Traditions Brochure - Johnson Graduate School of Management ...

Traditions Brochure - Johnson Graduate School of Management ...


creating community

starts on day one


Johnson Outdoor

Experience (J.O.E.).....1

Sage Social....................... 2

Johnson Night Out ..........3

Johnson Gives Back......... 4

Alumni Rugby Game........5

Halloween Party............... 6

Frozen Assets vs.

Faculty Game..................7

Diwali............................... 8

Pie in the Face.................. 9

Holiday Party................... 9

Charity Auction ..............10

Frozen Assets vs.

Puck Bunnies............ 11

Destination Johnson....... 11

P.ersonal S.uccess..........12

Asia Night ......................12

State of the School......... 13


Slope Day........................ 15

The Johnson Family


Samuel C. Johnson.........17

The Samuel Curtis

Johnson Graduate

School of Management

has a strong culture

of collaboration and

teamwork. From year to

year, Johnson students

share an inclusive

environment in which

strong personal and

professional ties are

formed and developed.

Through a close-knit,

highly energetic, and

warmly collaborative

environment, Johnson

creates a unique culture

and experience.

Traditions are an

important part of

maintaining and

developing this unique

culture and experience.

Traditions, passed along

by each class, tie Johnson

students together through

shared experiences and

memories. We want you

to know about these

diverse traditions and the

role they play in the life of

Johnson students.


Johnson Outdoor Experience (J.O.E.)

J.O.E is an overnight orientation

event that provides leadership and

team-building activities for first-year

students at a lakeside campsite.

They have the opportunity to meet

one another and get to know

their classmates through outdoor

activities, including everything from

collaborative games, a ropes course,

skits, sports competitions, campfires,

and much more. Second-year student

volunteers facilitate the J.O.E activities

and enjoy the opportunity to meet the

first-year class.


Weekly on Thursdays

Sage Social

Sage Social occurs every Thursday

afternoon in the atrium. These weekly

receptions provide an opportunity for

Johnson faculty, staff, students, and

family to socialize before the start of

the weekend. Sage Social is sponsored

by Johnson Corporate Partners, a

student organization, or a school

department, and is sometimes tied to a

theme or major speaker event.



Johnson Night Out

Johnson Night Out brings

together members of the

Johnson community to

enjoy an evening of good

food and great company.

Faculty, staff, and secondyear

students open their

homes to host first-years

for a potluck-style dinner.

This casual and fun dinner

provides a wonderful

opportunity for first- and

second-year students to

mix and mingle with one

another and with faculty

and staff members. There is

an outing held both in the

fall and spring semesters.



Johnson Gives Back

Johnson students, faculty,

and staff join together for

“Into the Streets,” a day of

community service in the Ithaca

community. Organized by the

Public Service Center, projects

in previous years have involved

the Cayuga Nature Center,

Coddington Community Center,

Cornell Cooperative Extension,

the Girl Scouts, Cayuga

Waterfront Trail, Women’s

Community Building, Longview,

and Ithaca Neighborhood

Housing Services.



Alumni Rugby Game

The Johnson Rugby Club was established in 1993 and

garners alumni support throughout the world. The

annual Alumni Rugby Game provides Johnson alumni

the opportunity to return to campus and meet current

students. The game is one of the most highly attended

alumni events at Johnson, and consists of a weekend

of networking and fun, highlighted by a gridiron rugby

match between alumni and current students.



Halloween Party

This fall event provides an opportunity for

Johnson students to showcase their originality

and creativity. Run by the Student Association’s

student events planning committee, celebration

highlights include trick-or-treating, costumes,

and a live awards show.



Frozen Assets vs. Faculty Game

Frozen Assets,

Johnson’s Women’s

Ice Hockey team, take

on the faculty each

year in a competition

to demonstrate that

although a PhD might

be necessary for the

classroom, it does

not usually help out

on the ice. This game

provides Johnson

students the opportunity

to check their faculty,

administrators, and staff

into the boards! This

exciting match usually

warrants numerous

penalties and certainly

many goals.





Diwali Night is hosted

every year by the South

Asian Business Society

and is this organization’s

biggest event of the

year. A special night of

celebration, students,

faculty, and staff gather

in the atrium for the

festival of Diwali (or

festival of lights) to watch

or participate in a night

of traditional dance,

performances, fashion

shows, auctions, and a

great deal of wonderful

Indian foods.



Have you secretly hoped to see

a friend’s face smeared with pie

This fundraiser is your big chance.

Every year, Johnson students, staff,

and faculty nominate individuals

to receive a pie in the face. Then

people bid for the right to throw a

pie in the face of their favorite (or

least favorite) nominated member

of the Johnson community. All

proceeds from this highly attended

event benefit local charities.


Holiday Party

Another favorite night among

Johnson students, the annual

Holiday Party is a fun-filled night

of holiday celebration. This party

gives students an opportunity to

get dressed up and celebrate the

holiday season with classmates

before the start of finals and

winter break.



Charity Auction

A day of bass fishing on

Lake Cayuga, dinner with

your favorite professors,

yoga, tennis and golf

lessons—these are just a

few of the items that can be

won at the Annual Charity

Auction. Last year, over 90

items and services were

donated by local businesses,

faculty, staff, and students

and were auctioned off to

the Johnson community.

The largest fundraiser of the

year, Community Impact’s

Annual Charity Auction

benefits students pursuing

non-profit internships and

local charities.



Frozen Assets vs. Puck Bunnies

In the most celebrated rivalry at

Johnson, the Puck Bunnies square off

annually against the Frozen Assets.

An all men’s team with limited skating

ability and hockey experience, the

Puck Bunnies hit the ice in women’s

clothing, wearing everything from

evening gowns to mini-skirts and a few

more scandalous outfits! It’s a can’tmiss

event full of laughter, exubrance,

and non-stop excitement.


Destination Johnson (DJ)

Destination Johnson marks the start of

the unique Johnson experience, when

admitted students are invited to campus

for a weekend of non-stop activities. DJ

participants spend the weekend getting

to know future classmates, current

Johnson students, Sage Hall, the Cornell

campus, and the Ithaca area. Admitted

students attend presentations and have

abundant opportunities to ask questions

about the unique qualities of the Johnson

program. DJ participants learn about

Immersions, academic life, financial aid,

the Career Management Center, and

much more. Through numerous social

events and interactions with current

students, faculty, and staff, admitted

students discover why Johnson is such a

unique collegiate community.




P.S. is a capstone event for all graduating

students. It’s a day of celebration for

all that the second-year students have

accomplished and a chance to network

and get advice from faculty, staff, and

alumni before the students embark on

the next stage of their careers.


Asia Night

The Asia Business Association, Johnson

Japan Club, and Korean Business

Association bring the culture and spirit of

Asia to Johnson. This very special night

features Asian performances and cultural

experience booths as well as authentic

Asian cuisine. Through this event, we

enable our classmates to better understand

the Asian culture and help foster a greater

diversity and camaraderie within the

Johnson community.



State of the School

Each year, the

Dean gives a

State of the

School address.

The dean

will discuss

everything from


issues facing the

school, students,

faculty, and

staff, as well as

his initiatives

and plans for

the future. The

speech is highly

attended and

anticipated, and

generally followed

by a reception at

Sage Social.




The Follies is the Johnson

community’s annual

opportunity to laugh at itself.

Business school is serious;

the Follies is not. Created in

1980 by Johnson classmates

Cynthia Wilson Massarsky

and Barry M. Massarsky, the

Follies showcases both live

performances and prerecorded

videos produced by students,

faculty, and staff. The Follies is

an end-of-the-year opportunity

for students, faculty, and staff

to publicly spoof all that they

know and love about Johnson.



Slope Day

The last day of classes marks

an annual tradition and day of

celebration for the entire Cornell

community. Slope Day’s origins

can be traced back to 1890, when

the annual Navy Ball began

on the Cornell campus. It has

since evolved into a day of food,

drink, and music to celebrate

the last day of classes. Johnson

students typically wake up early

for a breakfast and BBQ in

Collegetown and then head to the

slope to celebrate together with

all of Cornell.


The Gift that Transformed the School

The Johnson Family Legacy

Cornell University’s Graduate School of Business

and Public Administration, founded in 1946, defined

a new mission and sharper focus in 1983 when the

faculty voted to eliminate its health administration

and public administration programs in order to focus

exclusively on MBA education. Accordingly, they

changed the school’s name to the Graduate School

of Management. Implementing the new mission in

a competitive marketplace, they knew, would require

additional resources.

The following year, the Johnson family made a $20-

million endowment gift to the school, at the time the

largest such gift ever to a business school. The school

was rechristened the Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate

School of Management.

The school’s namesake, Samuel Curtis Johnson

(1833-1919), began his career as a manufacturer

of wooden parquet floors in Racine, Wisconsin. In

1886, he decided to extend his company’s product

line into wax to care for the floors he produced. The

floor-care products soon outsold the flooring, and the

international consumer products firm, now known as

SC Johnson, was born.


Samuel C. Johnson ’50, led his family in making the

historic gift naming Cornell’s graduate business

school for his great-grandfather. In a 1988 volume on

the history of his family’s company, Sam wrote of his

progenitor: “He held the notion that business should

put back something into the communities in which they

are located. He also believed that a corporation should

give back something to the broader group of consumers

for which it has earned profits. Providing jobs in a

community, he stated, while certainly important, is

simply not enough.”

Samuel C. Johnson ’50 (1928-2004)

A legendary leader, Sam

Johnson was widely

recognized for making

the business world a

better place. He was

a founding member

of the World Business

Council for Sustainable

Development, and

was appointed by

President Clinton to

the U.S. President’s

Council on Sustainable

Development in 1993.

He received a Lifetime

Environmental Award

from the United

Nations Environmental

Programme and was

inducted into the U.S.

National Business Hall

of Fame.

At Johnson, Sam’s

legacy endures. He and

the Johnson family are

an integral part of our

identity; their values

and ideas shaped many

of the programs and

initiatives that helped

transform the school.


Printed on recycled paper. Funded in part by

the Student Council at Johnson. Produced by

the Office of Marketing and Communications,

Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of

Management, Cornell University, Ithaca NY.

Photography by University Photography, Gene

Ekster, and the Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate

School of Management.

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