Kerri DeLuca

Devon Canada

Randy Diamond

Dickinson Insurance


David Dickinson &

Colette Mandin

Dogs with Wings

Assistance Dog


Kathy Dolby

Vincent Duckworth

Colin Eicher

W. Grant Fairley

Brian & Gail Faulkner

Jean Fitzsimmons

General Electric

Canada Inc.

Girl Guides of

Canada – Alberta


Grant MacEwan


Hanna Financial

Group Inc.

Bob Hawkesworth


Hawkesworth & Gary


Joyce Hendrickson

Highland Moving &


Alice & Brian Hinds

Alan & Audrey


Ada Hole

Homeward Trust


Horizon Enterprises


Intuit Canada


Investors Group

Financial Services Inc.

Clare & Tammy Irwin

Chris Jager

Karen L. Johnson

Martin Kennedy

Keyano College

John & Linda

Kimmitt Family

Klaus Social Fund

Katherine Lenihan

Alice Leung

Kim & Linda


Jim MacLean

Manulife Financial

Margaret Matheson

Lilian McEwen

Letha McKee

Lorna H. McPherson

Margaret Michaud

John & Maggie


Native Counselling

Services of Alberta

Jim & Maggie


Jim Noble

NorQuest College

Northern Alberta

Institute of


Ron & Lynn Odynski

Al & Fran Olson

Jack & Esther


Options Sexual

Health Association

Mary P. Pardee

Lorraine Parry


Estate of David

William Purvis

RBC Dexia Investor


RBC Royal Bank

Denis & Barbara


Steve & Ann Robson

Rohit Group of


Ronald G. Rowswell


Brian & Michele Shea

Gerald & Janie


Elsie Skulsky

Phyllis Skulsky

Slate Personnel Ltd.

Jerome & Holly


Southminster –

Steinhauer United


Standard Life

John & Avery Stobbe

Strategic Charitable

Giving Foundation

Emmy Stuebing

Craig & Mark


Suncor Energy Inc.

Talisman Energy Inc.

TD Bank Financial


TD Canada Trust

Teen Time of


Elizabeth A. Vetsch



Ronald & Donna


$500 – $999

518152 Alberta Ltd.

Michener Allen


Apeetogosan (Metis)

Development Inc.

Arclare Building

Products Ltd.


Edmonton Community FoundationAnnual Report 2009

ATCO Electric


ATCO I–Tek Inc.

Richard & Ann Babb

Monty & Joan Baker

Patricia Barrett

Margaret Beettam &

Bea Byrne

Dave & Roxy Bell

Ron & Heather Bell

Stephen & Linda


Douglas & Elspeth


Gilbert Charest

Mary–Lou Cleveland

Ron & Aline Cox

Bob & Cathy


Duncan & Craig LLP

Michael & Tracy


Edmonton BMW

MINI Edmonton

Edmonton Chamber

of Commerce

Electronic Control


First Canadian



Douglas & Agnes


Ron & Linda Francis

Barbara Halladay

Michael & Kathleen


Ross Hodgetts

Jane Hopkinson

Janice G. Ayotte



S. Ross Johnson

Diane & Walter


David & Sheryl Koski

Marlowe Labaschuk

David & Joan Laurie

Lee Fogolin Design

and Construction Ltd.

Christine Macken

Johann Pelech Mann

Mark Heule



Ross Marsh

Annette McKinnon

Jack & Eleanor


Bonnie Megley

Lawrence & Deanna


Karen Platten

Heather & Vincent


Jim & Dorothy Purvis

RBC Foundation

Gary & Ione Rea

Royal Mayfair Golf


Eric & Elexis Schloss

Wally & Rosanna


Len & Val Seatter

Norman & Diane


Leidia Siffledeen

Frans Slatter &

Brenda Blakey

Michael & Nance


Barbara Sturdy

Todd Swekla

Carol Watson &

Terry Fuga

Gerald Wood

York Realty Inc.

up to $499

1066201 Alberta Ltd.

Lynnda Abrams

Annalise Acorn

Glen & June Acorn

Marjorie E. Agar


All Tucked In Inc.

Allen Family

David & Lisa Alton


Miki Andrejevic

& Nena Jocic–



Argyll Montessori

School Ltd.

Gregg & Dona


Arthur & Tania


Keith & Margaret


Richard & Lori


William & Dorothy


Judith Axelson

Halfdan Baadsgaard

Don Bachewich

Ruby Ann Bagot

John Percy Baker

Sally R. Barros

James Bassani

Paul G. Battin

Ralph & Virginia


Nancy Belley

Adeline Beniuk

Robert Bentley

Ray Benton–Evans

& Joanne Ellison

Henry & Jane


Bob Berry & Leslie


Pierre Berube

Gurvinder Bhatia

E. D. & Irena


Gilbert Boddez

Weldon Boone

Louis Bosse

Adrian & Diane


Helen Bowden

Ron Boychuk

Ryley Boychuk

Michael & Margi


Michael & Lynda


Donna Brass

Wanda Branting

Michael Brechtel &

Katie Simpson

Robert & Catherine


Nicole Brenda

Beverly J. Brezer

Rick Brezer

Jacob & Joy


Viola Bruggeman

Edward & Adeline


David & Marlene


Edith Mary Burnett

Mary Burnett

Peter Burnett

James Burns &

Susan Martin Burns

Hendrika Busink

Robert Butler

Gillian Cameron

Jean R. Campbell


Association of


Speakers Edmonton


Canadian Linen and

Uniform Service Co.

Maria Caparas

Don Carlson

Patrick Caron &

Karen Lewis–Caron

Robert & Leanne


Bill & Karen Caughey

David & Debra


Richard Cautley

Cedar Building

Maintenance Ltd.

Laura J. Chapman

Michael Chehade

William Cherniawsky

Simone Chevalier

Szu–Hsuan Chiang

Daniel Chicoine &

Barbara Egli

William Chimich &

Cheryl Nekolaichuk

Chris Fix

Professional Corp

Malcolm & Dorothy


Tami J. Cline

Charles Coe

College &

Association of

Registered Nurses of


D.A. & A. Colpitts

Bert & Joyce Cook

Carmelle Cooper

Doreen Corlazzoli

Doug & Karen Cox

William & Alison


Elva Cranna &

Marjorie Agar

Pierre & Sylvia


Harold & Donna


Glenn & Lori Crowe

Hugh & Barbara


John & Norma


Cory & Carol


David Cuschieri

Margaret Daly

Barbara Dart

Robert David

Susan Davis

Courtney Day

Elizabeth Ruth Day

Dayles Pub

Allan & H. Jane

De Caen

Larry & Juanita Dean

R. L. & Edith


Delta Equities Ltd.

Norm & Shirley


Garry & Jenny


Rex & Esther Ding

Silvio & Marielos


Larry & Carol


Kelly Dorin

Andy & Sam Doucet

Allen & Elaine


Veronica D’souza

Marvin Dueck

James & Sharon


Wendy Duke

Margaret Dumont

W.R & Patricia


Heather Dunlop

Robert Dunseith

Jonathan & Gertrude


Joyce Eddy

Edmonton and Area

Land Trust

Edmonton Heritage

Festival Association


Horticultural Society

Emily Eldred

John Elliott &

Elizabeth Anne


Jack & Terrie Ellis

Tracy Elofson

Elaine Elrod

Empire Auto Body Inc.

Ted & Shannon Enns

Martin & Janice


Lawrence & Sylvia


Robert & Barbara


Tammy Farkes

Irma Favero

Ganz Ferrance

Anthony & Patricia


Brendan & Leah


Robert Fitzsimmons

Tommy Fleming

Jeanette Flesher

Russel & Carol Flint

Kathleen Flynn

Laura Fogden

Dean & Wendy


Ford Motor

Company of Canada

John Ford

Alexis Ford–Ellis

David Fortier

Charles Bruce &

Margaret Foy

Dawn Fraser

Mark Freeman &

Jennifer Lambert

Andreas & Blanche


Dennis & Pat Friesen

Robert & Mary


Hans & Keiko Frueh

Doug & Peggy Gahn

Warren Gallin &

Donna Atherton

Maria Galpin

Judith A. Garber

JoAnn Gartner

Donna Garvin

Carol Gilfillan

Laura Gillis

Sarah M. Gilroyed

Estate of Aletha Joy


Terence & Ruth


Moira Glerum

Grant & April

Glowicki & Family

Jennifer Gobeil

20 Years of Giving 13

Donors (continued)

Walter Goetz

Walter & Irene


Karen Good

David & Janet


Scott Graham

Ann Grant

Charles & S. Grant

Ron Grantham

Dorothy H. Gray

Robert J. Gray

Carmen Grayson

Elizabeth Green

Jeannine Green

Jim & Diana Greer

James & B.E. Grey

Allison Greyeyes

Mathew Grieve

Paul & Lorie Grundy

Clifford Guebert

The Family of Erin

Noelle Guthrie

Clarence Guydash

Don & Dolores Hager

Terrance & Linda


Milton & Wendy


Victoria Hardeman

Bradley & Janiline


Daniel & Barbara


Jody Anne Harries

Hugh Hart & Michelle


Jonathan Hart &

Mary Marshall

W & J Hart

Wendy Hawkins

L. Dawn Hawley

Ken Haywood

Leah Heil

Dennis & Elaine


Louise Henein

Howard Hesjedal &

Verneil Hansen

Graham Hicks

Brian & Bonny


Brad & Karen


Laurie Homeniuk

John & Helen Hope

Barbara & Milton


Gail Hrehorets

Walter Hsu

Doug & Joan Hube

Hendrik Hulleman &

Lillian Upright

Warren Hurt

David Ilkiw

Robert & Gillian


J.E.T. Podiatry Inc.

Aliya Jamal

Judith E. James

Robert & Mary-Jane


Connie John

Elizabeth Johnson

Myles Johnson &

Diane Clark

Robert J. Johnston

Dale & Betty Joslin

John & Susan


Bernie & Dorothy


Jeremy & Louanne


Brian & Heather


Elgar & Bernice Kelly

Ketchum Canada


James & Kathleen


Lorne & Nancy


Claus Knoefel

Jack & Shirley Kosick

Loyal & Sylvia


Elaine Krepps

Sharon Kreuzer

Brewster & Shirley


Marcelle Labossiere

Roger Laing &

Arlene Swendseid

Zaheerali Lakhani



Angela Lamb

Lindsay Langille

Michael Laplaunte

Simone Lebeuf

Elizabeth & Brian




Dwayne Letourneau

Maurice & Elsie


Sam & Nancy


Debra Lindskoog

David & Tamara


The Little Agency


Yan & Monica Loke

Neil & Lucille


Robert Losie

Thomas Love

Marco Loverso &

Caterina Edwards-


Roger Lundberg

William Mac Eachern

Eric Macklin

Kathleen M. MacLean

Ron & Brenda


Jeff Mah

Wendy L. Makarchuk

Joyce Mallman Law

Stephen & Lynn


Dorothy Manning

Doreen Marriott

Ernest & Gladys


Douglas & Margaret


Eleanor G. May

David & Kathy


Chris McCarthy

Hugh & Madge


Kathy McConaghie

Raymond & Claire


Jim & Merla McCuaig

James McDonald

Keith & Muriel


Shannon McEwen

Paul McGonigal

Matthew McKinnon

Jim & Sheila


William & Linda


Marlena McNeill

Anna McRoberts

Donna Meen

George & Rosalie


Allen & Nancy


Dawn & Al Menon

John A. Meston

MHK Insurance

George & Emiko


Elizabeth Miller

Quentin & Alice Mix

G. Cristina Molina

Kathleen Mooney-


Doris M. Moonie

Norbert & Patricia


Alvin & Geraldine


Mort & Jean Morter

Roger & Cheryl


Clare Mullen–Pearson

Mundare Health


Alexandra Munn

Michael Murphy

Namao Store

Karen Nekolaichuk

Murray & Patricia


Nancy Niederhaus

Anne Nielsen

Kenneth & Carolyn


Edward & Della


North Pointe

Community Church

Georgette & Edward


Maria Nowytzkyj

Douglas Oakley &

Elizabeth Mc Afee

Erin O’Brien

Norman Odinga

Percival Odynak

Kelsey Odynski

Carl Oleinyk

Erika Oshiki

Chris Ouellette

Rachel Ovics

Violet Owen

Anne Parkes

Frank & Pina Rita


Macartney & Bernice


Chris & Suzanne


John & Judith


Edward Perez

Brad Perkins

Mary–Ellen Perley

Debbie Persinger

Fordyce & Patricia


John & Georgina


M.P. Polushin

Pommen &

Associates Limited

L. & D. Pon

Linda Poole

Dwayne Poseluzny

Marilyn Potter

Richard & Helen


Michael Power &

Denise Laker–Power

Agnes Primrose

Helen Primrose

Joan Ramsay

Leonard Ratzlaff

Terry & Elisa Rawe

Mary-Anne Razzolini

RCJ Psycho-

Education Services

Sharon Read

Lindsay Redpath

Charles & Marina


Carol Reinhaerdt

Philip & Heather


Eric Rice

Sally R. Rice

Gunter & Ingeborg


Susan Robblee

Glady Robertson

Anita Rogers

Donald & Hilda Ross

John Ross

Allan Rowswell

Karen Rowswell

Running Room

Canada Inc.

Kelsey Ryland

Barbara Sadler Wells

Alexander & Kay


Ed Sande

Carolyn Grace


Bruce Sangster

Bill Sass & Kathy


Marian Saunderson

Donna Saurette

Robert & Cheryl


Marissa Schenn

Douglas & Lesley


Catherine Schreiner

Frederick Schulte

Peter Schwann

Vincent & Merrilyn


Brian Shanks

Douglas & Darlene


Rose Shapka

Naomi Sharir

John Shaw & Ruth

Jean Frost

Lori Silverton

The Skiers

Sportshop Ltd.

Dale W. Smith

Elizabeth Smith

Grant & Donna Smith

Lawrie Smith

Sharon Smith

Raymond & Judy


Arlene Speers

Brian & Marion


St. Albert And

District Garden Club

Donna Steele

William Stevenson

Fia Mariann Stobbe

Spencer Stobbe

Susan G. Stokins

Ross Swanson

SynchroComm Inc

Jerome & Sheila


John & Glenda


Kevin Taft & Jeanette


Jack & Rita Talen

Merle Taylor

Shawn Taylor

Simone Telford

Thermo King

Suzanne Thomas

Olive Thorne

Peter Tinning

TK Clothing


Edmonton Community FoundationAnnual Report 2009

Mark & Mary Anne


The Toronto-

Dominion Bank

Travis Torrens

Kenneth Turnbull

Robert & Joan


Uhlick Pottery And


United Nurses of

Alberta Local #85

Universal Ford

Lincoln Sales Ltd.

Brian & Margaret Vail

Andre Valliere

Dolores K. Van


Bryce & Florrie Van


Richard Van Soest

Nga Van

J. Todd & K. Jessica

Van Vliet

Ralph Vandenberg

Leighton Vanstone

Lois Verchomin

Larry Verniest

Catarina Verseval

Brad & Elizabeth


Leonard & Roberta


Karen Virag

Mark & Colleen


Harvey Voogd &

Marie Butler

Barry & Valerie


Carmel Walsh

Ali, Jan & Rachel


Craig Warnock

William Watkin

Jack & Marjorie


Earle Waugh

Michael Wayman

WD Co-Auto

George & Roberta


Sharon Wenger

Lorne Wensel &

Katherine Koller


Darcy White &

Danielle Parrotta

Janice Lee White

Alan Whiting

Clyde Alexander &

Louise Wick

Ron & Stacey


Paul Wielens

Lauren Wiles

Eva L. Willox

William & Barbara


Lynn Wolf

Women’s Canadian

Club of Edmonton

Eric Wong

Naomi Yee Chun


Tony & Colleen


Warren Wong &

Ruth Kettles

Alison Wood

Sydney & Frances


Tom & Verlie Wood

Susan Woodliffe

Linda Woollett

Julee Workun

Wayne H. Wright

Glenda & Hugh


Britta Yasinski

Irene Yeh

Don & Leona Yez

Olive Yonge

Zender Ford Sales


Kevin & Roxanne


Heather Zwicker

We Remember Them

The following list memorializes those remembered through tribute gifts.

in 2009.

The Foundation permanently records their names in its registry. A complete list can be

viewed on our website.

Sheila Allan Audrey Costigan Elsie


Ronald Nelsen Martin Spoor

Sheila Allan Audrey Costigan Elsie


Ronald Nelsen Norman Bailey

Hawkesworth Mandrusiak

R. Gregg

John Crockett Hawkesworth Mandrusiak Terrance O’Connor Robert Smith

R. Gregg

John Crockett

Terrance O’Connor


Jim Hill



Armstrong Maria Dakkus – Jim Hill


Eileen Odynski Martin Spoor

Maria Dakkus-


Eileen Odynski

Maria Bailey VanDeSande Richard Horch Matheson

Teri Taylor –

Maria Bailey VanDeSande Richard Horch






Barnaby Baker Evelyn Darch Wilfrid Horton Robert



Barnaby Baker Evelyn Darch Wilfrid Horton Matheson




Theresa Beach Mary DeFerro Catharinus Huyer

Tom Olenuk Teri Taylor-Tunski

Theresa Beach Mary DeFerro Catharinus Huyer Rose

Tom Olenuk VanDusen*


Sheila Margery Donald Fenna Victor Jagoldas McAllister

Celia Omell Margaret

Sheila Margery Donald Fenna Victor Jagoldas McAllister

Celia Omell Diane Warms


Van Dusen


Paul Antony Jill Johnson Marjorie

Allan Purvis

Paul Antony Jill Johnson Marjorie

Allan Purvis Roy Warner

Bob Bruce Finch

Minnie Johnson


Diane Warms

Bob Bruce Finch

William Rector

Minnie Johnson


William Rector Eileen Wilson

Marlene Bruce Robert Francis

James Robert


Roy Warner

Marlene Bruce Robert Francis

Irving Marshall

James Robert


John James David Fuga (Jim) Kimball


Irving Marshall Bernard Wood


John James David Fuga (Jim) Kimball


Eileen Wilson



Joyce Goodall Ed Kroll





Joyce Goodall Ed Kroll


Bernard Wood

Mary Calder





Mary Calder Ronald Douglas Edith Leander McRae


Effie Stumpf-

Ronald Douglas Edith Leander

Irvine Joseph Grantham

Gordon Morash

Effie Stumpf –

Shirley Scott

Irvine Joseph Grantham

Dorothy Eileen Gordon Morash


Shirley Scott Allen (Dog)


Dorothy Eileen

Robert Guebert Little

Paul Mulyk


John Sharpe

Robert Guebert Little

Paul Mulyk

John Sharpe

David Cook

Alice Ann

Carol Losie

Harry Nash

David Cook

Bob Skaggs

Alice Ann

Carol Losie

Harry Nash


Nancy Cooper Hanson


Nancy Cooper Hanson


Norman SimonsonBailey




Bob Skaggs

20 Years of Giving 15




The plight of Justin Nshimirimana is

one that has become all too familiar

to the people working at the Youth

Emergency Shelter Society (YESS).

In recent years, an increasing number

of immigrant and refugee youth,

some with complex problems,

have found their way to the doors

of the shelter. Executive Director

Deb Cautley explains that some

of these young people have come

from countries where they may have

witnessed the murder of family or

been victims of torture or human


These were issues that YESS staff

did not have the expertise to

deal with. Edmonton Community

Foundation helped support the

Society by providing funding to hire

a Cultural Diversity Advocate. This

position helps the young immigrants

by making connections within the

cultural communities and finding

supports not offered through the

services that YESS provides.

Justin was born in Burundi and

moved to Edmonton from Toronto

with an aunt and uncle who cared for

him after his parents died. In 2008

circumstances led him to be living

on the streets and he was eventually

directed to YESS. With the assistance

of the programs and people at YESS

and through his own determination

and hard work, Justin overcame

many of the challenges he faced in

his new country. His achievements

did not go unnoticed. He was

honoured with a Great Kids Award

from the Government of Alberta, a

John Humphrey Peace and Human

Rights Award and was invited to be a

youth representative for the Ministry

of Education’s youth action project.

Justin is furthering his education,

involved in his community and is

now living on his own. While the

issues faced by immigrant youth are

complex, their ideas of success at

times are very simple. Deb Cautley

remembers Justin’s own words about

what he has accomplished – “I never

thought I would have a bed and now

I have a bedroom.”


Edmonton Community FoundationAnnual Report 2009

Justin & YESS Staff member Quena Sanchez

With the assistance of the programs and people at

YESS and through his own determination and hard

work, Justin overcame many of the challenges he

faced in his new country.

20 Years of Giving 17

Gerry Shimko

The Fund provides

an opportunity to

memorialize a loved one

and also to contribute to

research and activities that

may help prevent such

accidents in the future.





We’ve all seen them – the cluster of

flowers, stuffed animals and photos

that mark the spot where someone

has died in a traffic accident. These

are sad reminders that our roads can

be dangerous and deadly. Roadside

memorials have become a common

practice that raises concerns for city

and police officials. The memorials,

while heartfelt and poignant, can

themselves result in safety challenges

for pedestrians, motorists and the

individuals who set them up and can

be distracting to drivers.

The City of Edmonton recognizes the

need for family and friends to grieve

and memorialize their loved ones.

To provide an option to the roadside

memorials the Memorial and Traffic

Safety Fund was created at Edmonton

Community Foundation. The intent

of the fund is to protect the lives and

safety of those travelling in the greater

Edmonton area by supporting such

activities as traffic safety education,

engineering, enforcement and


The Fund was set up under the

auspices of the Office of Traffic Safety,

a partnership between the City of

Edmonton and the Edmonton Police

Service. Gerry Shimko is the executive

director of the OTS and the founder of

the Fund. He observes that if a loved

one is lost from cancer or other illness

there are charities to which a gift can

be made in the name of the deceased.

But what if a loved one is lost in a traffic

accident The Memorial and Traffic

Safety Fund provides an opportunity

to remember a loved one and also to

contribute to research and activities

that may help prevent such accidents

in the future.

Along with its collaborative work with

communities on traffic safety, the OTS

funds a research chair in urban traffic

safety at the University of Alberta.

This position allows for advanced

research in traffic safety issues.

Funding for the chair comes in part

through automated photo enforcement

fines. In the future, the Memorial &

Traffic Safety Fund could be used

to provide scholarships to graduate

students interested in pursuing studies

in traffic safety.

20 Years of Giving 19




If you’re unfamiliar with the bassoon, a

woodwind instrument with a double reed,

there are a few compositions that may

remind you of the sound – think of the

grandfather part in Peter and the Wolf by

Sergei Prokofiev or the opening measures

of The Rite of Spring by Igor Stravinsky,

made famous in Walt Disney’s Fantasia.

Matthew Howatt plays bassoon as an extra

for the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra.

He chose to play the bassoon in grade

eight to avoid being another face in the

crowd of flutes, trumpets and clarinets

that abound in junior high band classes.

While Matthew is now a professional

bassoon player, he is troubled by the lack

of bassoonists in general and in Edmonton

in particular.

“The bassoon isn’t exactly the instrument

that a three year old starts playing,”

Matthew says. It’s really at the junior high

level, where students are introduced to

band music that there’s an opportunity

to introduce the bassoon. He admits that

the instrument is expensive and difficult

to play but he decided to try to bolster its

popularity among Edmonton’s young music

students and secondary school music


He applied for and received an Edmonton

Artists’ Trust Fund award in 2009. The

EATF is an endowment at Edmonton

Community Foundation and the annual

awards are administered by the Edmonton

Arts Council. The fund supports the

creative endeavours of Edmonton artists.

The Fund distributes several awards

annually to local artists in a variety of

artistic disciplines. Matthew is using the

award to help promote awareness of the

bassoon in the hopes of inspiring future


“The EATF is designed to invest in

Edmonton’s creative community and

to encourage artists to stay in our

community,” says John Mahon, executive

director of the Edmonton Arts Council.

“A project like Matthew’s, which is aimed

at promoting appreciation of the bassoon,

is important to the diversity of Edmonton’s

music community. A healthy community,

like any environment, needs a balance of

many elements in order to sustain itself.”


Edmonton Community FoundationAnnual Report 2009

Matthew Howatt

Matthew Howatt is

using his EATF award

to help inspire future


20 Years of Giving 21

Erin Callihoo

The awards are not

just about money;

they’re about breaking

down barriers, creating

possibilities and building

pride in Métis culture.





Erin Callihoo loves her job. The young

Métis woman works in editing for City–

TV, helping put together the Breakfast

Television program. She’s worked at

the station since October 2008 when

she was recruited for the position.

Erin grew up in Onoway, Alberta, and

wanted to pursue a career in film. She

enrolled in the Radio and Television

Broadcasting program at the Northern

Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT)

and after completing her first semester

she wondered how she would afford

to complete the program. She then

learned of the Belcourt Brosseau Métis

Awards. The BBMA is a permanent

endowment fund at Edmonton

Community Foundation that supports

the post-secondary education and

skills training of Métis Albertans in

financial need.

She received an award in 2004 and

was able to finish the program. While

back at NAIT Erin discovered she had

a talent for editing – an ability that was

recognized by her current employer.

Receiving a BBMA was “life changing

and inspirational” for Erin. Life

changing in that the award enabled her

to secure the job that she loves and

inspirational in that other Métis young

people she knows are now looking into

their heritage and contemplating postsecondary

education themselves. This

is what the awards are all about – not

just money but breaking down barriers,

creating possibilities and building pride

in Métis culture.

20 Years of Giving 23

Funds, Grants

and Disbursements


Edmonton Community Foundation works

with donors to create funds that will see their

philanthropic dreams fulfilled.

A wide range of fund options exists to

accommodate donors’ wishes – from

designating specific charities to allowing the

Foundation to direct funds to support priority

community needs.

We are delighted to meet with donors and their

financial advisors to discuss their charitable

goals. Please call us at (780) 426-0015 or visit

our website at www.ecfoundation.org.


Edmonton Community Foundation is a trusted,

reliable source for identifying and funding

initiatives that strengthen our community.

A gift to the General Community Fund ensures

that critical community needs are met through

a rigorous, competitive process while providing

accountability to donors.

Through our Community Grants Program,

Foundation staff, advisory committees, and

ultimately our board of directors review

requests from a wide cross-section of sectors

and allocate funding to meet priority needs

and strengthen charities. In general, grants

are awarded in the following categories: arts,

culture, and heritage; education and learning;

health and wellness; community and social

services; recreation and leisure; and

the environment.

General community funds also allow the

Foundation to support the community through

Foundation Directed Initiatives. Carefully

selected charities that demonstrate high levels

of commitment, capacity, and effectiveness are

provided with up to three years of funding for

operations or special projects.

In 2009, despite the challenges of the economic

downturn, Edmonton Community Foundation’s

endowed funds generated millions of dollars

that were awarded to local charities. As well,

many students benefitted from awards

disbursed through our scholarship funds.


Edmonton Community FoundationAnnual Report 2009

Community Grants proGram

Each year the Community Grants Program provides funding in response to inquiries made by

registered charities in Edmonton and to Foundation Directed Initiatives. These grants address

community needs in categories such as arts, culture, and heritage; education and learning; health

and wellness; community and social services; recreation and leisure; and the environment. Total

disbursements made through the Community Grants Program totalled over $1.4 million in 2009.


The Board has full discretion in disbursing the net income from Community Funds, either through

an application process or by proactively identifying priority community needs. In addition to

those donors who have established named Community Funds, many donors have made

significant cumulative contributions to the General Community Fund since inception.

$1,000,000 + $100,000–$999,999 $10,000–$99,999

George & Rae Poole Anonymous Anonymous

Estate of George & Rae Poole Estate of Cecil Moore Shawana Estates Ltd

John & Barbara Poole Family John Slatter Westpear Developments Ltd

Alison B. Rice

Robert & Shirley Stollery & Family

Year End Balance

Allen Fund 1,463,615

Betty Kathleen Brown Fund 62,024

Jo-Ann Campbell Fund 11,158

Archibald Hadley Dickson Memorial Fund 197,885

Eric Geddes Memorial Fund 9,345

Alex Hamilton Family Fund 55,312

Lorne & Kathie Leitch Family Fund 14,390

Memorial Tribute Fund 110,645

Year End Balance

Miller Office Group Fund 13,749

John E. Poole Memorial Fund 28,522

Princeton Fund 35,174

David W. Purvis Fund 1,642,750

Robert David Purvis Memorial Fund 116,895

General Community Fund 14,670,760



Donors identify the areas of charitable endeavours they wish to support without specifying particular

charities, allowing the board to provide support for priorities within those charitable endeavors.

New funds in 2009 are listed in bold type.

Year End Balance

Anonymous Fund #2 126,126

Bishop & McKenzie Centennial Fund 81,499

Branches of Life Fund 28,088

Ken Crockett Music Fund 11,972

John Crockett Memorial Fund 23,184

Feeding Hungry Minds Fund 14,965

Garber-Conrad Family Fund 11,587

Gaunce Family Fund 25,798

Glenora Fund 17,384

Karen Good Family Fund 20,403

The GYRO Club of Edmonton Fund 17,496

Heads Up Fraud Prevention/

Fugi Saito Endowment Fund 19,101

Lois Hole Care & Nurture Legacy Fund 220,395

Year End Balance

John & Jane Holmlund Family Fund 49,090

Johanna & Otto Holzapfel Fund 37,674

Lee Community Playspace Fund 412,927

H. Jean McDiarmaid Fund for Musical Performance 1,499,791

George & Rae Poole Fund 3,482,187

George & Rae Poole Bequest Fund 1,058,524

Bunny Casper Rae Fund 1,318,870

Rosalie & William Rector Fund 278,800

Phyllis Ritchie Fund 144,199

Single Parents Independence Fund 130,264

Special Arts Fund 1,045,349

Stollery Fund 3,550,172

Treleaven-Tymofichuk Family Fund 50,220


20 Years of Giving 25


The Winspear Fund provides operational funding to some of Edmonton’s larger arts organizations

each year. The remaining discretionary funds are disbursed through the Community Grants

Program in keeping with the granting philosophy of the original Winspear Foundation grants panel.

Year End Balance



Many donors have a number of different goals they wish to accomplish. For example, donors may wish to

designate specific charities to receive portions of the disbursements from their fund year after year with the

remainder to be used to address priority needs in our community as identified by the Foundation Board.

New funds in 2009 are listed in bold type.

Year End Balance

Albian Sands Energy Community Environment Fund 69,318

Randy Anderson Learning Fund 11,418

Anonymous Fund #4 37,967

Phyllis A. Arnold Learning Fund 571,307

Earl Clements Fund 13,715

H.J. (Jock) Dawe Family Fund 160,542

Edmonton Legal Community Fund 28,110

Roy Faltinson Fund 96,786

Shirley & Gordon Gifford Family Fund 1,042,485

Earle & Elsie Hawkesworth Family Fund 47,317

Year End Balance

W.A. & M. Hiller Fund 196,151

Jean & Garnet Ireland Fund 51,982

Owen & Peg Linton Family Fund 300,064

Tevie & Arliss Miller Endowment Fund 67,576

Doris Tanner Pimm Fund 119,009

Ruste Family Fund 11,862

Jim & Billie Wilkins Fund 101,632

John & Olivia Young Fund for Health 90,454


Community Grants


Grants may be funded from more than one source including Community, Field of Interest,

Winspear and Combined Purpose Funds.




Bent Arrow Traditional Healing Society

Operational Support 2,000

Boyle McCauley Health Centre

Dental Clinic Operations – Yr.3 30,000

Boys’ & Girls’ Clubs of Greater Vancouver

Annual Support for Programs 55,671

Cantilon Choral Society

New Composition for 10th Anniversary Concert 10,000

Catalyst Theatre Society of Alberta

Part-time Facility Manager Position – Yr.3 8,460

Centre for Family Literacy Society of Alberta

Aboriginal Storysacks Program – Yr.3 20,000

Dickinsfield Amity House

Arts for Tots Program – Yr.2 15,600

Edmonton Gleaners Association

Purchase of Eggs 3,000

Edmonton Inner City Children’s Project Society

Director of Programming – Yr.2 38,000

Edmonton International Street Performers Festival

Comedy Cares Professional Development Workshops 3,000

Edmonton Opera Association

Costumes for Pirates of Penzance 15,000

Edzimkulu, A Society for Children of AIDS

Disaster Relief in Ndawana, South Africa 790

Grantee Grants

Federation of Alberta Naturalists

Storm Water Lakes Pilot Project – Yr.3 25,000

Friends of Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs of Edmonton

Annual Support for Programs 55,670

Friends of PAAFE

(Prostitution Awareness & Action Foundation of Edmonton)

Building Blocks for Families – start up costs 4,080

i Coristi Chamber Choir

Sorrows of Mary Concert 7,800

iHuman Youth Society

Executive Director Position – Yr.2 65,000

Newly United Operatic Vocalists Association

The Lives of Lesser Things – Opera for Children 15,000

Nina Haggerty Centre for the Arts

Bridge Operational Funding – Yr.2 25,000

Our House (Edmonton) Ltd.

Mental Health Counselor – Yr.2 20,000

Terra Association

Operational Support 2,000

University of Alberta, Dept. of Philosophy

Eurekamp Summer Camp for Children 3,000

University of Alberta, Faculty of Education

Youth Intervention & Community Outreach

Worker – Yr.2 40,000

Youth Emergency Shelter Society of Edmonton

Diversity and Outreach Initiative – Yr.2 44,175


Edmonton Community FoundationAnnual Report 2009


Edmonton Community Foundation proactively addresses community needs by working in

partnership with high-performing charities and other stakeholders. The resulting Foundation

Directed Initiatives provide an opportunity for agencies in all sectors to focus on fulfilling their

visions, develop innovative approaches and strengthen our community.


Grantee Grants

Edmonton Arts Council

Innovative Arts Initiatives that address Social

Issues – Yr.3 50,000

Edmonton Chamber of Voluntary Organizations

Operational Support – Yr.2 50,000

Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers Society

Health Issues of Newcomers to Canada – Yr.2 100,000

Edmonton Social Planning Council

Operational Support – Yr.3 60,000

Northern Light Theatre

Operational Support to Enhance Productions – Yr.2 16,666

Grantee Grants

Support Network

Walk-In Counselling Program – Yr.2 100,000

Theatre Network (1975) Society

Operational Support to Enhance Productions – Yr.2 16,668

United Way of the Alberta Capital Region

Partners For Kids Project – Yr.2 100,000

University of Alberta,

Community-University Partnership

Families First Edmonton – Research Phase 100,000

Workshop West Playwrights’ Theatre Society

Operational Support to Enhance Productions – Yr.2 16,666


A portion of the Winspear Fund disbursements is designated to support specific arts

organizations in Edmonton as well as to provide scholarships and emergency funding disbursed

through Catholic Social Services.


Grantee Grants

Catholic Social Services Emergency Grants 45,738

Edmonton Opera Association 25,773

Grantee Grants

17 Winspear Fund Scholarships

for Advanced Classical Music Studies 57,000

Edmonton Symphony Society 67,975


The Playspace Program provides grants to support the creation or refurbishment of playspaces

that are accessible to the general public. Grants are jointly funded by the Lee Community

Playspace Fund and General Community Funds.


Grantee Grant

Rio Terrace Community League

Playground Redevelopment 4,000

20 Years of Giving 27


A portion of the Combined Purpose Funds are designated by the donor.


Grantee Grants



Alberta Aviation Museum Association 2,063

Alberta Foundation for Environmental Excellence 421

Bissell Centre 303

Canadian Diabetes Association

of Alberta & NWT Region 424

CNIB 140

CNIB (Alberta-NWT Division) 140

Cross Cancer Institute 1,266

Edmonton & District Historical Society 15,000

Edmonton Jewish Community Charitable Foundation 1,000

Edmonton Public Library 209

Fresh Start Addictions Centre 200

Learning Disabilities Association of Alberta 2,000

McMan Youth Family & Community

Services Association 1,000

Natural Step Canada 200

Northern Alberta Institute of Technology 5,000

Pilgrims Hospice Society 633

Salvation Army Alberta & NWT Division 3,131

Student Christian Movement of Canada 200

Tuxis Parliament Alumni Society of Alberta 200

United Way of the Alberta Capital Region 1,568

University Hospital Foundation 5,000

University of Alberta 12,385

DEsiGnatED FunDs

Designated Funds identify a specific charity or charities to receive support every year.

The agreements for these funds include planning for the inevitable changes that take place over

long periods of time so the funds remain meaningful, effective and robust. Edmonton Community

Foundation makes creating endowment support for a number of charities easy for the donor.

One fund can accomplish many goals and support multiple charities.

New funds in 2009 are listed in bold type.

Year End Balance

A.I.R.S. Fund 56,182

Alberta Legal Heritage Fund 115,167

Alberta Literacy Foundation Fund 9,724

Alberta Search & Rescue Fund 9,600

Anchor Fund 8,815

Art Gallery of Alberta Fund* 2,223,461

Milton Bablitz Memorial Fund 21,357

Banff Centre Fund 3,963

Amina Beecroft Fund 171,487

Helen & Laurel Bell Fund 118,295

Helen & Fred Bentley

Planned Parenthood Edmonton Fund 275,913

Helen & Fred Bentley

Planned Parenthood Federation of Canada Fund 295,690

Gay Bisanz Leadership Development Fund 26,298

Boyle-McCauley Health Centre Fund* 144,582

Boys’ & Girls’ Clubs of Alberta Endowment Fund 28,885

Boys’ & Girls’ Clubs of Edmonton Fund 194,324

Boysdale Camp Fund* 72,804

Ralph Buttner Memorial Fund 55,107

Douglas Milton Campbell Estate Fund 633,956

Canadian Parks & Wilderness Society

Fund for Alberta* 94,407

Canadian Red Cross Society Fund* 92,393

Year End Balance

Capital Care Foundation Fund* 54,066

Caritas Hospitals Foundation Fund* 58,121

Cerebral Palsy Associations in Alberta Fund 358,352

Children’s Health Foundation

of Northern Alberta Fund* 48,544

Cityfarm Fund 9,194

CKUA Radio Foundation Fund 41,605

Cosmopolitan Music Society Endowment Fund 10,676

Cunningham AnimalCare Fund 19,714

Frank Philip Davis Fund 9,412

‘CR’ & Del Dilkie Fund 42,942

Dogs with Wings Fund 9,988

Edmonton Chamber Music Society Fund 27,292

Edmonton General (Grey Nuns) Hospital Fund* 3,811

Edmonton Gleaners Association Fund 32,830

Edmonton Heritage Festival Endowment Fund 13,441

Edmonton Interfaith Centre

for Education and Action Society Fund 11,304

Edmonton Musical Theatre Fund 24,387

Edmonton Oilers Community Foundation

Emma Bailey Memorial Fund 30,056

Edmonton YMCA Foundation Fund 30,523

Joy Eisert Habitat Lands Fund 34,492

Leta Gene Eisert Miquelon Lake

Wildlands Sanctuary Fund 35,155


Edmonton Community FoundationAnnual Report 2009

* Funds established by the John & Barbara Poole Family


Year End Balance

Electro Equinology Fund 17,147

Cheryl Escott Memorial Fund 12,431

Field Fund for Science Education 87,908

Jean Fitzsimmons & Family Fund 17,240

Foote Field at University of Alberta South Campus

Athletic Facility Funds 1,776,456

Ed & Rita Foy Memorial Fund 10,619

Friends of Guiding Fund 10,264

Friends of Jasper National Park Association Fund 9,664

Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital Fund 112,994

Dr. Dasha Goody Memorial Fund 9,580

Goudreau Fund 24,972

Growing Early Minds Fund 11,333

HIV Edmonton Endowment Fund 10,173

Harry & Muriel Hole Family Fund 91,546

Bishop Stephen P. Kristenson Seminarian

Endowment Fund 210,846

Frank & Dollie Leah Memorial Fund 74,862

Leduc/Devon Oilfield Historical Society Fund 33,194

Lingle Educational Endowment Fund 11,536

Victor C. Love Memorial Fund 16,627

Lucy Baker School Society Fund 10,629

Peter & Dorothea Macdonnell Fund 246,526

Fraser Malcolm Fund 35,561

Doris Louise (Belt) Marcum Family Fund 9,021

Rose McAllister and Deanna Nemirsky

Old Friends Fund 25,248

Donald Gordon McArthur Fund 32,548

Mary & Steve McEachern Fund 15,140

George & Lilian McEwen Family Fund 21,267

William M. McGee Fund 13,393

Letha McKee Fund 41,536

Memorial (Brewster) Fund 69,467

Margaret Michaud Fund 8,914

Ruthie & Hoadley Mitchell Memorial Fund 94,385

Mustard Seed (Edmonton) Fund* 87,467

NAIT Scholarship & Bursary Fund 78,901

Native Cultural Awareness Fund 20,403

Nature Conservancy of Canada Fund* 740,728

NUOVA Fund* 23,031

Orchid Species Preservation Foundation

Endowment Fund 9,409

Our House Addiction Recovery Endowment Fund 10,100

Kathleen Pearson Fund 69,678

PLAN Edmonton Fund 50,774

Planned Parenthood Association of Edmonton Fund 10,293

Pro Coro Canada Choir Fund 25,741

Alison B. Rice Bequest for Habitat for Humanity 2,378,688

Alison B. Rice Endowment

for Edmonton Inner City Housing Society 816,173

Alison B. Rice Endowment for Habitat for Humanity 866,791

Roper Fund 99,377

Royal Alexandra Hospital Fund* 26,232

Bill & Susan Sadler Fund 13,327

Year End Balance

Albin J.E. Shanley Fund 16,297

Ranald & Vera Shean Fund 1,320,007

Ranald & Vera Shean Sonata Fund 21,899

Simonson Family Fund 12,062

SKILLS Society Fund 51,109

Slatter Family Fund 128,633

Linda Stanier & Family Memorial Award Fund 27,820

Stanley A. Milner Library Fund* 114,095

STARS Alberta Shock Trauma Air Rescue

Foundation Fund 52,798

Barb Tarbox Legacy Fund 16,262

Hazel F. Teskey Memorial Trust Fund 11,228

Jack & Fran Thomas Fund 11,034

University Hospitals Foundation Fund* 110,661

Valley Zoo Development Society Fund* 79,840

Wally & Rosanna Kids to Kamp Fund 18,452

Walterdale Theatre Associates Fund 11,043

Ross & Eleanor Wein Family

Disabilities Transportation Fund 11,277

Westend Seniors Activity Centre Endowment Fund 20,994

Wings of Providence

Laurette Braconnier Tribute Fund 37,746

The Works Arts Festival Fund* 59,488


ABC Head Start Society Funds

ABC Head Start Society Fund 238,356

Ralph & Aleda Patterson Family Fund 13,751

Alberta Ballet Funds

Canadian Arts & Heritage Fund 321,846

John & Barbara Poole Family 588,804

Alberta Baroque Ensemble Funds

Alberta Baroque Ensemble Endowment Fund 168,723

Alberta Baroque Ensemble Enhancement Fund 48,363

Catharinus Huyer Principal Second Violin Fund 11,706

Alberta Cancer Foundation Funds

Alberta Cancer Foundation Fund 5,819

Edmonds Family Fund 62,833

George C. Field Memorial Fund 176,640

John & Barbara Poole Family 52,372

Karen Sharpe Memorial Fund 2,819

Bob Tarr Memorial Fund 72,147

Alberta Emerald Foundation Funds

Alberta Emerald Foundation Endowment Fund 28,742

Alberta Emerald Foundation Fund 400,500

Bissell Funds

Bissell Fund 288,578

Elizabeth McBride Fund 54,209

Bow Valley Community Foundation Funds

Banff Alpine Racers Fund 15,005

Bow Valley Community Foundation Operating

Endowment Fund 9,215

Bow Valley Community Fund 9,215

Rockies Ride for Kids Foundation 118,622

* Funds established by the John & Barbara Poole Family 20 Years of Giving 29


Brian Webb Dance Company Funds

Year End Balance

Canadian Arts & Heritage Fund 63,434

John & Barbara Poole Family 79,298

Cable Family Community Endowment Funds

Cable Family Boyle-McCauley Health Centre

Endowment Fund 45,528

Cable Family Community Endowment Fund 273,102

Cable Family Endowment Fund

for Abused Seniors 50,769

Cable Family iHuman Youth Society

Endowment Fund 45,528

Cable Family Operation Friendship

Seniors Society Endowment Fund 45,528

Cable Family Priest Retirement Endowment Fund 45,528

Cable Family SKILLS Endowment Fund 96,638

Camp Health Hope & Happiness Society Funds

Camp Health Hope & Happiness Society Fund 248,451

Kiwanis Club of Edmonton Downtown Fund 9,759

Hugh & Madge McColl Camp Fund 23,051

Centre for Family Literacy Society of Alberta Funds

Centre for Family Literacy

Society of Alberta Fund 91,912

John & Barbara Poole Family 25,028

Citadel Theatre Funds

Canadian Arts & Heritage Fund 1,903,006

Citadel Theatre Fund 1,523,127

Dr. Susan & Ove Minsos Q.C. & Family

Citadel Fund 45,970

John & Barbara Poole Family 1,338,735

Joseph H. Shoctor Fund 306,417

Edmonton Arts Council Funds

Edmonton Artists’ Trust Fund 149,024

Lakhani Family Fund 14,963

Lee Fund for the Arts 1,125,504

John & Barbara Poole Family 694,254

Edmonton City Centre Church Corporation Funds

Anne Carmichael Children’s Fund 9,717

Edmonton City Centre Church Corporation Fund* 150,176

William Daly Fund 32,559

Annie Hole Children’s Nutrition Fund 1,671,787

Edmonton Folk Music Festival Society Funds

Canadian Arts & Heritage Fund 231,420

Edmonton Folk Music Festival Society Fund 538,966

Edmonton Opera Funds

Canadian Arts & Heritage Fund 700,788

Dr. David Cook Fund for Edmonton Opera 14,266

Edmonton Opera Endowment Fund 88,126

Edmonton Opera Endowment Trust Fund 14,049

Edmonton Opera Staff Contributions Fund 19,347

Irving Guttman Opera Endowment Fund 31,121

Dianne & Irving Kipnes Opera Fund 142,694

John & Barbara Poole Family 696,172

Francis Price & Marguerite Trussler Family Fund 285,941

Edmonton Police Foundation Funds

Year End Balance

Edmonton Police Foundation Fund* 51,474

Harry Hole Police Foundation Fund 443,403

Edmonton Symphony Society Funds

Canadian Arts & Heritage Fund 580,620

Children’s Programming Fund 57,331

Edmonton Symphony Endowment Fund 202,897

Lila & Colin Eicher Symphony Fund 14,891

Peter & Astrid Griep Symphony Fund 14,653

John & Barbara Poole Family 804,617

Edmonton Women’s Shelter Funds

Edmonton Women’s Shelter Fund 4,272

John & Barbara Poole Family 350,577

Fringe Theatre Adventures Society Funds

Canadian Arts & Heritage Fund 72,853

Cohos Evamy Endowment Fund 9,871

Fringe Theatre Adventures Society Fund 118,321

Grant MacEwan Community College

Foundation Funds

Grant MacEwan Community College

Foundation Fund 3,194

John & Barbara Poole Family 28,744

Junior Achievement Funds

Junior Achievement Fund 23,841

Junior Achievement of Northern Alberta Fund 50,833

Reagan Williams Achiever of the Year

Scholarship Fund 23,862

Lieutenant Governor of Alberta Arts Award Funds

Alberta Centennial Legacy Fund 481,097

Lieutenant Governor of Alberta Arts Award Fund 1,462,757

National Theatre School of Canada Funds

Canadian Arts & Heritage Fund 65,833

John & Barbara Poole Family 121,246

Norquest College Funds

John & Barbara Poole Family Norquest Fund 234,470

Stollery Norquest Student Fund 230,066

Pilgrim’s Hospice Society Funds

Audrey Luft Fund 11,279

John & Barbara Poole Family 25,089

Richard Eaton Singers Funds

Canadian Arts & Heritage Fund 23,420

Richard Eaton Singers Fund 72,424

Salvation Army Funds

John & Barbara Poole Family 291,182

Salvation Army Endowment Fund 73,684

St. Albert Community Foundation Funds

Stanley Dennis Memorial Fund 25,629

Jamison Family Fund 119,469

St. Albert Community Fund 70,061

Thatcher Neonatal Care Fund 291,882


Edmonton Community FoundationAnnual Report 2009

* Funds established by the John & Barbara Poole Family


Year End Balance

Terra Future Builders Funds

Jac’y Hayter Achieving Dreams Together Fund 63,456

John & Barbara Poole Family - School Nutrition 108,207

Terra Education Fund 21,166

Terra Future Builders Fund 28,210

United Way of the Alberta Capital Region Funds

Anonymous Fund #12 885,778

Anonymous Fund #13 885,687

John & Barbara Poole Family 1,072,109

Lillian A. Simonet United Way Fund 485,427

Victoria School Foundation

for the Arts Endowment Funds

Year End Balance

Audrey & Greg Greenough Family Fund 12,181

Victoria School Foundation

for the Arts Endowment Fund 1,250,973

YWCA Funds

Roger & Peggy Gouin Fund 44,123

John & Barbara Poole Family 67,569

Youth Emergency Shelter Society Funds

John & Barbara Poole Family 365,142

John Slatter Fund 110,947

Youth Emergency Shelter of Edmonton Fund 21,674

Youth Emergency Shelter Society Fund 11,127


TOTAL DISBURSEMENTS IN 2009: $ 1,100,525

ABC Head Start Society 2,853

Alberta Ballet Company 18,531

Alberta Baroque Music Society 6,947

Alberta Cancer Foundation 11,064

Alberta Craft Council 1,000

Alberta Emerald Foundation 13,757

Alberta Lung Association 586

Alberta Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church

in Canada 6,760

Alzheimer Society of Canada 289

Amiskwaciy Academy 341

Anglican Parish of Christ Church 1,312

Art Gallery of Alberta 148,084

Ascension Lutheran Church 314

Banff Centre 1,312

Birthright Edmonton 260

Bissell Centre 10,788

Boyle McCauley Health Centre 4,626

Boysdale Camp Foundation 2,325

Brian Webb Dance Company 2,202

Camp Health, Hope & Happiness Society 9,399

Canadian Cancer Society 539

Canadian Diabetes Association

of Alberta & NWT Region 539

Canadian Federation for Sexual Health 6,900

Canadian Mental Health Association

Alberta Division, 1984 5,000

Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society 2,159

Canadian Red Cross Society, Edmonton 3,192

Capital Care Foundation 1,727

Caritas Hospitals Foundation 4,879

Catholic Charities Society 539

Centre for Family Literacy Society of Alberta 3,734

Cerebral Palsy Association in Alberta 11,467

CFRN-TV Good Neighbour Fund Society 397

Children’s Ability Fund


Citadel Theatre 92,112

CKUA Radio Foundation 995

CNIB (Alberta-NWT Division) 333

DOGS with WINGS Assistance Dog Society 283

Dreamspeakers Festival Society 653

E4C (Edmonton City Centre Church Corporation) 6,114

Edmonton and Area Land Trust 309

Edmonton Arts Council 61,769

Edmonton Caring Clowns Society 160

Edmonton Folk Music Festival Society 10,752

Edmonton Heritage Festival Association 380

Edmonton Humane Society (SPCA) 4,708

Edmonton Inner City Housing Society 26,070

Edmonton Kiwanis Music Festival Association 43,015

Edmonton Musical Theatre Society 780

Edmonton Opera Association 36,750

Edmonton Police Foundation 15,804

Edmonton Public Library 672

Edmonton Public Schools 141

Edmonton Symphony Society 33,977

Edmonton Women’s Shelter Ltd. 10,218

Esk-Omi Missions Inc. 260

Foundation of Newman Theological College 199

Franciscan Sisters Benevolent Society 200

Friends of Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs of Edmonton 6,207

Friends of St. Albert Children’s Theatre Society 241

Fringe Theatre Adventures Society 3,267

Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital Foundation 3,623

Good Samaritan Society 900

Good Shepherd Lutheran Social Service Society 496

Grant MacEwan University Foundation 3,020

Habitat for Humanity Edmonton Society 104,630

Heart & Stroke Foundation of Alberta 1,404

Hervey Foundation for Cats 209

HIV Network of Edmonton Society 326

20 Years of Giving 31


Horizons Training Centre Society 166

Junior Achievement of Northern Alberta & NWT 1,628

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Canada 333

KidSport Alberta 723

Knox Metropolitan United Church 378

Leadership Edmonton 834

Legal Archives Society of Alberta 3,678

Lieutenant Governor of Alberta Arts Awards

Foundation 62,229

Literacy Alberta Society 311

Mustard Seed Street Church (Edmonton) 1,968

National Theatre School of Canada 3,046

Nature Conservancy of Canada 20,351

Newly United Operatic Vocalists Association 735

Newman Theological College

& St. Joseph Seminary 286

NorQuest College 13,211

Northern Alberta Institute of Technology

Foundation 2,525

Northern Alberta Society for Animal Protection 210

Northern Gateway Regional Division #10 500

Options Sexual Health Association 11,900

Orchid Species Preservation Foundation of Alberta 300

Our House (Edmonton) Ltd. 322

Pilgrims Hospice Society 801

Pro Coro Society - Edmonton 825

Richard Eaton Singers 1,867

Robertson Wesley United Church 531

Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation 838

Royal Military College Club of Canada Foundation Inc. 15,949

Salvation Army Alberta & NWT Division 12,451

Scarboro Foreign Mission Society 540

Search & Rescue Association of Alberta 307

Seniors Association of Greater Edmonton (SAGE) 20,324

Sign of Hope Society, Archdiocese of Edmonton 199

Societe des Missionnaires D’Afrique (Peres-Blancs) 199

St. Albert Community Foundation 15,838

Stanley A. Milner Library 3,643

STARS (Alberta Shock Trauma Air Rescue Society) 2,587

Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation 1,550

Teen Time of Edmonton 329

Terra Association 3,983

Tevie Miller Heritage School Society 302

United Way of the Alberta Capital Region 107,305

University Hospital Foundation 4,984

University of Alberta 3,017

Victoria School Foundation for the Arts 389

Westend Seniors Activity Centre 672

Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Edmonton 210

WINGS of Providence Society 1,111

Works International Visual Arts Society 1,239

Youth Emergency Shelter Society of Edmonton 13,931

YWCA of Edmonton 3,585

our CHiLDrEn’s miLLEnnium FunDs

Through the support of several generous donors, Our Children Millennium Funds provide an

enduring legacy to help ensure children begin life with the support they need to succeed.

Many donors have made contributions to the General Fund including the following:

$1,000,000 + $100,000–$999,999 $10,000–$99,999

John & Barbara Poole Family

Robert & Shirley Stollery & Family


John & Maggie Mitchell

Don & Joan Stanley

Allen Family

Fountain of Hope

(Bank of Montreal)

Jim & Diana Greer

Ralph Klein Charity Classic

Bruce Saville

Year End Balance

Year End Balance

David William Bell Memorial Fund 14,162

Bicentennial Fund 96,165

Steven & Patty Glover Family Fund 44,921

Sarah & Martin Gouin Family Fund for Children 1,281,585

John Edward & Mary Ann Hockin & Family Fund 22,882

Darlene & Doug McNally Family Fund 17,321

Our Children’s Millennium (General) Fund 3,986,487


Hawkesworth/Kriviak Family Fund 11,875



Edmonton Community FoundationAnnual Report 2009

soCiaL EntErprisE FunDs

The Social Enterprise Funds provide financing and technical assistance to charitable organizations

engaging in social enterprise and affordable housing projects.

Year End Balance

Garber-Conrad Social Enterprise Endowment Fund 29,405

Social Enterprise Capital Endowment Fund

General Loan Fund 471,953

United Way of the Alberta

Capital Region Endowment Fund 456,341

Year End Balance

Social Enterprise Capital Grant Fund 75,827

Social Enterprise Operating Fund 1,146,807


An additional anonymous $1 million is included in the Donor Advised Funds section of this annual report.

PATH TO LOAN GRANT IN 2009: $ 5,000

The SEF manages two separate pools of loan capital: the capital invested by the ECF which is

managed for the benefit of charities and the capital invested by the City of Edmonton in the

Edmonton Social Enterprise Loan Fund, a Part 9 company of which the ECF is a member, and

which is managed for the benefit of charities and non-profits. The City of Edmonton contributed

$3,000,000 in seed funds to the Company in 2008. The Foundation received a total of $1,140,000

to hold in the Social Enterprise Endowment Operating Fund to enhance the sustainability of the

Social Enterprise Fund. (For further details please refer to the Edmonton Community Foundation

Consolidated Financial Statements as posted on-line at www.ecfoundation.org.)

EDmonton anD arEa LanD trust FunDs

The Edmonton and Area Land Trust is a vehicle for conserving, protecting and restoring natural

areas of ecological significance within the City of Edmonton and surrounding areas. The Land

Trust is designated to own land outright or hold conservation easements on land owned by

others. The Trust receives donations of land and conservation easements or funds used to

purchase land and support stewardship and monitoring.

Edmonton and Area Land Trust founders:

• City of Edmonton

Edmonton Community Foundation

Edmonton Nature Club

• Legacy Lands Conservation Society

• Urban Development Institute –

Greater Edmonton Chapter

• Land Stewardship Centre of Canada

Year End Balance

Edmonton and Area Land Trust Capital Fund 14,868

Edmonton and Area Land Trust

Operating Endowment Fund 2,738,067

Year End Balance

Ross & Eleanor Wein Family Fund 9,689



20 Years of Giving 33

Donor aDVisED FunDs

Donors provide annual advice and recommendations to the Foundation about which charities they

wish to support with their funds.

New funds in 2009 are listed in bold type.

Year End Balance

Allen Family Fund 3,373,685

Alzheimer Research & Support Fund 14,372

Andrekson Family Fund 118,720

Anonymous 800,000

Anonymous Fund #10 8,185,239

Anonymous Fund #11 3,001,113

Anonymous Fund #14 4,009,673

Anonymous Fund #3 22,503,063

Anonymous Fund #7 14,721,751

Anonymous Fund #8 5,141,345

Anonymous Fund #9 15,275,916

Heinrich & Lina Aulbach Fund 12,873

Bacon Family Fund 38,880

Robert A. & Maria Bailey Fund 112,337

Sharon & Douglas Barbour Fund 11,626

Basken Family Fund 13,475

Baydala-Krawiec Endowment Fund 23,417

Alice & Alan Bell Fund 21,284

Fred & Helen Bentley

Education in Agriculture Awards Fund 55,874

Barbara G. Blackley Fund 34,869

David Bodnarchuk Fund 21,168

Ruth & Dudley Bristow Family Fund 179,449

Buchwald Family Fund 20,191

Christopher & Lisa Cairns & Family Fund 13,237

Gil Charest Living Quilt Fund 20,485

Ross and Muriel Cheriton Fund 22,606

AGMJJ Cheung Family Fund 10,450

Ernie Christman Family Fund 413,518

Cinders Fund 636,584

Crescent Hill Fund 79,300

Jock Dawe Fund 174,148

De Bathe Family Fund 9,294

Herman & Elly de Jongh Fund 69,176

Ann & John Dea Family Fund 35,306

Shannon and John Dean Endowment Fund 10,127

Randy Diamond & Dree Thomson-Diamond Fund 25,493

Jenny Diment Fund 41,931

Edmonton Chamber of Commerce

Endowment Fund for Children in Need 444,655

Jim & Sheila Edwards Family Fund 23,300

Eidem Family Fund 205,453

Bev & Norm Ellingson Family Fund 70,184

Fenna Family Fund 54,674

Lak & Ayoma Fernando Family Fund 20,179

Eldon & Anne Foote Fund 5,111,850

Colin Forbes Memorial Fund 10,313


Edmonton Community FoundationAnnual Report 2009

Year End Balance

Tony & Daniela Franceschini Family Fund 1,005,145

Future Project Fund 24,566

Carol Gilfillan Fund 45,412

Carol A. Gouin Memorial Fund 46,745

Sarah & Martin Gouin Family Fund 2,143,215

Gower Family Fund 11,181

Grieve/Jones Family Fund 103,927

Erin Noelle Guthrie Memorial Fund 79,152

Hartnagel Family Fund 23,458

Rick & Connie Hendrickson Family Fund 48,225

Joyce A. Hendrickson Fund 12,492

Bettie Hewes Memorial Fund 26,771

Alice & Brian Hinds Fund 15,244

Gail & Bruce Hogle Family Fund 9,546

Hole Family Fund 2,293,753

Jack & Audrey Holmes Fund 52,917

John & Leni Honsaker Fund 138,026

Fabian Bubel Hopkins Fund 10,674

Kay & Steve Hrudey Memorial Fund 34,930

Hutton Family Fund 1,305,328

Katherine Jacob Fund 17,151

Jones Eidem Fund 9,066

Jenny Jungkind Memorial Fund for Music

and for Quality of Life 12,627

Karbani Family Fund 12,828

Dr. T.A. Kasper Family Fund 563,264

John & Linda Kimmitt Family Fund 19,766

Larry & Kathy Klaus Fund 25,338

Gerald Knoll Family Fund 282,889

La Bruyère Fund 410,444

William & Shirley Lakey Family Fund 48,600

Lammerink Family Fund 180,146

Laurie/Thomson Fund 11,552

LeLacheur Family Fund 135,062

Don & Mary Leverington Fund 9,101

Life Is A Promise Endowment Fund 705,925

LMG Fund 58,258

Lost Coin Fund 17,212

Linda & Kim Mackenzie Family Fund 18,621

Manning Family Fund 11,410

Bill Marsden Motion Picture Practicum Fund 19,057

Hugh & Madge McColl Family Trust Fund 215,986

McCuaig Desrochers Centennial Fund 133,663

Lawrence & Edith McRae Fund 557,216

Kathryn & Robert Merrett Fund 28,794

John & Maggie KHG Mitchell Family Fund 778,666

Doreen & Zenith Moisey Fund 882,695


Year End Balance

Moses Charitable Fund 58,252

Music of the Spheres Legacy Fund 96,786

Nancy’s Butterfly Fund 59,985

Eileen Nash Memorial Fund 48,847


Maggie & Jim Neilson Family Fund 15,927

Jim Noble Family Hope Fund 20,614

Nunastar Properties Fund for Northern Children 1,097,870

Odynski Family Fund 22,569

Ogilvie Fund 321,108

Fonds Vital & Colleen Ouellette Endowment Fund 13,616

Judith Peglau Family Fund 44,512

V.N. & A.J. Pratt Fund 125,309

John & Connie Prentice Family Endowment Fund 475,064

Nora & Don Prentice Family Fund 10,231

Year End Balance

Teri Taylor-Tunski (T3) Fund 396,860

Joe & Nancy Thompson Family Fund 1,154,498

Ron & Dorothy Triffo Family Fund 2,739,610

Victor-Osten Fund 720,817

Watson Family Fund 106,851

Weir Family Fund 698,556

Genevieve (Jean) Whiting Fund 54,612

Dave Williams Leadership Award Fund 28,009

Douglas & Jane Wilson Fund 45,085

Justin J. Wong Memorial Fund 24,534

C.J. Woods, FCA Family Fund 228,541

Ron & Donna Worthington Family Fund 33,819

Yih Family Charitable Giving Fund 9,144

Ralph & Gay Young Family Fund 469,823

Ralph & Gay Young Family Capital Fund 523,957

Rainbow Fund 12,889

Douglas & Kathleen Ritchie Family Fund 18,929

Ann & Steve Robson Family Fund 10,434

Arnold & Grace Rumbold Fund 157,223

Bud & Laverna Salloum Family Fund 45,387


Rotary Club of Edmonton West Funds

Rotary Club of Edmonton West Fund 70,046

Zen Moisey Rotary Club of West Edmonton Fund 12,391

Don & Georgie Scafe Fund 30,473

Schizophrenia Millennium 2000 Fund 13,045

Owen Schlosser Fund 13,876

Semchishen Family Fund 54,746

Craig Simpson & Friends Charity Funds 34,350

Rod & Jane Simpson Family Fund 24,138

Slavik Family Fund 305,991

Don & Joan Stanley Fund 1,617,452


Anonymous 200,000

General Edmonton Community Foundation

Flow-through Fund 1,161,796

Life Is A Promise Charity Fund 280,000

Nunastar Properties Fund for Northern Children 28,000

Stollery Small Grants Fund 66,100

Jean & Gerry Staring Fund 45,502

Pam & David Steeves Fund 10,938

P & L Strohschein Family Fund 254,606


TOTAL DISBURSEMENTS IN 2009: $ 4,880,292

Abbottsfield Youth Project 13,750

ABC Head Start Society 30,000

Alberta Association for Community Living 500

Alberta Ballet Company 16,000

Alberta Baroque Music Society 900

Alberta Cancer Foundation 5,852

Alberta Council for Environmental Education 10,000

Alberta Council on Aging 300

Alberta Craft Council 5,000

Alberta Lung Association 1,000

Alberta Wilderness Association 500

All Saints’ Anglican Cathedral 1,000

ALS Society of Canada 500

Alzheimer Society of Alberta

& Northwest Territories 959

Anglican Parish of Christ Church 1,600

Animal Cancer Therapy Subsidization Society 100

Art Gallery of Alberta 381,500

Arthritis Society (Alberta & NWT Region) 345

Bamfield Arts Council 10,000

Banff Centre 15,000

Battle River Regional Division #31 700

Bent Arrow Traditional Healing Society 700

Bernadette N. Swan Social Care Foundation 200

Bev Facey Composite High School 500

Big Brothers Big Sisters Society of Edmonton

& Area 20,000

Bird Studies Canada 200

Bissell Centre 66,091

Black Gold Regional Division #18 700

Bow Valley Community Foundation 2,000

Boyle McCauley Health Centre 3,566

Braemar Baptist Society of Edmonton 1,500

Bread of Life Ministries of Western Canada 1,500

20 Years of Giving 35


British Columbia Guide Dog Services 60,000

British Columbia Society for the Prevention

of Cruelty to Animals 30,000

Calgary Foundation 500

Camp Health, Hope & Happiness Society 1,000

Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation 1,500

Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives 500

Canadian Diabetes Association of Alberta

& NWT Region 3,711

Canadian Hunger Foundation (CHF) 20,000

Canadian Paraplegic Association (Alberta) 300

Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society 2,000

Canadian Red Cross Society, Edmonton 5,800

Canadian Society of Decorative Arts 5,000

Canadian Wildlife Federation 200

Capital Care Foundation 1,000

Caritas Hospitals Foundation 7,152

CASA Child, Adolescent and Family Mental Health 15,000

CASA Foundation 5,000

Catalyst Theatre Society of Alberta 2,000

Catholic Social Services 1,000

Centre for Family Literacy Society of Alberta 5,256

CGIT Board of Edmonton Society 15,000

Child Evangelism Fellowship of Canada 500

Christmas Bureau of Edmonton 3,000

Citadel Theatre 253,145

City of Edmonton, Parks 30,000

CKUA Radio Foundation 5,000

CNIB (Alberta-NWT Division) 500

Community Foundations of Canada 3,000

Compassion Canada 600

Concordia University College 5,000

Diabetes Research Institute Foundation, Canada, Inc. 145

David Suzuki Foundation 500

Doctors Without Borders Canada 20,145

Dogs with Wings Assistance Dog Society 512

E4C (Edmonton City Centre Church Corporation) 127,675

Ecojustice Canada 13,000

Edmonton Beth Shalom Congregation 180

Edmonton Caring Clowns Society 645

Edmonton Down Syndrome Society 5,000

Edmonton Gleaners Association 9,032

Edmonton Heritage Festival Association 400

Edmonton Humane Society (SPCA) 41,000

Edmonton Inner City Housing Society 28,300

Edmonton International Street Performers Festival 645

Edmonton Kiwanis Music Festival Association 218

Edmonton Meals on Wheels 1,200

Edmonton Mennonite Centre for

Newcomers Society 1,513

Edmonton Musical Theatre Society 5,500

Edmonton New Shadow Theatre Society 2,000

Edmonton Opera Association 1,650

Edmonton People In Need Shelter Society 100

Edmonton Police Service 1,500

Edmonton Public Schools 1,200

Edmonton Symphony Society 5,650

Edmonton United Jewish Appeal 125

Edmonton Women’s Shelter Ltd. 7,008

Edmonton Youth Orchestra Association 1,140

Edzimkulu, A Society for Children of AIDS 56,200

Elk Island Public Schools Regional Division #14 700

Esther Honens

International Piano Competition Foundation 5,100

Excel Resources Society 2,700

Fire Fighters Burn Treatment Society 500

Fort Edmonton Foundation 500

Fort Saskatchewan Hospital Foundation 589

Franciscan Sisters Benevolent Society 20,000

Friends of Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs of Edmonton 8,486

Friends of PAAFE

(Prostitution Awareness & Action Foundation) 5,000

Friends of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights Inc. 15,000

Girls Incorporated of Durham 300

Global Angel Charitable Organization 15,000

Grant MacEwan University Foundation 715,602

Greater St. Albert Catholic Regional Div. #29 700

Gull Lake Baptist Camp 500

Habitat for Humanity Edmonton Society 718

Hazel Bluff United Church 500

Heart & Stroke Foundation of Alberta 1,000

Holy Trinity Anglican Church 4,000

Hope Foundation of Alberta 500

Hope Mission 11,038

iHuman Youth Society 324,556

Jellinek Society 145

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Canada 20,000

Kids Kottage Foundation 30,000

Kids Up Front Foundation (Edmonton) 15,000

Kids With Cancer Society of Northern Alberta 157,000

KidSport Canada 12,000

Leukemia Research Fund of Canada 500

Life Outreach International 1,280

Make-A-Wish Foundation of Northern Alberta 30,000

Mark Mercier Foundation 5,000

McDougall House Association 30,000

Mental Health Foundation 11,000

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD Canada) 500

Multicultural Family Resources Society 3,000

Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada,

Alberta Division 2,000

Mustard Seed Street Church (Edmonton) 38,288

Nature Conservancy of Canada 11,148

New Tribes Mission of Canada 2,500

Newly United Operatic Vocalists Association 1,265

NorQuest College Foundation 5,000


Edmonton Community FoundationAnnual Report 2009


Northern Alberta Institute of Technology 9,500

Northern Light Theatre 2,000

Norwood Child & Family Resource Centre 800

Novayana Society for Eastern and Western Studies 6,000

Operation Eyesight Universal 500

Operation Friendship 300

Options Sexual Health Association 500

Parkinson’s Society of Alberta 500

Pembina Foundation for Environmental Research

and Education 1,500

Personal Community Support Association of Alberta 22,862

Phillips Exeter Academy Canadian

Scholarship Foundation 100,000

Pilgrims Hospice Society 55,000

Planned Lifetime Advocacy Network (PLAN)

Edmonton 10,000

Recreation for Life Foundation 1,000

Ridley College 400,000

Rotary Club of Edmonton West 5,000

Rotary Foundation Canada 1,200

Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation 246,000

Salvation Army Alberta & NWT Division 7,814

Samaritan’s Purse - Canada 966

Save the Children - Canada 500

Seniors Association of Greater Edmonton (SAGE) 200

Shiloh Rebman Youth Ranch Society 1,000

Southminster-Steinhauer United Church 5,000

Spinal Cord Injury Treatment Centre

(Northern Alberta) Society 45,000

STARS (Alberta Shock Trauma Air Rescue Society) 30,702

Stephen Lewis Foundation 1,400

Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation 8,859

Stratford Shakespearean Festival of Canada 600

Support Network 1,822

Taylor University College & Seminary 3,000

Teatro La Quindicina Theatre Society 2,000

Temple Beth Ora Congregation of Edmonton 1,200

Terra Association 55,819

Theatre Network (1975) Society 500

Tides Canada Foundation 10,000

Ukrainian Shumka Dancers 20,000

UNICEF Alberta 10,000

UNICEF Canada 450

United Way of Greater Victoria 15,000

United Way of the Alberta Capital Region 47,050

United World Mission of Canada, Inc. 689

University Hospital Foundation 128,305

University of Alberta 506,455

University of Regina 14,000

Valley Zoo Development Society 1,000

Vibrant Communities Edmonton 25,000

Voice of the Martyrs Inc. 260

Walterdale Theatre Associates 2,000

War Amputations of Canada 145

WINGS of Providence Society 3,000

Winnifred Stewart Association

for the Mentally Handicapped 200

Women Building Futures Society 300

Wordfest Banff-Calgary International

Writers Festival 5,000

Workshop West Playwrights’ Theatre Society 2,403

World Federalist Foundation 300

World Relief Canada 966

World Wildlife Fund Canada 1,300

Writers’ Guild of Alberta 5,000

Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation

Initiative Foundation 25,000

YOUCAN - Edmonton 5,000

Young Men’s Christian Association of Edmonton 10,000

Youth Emergency Shelter Society of Edmonton 64,300

Youth Restorative Action Project 31,200

Zebra Child Protection Centre Society 1,000

sCHoLarsHip, Bursary anD aWarD FunDs

Donors help students achieve their educational and career goals by offering support with

scholarships based on a wide range of criteria. These funds can be discretionary, designated or

donor advised.

New funds in 2009 are listed in bold type.

Year End Balance

Acadia House Scholarship Fund 10,017

All Weather Windows’ Scholarship Fund 174,392

Diana Bacon Scholarship Fund 13,668

Albert Bodnarchuk Award Fund 10,694

Margaret-Ellen Bonar Scholarship Fund 10,618

Cheriton Student Award Fund 333,732

Year End Balance

Thomas Chong Memorial Trust Fund 38,792

Frantisek Cikanek Memorial Fund 12,170

Judy Craig Teacher Development Endowment Fund 9,440

Esther & Peter Cunliffe Fund 52,047

Evelyn Mary Darch Memorial Fund 11,886

ERHC Trade Scholarship Endowment Fund 299,227

20 Years of Giving 37


Year End Balance

Nancy Fairley Scholarship Fund 230,616

Farmer Family Instrumental Organ

Scholarship Fund 29,444

Farmer Family Kiwanis Fund 17,598

Harry Farmer Memorial Fund 12,326

Kathleen Farmer Memorial Fund 12,326

Mike Fogolin Spirit of Champions Scholarship Fund 46,399

John Patrick Gillese Fund 12,672

Sarah & Martin Gouin Family Education Fund 970,635

Marshall Hamar Memorial Fund 33,184

Chris Hunter Memorial Fund 23,090

Chris Judge Endowment Fund 39,599

Rose Margaret King Education Fund 533,107

Jeffrey Klaus Scholarship Fund 61,869

Catherine Lalonde Memorial Scholarship Fund 58,364

Charmaine Letourneau Fund 36,043

Beverley MacLean Legacy Fund 70,808

ManCap Legacy Education Grant Fund 426,630

Al Maurer Awards Fund 12,154

McCauley School “Invest in the Future”

Scholarship Fund 23,327

Dr. John Melling Scholarship Fund 1,288,402

Jean & Gregory Moisey Fund 19,667

Year End Balance

Alexandra Munn Scholarship Fund 46,172

Evelyn & Gene Norville Memorial Scholarship Fund 73,575

Dr. David Plotsky Memorial Fund 9,257

Ernest E. Poole 1906 Stoughton Awards

Endowment Fund 94,614

Della Roland Memorial Fund 10,957

Saint John’s School of Alberta Bursary Fund 15,756

Saint John’s School of Ontario Bursary Fund 26,068

Father Sargeant Scholarship Fund 9,014

Maria T. Schneider Fund 18,041

Shauna Seneca Award Fund 14,131

Ranald & Vera Shean Memorial Scholarship Fund 870,147

Stollery Community Scholarship Fund 100,594

Stollery Education Trust Fund 236,694

Symphony Women’s Educational Assistance Fund 44,322

Vasa Skandia Award Fund 27,650

John & Andrea Wallin Fund 23,730


Belcourt Brosseau Métis Awards Fund 13,012,228

Enbridge Pipelines Inc. Belcourt Brosseau Métis

Awards Fund 71,538


AND AWARD FUNDS $ 19,701,053

Leilani Muir Fund 51,008

Paul & Florence Mulyk Fund 10,614


Foundation Administered

166 Belcourt Brosseau Métis Awards recipients 490,444

1 Community Scholarship recipient 2,000

5 Nancy Fairley Scholarship recipients 10,000

2 Don Howden and Jane Squire Howden Awards

recipients 5,000

7 Rose Margaret King Merit Award recipients 12,500

1 Charmaine Letourneau Scholarship recipient 1,500

1 David Plotsky Award recipient 500

2 Probert Math Award recipients 8,306

5 Ranald & Vera Shean Memorial Scholarship

recipients 9,753

4 John & Andrea Wallin Award recipients 1,500

1 Youth Formerly in Care Bursary recipient 1,378


Andrew School 629

Concordia University College 5,000

Edmonton Catholic Separate School District 7 2,000

Edmonton Kiwanis Music Festival Association 1,000

Edmonton Police Service 2,251

Edmonton Public Schools 1,745

Edmonton Youth Orchestra Association 3,406

Grant MacEwan University 23,585

Hope Mission 2,000

Lethbridge College 10,000

ManCap Foundation 12,527

Neuchatel Junior College 2,000

NorQuest College 17,000

Northern Alberta Institute of Technology 9,000

Outward Bound Canada 1,200

Pembina Hills Regional Division #7 500

Rimbey Christian School Society 500

Royal Canadian College of Organists

Edmonton Centre 1,400

South East Cornerstone School Division #209 3,031

University of Alberta 32,637

University of Calgary 1,000

Yellowhead Koinonia Christian School 500


Edmonton Community FoundationAnnual Report 2009

EmErGinG FunDs

Emerging Funds allow donors to gradually build named funds. This option encourages a first

gift of $1,000 plus the donor’s commitment to add steadily to the fund until it reaches $10,000.

Amounts are disbursed to charitable causes only when the Fund reaches this level.

New funds in 2009 are listed in bold type.

Year End Balance

26BG1234 Family Fund 1,926

Anonymous 6,788

Anonymous Fund #15 2,368

Sam and Sonia Azer Family Fund 7,108

Babb/Murchison Family Fund 600

Banister Family Fund 5,762

Michael and Kathryn Brechtel Fund 100

Bull Family Fund 1,963

David & Deb Cautley Family Legacy Fund 1,612

CKUA Board of Directors Fund 6,685

Collinge Fund 8,048

Coutts/Jager Family Fund 9,129

Mary DeFerro Fund 226

Edmonton in Bloom Fund 3,466

Edmonton Refugee & Emerging Community

Awards Fund 4,505

Diann & Art Etter Fund 2,558

Charlotte and Tom Fredericks Fund for CKUA 922

Aletha Joy Bourne Gilsdorf

READ2KIDS Memorial Fund 8,661

Frederic and Alma Gojmerac Family Fund 3,046

Harper-Kennedy Fund 4,517

Holy Spirit Lutheran Church Fund 930

Jane Hopkinson Fund 1,377

House Family Fund 3,633

Karen L. Johnson Fund 9,801

Keating Family Hedgehog Fund 101

Dawson J. Koski Memorial Fund 9,505

William Arnold (“Bill”) Lee Fund 7,547

Kathy Lenihan Fund 1,781

Year End Balance

Mark D. Lepine Fund 1,081

Leung Family Fund 4,962

A. Blair McPherson Memorial Fund 8,947

Memorial and Traffic Safety Fund 8,728

Margaret Michaud Family Fund 4,528

Nichols Family Fund 6,095

Otteson Family Fund 6,572

Pamela Paul Endowment Fund for the Prevention

of Family Violence 1,416

Pilgrims Hospice Fund 5,548

Platten-Brimacombe Family Fund 4,707

David & Cheryl Porter Fund 8,806

Allan R. Purvis Junior Hockey Memorial Fund 7,455

Redshoe Family Fund 2,286

Geraldine Cecilia Riley Fund 5,647

Ross Sheppard Alumni Basketball Award Fund 4,029

Gwen & Gordon Rowswell Fund 5,206

Shelemey Client Memorial Trust Fund 7,637

A Family That Cares –

John & Avery Stobbe Family Fund 8,331

Emmy Stuebing Family & Friends Fund 3,884

Teen Time of Edmonton Fund 5,516

Tiger Family Fund 8,151

United Way of the Alberta Capital Region

Endowment Fund 5,658

Walterdale Players’ Endowment Fund 430

YESS 2 Love Fund 1,026

Yez Family Fund 9,139

Princess Taz Zowtuk Family Fund 421


opEratinG EnDoWmEnt FunDs

Edmonton Community Foundation’s goal is to maximize the amounts available to support

charities. The Foundation takes a prudent approach to the cost of operations and sincerely

appreciates the assistance of donors who contribute directly to the operating costs of Edmonton

Community Foundation or to the Operating Endowment Fund.

Year End Balance

Edmonton Community Foundation

Operating Endowment Fund 2,648

John & Barbara Poole Family 2,176,927

Year End Balance

Jack Watson Family Fund 9,579



20 Years of Giving 39

aDministErED FunDs

Administered funds are held for other charities as a community service. These funds are not endowed

with the Foundation. No new Administered Funds have been accepted since January 1, 2005.

Year End Balance

AGSEB Fund 27,394

Alberta Aviation Museum Endowment Fund 155,175

Battle River Community Foundation Fund 5,028,599

Boys’ & Girls’ Clubs of Alberta Fund 11,931

Brail Tone Music Society of Canada Fund 11,143

Canadian Mental Health Association

Alberta East Central Fund 56,599

CFRN TV Good Neighbour Fund Society Fund 437,056

Cosmopolitan Music Society Administered Fund 42,986

Drayton Valley Community Foundation Fund 464,589

Edmonton Art Gallery Building Fund 21,050

Edmonton Concert Hall Foundation

Endowment Fund 4,809,278

Edmonton Jewish Community

Charitable Foundation Fund 548,652

Edmonton Regional Science Fair

Endowment Fund 9,528

Edmonton Rotary Club Foundation Fund 720,424

Edmonton’s Food Bank Fund 671,644

EICHS Projects Built After 1995

Replacement Reserve Fund 355,761

Environmental Law Centre (Alberta) Society Fund 130,267

General Hospital (Grey Nuns) Foundation Fund 54,316

Heritage Agricultural Society Endowment Fund 64,257

Year End Balance

Imrie Fund for Community Mental Health 212,812

Inner City Youth Housing Project Fund 46,709

Jewish Family Services Fund 69,874

Lion’s Eye Bank (Alberta) Society

Vern Millard Memorial Endowment Fund 62,362

Mayerthorpe Area Community Foundation Fund 128,007

Norwood Community Service Centre

Endowment Fund 14,650

Our House Addiction Recovery Fund 158,862

Shragge (Jewish Family Services) Fund 15,719

Sigma Alpha Mu (Jewish Family Services) Fund 15,107

Sisters of Our Lady of the Cross

Endowment Educational Assistance Fund 119,070

Sport Central Association Fund 106,631

St. Albert Community Foundation

Administered Fund 17,270

St. Paul’s Foundation (Edmonton) Fund 1,852,431

Strathcona Shelter Society - A Safe Place Fund 8,982

Telephone Historical Centre Endowment Fund 31,574

Tevie Miller Heritage School Society Fund 95,351

Vega Scholarship Fund

(for the Edmonton Space and Science Centre) 76,397

Writers Guild of Alberta Fund 10,084


Heritage Festival Fund 424,506



Edmonton Community FoundationAnnual Report 2009

Financial Highlights

Year ended December 31, 2009

• Total value of funds amounted to $254.8

million (2008: $220.5 million)

• $18.4 million received in contributions

(2008: $24.6 million)

• 43 new funds created (2008: 52)

• Total disbursements for charitable causes

were $10.5 million (2008: $10.2 million)

• Return on investment of 14.75% net of

average custodian and investment counsel

fees (2008: -14.70%)

Annualised return of 7.96% since 1989 (gross

of fees)

• Net administration costs were 0.67% of the

average market value of all funds, excluding

custodian and investment counsel fees

(2008: 0.60%)

45% Donor Advised


21% Designated Funds

12% Community Funds

7% Administered


6% Scholarship,

Bursary and

Award Funds

5% Field of Interest


1% Restricted Fund

1% Combined

Purpose Funds

1% Operating

Endowment Funds

1% Social Enterprise


32% Arts, culture

& heritage

23% Social &



20% Education

& learning

10% Health & wellness

6% Scholarships

& awards

6% Environment,

recreation & leisure

3% Other

67% Salaries and

contract services

14% General


10% Communications

& donor services

4% Professional fees

3% Program &



2% Occupancy


The total value of the funds was

$254.8 million.

(thousands of dollars)

Donor Advised Funds 1 $ 115,308

Designated Funds 2 53,097

Community Funds 3 29,833

Administered Funds 17,087

Scholarship, Bursary

and Award Funds 15,323

Field of Interest Funds 13,702

Restricted Fund 3,077

Combined Purpose Funds 3,045

Operating Endowment Funds 2,189

Social Enterprise Funds 2,180

$ 254,841


ChaRitable PURPoSeS

Disbursements for charitable purposes

were $10.5 million (including $2,073,000

from funds administered for other

charities) .

(thousands of dollars)

Arts, culture & heritage $ 3,321

Social & community services 2,362

Education & learning 2,134

Health & wellness 1,060

Environment, recreation & leisure 676

Scholarships & awards 600

Other 310

$ 10,463


Net adminstration costs were kept to

0.67% of the average market value of

all funds.

(thousands of dollars)

Salaries & contract services $ 1,339

General administration 277

Communications & donor services 203

Professional fees 92

Program & community support 53

Occupancy 45


Contributions & recoveries (435)

$ 1,574


Includes Emerging and Flowthrough Funds


Includes designated Scholarship, Bursary and Award,

Our Children’s Millennium and Edmonton & Area Land Trust Funds


Includes Memorial (discretionary) and Winspear Funds

20 Years of Giving 41

FinanCiaL rEport

Donors trust Edmonton Community Foundation

to make effective decisions to best meet the

needs of the community, now and forever.


A 12-member volunteer board represents

the community’s interests, sets direction and

standards and monitors all facets of our


Created through an Act of the Legislature of

Alberta, Edmonton Community Foundation

became active in 1989. A Committee of

Nominators, whose responsibility it is to

appoint members to the Board, is created

through appointment by the mayor of

Edmonton, the president of the Chamber of

Commerce, the president of the Edmonton and

District Labour Council, the senior Justice of

the Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta resident

in Edmonton, the University of Alberta the

United Way of the Alberta Capital Region and

the Edmonton Bar Association. The Board then

elects a chair and deputy chair and appoints

a secretary.

Additional community volunteers serve on

a number of committees chaired by a Board

member. The committees offer counsel to staff

and provide recommendations to the Board to

help meet its overall responsibilities.

The Chief Executive Officer, hired by and

reporting to the Board, hires and manages all

staff and ensures that everyone works together

within the strategic direction set by the Board.


Edmonton Community Foundation investment

and disbursement practices reflect the

long-term time horizon that is the nature of

permanent endowments. We are committed to

providing maximum benefits to our community,

now and forever.

An Investment Committee with senior level

investment management experience reviews

performance using a benchmark performance

measurement system. The Board reviews

investment performance and the target

portfolio mix regularly. Investments are

professionally managed, earning an annualized

rate of return on pooled investment of 14.75% in

2009 (net of average fees) and 7.96% since 1989

(gross of fees).


By following a disciplined disbursement policy

and in accordance with Canada Revenue

Agency guidelines, funds keep pace with

inflation and can accommodate periodic

weak investment performance. Over time,

our community receives more support than

if any higher percentage of fund value were




Net administration costs and custodian

and investment counsel fees are kept to

approximately 1% of the average market

value of all funds.

Net earnings in excess of disbursements,

administrative costs and custodian and

investment counsel fees are reinvested so the

Foundation’s endowment funds and grants

continue to grow year after year.

Edmonton Community Foundation does not

undertake fundraising events or campaigns

for which it pays fundraising fees, costs or

expenses, although there may be occasional

events organized by volunteer third parties.

Consolidated investment Portfolio

(December 31, 2009)

27% Fixed Income

24% Canadian Equities

18% International Equities

17% U.S. Equities

6% Cash, Cash Equivalents

and Money Market Funds

5% Real Estate

2% Infrastructure

1% Mortgage Funds


Edmonton Community FoundationAnnual Report 2009

auDitors’ rEport

To the directors of the Edmonton Community Foundation

The accompanying summarized consolidated statement of financial position and the summarized

consolidated statement of changes in fund balances are derived from the complete consolidated

financial statements of Edmonton Community Foundation as at December 31, 2009, and for

the year then ended, on which we expressed an opinion without reservation in our report dated

March 19, 2010. The fair summarization of the complete financial statements is the responsibility

of management. Our responsibility, in accordance with the applicable Assurance Guideline of

the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants, is to report on the summarized consolidated

financial statements.

In our opinion, the accompanying financial statements fairly summarize, in all material respects,

the related complete financial statements in accordance with the criteria described in the

Guideline referred to above.

These summarized consolidated financial statements do not contain all the disclosures required

by Canadian generally accepted accounting principles. Readers are cautioned that these

statements may not be appropriate for their purposes. For more information on the entity’s

financial position, results of operations and cash flows, reference should be made to the related

complete financial statements.

Signed by

Deloitte & Touche LLP

Chartered Accountants

May 17, 2010

Edmonton Community Foundation is committed to full accountability and transparency in all we do.

Our full audited financial statements are available on our website at www.ecfoundation.org

or to receive copies by mail please call (780) 426-0015.

20 Years of Giving 43

summarizED ConsoLiDatED statEmEnt

oF FinanCiaL position

December 31, 2009

(thousands of dollars)

2009 2008



Cash and cash equivalents $ 2,921 $ 2,642

Trust assets – investments 560 –

Trust assets – 766

Current portion of loans receivable 305 305

Amounts receivable 1,478 1,072

5,264 4,785


INVESTMENTS 250,850 217,373


$ 256,252 $ 222,618



Accounts payable and accrued liabilities $ 339 $ 267

Distributions payable 70 624

Trust liabilities – investments 560 –

Trust liabilities – 766

Funds administered for others 17,087 16,216

Deferred contributions 83 300

Deferred contributions – province operating 74 61

Deferred contributions – province path to loan grants 80 100

Deferred contributions – safety council 75 –

Deferred contributions – social impact 130 –


18,498 18,334

Endowment funds 226,144 194,451

Non–endowment funds 8,533 6,581

Restricted fund 3,077 3,252

237,754 204,284

$ 256,252 $ 222,618

Approved by the board:

Karen Platten, Director

Ove Minsos, Director


Edmonton Community FoundationAnnual Report 2009

summarizED ConsoLiDatED statEmEnt oF

CHanGEs in FunD BaLanCEs

Year ended December 31, 2009

(thousands of dollars)





2009 2008










Contributions $ 12,879 $ 4,059 $ – $ 16,938 $ 19,824 $ 3,566 $ – $ 23,390

Investment income

(loss) 27,431 785 (175) 28,041 (41,878) (941) 2,075 (40,744)

Expenditures - net (2,674) (79) – (2,753) (2,634) (61) – (2,695)

Distributions approved (5,943) (2,813) – (8,756) (7,416) (2,568) – (9,984)

Transfers from (to):

Endowment funds – – – – – 15 – 15

Non-endowment funds – – – – (15) – – (15)

Administered funds – – – – 3 487 – 490


DURING THE YEAR 31,693 1,952 (175) 33,470 (32,116) 498 2,075 (29,543)


BEGINNING OF YEAR 194,451 6,581 3,252 204,284 226,567 6,083 1,177 233,827


END OF YEAR $ 226,144 $ 8,533 $ 3,077 $ 237,754 $ 194,451 $ 6,581 $ 3,252 $ 204,284


20 Years of Giving 45

others Who make

it all Happen

Edmonton Community Foundation sincerely appreciates the generous support provided

by many people who share their time & talent. Your knowledge and expertise help keep

the Foundation connected and relevant.

Greg Bainbridge

Debbie Bryson

Jeff Bryson

Cindy Burgess

Peni Christopher

Bill Dean

Don Dickson

Paul Freeman

Carol Gilfillan

Lynn Groves Hautmann

Tara Hatch

Marilyn Huber

Hussein D. Kanji

Karen Link

Karen Lynch

Wendy Macdonald

Alexandra Munn

Marni Pearce

Virginia Stephen

Njeri Waiyaki

Marilyn Wilson

The following organizations also share their time and expertise to help keep

costs low and service high.

City of Edmonton Community Services

The Dagny Partnership

Deloitte & Touche LLP

MacPherson Leslie Tyerman LLP

McLennan Ross LLP

Minsos Stewart Masson

Will Power-Wills Week offers free public seminars that encourage people to make or

update their wills. Each year lawyers and steering committee members volunteer their

time to talk about the importance of having an up-to-date will, using the services of

professional advisors and including favourite charities as beneficiaries. These public

service events reached over 1,000 participants in 2009.

Lynne Butler, Scotia Private Client Group

Shelly Chamaschuk, Reynolds, Mirth, Richards & Farmer LLP

Jean Coutts, Heritage Law Office

Dawn Hawley, Plan 4

Wanda M. Fawcett, Bishop & McKenzie LLP

Lois MacLean, De Villars Jones

Andrew McLaughlin, Turning Point Law

Avideh Musgrave, Richie Mill Law Office

Jennifer Ornstein, Field Law

Crista Osualdini, McLennan Ross LLP

Karen Platten, McLennan Ross LLP

Hilary Tanasichuk Professional Corporation

John B. Williams, Prowse Chowne LLP


Edmonton Community FoundationAnnual Report 2009

our staff

From top left

Shirley Short, Receptionist

Glenda Wyatt, Project


Bob Ward, Executive Director,

Social Enterprise Fund

Scott Graham, Director,

Community Grants

Judith Peglau, Program

Administrator, Grants

Kerri De Luca, Donor Services


Martin Garber-Conrad, Chief

Executive Officer

Teresa Goldie, Executive


Craig Stumpf-Allen, Director,

Special Funds

Carol Watson, Initiatives &


Mira Seliga, Director, Finance

Ana Robitu,

Operations Accountant

Erich Welz, Special Funds &

Technical Administrator

Anita Bauman, Consolidated

Trust Accountant

Kathy Hawkesworth, Director,

Donor Services

Karen Good, Donor Services


Liz Lepp, Donor Services


20 Years of Giving 47

Foundation Leaders

board of


Karen Platten,


John Holmlund,


Joanne Beaton

Melissa Field†

Neil Gower,


Linda Hughes

Zaheer Lakhani

John Mahon†

Ove Minsos

Penny Omell

Larry Pana†

Rod Rode

Garth Warner†

† Missing from


audit Committee

Ove Minsos, Chair

Diane Davies

Linda Hornung

Ruhil Popatia

Joyce Tustian

Garth Warner

Yusuf Karbani*

Carolyn Graham*





Penny Omell,


Joanne Beaton

Bill Grace

Dave Guernsey

John Holmlund

Ross Lizotte

Arthur Madden

Jai Parihar

Harold Roozen

Peter Stephen

Ove Minsos*

* Departing

members in


Penny Omell

Ove Minsos

Linda Hughes

Karen Platten


Edmonton Community FoundationAnnual Report 2009



Larry Pana, Chair

Reg Basken

Committee of


Neena Ahluwalia

Joanne Beaton

Ove Minsos

Tom Olenuk

Anne Smith

(We were saddened when Tom Olenuk

passed away suddenly in November 2009)

Greg Jaycock

George Dawson

Ove Minsos

Rod Rode

Justice Sheila


Neil Gower

Rod Rode

Joanne Beaton

Zaheer Lakhani

9910–103 Street NW

Edmonton AB T5K 2V7


Tel 780.426.0015

Fax 780.425.0121

Email info@ecfoundation.org

Business number

(for charitable purposes)

12243 7072 RR0001

At time of printing

this Annual Report

is sponsored in part by:

Vision Creative Inc.

This annual report was printed

on recycled paper.

Designed by Vision Creative Inc.


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