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How few whales were there after whaling?

How few whales were there after whaling?

“so wide a chase, and

“so wide a chase, and so remorseless a havoc ” • 19th century whaling first depleted right, gray, bowhead and sperm whales • 1904 to 1982, more then 2,000,000 blue fin, humpback and sei whales killed in the Southern Hemisphere – 1994 Soviet illegal whaling revealed • 1982, International Whaling Commission agrees to moratorium, to take effect in 1986, and – to undertake a ‘Comprehensive Assessment’ of each whale stock – to develop a ‘Revised Management Procedure’ for future hunting • 1987, Japan, Norway and Iceland initiate ‘scientific whaling’ (courtesy of International Fund for Animal Welfare)

Reconstructing the recent historical abundance of whales Within IWC, • Primary emphasis – Current abundance – Pre-exploitation abundance (assumed to be at K) – Recovery to MSYL or about 54% of K • Less emphasis – The minimum size of the population - N min or the ‘bottleneck’ – The relationship of N min to variation in recovery of stocks – Full ecological restoration

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