How do we get new bamboos?

How do we get new bamboos?

Bamboos From seed

• Since bamboos flower so infrequently growing

from seed is a rare opportunity.

• It however is a mixed blessing as the parent

plants often perish.

Qiongzhuea macrophylla seeds

Fargesia murielae

Fargesia murielae

Fargesia nitida

Fargesia murielae Simba

Although not a new seedling it is of the

new generation and this picture shows

one of our clumping bamboos can be

used as a dwarf if needed

Fargesia murielae

Phyllostachys vivax

Transitioning to Sports

• Sports are sometimes found in

seemingly healthy plants, but a couple

of our more spectacular sports were

the result of flowering.

Imported Bamboos

•Most of our exciting new bamboos have come

from overseas. Wild collected or from

nurseries and collectors is Europe or Asia.

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