Volume 10, Issue 2 - Gulemo


Volume 10, Issue 2 - Gulemo


Volume 10, Issue 2 For and About Andover January 15, 2010


by Barbara Foran

Did you ever try to keep

a secret in a small town I

mean a really big secret Well

the great town in which we

live did just that through

the month of October. Our

Municipal Agent and a Van

driver decided that since

the ‘Boss’ of the Van drivers

was retiring that he should

be honored by a retirement

party and the ball started

rolling. For the those of

you who don’t know, but

you must as it did make a

local paper, I am talking about George Collette who helped

in getting the Van system started in Andover 25 years ago

and drove as a volunteer for all those years. He started

driving after having served on the local Fire Department

for 20 years of service, so if you add those two numbers

Senator Prague and George Collette

together you will see that

George devoted 45 years of

volunteerism to the town of

Andover and I doubt that

any one else has ever donated

that much time in their

lifetime. He not only drove

the shopping trips but did

most of the medicals as well

in the beginning. Now the

drivers are being paid to do

the medicals through a grant

received through Agent

Palazzi‘s efforts. When he

first started driving he asked

our selectman, who at that time was Jean Gasper, how far

from Andover he could take the van and she said she had

no idea but said to ask the insurance agent who was located

in Andover at the time. In doing so George found that there

was no limit as to distance, that the van would be covered.

Before he took a trip he would always go to the place he

had thought of to make sure it was handicap accessible. So

where did he take a group of seniors the first time, but to his

favorite restaurant in Bernardston, Ma. And so started all

the great trips that the seniors have enjoyed all these years. I

must mention that now when we take any trip that is of any

distance from Andover that all passengers contribute to the

fuel fund, in case anyone is worried about their tax bill ! As I

drove the van for 18 years myself I know what a tremendous

responsibility this job is and over the past couple of years

we have been able to add three new drivers to add to the

two regular ones. John England has been a steady driver

for years and we now have George Knox, the new ‘Boss’ at

Collette’s asking, Don Beauvais, who keeps the vans spotless

and Dawn Quint, our youngest driver.

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Fundraising Campaign Launched for Andover Veterans Monument Park sign

The State of Connecticut has recently quit

claim deeded the .6 ac. triangular shaped

parcel of land bordered by Route 6, Route

316 and Monument Lane to the Town

of Andover. This property is currently

the location of the Town’s monuments

honoring veterans and the historical

marker designating the past location

of the historic Creamery. This parcel is

located on Andover’s main street, where

over 18,000 cars pass by each day and is

directly in front of the historic Old Town

Hall which now serves as the Andover

Historic Museum. Residents come together

in May, just before Memorial Day and

again in November, just before Veterans

Day, to plant flowers, rake leaves and do

general garden work. The community

takes great pride in maintaining this piece

of property as a tribute to all our veterans.

Each year the Memorial Day parade stops

at the monuments to place a wreath of

flowers, soldiers salute and members of

the community say a prayer.

By Dianne Grenier

The Board of Selectman named this parcel

of land “Andover Veterans Monument

Park” at their December meeting.

Andover resident Dianne Grenier says “it

is only fitting that a proper sign now be

erected to identify this special place in

our community. A sign that is lit at night

for all to see with a garden around it to

enhance its beauty. It is likewise fitting

that the sign and gardens be like all the

work that has been done at this site, done

with volunteer effort and donated funds

from the heart.”

A campaign is now being launched to

raise the $5,000 for a sign, lights and

garden planting for the new Andover

Veterans Monument Park. Anyone

wishing to contribute to this effort may

send a check to: Town of Andover, c/o

Veterans Monument Park, 17 School

Road, Andover, CT 06232

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The Andover Hometown January 2010 3

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The Andover Hometown January 2010 5

Andover Volunteer Community Leaders Receive Award

by Dianne Grenier

The Windham Region, Chamber of Commerce recognized

the unsung heroes of the thirteen towns in their district with

an ice cream social in their honor on Wednesday, October 7.

Recipients and their families gathered in the Rome Ballroom

on the UCONN Storrs campus for Husky ice cream and to

hear UCONN President Mike Hogan and Diane Nadeau of

the Chamber of Commerce thank them and acknowledge their

time and effort each has given so generously to provide services

to their community. Andover’s State Representative Pam Sawyer

was also on hand to add her well wishes and congratulations to

the recipients as well.

The Windham Region, Chamber of Commerce “Volunteer

Leader Award” recipients are residents who have been recognized

for their leadership abilities in making their town a better place

by organizing citizens together for charitable good, community

sport, the arts or other events and programs that have brought

members of their communities together and strengthened the

bonds and quality of life of the region.

“Volunteer Leader Award” recipients from Andover are: Priscilla

Bronke, Robert Burbank, Cathy Campen, George Collette,

Georgette Conrad, Shawn Covell, Sylvia Dake, Cathy

Desrosiers, Joan Foran, Dianne Grenier, Marge Koczka, Carol

Lee, Barbara Levasseur, Cathy Palazzi, John Roache, Scott

Sauyet, Edward Shapiro and Greg Vincek.

The Windham Region, Chamber of Commerce serves the

towns of Andover, Ashford, Chaplin, Columbia, Coventry,

Hampton, Hebron, Lebanon, Mansfield/Storrs, Scotland,

Union, Willington and Windham/Willimantic.

Andover Recipients of the Windham Region Chamber of

Commerce Volunteer Leader Award. Cathy Campen, Dianne

Grenier Priscilla Bronke, Georgette Conrad, Cathy Palazzi,

UCONN President, Mike Hogan, Joan Foran, Carol Lee and

Cathy Desrosiers. Missing from photo are: Robert Burbank,

George Collette, Shawn Covell, Sylvia Dake, Marge Koczka,

Barbara Levasseur, John Roache, Scott Sauyet, Edward Shapiro

and Greg Vincek. Photo by Tanya Hughes.

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Building Department


Judge of Probate


Registrar of Voters

Resident Trooper


Social Services

Tax Collector

Town Clerk

Town Garage

Transfer Station

U.S. Post Office


Andover Elementary

RHAM Middle School

RHAM High School



25 Riverside Drive



John Roache 742-0040


Jay Linddy

Beeper 820-3461

After the beeps,

enter your phone number,

press #, and your call will be returned.

State Animal Control Officer

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Elaine Buchardt

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David Dwight Knowlton

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State Senator 19th District

Edith Prague 860-240-0498

State House Representative

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U.S. Congress Representative

2nd District

Joe Courtney

U.S. Senators

Christopher Dodd 1-800-334-5341

Joseph Lieberman 1-800-225-5605


First Congregational

Route 6 ~ 742-7696

Reverend Ruth Nye


Route 66 & West Street

Junction Route 66 & 6

Route 6 (adjacent to Post Office)



The Andover Hometown January 2010 7








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The word volunteer – what comes to your mind

Good people who help out in town

Who give of themselves, precious time from their lives,

Whether good times are up

Or they’re down

Yes, you are right: there are many who care,

And much work to be done still yet.

But pause now a moment; honor one of our best –

Our neighbor and friend George Collette!

WW II vet, firefighter, club president and more,

Our George will retire this year.

He drove thousands of miles in those blue and white vans;

A 25-year volunteer!

It was George at the wheel on

Tuesday mornings,

For Senior trips to the store.

Visits to doctors, shopping at malls,

And a seafood lunch at the shore!

How sad to be older,

And stay home alone;

But when Dial a Ride came around,

A senior could call a friendly voice on the phone,

And take a scenic trip out of town!

We owe George a debt that cannot be repaid,

But that we ourselves volunteer.

Continue the work for our neighbors and friends,

That George Collette held so dear.

George, you have made so many lives better;

And, as you retire this year,

Here’s a prayer for health, love of family and friends.

To George! A toast of good cheer!

Mary Duval

22 Sept. 2009

As I said, the ball started rolling and there were a lot of whispering

going on at Young at Heart meetings and notes being passed

and phone calls being made. Agent, Cathy Palazzi, even with

all the other jobs she has in caring for the needs of the seniors

who have health and financial problems, was busy as the main

planner. She made and mailed about 70 invitations, made the

reservations at our favorite restaurant, Georgina’s, and chose

the menu, collected the money, made table decorations, lined

up people who asked to speak at the party and even was able

to get a very busy Senator Prague to come with a Proclamation

from the State Legislature.

Through all this I was trying to sneak pictures from his family

album, getting in touch with family members and trying to

figure out how to get him there the day of the party. And as

time seems to fly by these days the day of October 30 was upon

us. My excuse was to take my son to lunch which was an over

due birthday gift and of course he only had the 30 th open .

We pulled into the parking lot and all the handicap spots were

taken and as my son started to drive to the back of the lot I am

gyrating in the back seat no, no as the Senior Van is parked out

back as well George’s truck which another son has been using.

He dropped us off at the door and in we go and the hostess

says how nice to see you as I am just working on center pieces

for the senior Christmas party and would you like to see them

She takes us to the ballroom and there is a crowd there and as

George said to me we shouldn’t walk in on a party then the



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applause started. George looked

at me and said: “What the H---

” , completely shocked as Senator

Prague came up and gives him a

big hug. He couldn’t believe what

was happening and was speechless

through most of the rest of the

party and even when he tried to

thank everyone at the mike he was

too overcome by emotions to say

what he had in his heart. Beside

the Proclamation, he received a

plaque from the First Selectman,

Bob Burbank, a poem written

by Mary Duval, “Ten Things We

Will Miss When George Finally

Retires”, by John England. And

Cathy Palazzi had made a very

large framed collage of pictures Bob Burbank, Elaine Buchardt, George Collette, Sue England, Jean Gasper and Ed Turn

of George’s life and a retirement

framed picture autographed by all

in attendance plus numerous cards of congratulations . And

we can’t forget the beautiful cake in the shape of the Van made Unselfish and noble actions are the most

by Cathy’s daughter Tanya. There couldn’t have been a better radiant pages in the biography of souls.

party and most of all it was a BIG SURPRISE!

~David Thomas


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The Andover Hometown January 2010 9

Should You Hire A Full Time Geek Or An Outside Company To Provide Computer/Server/

Network Services (This is an important question for small to medium business owners!)

by Allen Stein

The complexity of Information Technology (IT) required to

run a small business these days can be overwhelming and most

business owners don’t have a handle of what it really costs them

to have computers to support their business. Believe me, we

Computer Tamers have seen the good, bad and the ugly when

it comes to how businesses use and take care of their computers.

Unlike typical expenses such as rent, utilities, payroll, etc.,

technology costs are often more difficult to calculate because of

the hidden costs in machine downtime; that is lost productivity

as a direct result of poor planning or no planning at all. These

three factors are extremely important for every business person

to understand.

“Cutting to the chase” the reality for most businesses is that

they may need a combination of in-house and outsourced

resources in order to manage this critical area of their business

in the most cost effective manner.

Common “elements” to consider when it comes to using

computers in your business:

• Communications - E-mail Services (even phone systems

are computerized today),

• Website development and hosting,

• Network Management and Security,

• Application support,

• Long-term planning, and

• Disaster planning.

• The “key factors” to achieve the best solution are:

• Understanding cost,

• Ease of management,

• Reduced risk, and

• Experience level.

Businesses that can only justify a single person for their in-house

IT staff are in a precarious situation. The risk level in placing all

of the responsibility on one individual is extremely high because

if this person leaves your business or if his skill set is not properly

suited for your present and future needs, your business will suffer.

Your business is too important to be open to that high of a risk.

If your business is like most other businesses, your technology is

at the center of your operation and putting that much control

over your business’ future into the hands of a single individual is

very, very risky. Would you do that with the more obvious core

business functions Of course not!

The numbers of calls our service center gets from frantic business

owners who are locked out of their own network because their

computer person has left their business or is unable to resolve

the issues are all too common. These are the big emergencies

that service providers like us deal with almost every day. The

cost of having a service provider come into work in a “panic

situation” of productivity loss is high indeed.

The amount of money that it would take to hire and retain a

relatively competent computer and network person along with

the additional costs in payroll taxes, benefits and other associated

expenses will generally be much higher than contracting with

an experienced service provider like

the Computer Tamers.

If you engage a company with many

years of experience, you get the benefit

from all that experience from the

moment you get them involved in your

business. You get technicians that work

on many diverse business networks and

servers every year who will bring those

experiences to your business thereby

giving you “faster, better, cheaper” results

thereby giving you the knowledge to

make better computer/server/network

decisions moving forward.

You also have a much easier time

“getting rid” of a service provider that

is not working out and you can hold

them more accountable than you can

an employee.

10 e-mail your news to: hometown@gulemo.com

It’s not being realistic to expect that one person can keep up

with the rapid changes in business technology, so partnering

with a service provider that works with many other businesses

and is constantly being developed is a smart idea, even if you

do have an individual that is dedicated to your computer

needs. Often a small business has the accounting person, or

the owner’s nephew, or some college kid working on their

computers as if their investment in technology isn’t important

or critical. How foolish! There’s one thing that I detest most

that is people demeaning their computers and networks as if

they aren’t important. These individuals should go to work for

someone else and not be running their own businesses; plain

and simple.

Okay, so you have an exceptional person on staff that is very

competent. Still having one person at your business who is

in charge of managing your technology needs makes a little

sense, but having that person who is in charge actually doing

the work rarely makes good sense. These two competencies

rarely if ever co-exist in one person.

No matter which direction you go, there are a few essential

elements that you need to make sure you have in your control

as the owner of the business. Pay attention as you read.

Simple things like knowing your administrator passwords and

having a blueprint of your company’s network can save you lots

of time, grief and money when an emergency arises or when

“Larry the computer guy” leaves town or gets sick.

Developing a disaster plan in the event of fire, flood, theft and

employee sabotage are also essential parts of a solid computer

and networking strategy. From our experience working with

many businesses from small to medium size, most “one-person”

computer departments never find the time to be proactive. It

makes good business sense to not find yourself in the mess of

trying to create a “disaster plan” while you are in the middle of

a disaster!

From the biggest IT consulting companies to local service

providers there is agreement that “linking up” with a good

and experienced computer service provider like the Computer

Tamers is one of the best decisions an owner of a business

can make. When your server fails, network breaks and your

computers stop working or a virus has crippled everything

where do you go Do you turn to the “yellow pages” and

quickly find someone Or do you think about it now when

everything appears to be going well so that you can choose the

Deadline Dates: Sept. 30, Dec. 31, March 31, June 30

best and most capable service provider you can find Good

business sense should tell you, DO IT NOW! If you call us, we

do an assessment free of charge to give you some insight into

your current situation. We’ll also give you a list of business

owners in our area who sleep better at night knowing we’re their

partner when it comes to computers, servers, and networks.

Allen is one of the Computer Tamers heard every Wednesday

after the 5 o’clock news on WILI AM 14 and you can learn more

about getting your unruly computer under control by visiting

TheComputerTamers.com and explore the free information

compiled there for you. Be sure to visit the Computer Tamers’ Sales

and Service center at 75 Bridge Street Willimantic, Connecticut to

learn more about computers and how to use them intelligently. You

can also give the Computer Tamers a call at (860) 456-1310. The

Computer Tamers are friendly, knowledgeable, Headers and experienced

people who realize that their business is a people business first and

a technology business second. It’s a digital world; the Computer

Tamers make it easy.

It’s a digital world;

we make it easy!

The Computer Tamers

River Plaza, 75 Bridge Street

Willimantic, CT. 06226




The Andover Hometown January 2010 11

Andover Friends of the Library Membership reaches 100 ~ Again!

By Dianne Grenier

Amy Orlomoski



The Andover Friends of the Library

president Dianne Grenier has

announced that membership for

the group has topped the 100

members mark for the fourth year

in a row. John Neubelt of Jurovaty

Road, is this years 100 th member.

He stopped into the library in mid-

October to checkout a book, received his new plastic library

card and became the 100 th member of the Friends group.

Last year they had a new flagpole installed on the Library’s front

lawn that is lit at night and this year the Friends funded the

very popular new plastic library cards. Every year the Friend’s

also award a scholarship to an Andover high school senior who

Established in 1989 as a non-profit, tax-exempt organization,

the Friend’s group sponsors fund-raisers and special events to

generate public interest in the library, secure materials that are

beyond the scope of the library’s annual budget and perform

other services deemed helpful to the Andover Library.

In the past the Friends have not only purchased such items as

books, DVD’s, CD’s and audio books but has also sponsored

programs, purchased a community computer, an outdoor

events sign, a flatbed scanner, a white board for programs,

library passes, a clock as well as book racks and display racks.

John Neubelt of Andover receives his new plastic library card

from Librarian, Amy Orlomoski as Friends of the Library

President, Dianne Grenier, welcomes him as the 2009 Friends of

the Library 100th member. Photo by Leigh Ann Hutchinson.





Your Full-Service

Family Pharmacy

117 Main Street

Hebron, Conn.


Hometown Service

Since 1974



Russell Stover




9 a.m. - 8 p.m.


9 a.m. - 6 p.m.


9 a.m. - 2 p.m.

Affiliated with Hebron Pharmacy








Third-party Billing: Medicare ~ Medicaid



Major Insurance Companies,

HMOs ~ Medicaid - Medicare

Major Credit Cards Accepted

Hours: Monday-Friday 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Saturday 9 a.m. - noon

103 Main Street, Hebron, CT 06248

Tel: 860 228-0606

12 e-mail your news to: hometown@gulemo.com

will be continuing their education.

In 2006 the group established the

Garden Club which is responsible

for the lovely gardens all around

the library. The Friends group also

sponsors a visit each year from Santa

and Mrs. Claus.

The Library Friends are people who

are interested in enhancing the services

and facility of the Andover Public

Library. A membership donation is all

that is required to become a member of

the organization. Friend’s application

forms are available at the circulation

desk at the library or on the Friends

page of the Andover Library’s website

at www.AndoverCTLibrary.org . For

more information about the Andover

Friends of the Library call 742-3033.


Your local REALTOR

Call me for a

FREE Market Analysis

of your home

or a Buyer or Seller



Classic Homes

Happy New Year!

There is no reason to put

off buying a house right

now. Prices have reached

bottom and there are lots

of affordable houses on the

market. The government

stimulus of $8000 to first

time home buyers has been

extended to April 30 th . The

interest rates are still at an

all time low.

If you need to sell a house,

there are buyers out there

right now.

A Brief History of the Andover Public Library

By Sandy Kent, Member of the Library Board of Directors

In 1795, a few Andover residents formed the first “library”, when they

brought together about 150 books for borrowing and housed them at the

Stephen Bingham House. By the 1820’s however, this subscriber library

was no longer in use. Records do not indicate that another formal library

was formed until 1882 when town residents formed the “Andover Public

Library Association”, later to become the “Porter Subscription Library”. The

books from this “member only library” made up the bulk of the collection of

what would later become Andover’s first

free public library. Formed in 1896 and

housed in the Andover Congregational

Church’s Conference House.

The present library building was built in

1927. The funding for it came from the

Burnap and Skinner families of Andover.

Dedicated and opened to the public on

November 12, 1927, it was named the

“Burnap Skinner Memorial Library”.

The first “Andover Public Library” in

1896, had a collection of 950 books.

Today the library has a collection of

about 18,227 books, magazines, CD’s

and DVD’s. The library also has museum

passes and two computers for public use.

Visit the library’s web site for more

information at


Deadline Dates: Sept. 30, Dec. 31, March 31, June 30

Photo by Andover Resident Roger Maynard

61B Main Street • Hebron, CT 06248

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The Andover Hometown January 2010 13

Santa and Mrs. Claus Visit the Andover Library

By Dianne Grenier – Pres. Andover Friends of the Library

December 12 , 2009

marked the forth year

in a row that Santa

and Mrs. Claus, the

jolly ole couple from

the North Pole, have

scheduled a special

stop in Andover.

The Andover Friends

of the Library first

invited Santa in 2006 to stop by and visit when he was in the

area. Much to the Friends surprise and delight Santa brought

Mrs. Claus along for the ride. The couple had such a delightful

time that Santa now brings Mrs. Claus with him each year.

Mrs. Claus brings fresh baked cookies and Santa brings

children’s book from his personal collection for the children.

Mrs. Claus also brings her favorite Christmas book “Twas the

Night Before Christmas” which she reads to the children. And

of course Santa wouldn’t be Santa without a gift for each child.

This year the children were entertained by musician Kenneth

Quesnel while they waited their turn to see Santa and Mrs.

Claus. Santa elves were on hand to help children compose their

letters to Santa.

A special Santa Mailbox was delivered in late November to

collect children’s letters to Santa. Jingle and Jangle, Santa’s

special elves, returned each week to collect the letters and

return them to Santa at the North Pole where each evening

Santa would read and respond to the letters as he sipped his

hot chocolate.

Whispering Hills

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14 e-mail your news to: hometown@gulemo.com

Santa and Mrs. Claus were overhead telling the Andover

Librarian, Amy Orlomoski, that this is one of their favorite

places to visit each year. The children are so well behaved and

such a pleasure to visit with. The librarian has invited them

to stop by again next year to see the children and the jolly ole

couple were quick to accepted the invitation. They said they

will put the Andover Library stop on their 2010 schedule for

the 2 nd Saturday in December.


Plumbing & Heating, LLC



PI 204336

S3 309037

Scott LaFlamme

676 Back Road

North Windham, CT 06256

(860) 423-5385



Hebron Center Dentistry

James Bussiere D.M.D.

20 Liberty Drive

Hebron, CT


Complete Dental Service

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Cathy Palazzi with Mrs. & Mr. Claus

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The Andover Hometown January 2010 15

Andover Library Thanks

Beacher McNeal Plumbing

By Dianne Grenier

The Andover Public Library staff and patrons were once again

overjoyed to be the recipient of an Andover Businessman’s

generosity. Being a small town, with a small library, the Library

Board of Directors and staff are grateful to all who volunteer

their time, energies and skills to help make the Andover Public

Library such a vital part of our community.

The Library building was built in 1927 and like our own

homes it is constantly in need of general upkeep, maintenance

and repairs. The Library Board of Directors is very cautious

when it comes to spending taxpayers dollars. With the Library

budget being extremely tight over the past several years and no

relief in sight, building repairs have been put off to the point

of now they must be attended to before serious damage is done

to the building. To assist the Board of Directors in identifying

and prioritizing the building’s maintenance needs, a home

inspection was conducted last winter. A list of items identified

as needing attention was compiled and the Board of Directors

has been addressing the items on the list.

The hot water heater at the Library was high on the list and

needed to be replaced. To the rescue was Beacher McNeal

Plumbing of Andover who so graciously volunteered his skills,

expertise and years of knowledge and experience to the project.

A big THANK YOU to Beacher McNeal for helping make our

library and community a better place. Next time you see the

white Beacher McNeal Plumbing truck in your neighborhood

wave and say Thanks, for it’s people like Beacher Mc Neal

who set a fine example for all and make Andover such a great

town to live in and raise our children. And for this all Andover

residents are thankful.

Automotive, Inc.

343 Rte. 6 PO Box 115

Andover, CT 06232

- Fleet Maintenance - RV & Boat Storage

- Brakes - Oil & Lube Service

- Foreign/Domestic - Mufflers

- Pre-Owned Vehicles - Cars Trucks Vans

Checked By Our ASE

Certified Technicians

860 - 742-5848


Santa may be covered with ashes and soot;

But I’m in the kitchen with pets underfoot!

I love them to death – that’s a fact every day.

But I certainly wish they’d get out of the way!

Ice is as white as the now-falling snow.

Why must she go “out” while I’m kneading the dough

I’m a great one for dropping those warm cookie crumbs,

And my dogs and cats are right there to get some!

Ice, Pluskat, Bliss, Leo on the warm kitchen floor;

It’s an obstacle course to my oven door!

I smile and I sigh, with a wink in my eye.

Meow-y Christmas to All, and Woof to God on High!

Mary Duval

Beacher McNeal and assistant Justin McBride

(re-written from original, 9/20/2009)

16 e-mail your news to: hometown@gulemo.com


by Astrid Belanger

So you think gardening is over for the season Maybe it’s the perfect time to garden

indoors by growing unusual plants such as Actinidia chinensis, an aggressive

heart-shaped vine or a fruit-bearing Ananas camosus. That sounds interesting,

but where does one get the seeds for these plants Try your local grocery store.

ACTINIDIA CHINENSIS is the seed of Kiwi fruit. Separate the seeds from

the fruit by rolling it over a paper towel with your fingers. The seed is tiny and

black and requires a cold treatment which is done by placing an inch of moist

sphagnum moss in a plastic container. Scatter the seeds over the moss and cover

with a layer of additional moss. Place it in the refrigerator for about six weeks.

Unseal the container and put it in a sunny window or a fluorescent light. Mist

the surface daily. When the seedlings are about two inches tall, transplant the

strong ones to small soil-filled pots. Provide bright light (not direct sun) until

the seedlings are about six inches high. They should then be put in six-inch pots.

The Kiwi plant is a vigorous vine that should be pruned regularly. The leaves may

drop in the fall but new ones will grow by mid-winter. Keep it fertilized and moist

except during the winter when fertilizer should be withheld and the soil allowed

to dry moderately between watering. Cat owners may not care to have this plant

as its leaves and stems have the same effect as catnip.

ANANAS CAMOSUS is a pineapple which grows on a plant rather than a tree.

Start with a fresh pineapple and remove the crown by twisting it off. Trim away

all the fruit and strip away the lower leaves. Put it in a dry, shady spot with the

crown upside-down for about a week to heal the cut end. Plant the crown in a

soil-filled red clay pot. Good drainage is important, so put stone in the bottom

of the pot and use a light garden soil. Fertilize every two or three months and wet

the soil every week. Place in full sun. When moving it outdoors for the summer,

keep it in a semi-shaded spot for a few days and then move it to a full sun spot

When the plant is about a year old, a bright red cone should grow out of the

center of the leaves. It this doesn’t appear in the 20 th month put the plant and a

red apple in a plastic bag. Tightly close it and leave in a shady spot for three days.

Then open the bag and return the plant to a sunny spot. The red cone should

appear in two months.

When it is two to three inches long, rows of tiny bluish flowers appear. Each one

blooms for only one day, and the flowering is complete within two weeks. As each

flower dries, it leaves an “eye.” At first the eyes of a pineapple are pointed but as

the fruit ripen, they smooth out. As the fruit develops, it becomes sweeter. When

the fruit is golden half-way up the pineapple is ready to be picked..


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The Andover Hometown January 2010 17

Exciting things have been happening with the Registrars of

Voters office since our last article in the Hometown News.

The office has been cleaned out and two people from the

building department have moved into our office. Office space

was reconfigured and reused for more adaptable space. In poor

economic times such as we now face; we must be thinking how

best to utilize space and items we have on hand.

Your Registrars (ROV) have submitted their 2010-2011

budget to the BOS and BOF. We have kept our budget the

same with the exception of our poll workers; machine tenders,

ballot clerks and DVD helper. We requested a 2% increase in

their salary for the days they work the polls. No increase was

requested for the ROV, Moderators or Checkers. Our workers

are there from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. or longer the day of

voting and we feel they deserve a small increase from their

current $8.00. Our Departmental budget was decreased last

year. We are extremely careful with purchasing anything for

our town and keep within our annual budget.

We will begin our town canvassing in February 2010 and if you

should receive a form from us please take a moment to reply

to our office letting us know of any changes in your address as

this information is complied in April and becomes our guide

for the May 2010 voting. If you voted in the November 2009

election you will not receive a canvas card as any information

you gave us at that time would have been updated in the files.

It has been confirmed there will be a primary in August 2010.

Be watching your local papers and the Hometown News for

current information on the actual voting day that will take

place at Town Hall in the community

room. In the meanwhile, please make

sure you are registered to vote in this

primary. At the time of the primary only

a registered party member may vote.

Dates your ROV’s will be in the office

to register you will be in the local papers

and notices posted at town hall.

As mentioned in our October article

to the residents of Andover Resolution

#43 will be on the ballot for voters to

consider in 2010. This would allow for

Absentee ballots to be available to any

registered voter for any election. Under

current Connecticut law, a registered

voter can only receive an absentee ballot

if they will be out of town or unable to

cast a ballot at their polling place on

Election Day due to physical impairment

or illness. Voters nationwide successfully

Andover Registrars of Voters

Cathy Palazzi and Kaye Cardin

cast ballots before Election Day in 2008 using early voting. No

excuse absentee balloting would be a secure and cost-effective

way to give Connecticut voters the opportunity to vote early

and at their own convenience. Additionally, since the House

passed a Resolution to allow same day registration and voting

in the future you may expect to see these two questions on the

ballots in 2010.

We may see a town meeting in 2010 to vote on possible changes

to our tax installment filing from four tax installments to twice

a year installments and a vote on the Ordinance Committee

updates. It is hoped both these issues will be brought together

to a town vote at one time to save money for the town residents.

Our spring conference is scheduled for April in Cromwell and

we expect to hear news about our Secretary of State since she

plans to run for the Governor’s office of who will replace her.

There will be updates on our voting information for 2010 and

beyond as changes keep occurring.

Reinventing the look and feel of your home

Gabe Spector ~ 860-933-5116


•Faux Finish



326 Route 87, P.O. Box 370,

Columbia, CT 06237-0370

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I stay in touch with you throughout the year

with new tax laws and how they apply to

your business and family!

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Collection Division, Representation,

Construction, Real Estate, Job Shops,

Manufacturing, Homebased Consulting

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The Landmark

Rt. 66 & 87

Member of the

Connecticut Society of CPAs Since 1975

Connecticut Lic. #2731 Phone/Fax: 860-228-8225

18 e-mail your news to: hometown@gulemo.com

As your Registrars of Voters, Kaye and I continue to look for

more people who would like to work at the polls. We are pleased

to announce Marie Burbank has requalified as a Moderator and

we welcome our newest Moderator, Jeanne Sheehan. You may

look forward to seeing them at the polls in the future. Your

Registrars continue to involve all workers and to have them

take turns serving at the polls. New Moderators are still needed

for the Republican party. If this is something you would like

to do to become involved in town politics this is a wonderful

opportunity so please call us at 742-0188 Option #2 and leave

us a message.

Since so many towns in the state vote their town elections

in November each year, state officials decided to wait until

after the November 2009 town elections to update the

voting system. We have heard the state will be updating our

equipment sometime in the spring prior to our May elections.

This update will make our computer much faster for processing

information needed at the polls.

As always, if you need to speak with Kaye or Cathy call the

above number and we will be sure to be in our office to assist

you with any questions you may have. Remember every vote


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Catherine Cordners

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In 2001, the family of F. Kendall Brown and

Frank H. Brown generously set up a scholarship

fund in their memory. F. Kendall Brown

was born in Andover, CT in 1912, and his son

Frank H. Brown was born in 1941. Both men

grew up in Andover, and were an active part

of the community, especially F. Kendall Brown

who was a long time member of the Andover

Fire Dept. and the Sportsman’s Club.

Frank H. Brown eventually left Andover to attend

college, and went on to get his Ph.D. He

settled in California where he was a History

Professor at St. Mary’s College.

The Andover Community is blessed to have

received such a generous donation, and we

are pleased that we can reach out to the children

of Andover through this scholarship.

Scholarship applications can be picked up at

the Andover Town Office Building.


Other CDs by eaglemoon

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PARENTING – “Surrender, step into the flow”

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Reiki Trainings

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• graduating high school senior

• Student must be planning on attending

an accredited 2 or 4 year college /


Listen to Eaglemoon’s spiritual talk show, “What’s the

Point” on 91.7 WHUS from 5 to 7am on Thursday!

Deadline Dates: Sept. 30, Dec. 31, March 31, June 30

• Preference may be given to a student

pursuing a history major

The Andover Hometown January 2010 19

Photographs wanted of

WWII Newsletter Subjects

Scott Yeomans, Andover Town Historian

You have a choice.

In early 1943 a number of residents decided that a newsletter

should be created to keep all of the Andover men and women

in the service informed of local happenings and whenever

possible, what was happening with each service member.

Under the sponsorship of the Democratic Town Committee,

the first letter was mailed in July, 1943. New issues were sent

pretty much monthly. A total of 37 installments were written,

with the last one dated June, 1946. These letters were typed

on a manual typewriter and duplicated using a mimeograph

machine. They were done on legal size paper and varied from

two to six pages.

Each letter contains news from the home front such as:

marriage, birth, death announcements; election results; major

fires; home sales; and many other items of interest to those far

from home. Additionally, as much information as possible

about the service members themselves was given, including:

where in the world each person was; promotions in rank;

injuries; and unfortunately, announcing those who made the

supreme sacrifice. Here are a couple of paragraphs extracted

from the letters –

Andrew Gasper and Jean Shepherd are now

one. Married May 15, 1943. Betty Shepard

was maid of honor and John Gasper Best

Man. Joe Gasper is expected home soon with

his wings. If he flies like he drives, God help

the enemy.

G.M. 3/c Eddie Merritt has written to us from

France, where he has been since D-Day. He

has now taken part in three invasions, and we

are glad it turned out to be a lucky instead of

an unlucky third.

Currently, the content of 25 of these letters is available on

my website - http://andoverconnecticut.homestead.com/

WWIIIndex.html . I have recently located all but one of the

“missing” letters and they are in the process of being retyped.

They will be added to the website as soon as they are ready.

Now that I have a near complete set of letters, I would like

to begin gathering contemporary photographs of those

mentioned in them, especially the service members. So, if you

are mentioned and have a photograph of yourself from the

time or you are a relative, friend or acquaintance of someone

mentioned and have a photograph of them, please share it. I

do not need to keep the photograph. I would just like a digital

copy that I can pair with the tidbits like I’ve done here -



for over years

www.vnaeast.org • 860.456.7288 • Mansfield Center

Lt. Walter Krozel, who

made a miraculous escape

from his burning airship in

a crash in the European

War zone was awarded

the Purple Heart in ceremonies

at the Halloran

General Hospital, New

Jersey, on June 15, 1943.

Walt’s injuries were severe, and complete

recovery will take considerable time. He has

just been transferred to a hospital in Ohio. He

has been made a first lieutenant. He expects

to be a papa soon.

If you have the capability to scan the photograph, please do

so at a resolution of 300 ppi or higher and email it to me at

SYeom98658@aol.com. Please put WWII and the name of

the individual in the subject. If you do not have scanning

equipment, please contact me and we can make arrangements

to get it scanned.

20 e-mail your news to: hometown@gulemo.com

New Year Means New

Opportunities for

Roth IRA Conversion

If you already have a Roth IRA, you’re

aware of its biggest benefit: Your earnings

grow tax free, provided you meet certain

conditions. If you don’t have a Roth

IRA, you may want to consider one — and it may be easier for

you to do just that in 2010.

Before we get to the reasons why 2010 may be your year to

open or convert to a Roth IRA, let’s look at some differences

between Roth and traditional IRAs. If you own a traditional

IRA, your contributions may be tax-deductible, depending

on your income level. But whether you can make deductible

contributions or not, your earnings grow on a tax-deferred

basis, which means your money can grow faster than it would if

it were placed in an investment on which you paid taxes every

year. On the other hand, Roth IRA contributions are never taxdeductible,

but your earnings grow tax free, as long as you’ve

held your account at least five years and you don’t start taking

withdrawals until you’re at least age 59½.

Furthermore, unlike a traditional IRA, a Roth IRA does not

require you to start taking distributions when you reach 70½.

Consequently, you’ll have more flexibility and freedom when it

comes to making withdrawals.

If you have a traditional IRA, you might be thinking it’s a good

idea to convert to a Roth IRA because tax free sounds better

than tax deferred — and, all things being equal, tax free would

indeed be better. However, it’s not quite that simple. If you

convert your traditional IRA to a Roth IRA, you’ll have to pay

taxes on those traditional IRA earnings and contributions that

had previously gone untaxed. If you do convert, you’ll be better

off if you use money held outside your IRA to pay the taxes. If

you simply take money from your IRA, you’ll obviously lower

the value of your IRA — and, if you’re under 59½, you may

have to pay an additional 10% penalty on the amount you

withdraw to pay the taxes.

Andover Congregational Church

United Church of Christ

359 Route 6 742-7696

Rev. Ruth Nye


by Steve Blevins

In the past, many investors have been prohibited from

converting their IRAs due to either their tax filing status or

their income. Under previous rules, you could convert your

traditional IRA to a Roth IRA only if you were married and

filed a joint return or were a single filer, and your modified

adjusted gross income (MAGI) was $100,000 or less. But

starting in 2010, you can convert funds to a Roth IRA even if

your MAGI is over $100,000. You will also be able to convert

to a Roth if you are married and file separate tax returns.

And that’s not the only piece of good news regarding your

conversion ability. As mentioned above, you will have to pay

taxes when you convert to a Roth IRA. However, if you convert

in 2010, you can choose to report the taxable income from

the conversion over a two-year period, in 2011 and 2012. You

may find that spreading the taxes over two years can make the

conversion more affordable.

In any case, consult with your tax advisor before converting

from a traditional IRA to a Roth. If done correctly, such

a conversion can potentially make a big difference in your

ultimate retirement lifestyle.

Edward Jones, its employees and Financial Advisors do not provide

tax or legal advice.

If You’re Not At Your LAst Job,

shouLd Your 401(k) be

Leaving a 401(k) with a previous employer could mean leaving it

alone with no one to watch over it.

At Edward Jones, we can explain options for your 401(k) and help

you select the one that’s best for you. If you’d like to roll it over

to an Edward Jones Individual Retirement Account (IRA), we can

help you do it without paying taxes or penalties. So you can feel

confident someone is looking out for you and your 401(k).

To find out why it makes sense to talk with Edward Jones about your

401(k) options, call or visit your local financial advisor today.

Steve Blevins

Financial Advisor


10 Main St

Hebron, CT 06248


Sunday Worship Services


Sunday School 10 a.m.

www.edwardjones.com Member SIPC

Deadline Dates: Sept. 30, Dec. 31, March 31, June 30

The Andover Hometown January 2010 21



Municipal Agent

For the Elderly


Our senior luncheons begin Friday, January 8 when Robert

Rodriquez comes to talk to us about the Medicare plans. The

menu will be a beef stew served by Hop River Café on RT

6. Thanks to the many individuals who helped us keep this

program running into 2010.

We were entertained at our Christmas luncheon on December

18 by a visit from Santa and Mrs. Claus. What a wonderful

surprise it was and every seat was filled at the senior center.

Come and join us on Fridays for a great lunch at only $3.00

per person. Don’t miss out on this fun time to share with

your Andover seniors. Everyone is most welcome. Anyone

who would like to make a donation to this excellent Friday

program please let me know. Call Joan Foran at 742-8585

to reserve your luncheon spot and let her know if you require


Wednesday, January 6 the VNA will be at the senior center/

OFH to give the H1N1 flu vaccine shot to anyone who would

like it. This shot is free and the time is 9:00-10:30 a.m. You do

not need an appointment. There has been a large delivery of

the vaccine and the VNA suggests all those who did not receive

this shot in the 70’s to come and receive it on Wednesday.

January luncheon menus will be Beef Stew, Chicken Pot Pie,

and Lasagna. We have many interesting speakers lined up for

the New Year. Watch your local papers for more information.

Trooper Reed will be a guest as well as Holly Hood our local

Eastland Highland Department Representative, Sylvia Dake,

our Homeland Security Director, Karla Vince will be back with

more information for us, CL&P, and I am making plans to

have Rep. Pam Sawyer visit us. These are some of the exciting

adventures that await you at our luncheons.

Joan Foran continues to do an excellent job organizing the

count for us each week, Dianne Grenier does an outstanding

job at the 50/50 raffle and door prizes so do come and join us.

Our waiters, George and Judy Knox, Don and June Beauvais

and Barbara Foran work hard on Fridays to make sure everyone

receives their food and beverages quickly and enjoy themselves.

Faye Hoisington is in charge of collecting our money and I

want to thank all of them for doing a great job. Joan is helping

me with a fundraiser for the spring in order to make sure our

luncheons continue throughout 2010.

The Mystery Theater trip planned for April 13 is full but I am

taking a wait list as many times people must cancel at the last

minute for unexpected illness.


Package Store

Offering a large selection of

Fine Wines and Spirits

Domestic Kegs Always in Stock

Route 6 Andover Plaza

Andover, CT 06232


Remember: always appoint

a designated driver

22 e-mail your news to: hometown@gulemo.com



We Offer: • Parts • Service • Accessories • Sales


Sebo • Miele • Simplicity • Eureka • Royal • Lindhaus • Hoover

Electrolux • Kirby • Kenmore • Panasonic • Dirt Devil • Oreck

Sewing Machine & Vacuum Repair

Vacuum Bags & Accessories

Sewing Notions

Visit us on the Web at http://www.schillersontheweb.com

Anyone interested in becoming a volunteer for AARP Tax

Assistance should contact AARP to attend a free class. We have

had assistance in the past but due to the fact we are a small town

there is not the availability to send a team here to assist us with

our taxes. I have been informed, if we would send a volunteer

to become qualified then that person would be able to return to

Andover and assist seniors with their taxes for 2009 next year.

If you are interested, please let me know so that I may offer this

great service to our town seniors. This is an important service

that we could offer in Andover and I’m sure there is someone

out there who could help. In response to many phone calls, I

will be offering AARP 55 Drive Alive class next May.

Our senior budget was submitted to the Board of Selectmen

and Board of Finance with no changes in the dollar amount.

Therefore, we expect our budget to be approved at the BOS

and BOF meetings in January. I have been nominated by

the local North Central Regional Mental Health Board I

am a member of, to represent us at the state level. This is an

important accomplishment for Andover as it allows our seniors

to be heard first hand on issues that we have concerns about.

If there is any particular issue that you are concerned about,

please do not hesitate to contact me

and let me know so that I can bring

it to the state level. There are now 62

unduplicated people from Andover

using the NCRMHB services.

I continue as a member of the Board

of Directors for the McSweeney

Regional Senior Center representing

Andover. We are using their services

for doctors, dentist, food services

and entertainment. We now have 55

unduplicated seniors from Andover

using these services.

If anyone needs a referral to either

of these organizations, please let me

know. The intake form is short and

takes very little time to fill out and

the rewards are most helpful to you.

Deadline Dates: Sept. 30, Dec. 31, March 31, June 30


Baby Lock • Brother • Pfaff • Singer

White • Viking • Kenmore • Elna

1088 Main Street

Willimantic, CT 06226

Tel: 860-423-6800

This year I saw an enormous change in insurance plans for

2010. During November and December I worked Mondays

at the senior center taking appointments to help people with

plans for next year. A total of 32 people qualified for the

Medicare Savings Plan (MSP) and once these plans go into

effect in 2010 they will receive the Medicare B part of their

Social Security back ($96.40). ConnPACE sent letters to all

those using their plan that they had to switch to a benchmark

plan in order to have ConnPACE pay their premium as they

did in 2009. Many people had to be helped with these plans

as well to convert to a benchmark plan. The timeframe for all

Medicare D plans Headers including ConnPACE closed at midnight on

December 31, 2009. However, if anyone still needs help with

their Medicare Advantage plans they have until March 31 to

switch their current plans. A disturbing fact for all Medicare

Advantage Plans for 2010 was the removal of all Diabetic

Plans, dental plans and changes to Nursing Home costs.

If you are not 65 and need affordable insurance the Charter

Oak Health Plan may be what you require for next year.

Sunday ProgramS

6:30 AM Dialogue (Ct. Radio Network)

Steve Kotchko

7:15 am Jesus Is Victor: Pastor Fred

Shapiro,First Baptist Church, Wmtc

7:30 am Light on the Hill Christian

Fellowship: Pastor John Heald,

Light on the Hill, Wmtc

7:45 am Message of Truth: Pastor

Jack Schneider,Columbia Baptist


8:00 am Ukrainian Melodies: Your

hosts,Eugene Babij & Myron

continued on page 24

8:30 am Christian Science Sentinel:

Christian Science Church/Reading

Room, Wmtc

9:04 am In His Presence Ministry:

Your host, Mike Vrable

9:30 am The TRUTH: Your host,

J Allen Stein

10:05 am Computer Tamers: Your

hosts, Allen, Jaison & Mish Stein

6:00 pm Festival of Gospel Music:

Rev. Fred Shapiro

9:05 pm The TRUTHreplay: J Allen Stein

The Andover Hometown January 2010 23

continued from page 23

Research your income and see where you fit in this excellent

state program. The plan covers adults, aged 19 through 64 and

the cheapest rate is $75. This is a health care plan that includes

coverage to those before they reach Medicare age of 65.

If you are in need of energy assistance contact ACCESS in

Willimantic or call 211 for information. There is a lot of help

out there for seniors. Please call me if you need an appointment.

Medical transportation is available on Thursdays, shopping,

banking errands available on Tuesday and Wednesdays. Call

me for Med runs only and Town Hall 742-0188 for Tuesday or

Wednesday shopping. A back up device was purchased for

the large van to assist our drivers in backing up. This has been

installed at our town garage.

Line Dancing continues on Thursdays from 1:00 p.m. - 2:30

p.m. at the Town Office Bldg. Community Room. If you have

not signed up but would like to attend, please call me at 742-

8088. The cost will be $2.00 pay as you go. We are fortunate

to have Kaye Cardin as our instructor. Kaye would like to see

more people attend this excellent fun afternoon. She comes to

you with years of line dancing experience.

Pam Quint, our Exercise Director, tells me 24 people enjoy

the fun on Friday mornings. We would like to see many more

of you out there stop by and see what all the laughter and fun



We prepare income taxes.

Come see us.

Renald Champagne, Tax Preparer

Economy Home


Three Generations of

Family Sales & Service

Ronald Mike, Sr. &

Ronald Mike, Jr., Owners

7 Route 87

Columbia, CT 06237




Vinyl Siding

Replacement Windows

Established 1947 • License # 550619

is about on Friday mornings. Equipment provided free by the

Eastern Highland District and is available to all seniors and

ADA individuals in Andover. This type of exercise is great for

your coordination and balance. Special thanks goes to Pam

who gives up her Fridays to run this program for us and to

Frank Chaves for all the help he has been assisting Pam. Call

Pam at 742-1898 to sign up.

We have 24 seniors signed up for the snow shoving part of our

senior grant from NCAAA. I have 10 Chore workers shoveling

and a waiting list as we need more chore workers so if you

know of any youngster who would like to work, please have

them contact me.

A very Happy and Healthy New Year to all of you in 2010.

6 Hunt Road, Columbia, CT 06237



24 e-mail your news to: hometown@gulemo.com

Volume 10, Issue 2 For and About Andover January 15, 2010


by Barbara Foran

Did you ever try to keep

together you will see that

a secret in a small town I

George devoted 45 years of

mean a really big secret Well

volunteerism to the town of

the great town in which we

Andover and I doubt that

live did just that through

any one else has ever donated

the month of October. Our

that much time in their

Municipal Agent and a Van

lifetime. He not only drove

driver decided that since

the shopping trips but did

the ‘Boss’ of the Van drivers

most of the medicals as well

was retiring that he should

in the beginning. Now the

be honored by a retirement

drivers are being paid to do

party and the ball started

the medicals through a grant

rolling. For the those of

received through Agent

you who don’t know, but

Palazzi‘s efforts. When he

you must as it did make a

first started driving he asked

local paper, I am talking about George Collette who helped our selectman, who at that time was Jean Gasper, how far

in getting the Van system started in Andover 25 years ago from Andover he could take the van and she said she had

and drove as a volunteer for all those years. He started no idea but said to ask the insurance agent who was located

driving after having served on the local Fire Department in Andover at the time. In doing so George found that there

for 20 years of service, so if you add those two numbers was no limit as to distance, that the van would be covered.

Before he took a trip he would always go to the place he

had thought of to make sure it was handicap accessible. So

where did he take a group of seniors the first time, but to his

favorite restaurant in Bernardston, Ma. And so started all

the great trips that the seniors have enjoyed all these years. I

must mention that now when we take any trip that is of any

distance from Andover that all passengers contribute to the

fuel fund, in case anyone is worried about their tax bill ! As I

drove the van for 18 years myself I know what a tremendous

responsibility this job is and over the past couple of years

we have been able to add three new drivers to add to the

two regular ones. John England has been a steady driver

for years and we now have George Knox, the new ‘Boss’ at

Collette’s asking, Don Beauvais, who keeps the vans spotless

and Dawn Quint, our youngest driver.

Senator Prague and George Collette

continued on page 8

Volume 8, Issue 3 For and About Hebron December 1, 2009

Testimonies Premieres in Hebron and at CCSU

Testimonies of a Quiet New England Town, written

Karyl Evans and Producer Donna McCalla as

and directed by local resident Matthew Troy, was

secondary presenters.

premiered in Hebron on Sunday, September 27

at the RHAM High School auditorium.

Attendees had a number of workshop options

to attend at the conference; the Testimonies

About 800 residents, guests, cast, and production

workshop was packed with interested educators

crew attended the event. The film was produced

and the film and materials, all geared to Connecticut

Mastery Test standards, were extremely

by Hebron Historical Society with the support

of the Connecticut Commission on Culture &

well-received. Almost 600 Connecticut schools

Tourism. All but two of the cast members were

will be receiving the curriculum package in early

present at the premiere.


Troy introduced the film to resounding applause;

On November 10, Troy and McCalla filmed a

after viewing Testimonies, he thanked the many

segment about the story’s history and the film

people who had worked on the production.

production with Representative Pamela Sawyer

About 60 Peters family descendants also attended

for Community Voice Channel. The film will

the premiere, and gave a “thumbs-up” to the

be shown multiple times in December. Check


CVC’s schedule at http://www.cvcct.org to find

out when you can view Testimonies.

Following the premiere, cast and crew were available

to sign copies of the commemorative poster. Testimonies of a Quiet New England DVDs are currently being replicated using high

Matthew Troy, writer and director of

Town, signs a commemorative poster at quality glass-mastering technology, and will be

In addition, Testimonies was shown at the annual the film’s premiere at RHAM High School


packaged in a DVD case. Local resident Jeff

conference of the Connecticut Council for the Photo by Chloe Smolkin. Gonci, Jeff Gonci Design and Illustration, created

the graphics for the DVD casing, the DVD

Social Studies at CCSU, New Britain on Friday,

October 30. Christopher Ambrose and Gregory Farmer, who

imprint, and the curriculum materials.

co-wrote curriculum materials to supplement viewing of the film

in the classroom, were primary presenters, with Executive Producer A limited number of copies of Testimonies of a Quiet New England

Town will be available for purchase starting December 10, just in

time for Christmas! The price

for the DVD is $8 if you pick up

your copy, or $10 to have a copy

mailed to you. Contact Jean Cyr

at 228-9317 for additional information

on obtaining your copy of


Almost 60 direct Peters family descendants attended the

Testimonies premiere and celebrated the re-telling of the

story of their ancestors. Photo by Donna McCalla.

Deadline Dates: Feb. 10, May 10, Aug. 10, Nov. 10

Donna Raheb, author of the popular

Henrietta Hamm children’s

series, served as boom operator

during Testimonies production.

Raheb was able to obtain the

signatures of all cast and crew

present at the September 27th


The Hebronian December 2009 Page 1



fax 860.450.1600 • gulemo@gulemo.com


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Deadline Dates: Sept. 30, Dec. 31, March 31, June 30

The Andover Hometown January 2010 25

Representative Pam Sawyer Named

Farm Bureau Legislator of the Year

Windsor, CT-Representative Pam Sawyer was awarded

CT Farm Bureau’s 2009 Legislator of the Year award at the

Association’s Annual Meeting on November 6. Representative

Sawyer represents the 55 th Assembly District—serving the

residents of Andover, Bolton, Hebron, and Marlborough.

Representative Sawyer received CT Farm Bureau’s Legislator

of the Year award for her continued support of CT

agriculture and work advocating for a program to support CT

dairy farmers. “Representative Sawyer is a strong advocate

for all of CT’s farmers,” said CT Farm Bureau President Don

Tuller, we are happy to honor her with this award.”

“When CT’s dairy farmers needed her

most, Representative Sawyer delivered,”

stated CT Farm Bureau Executive Director

Steve Reviczky. In the 2009 legislative

session, struggling dairy farmers received

much needed emergency aid and a new

safety net program to provide funding

when the cost of production exceeds the

federal pay price for milk.

Rep. Sawyer said, “We lost 19 farms in the

in the last year. Four sold off their herds


New Patients


with Most


M-Thur 9am-7pm • Tues & Fri 9am-5pm • Wed 9am-12noon • Sat office hours vary, please call for times.


in late spring. Their costs in New England are so prohibitive

-- and the price they receive for milk is determined by the

federal government --that we had to help them. It costs $1.90

to produce a gallon of milk, and the farmer gets 90 cents on

a gallon. The price of milk is on a roller

coaster, and we hope it comes back , so

we can save the last 150 farms. The farms

are part of our heritage and we want to

preserve our local milk.”

Connecticut Farm Bureau Association

is a non-profit, grassroots membership

organization dedicated to the future of

farming and Connecticut Agriculture.

Attorneys at Law

202 West Center Street

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TEL: 860-646-3500

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Trust your

growing family

to Windham


Your neighbors do.

For more than 76 years, Windham Hospital has been renowned for its outstanding physicians

and extraordinary nursing care. Faced with a medical emergency you can be assured that

we also offer everything you need close to home including a state-of-the-art Emergency

Department and some of the finest physicians in the state.

Our patients are so satisfied, that in a recent independent survey, they ranked

our Emergency Department in the 99th percentile for quality care.*

112 Mansfield Avenue • Willimantic CT 06226 • 860.456.9116 • www.windhamhospital.org

*July 2009 Press-Ganey Survey.

Deadline Dates: Sept. 30, Dec. 31, March 31, June 30

The Andover Hometown January 2010 27

James Blair Landscape and Design LLC

Serving the Public Since 1994

Specializing in all phases of landscape construction

Designs done with Digital Imaging

Now offering lawn mowing.

Call soon for spring clean-up

and mowing schedule.


Walks, Driveways,

and Patios

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Installation of Plants

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Block Retaining Walls

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