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Piet Zwart’s Black Limo Days Are Over…

Localize, question, open up and design. Lecture for AIGA Future History 3 Conference Chicago 2009. Meghan Ferrill, Gerard Hadders, Ewan Lentjes. With student wordk from the Post St. Joost, Breda, Netherlands and UIC, Chicago, USA. Lecture on the acquisition of new positions by contemporary designers and design education.

Piet Zwart’s Black Limo Days Are

Piet Zwart’s Black Limo Days Are Over… Localize, Question, Open Up and Design. 2 Concise Lectures with 1 Presentation in the middle.., call it a sandwich. Ferrill/Hadders/Lentjes

  • Page 2: #1 Approaching Complexity Ewan Lent
  • Page 6: But, this seems to be only half of
  • Page 10: We seem to face a new kind of cultu
  • Page 14: However, it is not only global matt
  • Page 18: So, what can we do We try to grasp
  • Page 22: What we need to question then, Pere
  • Page 26: As we know from research programmes
  • Page 30: As we agreed upon the insight that
  • Page 34: What kind of dialogue is needed the
  • Page 38: Visual Essay We think of communicat
  • Page 42: The argumentation used in the visua
  • Page 45 and 46: Universus
  • Page 48: But, however playful it may be, the
  • Page 52 and 53:

    #2 Between what I and what I say Co

  • Page 54 and 55:

    Counterpoint is a process that atte

  • Page 56 and 57:

    The workshop opened with introducti

  • Page 58:

    The day before the workshop began,

  • Page 62:

    So, on a day when Chicago temperatu

  • Page 66:

    From the database, students ‘reco

  • Page 69 and 70:

    chewing tin foil - walking barefoot

  • Page 71 and 72:

    Grits - callous - bitter melon. Dea

  • Page 74:

    Based on visible clues - clothing,

  • Page 78 and 79:

    Students construct their visual ess

  • Page 80 and 81:

    We are not trying to create poets h

  • Page 82 and 83:

    We turn one final time, in this wor

  • Page 84:

    Like the visual essay, the ‘comfo

  • Page 103 and 104:

    ay 4 with a final presentation. The

  • Page 105 and 106:

    s graphic identity competition.

  • Page 108:

    The director would remain in the ca

  • Page 112:

    Classical patronage between CEO’s

  • Page 116:

    All these different qualities have

  • Page 119 and 120:

    Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam= contemp

  • Page 122 and 123:

    This resulted in a complex brief do

  • Page 124:

    Graphic design must bring order but

  • Page 127 and 128:

    What is a visual essay Hugues Boekr

  • Page 130:

    The second collection consists of t

  • Page 134:

    The second collection consists of t

  • Page 138:

    The 3rd visual document is a visual

  • Page 142:

    The participating designers were: P

  • Page 146:

    Incessantly, in this whiteness, the

  • Page 151 and 152:

    Stedelijk Moderne Panache Stedelijk

  • Page 154 and 155:

    kleur vorm schaal

  • Page 160:

    Mevis & Van Deursen searches for an

  • Page 170 and 171:

    Some thoughts about the identity of

  • Page 174 and 175:

    Grid Grid in Annual Program Annual

  • Page 176:

    Pierre DiSciullo brings his anomato

  • Page 179 and 180:

    typography, family and research “

  • Page 181 and 182:

    on the top of the hill willow moves

  • Page 183 and 184:

    a sign linked to the architecture

  • Page 185 and 186:

    In the current practice of design a

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