Global Partner - Non-Stop Performer - IBA Industrial

Global Partner - Non-Stop Performer - IBA Industrial

Dynamitron ® E-beam Accelerator

Global Partner - Non-Stop Performer

The Dynamitron ® is the sure, safe, economical way to make your products stronger, tougher, heat

resistant or even sterile. It is the most widely used industrial accelerator in the world.


▌ ▌ Polymer Crosslinking

▌ ▌ Heat-shrink Polymers

▌ ▌ Wire and Cables

▌ ▌ Sterilization of Medical Devices

▌ ▌ Aseptic Packages

▌ ▌ Food Preservation

▌ ▌ Pollution Control

▌ ▌ PEX-c

▌ ▌ Semiconductors

▌ ▌ Rubber and Tires

▌ ▌ Composite Materials Curing

▌ ▌ Coloration of Glass and Gemstones


Key Benefits

Reliable Operation

The basic DC circuit used in the Dynamitron ® ensures smooth and reliable operation at high

voltages. This design avoids the use of large capacitors, which are particularly vulnerable to

spark damage at voltages above 1 MeV.

Compact Design

Since the Dynamitron ® has very low stored energy, the chance of spark damage is minimal. Even

when sparking does occur, the unit may be quickly restarted and returned to normal operation.

Because of their low stored energy, all Dynamitrons ® are highly compact when compared with

other systems.

Large Capacity

Throughput of the Dynamitron ® is incredibly large thanks to its capability to generate power as

high as 250 kW continuously.

Production Traceability

Historical production data is stored in the dynamitron ® control system making instantaneous

data recall possible.

Dynamitron ® World Map

IBA Industrial Installed Base


More than 250 Dynamitrons® are installed worldwide.

Local Technical Support and Spare Part stocks are available in US, Europe and Asia.


Dynamitron ® Product Line

Easy-e-Beam TM 800 keV

Dynamitron ® Right Angle

from 550 KeV to 1.5 MeV

Dynamitron ® In Line

from 1.5 to 5 MeV

Standard Dynamitron ® Models

Rated Voltage 550 KeV 800 KeV 1.5 MeV 3 MeV 5 MeV

Rated Beam Current Up to 160 mA Up to 160 mA Up to 65 mA Up to 50 mA Up to 30 mA

Minimum Operating Voltage 300 KeV 400 KeV 500 KeV 1000 KeV 1700 KeV

Control System

Other models may be available on request.

PLC Siemens S7

Main Configurations


Available for energies up to 800 KeV

Shielding included in the

solution supply

Easy installation in existing facilities

Self-shielded concept is called Easy-e-Beam

Off-line and in-line processing

Right Angle

Limited shielding : the vessel

does not require shielding

Limited total height

Off-line and in-line processing


Standard configuration

Require shielding of the vessel

and the irradiation area

Off-line and in-line processing


Support Services

Integration of Pay-off, Take-up and QC Systems

IBA can perform the engineering work required to supply an integrated and validated set-up,

including the Dynamitron ® , the underbeam handling equipment, Pay-Off, Take-Up and QC


Facility Design

A Dynamitron ® installation usually requires changes in a customer's production facility. Strict

codes must also be followed in the design and construction of the shielding and safety system,

and the resulting design must accommodate product handling requirements.

Training Programs

IBA offers different training programs to their customers: Introductory Operator Training, Basic

Technical Training Course and Advanced Technician Training.

Installation Supervision

Installation of an accelerator is a significant undertaking. An experienced supervisor will

manage it and provide direction for local technical personnel.

This service consists in:

• scheduling work in cooperation with the customer's project manager,

• checking out all wiring and plumbing connections,

• directing placement and all final adjustments of the Dynamitron ® subsystems,

• completing the full conditioning process, from start-up to acceptance testing.

After-Sales Services

IBA's support organization is spread over Asia, Europe and US in order to offer fast response

time and to support customers in their time zone.

Spare Parts Online

Spare parts can be ordered at any time through IBA Customer Services or through the “IBA

Store”, an on-line ordering tool. Spare parts are stored in US, Europe and Asia for a fast

delivery to customers.


Operating Principles

The Dynamitron ® works on the same principle as a television tube but with a high accelerating voltage:

from 550 kV to 5 MeV.

1 Electron Source

Electrons are generated by a heated

filament in an electron source.



2 Beam Tube

A voltage gradient draws the

electrons away from the source

and accelerates them through an

evacuated beam tube.


Scan Window

As the high voltage beam of

electrons passes from the beam

tube through the scan magnet, an

oscillating magnetic field sweeps

the beam back and forth across the

scan window.


The electrons pass through the metal

foil of the scan window and irradiate

the products passing beneath.

The enormous number of electrons

generated and the high acceleration

voltage produce rapid reactions

directly on the molecules within the

product being irradiated.


Multipurpose Dynamitron ® E-beam Facility

With a multipurpose Dynamitron ® E-beam facility, irradiation of both reel-to-reel (wire and cable and

heat-shrink) and parts of bulks on trays is possible.

1 Dynamitron ® 1





Scanning Horn

Capstan Underbeam

Pay off and Take up Reels

Tray Conveyor System







IBA Industrial

in a nutshell

IBA Industrial is the world leader in electron and proton

accelerators for industrial applications.

IBA’s unique E-beam, X-ray and Proton treatment

solutions are used across the world in many different

applications such as medical device sterilization, food

pasteurization, wire and cable crosslinking, property

enhancement for various materials, safety and detection,

crystal modification, etc.

IBA Industrial supplies turn-key irradiation solutions from

site planning and optimization, engineering and integration

of all operational sub-systems to assistance in operation.

IBA Industrial Locations

Europe - Belgium - Louvain-la-Neuve

Tel.: +32 10 47 58 92


America - USA - NY

Tel.: +1 631 254 6800


Dynamitron - September 2012

Over 250 IBA Industrial accelerators are used in the world

today, some for more than 50 years.

IBA Group

IBA delivers solutions of unprecedented precision in the

fields of cancer diagnosis and therapy. The company also

offers sterilization and ionization solutions to improve the

hygiene and safety of everyday life.

IBA, a Belgian company, is listed on the paneuropean

stock exchange EURONEXT.

Asia - China - Beijing

Tel.: +86 10 8080 9288


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