Lab Report Format
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Lab Report Format

CHEM 211-2011


Experiment 4

Lab Report Format

How is Solute


Related to the

Structures of

the Solute and




Laboratory Report: (See Lab Manual pp. 18-20)

Title Page: (See Lab Manual p. 18)

Question of the Week: (See Lab Manual p. 19) – 50 words or less

What molecular interactions determine solubility

In the lab, your group developed original claims on the order of water solubilities of your group’s

assigned alcohol solutes. These claims were based on analysis of molecular models. Provide your

claim and warrant. (See procedure step 3)

Experimental Plan: (See Lab Manual p. 19) – 50 words or less

Brief statement of the plan and how it developed without specifics.

Summary of Results: (See Lab Manual p. 19)

Data only: Table and/or plots, with no text and designations (e.g. Table 1) and titles below table of

figures. Be sure to include a definition of solubility (number of drops that dissolve in 1 mL of

solvent) as a footnote to each table and citations as to the original notebook or website sources of

the data.


• A table with your group’s data. (See Model Tables: Table 1) It should have the names and

structures of alcohol solutes and solubility results in water. The solutes should be listed in a

way that facilitates citation in the Reflection section.

• A summary table with solute names and averages and standard deviations of experimental

solubilities for each solute in each solvent from your lab section’s data. (See Model Tables:

Table 2) The solutes should be listed in a way that that facilitates citation in the Claims,

Warrants and Backing Section.

• A Table with the structures and predicted relative water solubilities of the additional pair of

alcohols assigned to your group for post-lab analysis (In lab sheet question 22). (See Model

Tables: Table 3) This figure should be designed to support your specific comparison of the

solubilities of the additional pair of compounds assigned to your group.

Claims, Warrants and Backing: (See Lab Manual p. 19) – 300 words or less.

• Provide your final claim about the QOW, “What molecular interactions determine solubility”

based on your experience in with this experiment.

• Provide your warrant based on the variations in structures of your lab section’s solute

molecules and how they increased or decreased the alcohols’ water solubilities.

• Support your claim and warrant with backing based on your understanding of how solutesolute,

solvent-solvent and solute-solvent intermolecular forces act together to cause the order

of solubility observed in your lab section.

• Identify data, if any, in the your lab section water solubility results that are contradictory

with your claim and explain why they are not significant enough for you to change your final


• Explain in detail how your warrant accounts for differences you predicted in the relative

solubilities of your additional pair of compounds in water.

CHEM 211 Experiment 3 2 Solubility

Reflection: (See Lab Manual p. 19) – 150 words or less

In this experiment, as your did in Experiment 3, you developed your initial claims concerning answers

to the QOW by comparing molecular models of your small group of compounds. You then tested your

claims by collecting solubility data on the compounds. Your data analysis within your group may have

led you to adjust your initial claims to account for your group’s data. Finally you had the opportunity

to further develop your claims by analyzing a larger set of data from your lab section.

In your Reflection, trace the development of your understanding throughout the process. You should

start from your original claim warrant and explore how the experience with collecting and analyzing

the data at each stage helped you reach your final claim, warrant and backing concerning the QOW.

Appendix: (See Lab Manual p. 19)

Include one copy of all handout sheets for Experiment 4, procedure, in-lab questions and this lab report

format sheet all other items in the Experiment 4 section of your Data Binder.

Laboratory Report Due Date:

Your lab report for Experiment 4 is due in your lab period between Tuesday, October 4 and Thursday,

October 6. (See Lab Manual p. 4.)

Model Tables:


Name Structure Solubility in

H 2 O a

4 2

1-butanol 3 1


Solubility in

H 2 O a

Solubility in

H 2 O a

Solubility in

H 2 O a








Table 1: Group (name) Solubility Data


Solubility is expressed as the number of drops of solute dissolved in 1 mL of water.

Solutes Solubility in H 2 O a

Average St. Dev




Table 2: Summary of (Tuesday,

Wednesday or Thursday) Section

Solubility Data


Solubility is expressed as the number of

drops of solute dissolved in 1 mL of water.


Relative Solubility in H 2 O a

Name Structure Predicted



Table 3: Predicted Relative Solubility of Assigned Additional Pair of Alcohol

a Solubility is expressed as the number of drops of solute dissolved in 1 mL of water.

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