Breakfast - Babble Cafe

Breakfast - Babble Cafe

BREAKFAST Till 4pm everyday

Fruit Salad Seasonal 10

Bircher muesli With almonds, grated apple, cinnamon & vanilla yogurt 10

Stewed fruit With vanilla yogurt & Granola 9.5

Porridge With brown sugar ($1.00 extra with soy) 9.5

Porridge stewed fruit With yoghurt ($1.00 extra with soy) 10

Porridge Supreme Oats blended with dried fruits, fresh apple

banana & cinnamon 10

Light Rye or White Toast With strawberry jam, marmalade, honey or vegemite 4.5

Baked Beans on Toast Home made Baked Beans 8

French Toast With maple syrup 12

Fruit Toast 6

French Fruit Toast Marscapone cream, bananas, strawberries & maple syrup 16

Egg & Bacon Sandwich 8

Eggs (Free Range) Fried, poached or scrambled (all with toast) 9.9

Eggs Benedict Ham, English muffin & hollandaise 13.5

Eggs Florentine Spinach, English muffin & hollandaise 13.5

Eggs Royale Smoked salmon, cream cheese, spinach & hollandaise 15

Omelette Ham, cheese, onion & mushroom 17

House Frau Omelette Sausage, salami, cheese, onion & mushroom 17

Baroness Omelette Spinach, fetta, sun dried tomato, chilli & olives 17

Roast Vegie Omelette Grilled roast vegies, spinach & cheese 17

Polenta Vegetarian Breakfast Mushroom, spinach, grilled tomato & a dollop of yoghurt 14

Any request for egg whites 3

All toast comes buttered unless specified


Onion 2..5

Spinach 2.8

Avocado 3

Tomato 3


Mushroom 3

Bacon 3.5

Hash Browns 3

Danish Feta 3

Plain Served with maple syrup & lemon wedges 12

Fruit Topped with banana or strawberries & maple syrup 14

American Topped with a fried egg and bacon with butter & maple syrupt 15

Blueberry Topped with blueberries & maple syrup 14

Icecream 2

muffins Babble’s ‘almost’ world famous low fat muffins, baked daily

Sausages 3.5

Baked Beans 3

Smoked Salmon 3.5

Sweet or savoury Check with staff 3.5


Salad of the Day Mixed salads, ask the waiter 12

Calamari Spinach, cherry tomatoes, chilli, avocado, olives & vinaigarette 19.5

Hail Caesar Plain or with chicken 16.5/19.5

Warm Chicken Cajun chicken breast tossed with carrot, semi dried tomatoes

cucumber, Danish fetta & balsamic vinaigrette 19.5

Rare Beef Rare oven roasted porterhouse with kipfler potato

roasted capsicum, roquette & pesto vinaigrette 19.5

Smoked Salmon With roquette, spanish onion, capers, cucumber, preserved lemon

& dill drizzled with olive oil 18.9

Tuna Nicoise With kipfler potatoes, semidried tomatoes, olives, green beans

egg & dill drizzled with aoili 19.5

Lamb Cutlets With sweet potato, cucumber, Danish feta, Spanish onion & roquette 22

sandwiches Swiss light rye, white, baguette or toasted Turkish bread

Ham Tomato, cheddar 9.5

Turkey Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato & cranberry sauce 10

C.L.A.M. Chicken, lettuce, avocado & mayonnaise 10

Meatloaf Chutney & cheese 10

Tuna Capers, red onion, parsley, lettuce & mayonnaise 10

Avocado With salad 8.5

B.L.T. Bacon, lettuce & tomato 9

Smoked Salmon Capers & cream cheese 10

Sides Chips 4 Salad 4.5

gourmet foccacias

Rare Beef Roast pepper pesto, caramelized onion, roquette & Danish feta 11.5

Tuna Cheese Tuna, cheese, tabasco, spinach & mayonnaise 11.5

Vegetarian Pesto, tomato, roast vegetable, mushroom & cheddar 11.5

Babble Beast Chicken mix, sundried tomatoes, caramelized onion & cheddar 11.5

Savage Beast Same as Babble Beast but add bacon, avocado & tabasco 12.9

Wild Turkey Crispy bacon, Swiss cheese, turkey, avocado & cranberry 12.5

Sides Chips 4 Salad 4.5

roll-ups Delicious fillings rolled up in Pita Bread

Chicken/ B.L.T. Chicken breast, bacon, lettuce, tomato & sweet mayonnaise 11.5

Falafel Falafel, hommus, lettuce, tomato, cucumber & carrots 11.5

Tofu Lentil Pattie Tofu & lentil pattie, satay relish, lettuce, carrot & fresh coriander 11.5

Tandoori Chicken Tandoori chicken, spinach, carrot, cucumber & minted yoghurt 11.5

Lamb Kofta Lettuce, tomato, cucumber & tatziki 11.5

Sides Chips 4 Salad 4.5


Roasted vegies Spinach, pesto, fetta & cheddar 14.9

Salami Parmesan cheese & roquette 14.9

Tandoori chicken Roasted cherry tomatoes, cheese & minted yoghurt 14.9

Chorizo sausage Roast pumpkin, smoked paprika & cheddar 14.9


Fat Chips With mustard mayonnaise 8

Spring Rolls With iceberg lettuce & sweet chili sauce 9

Trio of Dips With felafel, turkish bread, hommous, tatziki & spicy capsicum 16

Mediterranean Platter With lamb cutlets, saganaki, olives, fetta, semidried tomato

felafel, turkish bread & hummous 24

Sausage Roll 6 mini sausage rolls dressed greens & chutney 10

Chicken Goujons Crumbed chicken strips with a sweet & sour sauce 10

Polenta Triangles Served with guacamole 10


Steak Sandwich Minute Porterhouse steak, roquette, seeded mustard

sauteed onion, cheddar & mushroom in Turkish bread

served with salad and chips 22

Grilled Chicken Breast Marinated chicken breast with steamed greens & grilled lemon 25

Porterhouse steak With chips, jus & aioli 26

Chicken Parma With salad & chips 22

Chicken Schnitzel With salad, lemon wedges & chips 22

Salt & Pepper Calamari With roquette, tomato & onion salad 18.9

Meatloaf With salad, chutney & chips 22

Vegetarian Tart Cherry tomato, spinach, roast pumpkin, Danish fetta

basil & salad of the day 12.5

Babble Pie See the main board for daily pie. Served with chips & chutney 16.5


Babble Beef Succulent beef pattie, lettuce, tomato, home-made sweet

mustard mayonnaise & chutney with melted cheddar

in a crispy foccacia bun 13.5

Schnitzel Chicken schnitzel, lettuce, tomato, home-made sweet mustard

mayonnaise with melted cheddar in a crispy foccacia bun 13.5

Cajun Chicken Marinated chicken, shredded iceberg lettuce, avocado

fresh chilli Swiss cheese & mayonnaise in a crispy foccacia bun 13.5

Chilli Tuna Tuna pattie, lettuce, tomato, melted cheese & chilli mayonnaise

in a crispy foccacia bun 13.5

Tofu Lentil Tofu & lentil pattie, satay relish, lettuce, carrot & fresh coriander 13.5

Sides Chips 4 Salad 4.5

pasta and risotto Feel free to create your own pasta or risotto combination

1. Select the pasta 2. Select the sauce 3. Select the fillings






cream & white wine


olive oil

All pastas and risotto served with fresh parmesan cheese & herbs

Pasta with sauce 14 Vegetarian Extras 1 Meat Extras 3

mushroom, olives, fetta, roast pumpkin

chorizo, spinach, roast zucchini, roast

eggplant, sundried tomato, chicken, smoked

salmon, capers, crispy bacon, salami, prawns


smoothies Soy milk $1.00 extra

Mixed Berry, Banana, Fruit Salad, Mango all with yoghurt

ice cream, milk cinnamon & honey 7.5


Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla

Caramel, Cherry Ripe, Snickers Milkshake 5.5 Thickshake 7

coffee - griffiths

Cafe Latte, Long Black, Cappuccino, Decaf Coffee, etc. Reg 3.5 Tall 4

Esspresso 3.5

Mocha 4

Iced Coffee, Iced Tea, Iced Mocha 6

chocolate Soy milk 50c extra

Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows 4

Iced Chocolate 6

teas 4

English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Camomile

Ginger Lemongrass, Green, Peppermint

Soy Chai Latte 4

juices Reg 4.9 Large 5.9

Tropical Pineapple, mango & orange

Liver Lixor Carrot & tomato

Fruit Flip Blended fruits of season in orange juice

The Works Mixed fruit and vegies

Jungle Juice Carrot, celery, apple juice & ginger

soft drinks

Coke, Diet Coke, Fanta, Sprite, Lift 4

Tiro Grapefruit, Passionfruit, Italian red orange 4

PELLEGRINO Sparkling natural mineral water Reg 4 Large 6

SAN PELLEGRINO Chinotto, Limonata, Aranciata Rossa, Pompelmo 4

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