Capability Statement 2011 - Pactel International

Capability Statement 2011 - Pactel International

Capability Statement 2011

Pactel International Pty Ltd

Phone: +612 9531 7555

Fax: +612 9531 8391



Company Overview


Pactel International is committed to the highest level of customer service. With the head offi ce and 24 x 7 NOC

in Sydney, Australia and offi ces in Perth, Hawaii, PNG,

Indonesia and the Pacifi c Islands, Pactel International

is well placed to offer service and support to all types

of customers in the region.

With a positive cash fl ow and no external debt, Pactel

International’s revenues reached over AUD$30 Million

in 2009.

Using over 15 years experience in the Australian and

Pacifi c satellite industry, Pactel has built a reputation

of getting the job done reliably, effi ciently and cost

effectively. We design, deliver, install and manage &

maintain numerous links for a variety of customers.

Together with carefully selected partners, integrators

and contractors, we have developed the optimum mix

of products and services to provide enhanced satellite offerings. Pactel International primarily works with Shiron

Advanced VSAT technology for Hub based solutions. The Shiron system is designed on a bandwidth effi cient

platform that reduces operational costs.

Nevertheless, today’s varying requirements mean that Pactel International doesn’t limit itself to a specifi c

technology or satellite. As a result we are able to investigate all communication options and advise the best

solution to meet customer needs. This ability gives us the advantage and fl exibility to address unique or unusual

requirements as well as standard products and services, such as satellite broadband internet.

Pactel International operates multiple hubs utilizing both dedicated and shared C-Band and Ku-Band services;

used for enterprise, government and NGO customers requiring managed high end solutions, from remote

connectivity, disaster recovery or redundancy solutions to primary data links to and from the other side of the

world. Through our service offerings across Asia-Pacifi c we have developed solid core network infrastructure

using redundant connections to primary interconnection and peering points in Australia at Global Switch and

Equinix for internet and/or corporate networks. Our Mobile Switching Centre (MSC) and VoIP gateways are colocated

at these premises to serve the growing GSM mobile services and connection to the PSTN and PLMN.

Health, Safety & Quality Management

Pactel International employs health and safety policies that allow us to adhere to the strict requirements of major

projects while allowing us to apply them to small operations in the same way.

All of our product offerings are tested and verifi ed high quality by us, generally due to the requirement to place

them in some of the remotest places on earth. We don’t just rely on world renowned product reputation, we

ensure it with the procedures and policies of our Quality Management System.



Products and Services

Pactel International focuses on Satellite, Voice and GSM mobile telecommunications services within the Asia-

Pacifi c Region. Our solutions include:

• High speed data transfer services

• Internet backbone connectivity, including email services

• Point to point and point to multipoint satellite links

• Telephony and Voice over IP (VoIP) services

• GSM solutions in remote locations

• Local and international private leased line

• Broadcast and streaming video solutions

• Equipment hosting and satellite ground system

• Network design

• Quick Deploy Mobile & Portable VSATs

Pactel International works closely with their customers and adopts a hands-on approach during the design,

implementation, and delivery of all solutions. What sets Pactel International apart is their expertise in using

satellite-based technologies to provide advanced telecommunications solutions at highly competitive rates.

Key Customers

Pactel International supplies high quality, customised and affordable telecommunications solutions for:

• Telecommunications carriers

• Mining, Oil & Gas

• ISPs

• Government organisations & NGOs

• Enterprise and Corporate

• Broadcasters

• Marine

• Businesses that have a need for dedicated solutions to meet their connectivity challenges.

Pactel International works closely with their customers and adopts a hands-on approach during the design,

implementation, and delivery of all solutions. What sets Pactel International apart is their expertise in using

satellite-based technologies to provide advanced telecommunications solutions at highly competitive rates.

Satellite Access and Points of Presence


Existing coverage is available on the following satellites (others available upon request):

• Apstar-6 @134 East

• GE-23 @ 172 East

• Intelsat 602 @ 178 East

• Intelsat 701/Intelsat 18 @ 180 East

• IS-5 @ 169 East

• NSS-9 @ 183 East

• AsiaSat 4 @ 122 East

• Intelsat-8 / IS-19 @ 166 East

Points Of Presense

• Sydney

• Brisbane

• Adelaide

• Perth

• Hawaii

• Los Angeles




• Australia/New Zealand

• Pacifi c Islands

• Indonesia

• Papua New Guinea

• Solomon Islands

• Borneo

• Philippines

• Thailand

• South East Asia

Apstar 6 at 134 0 E / Apstar 5 at 138 0 E


IS-5 at 169 0 E



at 134 0 E


at 138 0 E

IS-5 169 0 E

Pactel Access: Perth, Adelaide and Hawaii

GE-23 at 172 0 E


Pactel Hub Location: Brisbane

IS-602 at 178 0 E


GE-23 172 0 E

Pactel Hub Location: Hawaii (SEP & SWP beams), Perth (SP Beam)

NSS-9 at 183 0 E


NSS-9 183 0 E

Pactel Hub Location: Oxford Falls, Sydney (West Hemi Beam);

Hawaii (East Hemi Beam)

AsiaSat 4



at 122 0 E

IS-602 178 0 E

Pactel Hub Location: Belrose, Sydney

IS-701 at 180 0 E


IS-701 180 0 E

Pactel Hub Location: Ultimo, Sydney




at 166 0 E



Pactel SAT - Satellite Communications Solutions

Our solutions cater for dedicated, shared and burstable capacity over VSAT; DVB and DVB-S2(CCM,VCM,ACM)

IP Platforms, as well as SCPC technology, and provide services on C and Ku band.

High Quality, affordable Wholesale Internet Backbone Connectivity

Pactel International provides several hundreds of Mbps of IP capacity into the Pacifi c Islands via satellite and

undersea cable. With Pactel Sat multi-home IP peering, high reliability to the backbone is assured. For satellite

IP solutions, our services are available on several satellites including, Intelsat 602, NSS-9, Intelsat 701, IS-8, IS-

2, Apstar-6 and GE-23.

RICS - Rural Internet Connectivity System

The RICS (Rural Internet Connectivity System) provides 2-way Internet connectivity to all of the Pacifi c Island

Countries with internet download speeds between 256kbps and 2.048Mbp, using a 1.2m KU band antenna.

Protocol & Bandwidth Management Service

The Bandwidth Management Service allows you to “shape” your IP traffi c to suit your needs. You will be kept up

to date with overall throughput, the nature of the passing traffi c and the amount of bandwidth being used.

Data Caching

Pactel offers a fully integrated solution with the supply, installation and management of the caching system on

your premises, which can save you up to 50% in the cost of your IP bandwidth.

International Private Leased Circuit (IPLC)

IPLCs, allow for connection to various cable and carrier systems connecting you from the Pacifi c to the world.

NSS 9, AsiaSat 4, IS-5, APSTAR 6


Satellite Hub

(Sydney, Hawaii)

Pactel’s Multi-Platform



- Star & Mesh Topology



GE-23 & IS-8


Land rigs

Offshore rigs

Remote Mines


Wireless (Wi-Fi, WiMAX) Backhauling


Broadband Multiservice

(Voice, Video and Data)

Cellular(GSM, CDMA)


Remote locations:

internet, voice, GSM.



Pactel Mobile - GSM Solutions

Pactel Mobile’s fully-featured cellular mobile telephone system allows for a cost-effective network to be rolled out

even in extremely remote locations. This system provides all standard mobile facilities, such as:

• Voice calls local and international


• Voicemail

• EDGE (2.5G)

• Pre-paid billing

International roaming

• Green BTS


Pactel Mobile has developed a range of solutions for you to cater for up to 50,000 users with a number of

unique, value-added services, including:

• Standalone, fully-fl edged cellular systems.

• Fill-in coverage in poor coverage locations or during extreme weather conditions.

• Disaster recovery system, which is capable of providing an instant, temporary mobile network solution in

the affected area.

• Simple and centralised administration, which allows easy control of the mobile telephony system at

remote sites.

• Multiple billing solutions, including subscriber registration and pre-paid top-ups (via scratch card, credit

card and vendor), as well as balance transfers between mobile accounts.

Satellite Backhaul (KU or C-Band)

Satellite Backhaul (KU or C-Band)

Remote Site, Island or Community

Oil & Gas


Existing IP BDSL Backhaul


Fully Redundant

Tier 1

Internet Backbone

Hub (Network Operating Centre

(Sydney or Hawaii)



Voice/Telephony Solutions

As a licensed carrier, Pactel International is committed to the highest levels of performance and reliability and

the best possible call experience for our Customers. We recognise that Telephony is much more than the simple

carriage of voice and that it requires the highest levels of service capability such as:

• Outstanding, carrier-grade voice quality

• Service Reliability

• Voice calls (local and international)

• E1 Trunk’s

• Resellers programs

• Calling cards

• Advanced Billing Options

• Provisioning based on proven network architectures

• Performance reporting and management

• Analogue FXO & FXS 2, 4, 8, 24 and 48 Ports

• Digital from single E1 up to 64 E1’s

• SIP, H323 & Soft Switch and R2&C7 Signalling

• Online CDR access

NSS 9, AsiaSat 4, IS-5, APSTAR, GE-23 & IS-8

Ku-Band & C-Band



Core Network



Site 1


Remote Gateway

H.323 VoIP




Head Office



ToIP System Hub



Site 2


H.323 VoIP




IP Phone



Case Studies

Pactel International provides high-grade communications solutions for corporate and government clients in

Australia and throughout the region. Here is a sample of the type of projects that have helped businesses and

governments achieve their objectives in the region.

Connectivity across the region – the WHO Pacific Network.

The World Health Organisation had a need to keep connected to its staff working across the Pacifi c in areas

with poor health infrastructure. Pactel International was able to provide a reliable network linking WHO’s Geneva

headquarters to multiple sites dotted around the Pacifi c. Service delivery has been improved through remote

staff and HQ being able to communicate more effectively.

Implementation of a large satellite IP trunk in Wallis and Futuna

Pactel International has announced the successful implementation of a large

satellite IP trunk, linking the two French overseas territories of Wallis and Futuna

to the International IP backbone via Australia. The link was commissioned only

2 months after signing the initial contract due to an immediate need in increased

capacity and better load balancing between the two territories. This project has

resulted in Wallis and Futuna residents having a higher internet connectivity speed

at a lower cost.

Connecting the unconnected - Rural Internet Connectivity System (RICS)

Pactel International won a tender with the Secretariat of the Pacifi c Community for an AusAid funded project to

provide internet access to the remotest villages in the Pacifi c Islands. Terminals have been deployed in every

territory of the Pacifi c connecting the unconnected.



Improving reliability: Telikom PNG

Telikom PNG needed a redundant satellite system to backup their APNG-2 undersea fi bre system. Pactel

Internaitonal delivered a unique system to intergrade Telikoms TDM legacy network into a state of art IP trunking


Short term connectivity in a hurry: DFAT – Niue

During the Australian prime ministers visit to the Pacifi c Islands Forum in 2008, Pactel International provided a

satellite link for the duration of the event to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade in quick time to meet the

Customer’s tight deadlines.

Restoring a Mobile network in Funafuti

The original network was damaged by a storm in 2007, leaving the Island’s customers without mobile phone

coverage. Pactel International has been appointed by Tuvalu Telecom Corporation to install and operate a

replacement mobile phone network to operate on the island. This has allowed the Company’s customers to

access normal mobile services at very competitive rates.



The Bottom Line: Why Pactel International

Pactel International’s Advantages

Customer Benefits

Delivery of projects on a turnkey basis

Tracking and monitoring the entire

network from end-to-end with 24-hour

phone support

Peace of mind knowing your demands

will be met in a timely manner

Immediate support ensuring superior

customer service and assistance

Fault management, load balancing,

network security assessments, and

regular data backups

Knowledge that you are getting the top

quality service

Flexibility to change or expand existing

services to meet our customers’

growing demand

Confi dence that your future needs will

be met

Customisation, advice, design,

provisioning and integration of

systems as a one-stop solution

Ensured maximum effi ciency for your



Head Office Unit 4F, 12 Lord Street Botany NSW 2019 AUSTRALIA

Phone 61 2 9531 7555 Fax 61 2 9531 8391 Email Website