The history of the Hager Group 1955 Hager Electro Plastic OHG ...

The history of the Hager Group 1955 Hager Electro Plastic OHG ...

The history of the

Hager Group


Hager Electro Plastic OHG

founded in Ensheim, Saarland.


Hager Electro S.A. founded in

Obernai, France.


The first Hager meterboard

according to DIN VDE (German

standard) is launched.


Production of modular devices

in Obernai begins.


Production site and logistics

centre founded in Blieskastel,


From the mid 1980’s to the

beginning of 1990’s

International distribution network

is set up in Europe.


The production sites Blieskastel,

Ensheim and Obernai

lay the foundation stone of the

Hager Group. The Obernai site

becomes the centre for electrical

protection and control

devices, whereas Ensheim and

Blieskastel are responsible for

the production of distribution



For the very first time, Hager

offers a complete product



Acquisition of Lumetal in

Porcia, Italy, a specialist in the

field of distribution cabinets

made of metal and polyester

or splash-proof (IP 65).


Hager becomes more active in

the Asian-Pacific and Australia.


Hager acquires Tehalit GmbH,

Heltersberg, Germany, a reputated

manufacturer of electrical

management systems.


Flash, a manufacturer of control

and energy management

devices, situated in Saverne,

France is integrated into the

Hager Group.


Acquisition of Ashley & Rock

and Klik in Ulverston, UK:

switches, sockets and connection

technique according to

British Standard are a perfect

match to the Hager Group.


Share in the company AVE in

Rezzato, Italy, a manufacturer

of switches, sockets and

installation accessories for the

Italian market.

Today, 6,000 employees

generate a turnover of

DM 1.5 billion.

Hager Ltd

Hortonwood 50




Tel: 01952 677 899

Fax: 01952 676 639



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The Hager Group


plays a leading role in every

aspect of our life:

- culture, mobility, environment,

civilization, leisure time...

To achieve one’s goals, that’s


And goals can often be expressed

by very simple words.

For us, it means making an

important contribution by

supplying households with

safe, economic and comfortable

electric power.

This basic claim is the key

to our success. And to easily

realise this goal means offering

complete electrical distribution

from one manufacturer plus

ongoing innovation throughout

the decades.

Today, Hager is a privately

owned company where its

owners - who have given it

their name - and top management

are both fully responsible

for the company’s fortune.

In the development and production

centres in Ensheim

and Obernai, a successful

structure - based on the

Hager philosophy and corporate

culture - came into

being in four decades. In that

time, we have established

partnerships with the electrical

trade in Europe and worldwide.

To have one’s goals in mind

means to exceed one’s

limits ...

... but not only in the sense of

our business horizon. It all

started in Ensheim in the

Saarland and only a few years

later Hager crossed the border

to the neighbouring Alsace.

Obernai was the first step

towards the European and

worldwide future of the Hager


The blue Hager logo has been

an internationally reputable

trademark for innovative

techniques ever since. Today,

Hager products are manufactured

in ten production

sites throughout Europe and

there are two joint ventures,

Hager B&R in Australia and

Hager TCL in China. Hager

products are distributed worldwide

in more than 40 countries

and it goes without saying

that they are in accordance

with the individual requirements

and standards for each


Blieskastel. Obernai.


Although Hager becomes

more active in

the Asian Pacific and

worldwide, our focus

remains Europe.

... beyond Europe to Asia and

the Pacific

Since the mid 1990’s, Hager has

successfully established own

distribution platforms in the

United Arab Emirates (Dubai),

Singapore, Malaysia, Hong

Kong, China, Australia and New

Zealand. A thorough analysis

of the Asian markets and adaptation

of the Hager system to

them have been a prerequisite

for this success. Our local

partners there are key to

bringing the expected products

and services to our customers -

which is a great advantage in

these very different markets.

In the Asia-Pacific region, Hager

in Europe may seem far away

and the upholding of Hager’s

core values is all the more

important. The quality of our

service and products, together

with the principle of partnership

with electrical wholesalers to

support our customer, the

electrical contractor: these are

the values which bring the entrepreneurs

from Hager closer to

these fast-changing, high growth

markets of the future.

Middle East.

India and China.

Hong Kong.









La Roca del Vallès,




Our quality standard is about


Entrepreneurial success is

based on many factors: stateof-the-art

production techniques,

the continuous optimization

and completion of a

complementary product programme

and, last but not least,

the people whose know-how,

as part of a team, can be

found in each of our products.

Top quality is linked to international

standards such as ISO

9001 for which Hager has been

working to for quite a while.

But it also depends on the

enthusiasm of each single

member of staff, whether as

a responsible manager or

motivated specialist in the

various production sites. The

interaction of high-tech and

human inquisitiveness - when

developing and searching for

new ways and solutions - is

the strength of the Hager


The latest techniques only

make sense if they stand up

to the best possible quality

standard: our people.

Automatic production

of circuit breakers ...

… and our staff

controlling and


best quality


Welding machines

are used for the production

of metering


Production of RCDs

in Obernai.

Time is the decisive factor

The evolution of a company

cannot only be measured in a

spatial expansion. Extension

on one level must coincide

with a minimum development


The ever-moving market,

increasing demand for quality

and the desire of partners and

customers for perfect service

demand flexibility and innovation.

Hager meets these requirements

with short production

cycles, supported by a perfectly

harmonized production

programme. Knowing what is

required on the international

markets, reacting quickly -

thanks to inhouse research

and development - all guarantee

the decisive advantages of

the brand for our customers -

the electrical installation industry.

Only in the clean room can the

production of residual current

devices according to our quality

standards be guaranteed.

We rely on the longstanding

experience of

our team in Research

& Development.

With the help of CAD

and CAE, innovation

and know-how can

be realized in short

periods of time.

The Hager products

Hager is one of the leading

manufacturers for the development

and production of low

voltage enclosures and meterboards.

We offer solutions

from one manufacturer - from

the well-established consumer

units for residential buildings

up to the flexible and extensible

Univers system for

commercial and industrial


And this is backed up with an

intelligent and complementary

range of reliable connection

systems and modular devices

for protection, control, and

measuring. Whatever the

electrical installation, we can

provide the optimum solution.

With the innovative tebis TS

and tebis EIB systems for

buildings from Hager even the

most diverse functions can be

controlled, automated and


Complete solutions:

from modular devices ...

... to building management

systems ...

... and meterboards

and distribution


The Tehalit products

The Tehalit product programme

is an excellent example of

complete and universal system

techniques for cable-carrying

and mounting of electrical

devices. But Tehalit also offers

control panel trunking and

robust cable trays and ground

ducts for heavy duty applications.

The innovation and quality

of the entire Tehalit product

range sets a new standard

for safety and its advanced

system technology and flexibility.

It provides individual

system solutions for each

requirement economically.

The Tehalit products are a

perfect match to the Hager

range in every respect.

Neat and tidy:

systems for cablecarrying

and electrical

installation …

… for each application

and easy installation.

Extensive Research and

Development guarantee

superior quality combined

with state-of-theart


The Ashley and Klik products

Ashley is a well-known general

wiring accessories brand that

has a strong reputation in the

UK for product quality and

reliability. With the demand for

electrical power and data

increasing the role of the

wiring accessory as the end

user’s functional link is set to


The last two years has seen

significant investment both in

production technology and

product development. Based

on market research, product

developments include installerfriendly

features at the back of

sockets and FCUs, a new

range of safety-enhanced

lampholders and a new

decorative range of metal

accessories. Simple control

products such as timers,

heating and ventilation programmers

and thermostats,

have also been introduced

under the Ashley brand. Klik

is probably the best known

brand in the UK for commercial

lighting installations. The

products bring plug in convenience

and versatility for

lighting and power.

Products for control

and automation.

Klik connection technique

for the electrical


These switches can

do a lot more than just


The Lume products

The Lume product range

meets the strictest requirements

for electrical installation

or mechanical strength. The

Lume product programme,

which has had an excellent

reputation in Italy for more

than 10 years, includes consumer

units and low voltage

distribution systems made

of metal, polyester and polycarbonate.

It is available in

many protection ratings and

isolation classes up to IP65

splashproof distribution boxes.

Their quality features - good

design, stability, flexibility,

functionality and reliability -

make them perfect for applications

in residential, industrial

and administrative buildings.

Lume: the best address for all


Cabinet systems

for low voltage distributions

up to 630 A.

Cabinet systems for all

applications: from wall

mounting to cubical

standing enclosures.

Low voltage distributions:

one of

Lume’s main products.

About partnerships and


Quality and success only show

themselves in their entirety

and are a sign of a smoothly

running system.

At Hager, however, that does

not mean that we just have

a complementary product

range based on enclosures for

electrical distribution, connection

technique, modular devices

and an innovative building

management system. We

understand that the term

system also means a reliable

and well organised sales force.

Ever since the company was

founded, the partnership

between manufacturer, wholesaler

and electrical trade has

been the building block of

success. This straight line from

development up to installation

enables communication to all

those involved for the end

user’s benefit. In this manner,

partnerships with a definite

focus on the human and

professional level have grown:

developing new solutions for

electrical installation.

Communication forms

an integral part of our

everyday business:

with the installation

people ...

... on the occasion of

international fairs ...

... and finally during

training courses.

The future begins with the

next step

Entrepreneurial success is

founded on looking forward.

It is rooted in tradition, experience

and competence.

These values are the qualifications

for continuously

changing market conditions.

Europe is in a state of radical

change, the harmonisation of

markets and prices are the big

entrepreneurial challenges of

the new millennium. Because

of its worldwide presence,

Hager has “an ear to the

market”, every day. And that’s

why we can do a lot more

than just react to whatever


Hager, being a leading manufacturer

in its field, actively

participates in changes. This

is the only way to face to

constantly growing competitive

pressure together with our


Responsible for our success and

innovation: Hermann Hager, Alfred

Bricka and Dr Oswald Hager (from

the left to the right).


Dominik Obertreis, Stuttgart


Stankowski & Duschek,


Printed by:

fischerdruck, Saarbrücken

Published by:

Hager Electro GmbH

Corporate Communications

Zum Gunterstal

D-66440 Blieskastel

Telephone +49 (68 42) 9 45-0

Telefax +49 (68 42) 9 45-64 15



Creativity, commitment

and teamwork of the

Hager staff all over the

world contribute to the

success of the Hager

Group each day. Thank

you all very much.

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