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Scotland’s Inspiring Capital

XVI European Conference on Soil Mechanics

and Geotechnical Engineering

13 to 17 September 2015

Geotechnical Engineering for

Infrastructure and Development


Scotland’s Inspiring Capital

The British Geotechnical Association invites the

International Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering

to host the XVI European Conference for Soil Mechanics and

Geotechnical Engineering in Edinburgh, at the Edinburgh International

Conference Centre, in the United Kingdom.

Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland and an experienced conference

host. It is one of Europe’s truly great cities.

“The idiosyncratic antiquities and historical treasurers of the

Old Town complement the orderly refinement of the New. The

view from Princes Street is awe inspiring. Old Edinburgh and

The Castle rise up magnificently, looming over the New with

magisterial dignity. It has ever been thus. Edinburgh: a city of


Ewan McNaught, 2004


Why Edinburgh

Letters of support/supporting organisations


Conference venues





What to see and do

Edinburgh Convention Bureau & Fast facts

XVI European Conference on Soil Mechanics & Geotechnical Engineering 3

Why Edinburgh

Piled deep and massy,

close and high, mine own

romantic town.


XVI European Conference on Soil Mechanics & Geotechnical Engineering 4

Why Edinburgh

XVI European Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering

“Geotechnical Engineering for Infrastructure and Development”

13 to 17 September 2015

Edinburgh International Conference Centre, Scotland, United Kingdom

It is now more than 30 years since the European Conference was last held in the UK (1979 in Brighton).

The British Geotechnical Association (BGA) and, more importantly, its members are committed to

bringing this major conference to the UK once more. In selecting Edinburgh as the host city we offer

delegates the opportunity to visit our country’s premier tourist destination as well as partaking of a

technically innovative and exciting event.

XVI European Conference on Soil Mechanics & Geotechnical Engineering 5

Why Edinburgh

This section of the bid document highlights key

aspects and demonstrates the attractiveness of the

bid. Further detail including access to Edinburgh, the

Social Programme, the Venue, and potential Tours -

is given in the sections that follow

Geotechnical Engineering in the UK

The United Kingdom of Scotland, England, Wales

and Northern Ireland is one of the leading centres

for soil mechanics and geotechnical engineering

in the World. Home to Géotechnique, the birth

place of critical state soil mechanics and venue

for the prestigious Rankine lecture series the UK’s

contribution to soil mechanics and geotechnical

engineering is recognised globally.

Laboratory, are well-represented in Scotland.

The vibrant nature of the Scottish geotechnical

community is reflected by a very active programme of

meetings organised by the ICE Scottish Geotechnical

Group and major international conferences: e.g. the

BGA International Conference on Foundations 2008

in Dundee and the 4th European Conference on

Geosynthetics 2008 (EuroGeo4) in Edinburgh. The

proposed Organising Committee for the XVI ECSMGE

were actively involved in delivering these highly

successful conferences, have extensive experience

of organising major national and international

conferences, and in the editing of high quality peerreviewed

proceedings and journals.

Scotland has played a pioneering role in creating

this reputation from the earliest times of our

subject. Professor William Macquorn Rankine,

was born and educated in Edinburgh. He became

the fi rst Professor of Civil Engineering at Glasgow

University, and author of the 1857 Theory of Earth

Pressure, published 100 years after the birth of

Thomas Telford in south-west Scotland. This rich

engineering heritage is exemplifi ed by the works

of famous engineers such as Smeaton, Rennie,

Telford, Locke, Baker and the Stevensons that can

be viewed in Scotland.

Since those distant times Scotland and its people

have continued to make major and pioneering

engineering contributions to the global economy.

Many of the major global consultancies have large

and active offices in Scotland, many of whom may

trace at least part of their origins to her cities.

Academia covers a wide range of research and

through the Scottish Universities’ Geotechnical

Network is able to bring to bear a very wide range

of skills, facilities and capabilities to geotechnical

research activities. In addition, both of the former

UK-Government research organisations active in

geotechnical engineering, the Building Research

Establishment and the Transport Research

XVI European Conference on Soil Mechanics & Geotechnical Engineering 6

Why Edinburgh

Edinburgh – The Host City

Edinburgh is both the capital and the seat of the

devolved government of Scotland. Two UNESCO World

Heritage Centres dominate the centre of the city and

contain many natural and historic attractions. These

and the centrally-located, state-of-the-art Edinburgh

International Conference Centre (EICC) combine to

make Edinburgh one of the most popular conference

destinations in the World.

Edinburgh is often described as a walkingcity,

refl ecting the close proximity of the major

attractions and the ease of access within the city.

Access to Edinburgh is also straightforward with

excellent connections via air, utilising Scotland’s

largest airport, rail, road, and even sea. Ample

accommodation is available within walking distance

of the venue to suit a range of budgets.

Edinburgh’s temperate, maritime climate is

relatively dry, with annual average rainfall

comparable to Rome and New York; September is

a relatively dry month following the wet summer

months with pleasantly warm temperatures.

The famous Edinburgh Castle forms Edinburgh’s

centrepiece, sitting high on the volcanic Castle

Rock outcrop overlooking the city. The Old Town

is formed around Castle Rock and a crag and tail

feature along which the Royal Mile runs, connecting

the Castle to the Queen’s residence at the Palace

of Holyroodhouse.

The Palace itself sits in the eponymous park,

which also contains two of Edinburgh’s other most

famous landmarks in the shape of Arthur’s Seat

and Salisbury Crags, which are part of an ancient

volcanic complex - a magnifi cent sight in the heart

of the historic city.

and bustle of the Old Town. The Old and New Towns

of Edinburgh are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

In times past the Nor’Loch, sitting in the valley

between the Old and New Towns, had been both

the city’s water supply and the repository for the

city’s sewage. By the 1820s it was drained. Some

plans show that a canal was intended, but the

Princes Street Gardens were created instead.

Excess soil from the construction of the buildings

was dumped into the loch, creating what is now

The Mound, surely one of the earliest large-scale

earthworks operations for development works.

In the mid-19th century the National Gallery of

Scotland and Royal Scottish Academy Building were

built on The Mound and tunnels to Waverley Station

driven through it.

To the north of Edinburgh the iconic Forth Rail

and Road Bridges span the Firth of Forth, leading

to some of the fi nest mountain scenery in Europe

located just a short drive to the north. By the time

of the conference construction of the third crossing

should be nearing completion.

Edinburgh is a worthy successor to previous

venues including Vienna, Brighton, Helsinki, Dublin,

Florence, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Prague, Madrid

and Athens. The British Geotechnical Association

and its collaborating organisations are pleased to

extend this invitation to the ISSMGE to hold the

XVI ECSMGE in Edinburgh ... one of Europe’s truly

great cities

The Georgian New Town was constructed on a

drumlin ridge on top of which George Street runs.

This area presents a peaceful contrast to the hustle

XVI European Conference on Soil Mechanics & Geotechnical Engineering 7

Why Edinburgh

Proposed Theme

“Geotechnical Engineering for

Infrastructure and Development”

The theme has been selected for a host of reasons.

These include the need to refl ect geotechnical

activity in Scotland, the UK more widely and beyond

both at the time of the bid and anticipated at the

time of the conference. It recognises the need

to ensure healthy numbers of abstract/paper

submissions and attendees from amongst both

academics and practioners.

We also propose to promote early- and mid-career

geotechnical engineers and particularly hope that

a signifi cant number will participate actively in the

conference in roles such as Chair, Invited/Keynote

Speaker, Discussion Leader and Panellist, as well

as authoring papers.

The theme has also been selected with the key

objective of facilitating greater engagement of

a broad range of professionals, particularly in

major international conferences and especially

including young geotechnical engineers (YGEs) and

practitioners. Experience strongly suggests that a

broad and inclusive theme such as that proposed

has the potential to achieve higher levels of

participation from such groups.

We also hope that by adopting a braod agenda that

we will be able to reach out, not only, to a broad

range of geotechnical professionals but also to

capture key attendance from the UK.

In order to encourage active participation from

YGEs we propose that a prize should be offered for

the best paper authored/co-authored by an author

aged under 30 years at the time of the paper

submission deadline. In this context it is proposed

that during the editing of the proceedings potential

winning papers should be identifi ed and selected

for a special session to be held as part of the main

conference programme at which the YGEs would

present their papers. The decision of the judges

could be announced at the Conference Dinner

and the winner invited to present their paper, for a

second time, in plenary at the Closing Ceremony.

XVI European Conference on Soil Mechanics & Geotechnical Engineering 8

Why Edinburgh

Summary Programme

Sunday 13 September 20115

Monday 14 September 2015

Tuesday 15 September 2015

Wednesday 16 September 2015

Thursday 17 September 2015

Technical Committee Workshops and Seminars



Opening Ceremony

Technical Sessions

Welcome Reception

Cultural Evening


Technical Sessions


National Societies’ Meeting

Technical Sessions


Conference Banquet

Technical Sessions


Closing Ceremony

Technical Tours

The precise format of the technical sessions

will need to be developed with the International

Society. However, we hope to place the emphasis

on ensuring strong and capable chairpersons, with

effective reporting of the patterns and trends in

the submitted papers, while providing as much

opportunity for author presentations as possible.

The conference will commence on Sunday 13

September, with Technical Committee Workshops

and Seminars, and Registration for the main

conference throughout the day.

The opening ceremony will be held on the

morning of Monday 14 September prior to the

main conference getting underway. A Welcome

Reception, including a whisky tour, will be held on

the Monday evening in the EICC Exhibition area.

Either Edinburgh’s Lord Provost or a Minister of the

Scottish Government will be invited to this event to

offi cially welcome all delegates to Edinburgh and

Scotland and to offi cially open the Exhibition.

Following the Welcome Reception a Cultural

Event is planned. This will be held on the ground

fl oor of the venue and continue the theme

of the Welcome Reception and incorporate

traditional and modern Scottish music, dance

and literature.

The evening of Tuesday 15th September has

been left free to allow delegates to investigate

the many and varied restaurants and hostelries

of Edinburgh with both old and new friends. We

also anticipate that some corporate sponsors

may wish to host private dinners in Edinburgh

on that evening – there are many venues in

Edinburgh that could host such an event.

The Conference Banquet is planned for the

evening of Wednesday (16th) at the prestigious

and characterful National Museum of Scotland

in central Edinburgh. The venue for both the

Conference Banquet and the conference itself

are described in more detail in the ‘Conference

Venues’ section.

XVI European Conference on Soil Mechanics & Geotechnical Engineering 9

Why Edinburgh

There will be an opportunity for all Technical

Committees of the ISSMGE to integrate their

activities into the conference. This may variably

be by means of workshops and seminars held on

Sunday 13th or by meetings held during the main

part of the conference.

We particularly wish to encourage specifi c

proposals for technical sessions from the Technical

Committees and which may be integrated into the

main conference programme.

The fi nal arrangements for the conference will be

decided through discussion and agreement with

the International Committee and others. However,

it is proposed that the conference will run until

lunchtime on Thursday 17th September with a

series of plenary sessions, parallel sessions and

poster sessions. Technical tours are planned for the

Thursday afternoon.

There will be an opportunity for all Technical

Committees of the ISSMGE to integrate their

activities into the conference. This may variably

be by means of workshops and seminars held on

Sunday 13th or by meetings held during the main

part of the conference. We particularly wish to

encourage specifi c proposals for technical sessions

from the Technical Committees which may be

integrated into the main conference programme.

the Glasgow Metro, and a major road project

amongst others.

Edinburgh and its environs provide ample

opportunities for exciting and rewarding visits

for partners, spouses and other guests. An

Accompanying Persons Programme will be

offered and pre- and post-conference tours will

be made available to delegates. These will be

based upon options set-out in the ‘Tours’ section.

Delegate Fees and Budget:

The planned Early-Bird, ISSMGE Member

delegate fee is (€600), based upon 650

delegates at 2011 prices. This matches the

delegate fees being charged for the XV European

Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical

Engineering to be held in September 2011 in

Athens. Further details of the budget are given

in the ‘Budget’ section.

Join us in Edinburgh, one of Europe’s truly great


Technical Tours will be conducted on the afternoon

of Thursday 17 September.

Suitable sites and venues for the Technical Tours

will be assessed further during the detailed

planning of the conference. Possible options

may include the construction of the €2.5bn

Forth Replacement Crossing which is likely to

be ongoing at the time of the conference. Other

options may include visits to the North Edinburgh

Redevelopment, the Edinburgh Tram Project, Debris

Flows in the southern Highlands, the Falkirk Wheel,

XVI European Conference on Soil Mechanics & Geotechnical Engineering 10

Letters of Support/Supporting Organisations

Letters of Support/Supporting


Edinburgh, in my estimation, the

most beautiful city in Britain.


XVI European Conference on Soil Mechanics & Geotechnical Engineering 11

Letters of Support/Supporting


The following organisations have provided letters of support:

George Grubb, Lord Provost of Edinburgh

Mike Chrimes, Institute of Civil Engineers

Sue Stuart, Chief Executive Officer, Edinburgh Convention Bureau

With respect to other organisations we have asked them to indicate

their support for this bid by the provision of their logos. These are

reproduced on the following pages.

XVI European Conference on Soil Mechanics & Geotechnical Engineering 12

The Right Honourable George Grubb

Lord Provost of Edinburgh

20 May 2011

Dear Colleague

Warmest Greetings from The City Of Edinburgh.

I was delighted to hear that you and your colleagues are considering an invitation to hold

XVI European Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering, 2015.

Edinburgh, one of the world’s most beautiful capital cities, is renowned for its unique history,

heritage, architectural grandeur and cultural vibrancy. The City attracts over 6 million visitors

and conference delegates throughout the year and is home to the world famous Edinburgh

Castle, The Palace of Holyroodhouse and the Royal Yacht Britannia. Edinburgh plays host to

the internationally renowned Edinburgh Festivals, the Edinburgh Military Tattoo and is now

also the home of the Scottish Parliament. Built on a series of spectacular hills and valleys,

Edinburgh’s medieval buildings and new developments harmonise to present one of the

world’s most dramatic and satisfying townscapes.

As a result of sustained programmes of public and private sector investment, Edinburgh is

able to offer some of the most sophisticated and technologically advanced conference

facilities in Europe.

The range and quality of social and spouses’ programme opportunities within and around

Edinburgh are unrivalled and may include receptions in over 69 art galleries or museums,

banquets in ancestral homes or historic houses, or golf on one of the 28 golf courses within

the city boundary.

If Edinburgh is selected to host this most prestigious conference, I can assure all delegates of

a traditionally friendly Scottish welcome.

We very much look forward to welcoming you to Edinburgh in 2015.

Yours sincerely


Lord Provost of Edinburgh

City Chambers, High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1YJ Tel : 0131 200 2000

20 May 2011

Dear Colleague

XVI European Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineeting, 2015

We welcome you to Edinburgh - Scotland’s capital city! Edinburgh is a fusion of fabled

streets and historic buildings contained within a vibrant modern city, which we hope your

delegates will find time to explore.

The city’s support is channelled through Edinburgh Convention Bureau. We appreciate that

each conference requires special consideration and your needs will be addressed by a

team of committed, knowledgeable and professional staff, with the principal aim of

delivering a working programme for you and your delegates. I assure you of our full

support and free services should this bid be successful.

Edinburgh is a beautiful, dynamic, prosperous, forward-looking European city, benefiting

from a unique architectural heritage and a magnificent natural setting. Your delegates will

enjoy exploring the city’s medieval Old Town and Georgian New Town, which have been

awarded World Heritage Site status, and Edinburgh’s quay where the former Royal Yacht

Britannia is permanently berthed.

Edinburgh’s academic excellence and research institutions receive international acclaim

for excellence in the sciences, technology and medicine, to mention a few fields. The

stunning Scottish Parliament reflects Edinburgh’s role as the political capital of Scotland

and its place on the world stage.

Edinburgh is quite simply a magnificent city where exciting things happen. Your delegates

are bound to enjoy discovering the Edinburgh experience.

Yours sincerely

Sue Stuart

Chief Executive

Letters of Support/Supporting




British Geological


XVI European Conference on Soil Mechanics & Geotechnical Engineering 13

Letters of Support/Supporting



Institututions and Professional Organisations

XVI European Conference on Soil Mechanics & Geotechnical Engineering 14

Letters of Support/Supporting



University of


XVI European Conference on Soil Mechanics & Geotechnical Engineering 15


Other cities may go in and out of vogue,

but Edinburgh will always command

a place among the beautiful tourist

meccas of the world.


XVI European Conference on Soil Mechanics & Geotechnical Engineering 16


Inspiring capital

One of the most beautiful cities in Europe, Scotland’s capital is a

stunning fusion of fabled heritage and vibrant, modern city life –

making Edinburgh the perfect destination for an inspiring conference.

Edinburgh is unforgettable. History towers above

you. The castle clings to its rock overlooking

the city and the historic buildings of the Old

Town ramble down the spine of the Royal Mile.

Centuries of history pervade the ancient closes

and alleys, leading down to the splendid Palace of

Holyroodhouse and the spectacular new Scottish

Parliament, standing stark against the stunning

backdrop of the volcanic crags and Arthur’s Seat.

Across the green expanse of Princes Street Gardens

lie the elegant streets of the Georgian New Town,

with its stunning architecture, leafy gardens,

designer shopping and lively wine bars.

The festival programme, erupting in the summer

months with the International Festival as well as the

Festival Fringe, Film, Book and Arts festivals, also

offers spectacular winter festivals with sparkling

Christmas events and the largest New Year’s Eve

party in Europe, Edinburgh’s Hogmanay.

Easy access

Access is easy, with Scotland’s busiest international

airport, now serving over 120 destinations and over

40 airlines, only eight miles (12km) from the city

centre, excellent rail and very good road routes link

Edinburgh to all the major cities in Britain.

Edinburgh has a compact city centre with almost

everything within walking distance.

Amidst these gracious surroundings, Edinburgh

is alive with inspiration and innovation. Renowned

the world over for its thriving arts and festivals, the

city has magnifi cent concert halls, theatres and art

collections, museums and cultural institutions of

international signifi cance.

A beautiful city, excellent venues, a rich heritage

and vibrant contemporary culture – it is easy to see

why Edinburgh is the most popular UK conference

destination after London.

XVI European Conference on Soil Mechanics & Geotechnical Engineering 17


Conference destination

Edinburgh is experienced in hosting conferences

and events of all sizes from major international

congresses to corporate training days, and the

city is second only to London for the number of

international association meetings hosted in the


So much to see and do!

In addition to the thriving arts and festivals

programme to enjoy, there are internationally

renowned galleries and museums, royal castles and

palaces to explore.

The choice of venues is almost endless, from worldclass

hotels and purpose-built conference venues,

such as the award-winning Edinburgh International

Conference Centre, through to prestigious medical

institutions and four universities.

For meetings with a difference, Edinburgh and the

wider region are rich with historic and world famous

venues. Elegant stately homes, spectacular art

galleries and museums, fascinating science centres

– even The Royal Yacht – give the widest possible

selection of exciting and unforgettable venues for

meetings and the social programme.

The city also has spacious leafy parks and a

beautiful botanical garden and offers almost

endless possibilities for taking up new activities or

simply relaxing and unwinding, whether it is before,

during or after the conference – golf, sailing, rock

climbing, horse riding or diving with sharks are just

a few of the possibilities.

And as Edinburgh is the gateway to the rest of

Scotland, there are wonderful opportunities –

either on guided tours or travelling independently

– to explore the magnifi cence of the Highlands,

the home of golf at St Andrews or the wild and

spectacular scenery of the west coast and its

islands. Every reason for delegates to extend their

stay or come back as a leisure visitor with their

friends and family!

Ceud Míle Fáilte!

‘A hundred thousand welcomes’

XVI European Conference on Soil Mechanics & Geotechnical Engineering 18


Centres of excellence

For centuries, Edinburgh has fostered excellence

in both science and the arts. Great scientifi c minds

such as Charles Darwin, James Young Simpson

and Alexander Fleming were trained at its great

universities and medical institutions. And in the

coffee houses and pubs have fl ourished some

of the world’s most creative writers and artists

including Robert Burns, Arthur Conan Doyle and J K


Today, Edinburgh’s universities and academic

institutions continue this tradition of innovation.

Scotland’s capital city is widely regarded as a global

leader in many areas of research and development

in medicine, new technologies and the life sciences,

with notable developments in genetics, cloning,

stem cell research and liver transplantation, for


Edinburgh was at the centre of the Scottish

Enlightenment, the spectacular outpouring of

intellectual and scientifi c achievement during the

18th century. David Hume, Robert Adam and Adam

Smith exemplifi ed this humanist and rationalist

approach which the Scots brought not only to

philosophy, architecture and economics but also to

engineering, medicine, geology, architecture, law,

agriculture, sociology and chemistry.

Edinburgh is also one of the world’s most

important business centres and a leading fi nancial

capital. Manufacturing in microelectronics and

computing technology is world-class and many

leading edge companies are based in and around

the city.

With this illustrious background, Edinburgh attracts

keen and enquiring minds to attend national and

international meetings – all helping to push still

further the boundaries of engineering, science, art

and commerce.

XVI European Conference on Soil Mechanics & Geotechnical Engineering 19


Ten reasons to conference in Edinburgh

1. Vibrancy

A modern and dynamic city, bustling with life and


2. Innovation

A centre of excellence in the fields of engineering,

medicine, finance, research, science &

technology, architecture and the arts

3. Culture

Two adjacent UNESCO World Heritage sites with

stunning architecture and wonderful galleries,

museums, theatres and arts venues, and

designated the first UNESCO City of Literature

4. People

Warm, helpful and friendly with a strong tradition

of service and professionalism

5. Access

The airport is only eight miles (12km) from the city

centre, with over 120 air routes from Europe and

North America, and highly effective links to the

rest of the world. There are also high-speed rail

links to all major cities in Britain and an efficient

national road network.

6. Accommodation

A wide choice of world-class hotels, most of which

are within two miles of the city centre

7. Attractions

A compact city centre, ideal for walking. The

Edinburgh City Pass giving free admission to over

25 visitor attractions and city centre bus transport

8. Festivals

The festival capital of Europe, with a dazzling

array of spring, summer, autumn, Christmas and

Hogmanay events

9. Restaurants

More restaurants per head of population than any

other city in Britain, catering for all tastes

10. Weather

The weather is temperate, with annual average

rainfall less than Rome, Frankfurt and New York,

and the city enjoys clear, crisp, sunny days in

spring and autumn

XVI European Conference on Soil Mechanics & Geotechnical Engineering 20

Conference Venues

Conference Venues

XVI European Conference on Soil Mechanics & Geotechnical Engineering 21

Conference Venues

Edinburgh International Conference Centre

The EICC is a purpose-built, world class conference

venue located in the heart of Edinburgh’s fi nancial

district. Designed by Sir Terry Farrell, the EICC is

an impressive ochre stone, glass and steel, drumshaped

building featuring an exuberant curved


If the exterior architecture is striking, the interior

has the wow factor for cutting edge design. The

highlight is the Pentland Suite, a stunning rakedseating

auditorium for 1,200 delegates. At the

touch of a button the Suite rotates to divide into

three separate soundproofed auditorium of 600,

300 and 300 capacities. This transformation can

be effected comfortably within a coffee break.

The EICC’s Cromdale Hall provides 1,185sqm

of exhibition space. Throughout the vast, fully

accessible Centre, spanning four fl oors, there is a

series of fl exible function suites, board and meeting


distinctive landmarks. The Centre has been

designed to create successful and productive

events and boasts specialists in event design,

catering, technical production and security. As a

result the EICC has been entrusted with some of

the world’s most high-profi le events, as well as

many ground breaking academic conferences.

Since opening its doors in 1995 the EICC has

become known as one of Edinburgh’s most

XVI European Conference on Soil Mechanics & Geotechnical Engineering 22

Conference Venues

Edinburgh International Conference Centre



EICC Room Capacities

Level 3

Room/Suite Name Theatre Classroom Banquet Reception Boardroom Area m2 Ceiling

Height m

Pentland Suite

Pentland Auditorium

Fintry Auditorium

Sidlaw Auditorium





























Level 1

Carrick Room

Carrick 1, 2 & 3

Harris Room

Harris 1, 2

Ochil Room

Ochil 1, 2 & 3












































Lomond Suite




Strathblane Hall



































2.5 - 6.6

LEVEL -2 Cromdale Hall 500 250 850 1,200 - 1,185 3.8

XVI European Conference on Soil Mechanics & Geotechnical Engineering 23

Conference Venues

The Conference Banquet on the Wednesday will be held in The National Museum of Scotland in the Grand

Gallery (pictured below), which is the central defi ning feature of The National Museum of Scotland. The

Gallery’s soaring light fi lled atrium is a unique example of Victorian architecture.

The Grand Gallery has recently benefi ted from

a £46m refurbishment. The grandeur of this

building is a spectacular backdrop for formal dining

experiences and elegant drinks receptions. This

combined with the contemporary adjoining building

provides a diverse and exciting venue to entertain


On the Monday evening a Welcome Reception will

be held in the EICC Exhibition Hall. This will be

followed, on the same evening, by a Cultural Event

in another part of the conference venue.

XVI European Conference on Soil Mechanics & Geotechnical Engineering 24


This is a city of shifting light, of changing

skies, of sudden vistas. A city so beautiful

it breaks the heart again and again.


XVI European Conference on Soil Mechanics & Geotechnical Engineering 25


Based on 650 delegates


Delegates 399,000 195,268 203,732

Accompanying Persons 6,250 3,287 2,963

Gala Dinner 54,000 116,754 ‐ 62,754

Sponsorship and exhibition 246,555 39,222 207,333

Venue hire and other venue costs 206,395 ‐ 206,395

Marketing, printing and fees 88,968 88,968

TOTALS 705,805 649,894 55,911


All rates quoted in Euros (incl VAT)


ISSMGE Member 600 700 750

Non‐member 650 750 800

Student 330 350 380

Exhibitor 280 280 280

Accompanying person 250 300 350

Gala dinner ticket 90 90 90


Can there anywhere be a more beautiful

and beguiling city to arrive at by train To

emerge from the bustling, subterranean

bowels of Waverley Station and fi nd yourself

in the very heart of such a glorious city is a

happy experience indeed.


XVI European Conference on Soil Mechanics & Geotechnical Engineering 26


Edinburgh, Scotland’s inspiring capital city, is at the heart of Scotland,

with plentiful European transport links and easy to reach by air, rail,

ferry and road.

By Air

Edinburgh International Airport is only 12

kilometres (8 miles) from the city centre and has

very good connections to the city via taxi and by

express coach. Over 120 destinations are served

by over 40 airlines including Amsterdam, Brussels,

Frankfurt, Paris, Munich, Stockholm, Oslo and

New York. There are over 311 fl ights daily from

Edinburgh Airport.

There are on average 324 fl ights from the London

airports every week and numerous other major

cities in the UK including Birmingham, Manchester

and Bristol.


EU Members may travel and work in the UK with no

visa requirements. Citizens from the USA, South

Africa, Australia or New Zealand do not require a

visa to visit the UK but are prohibited from work.

Citizens from other countries require a visa which

can be obtained from their nearest British Consular

offi ce.

See http://www.fco.gov.uk


XVI European Conference on Soil Mechanics & Geotechnical Engineering 27


International Flights




Berlin Schonefeld










New York (Newark)






Rome (Ciampino)






KLM, Easyjet

Spainair / Vueling



BMI / Norwegian / Cimber Air

Aer Lingus / Ryanair










Air France / Easyjet

Jet 2.com

Iceland Express


SAS / Norwegian




NB: this list is not exhaustive - please see www.edinburghairport.com for full information

XVI European Conference on Soil Mechanics & Geotechnical Engineering 28


To other UK cities


Belfast City and International





East Midlands


Leeds / Bradford

London Heathrow

London Gatwick

London Stansted & Luton

London City




Flybe / Easyjet





BMI Baby




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From Edinburgh Airport

• Taxi - no need to book, always available at the

Airport taxi rank - approx £18 - £20 each way

(22 Euros)

• Airport Express bus - approx 20 minutes into

the city centre - £3.50 each way (4 Euros)

Getting around Edinburgh

Delegates will fi nd the city not only visually stunning

but also very accessible. For longer journeys

around the city, delegates can enjoy an excellent

public transport system or take taxis. There is a

wide range of hotels located within the city centre.

It is a great city to explore on foot!

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By Rail

Edinburgh is linked to all the major cities and

airports in Britain. The high speed link to London

gets you from the heart of one city to the other

in just over four hours, while the Eurostar service

connects Paris to Edinburgh in around eight hours.

See www.nationalrailenquiries.co.uk

By Road

Motorways and a network of quiet trunk roads

ensure Edinburgh is easily - and pleasantly -

accessible by road.

The coach station at St Andrews Square in the

heart of the city offers connections to all major

cities in Britain.

See www.nationalexpress.com

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Coming back to Edinburgh is like

coming home.


XVI European Conference on Soil Mechanics & Geotechnical Engineering 31


Finding somewhere to stay, in the right place and at the right price,

couldn’t be easier in this beautiful city – with the help of the Edinburgh

Convention Bureau’s dedicated team of accommodation advisers.

Conference Accommodation

Booking Service

The experienced team of advisers at the Edinburgh

Convention Bureau will offer a free accommodation

advisory service for delegates.

Using their local knowledge and contacts to

negotiate the best rates in a wide range of different

accommodation types, they will make the bookings

available on the conference website. If required,

delegates can then use the online service to book

their accommodation.

Easy access

A beautiful and compact city centre means that

Edinburgh is particularly well-suited to conference

delegates, with the major venues and hotels all

within easy walking distance or a short taxi ride.

XVI European Conference on Soil Mechanics & Geotechnical Engineering 32


Quality, Venue and Choice

The choice is almost endless, with more than

25,000 beds in Edinburgh and the surrounding

area, over half of them within a 2km radius of the

city centre.

For delegates on a restricted budget, university

campus accommodation and smart new budget

hotels and hostels offer outstanding facilities right

at the heart of the city. At the top end, Edinburgh

has six luxurious 5 star hotels, delivering worldclass

service, attention to detail and every possible

comfort. Many 4 and 3 star hotels, including stylish

boutique hotels, offer excellent value for money and

great accommodation.

The independent traveller may prefer the fl exibility

of a serviced apartment or perhaps a friendly guest

house where the warmth of the welcome will make

them feel at home. And this being Edinburgh, there

is always something a little different on offer. How

about a Georgian townhouse for a taste of elegance

or even an historic castle, complete with its own


To ensure the highest possible standards, all

accommodation is inspected and assessed under

the national tourist board’s Quality Assurance


XVI European Conference on Soil Mechanics & Geotechnical Engineering 33


Who indeed that has once seen

Edinburgh but must see it again

in dreams waking or sleeping


XVI European Conference on Soil Mechanics & Geotechnical Engineering 34


Scotland – one of the most beautiful and unspoilt countries in Europe,

has inspired generations of artists, writers and explorers with its

dramatic and ever-changing scenery.

Discover Scotland

Delegates may wish to take time either before or

after the conference, to enjoy something of this

wonderful country. In only a couple of hours, you

can lose yourself in the spectacular landscape

of rural Scotland, with its soaring hills and deep,

sparkling lochs. Only a hundred miles from

Edinburgh, but it is another world.

Historic heritage

The stunning landscape is rich in history. The many

castles which shelter in the rolling border hills are

reminders of struggles with English raiders. West

coast and Highland ruins and settlements were

once the seats of a thriving Celtic culture. The

romantic appeal of this mythology is matched by

the craggy splendour of historic glens, where once

fi erce battles were fought.

Most of this compelling beauty is easily accessible,

with excellent rail links to the north and west and a

network of quiet roads all over the country. There

are castles, houses, museums and gardens all

waiting to be explored!

XVI European Conference on Soil Mechanics & Geotechnical Engineering 35


Delegates may wander through the Old Town

and explore the castles, museums and gardens.

Scotland’s unique craft industries are open to

all too – choose from cashmeres and tartans,

glass and silver wear, or discover one of the many

distilleries delighted to open their doors to curious

and thirsty visitors.

Along Fife’s East Neuk and up to Aberdeen and

beyond, a series of fi shing ports, rocky cliffs and

sheltered beaches offer the pleasures of the


To the west is Glasgow, home to great art

collections and museums, and towards the

north are Perth and Inverness, vibrant centres

of Highland culture for generations. St Andrews,

the home of golf, is just an hour’s drive from

Edinburgh’s city centre.

Delegates can take time to discover Scotland

– either by hiring a car or enjoying one of the

excellent mini-tours offered by Edinburgh’s tour

companies.... it is an experience you won’t forget.

XVI European Conference on Soil Mechanics & Geotechnical Engineering 36


Accompanying Persons


There is a wide variety of potential tours for

accompanying persons. The following paragraghs

set-out some options that will be offered along with

others through a local company.

A visit to Glenkinchie

The home of The Edinburgh Malt involves a short

and pleasant drive from the City centre into the

rolling farmland of East Lothian. Here you can see

a working distillery, the making of a capital malt in

every respect. An exhibition of malt whisky is housed

in the listed red brick building which was formerly the

fl oor maltings. At the bar a taste of the Glenkinchie

Single Malt which has a warm fi nish, dry with a smoky


Royal Yacht Britannia

This famous ship has played host to some of the most

famous people in the world. But, above all, she was

home to Her Majesty The Queen and the Royal Family.

Now you are welcome on board to discover the heart

and soul of this most special Royal Residences. The

tour covers fi ve of Britannia’s magnifi cent decks,

taking you through the fabulous State Apartments

and crew’s quarters, and ending in the gleaming

Engine Room. The majority of items on board are the

original pieces, which have been kindly loaned by the

Royal Collection. Highlights of the tour include the

State Dining Room, the Sun Lounge and the Offi cers’


Edinburgh City Tour

Edinburgh is the seat of royal authority in

Scotland, you will begin your tour with a visit

to Edinburgh castle home to the oldest crown

jewels in Europe, the Honours of Scotland. From

here you will tour along the famous Royal Mile,

linking the Queen’s Palace of Holyroodhouse with

Edinburgh Castle. You will have time to visit the

Palace of Holyroodhouse, The Queen’s offi cial

residence in Scotland.

Lunch will be at your leisure on the Royal Mile,

where there are an abundance of cafes, local Inns

and restaurants

In the afternoon you will visit the Royal Botanic

gardens where you can relax in the tranquil 70

acres of beautifully landscaped gardens.

XVI European Conference on Soil Mechanics & Geotechnical Engineering 37


Pre- and Post-Conference Tours

Tours will be offered through a local tour company.

Options will include the tours set out in the

Accompanying Persons Programme along with longer

and more adventurous tours that allow delegates to

explore the dramatic highlands, islands and whiskys

of Scotland. Golf tours will also be offered.

Highland Lochs, Glens and Whisky

Whisky Distillery Tour - Scotland’s abundant soft

water gives us our green hills, our forests, our

shimmering lochs, tumbling streams, salmon rivers,

and waterfalls. It also gives us our unique malt


Loch Lomond National Park and

Glengoyne Distillery:

From Edinburgh it is a short drive to Glengoyne


Unlike most other single malts Glengoyne has been

preserving the essence of its fl avour for decades by

using air-dried barley rather than barley dried using

harsh peat smoke. The result is a more subtle,

complex whisky in which all of the delicate fl avours

are freely allowed to express themselves.

You then continue into the beautiful forest-covered

hills of the Trossachs National Park, and stop for

lunch in Aberfoyle.

Oban, West Highland Lochs and Castles

Travel through a landscape of outstanding natural

beauty, rich in history, myths and legends; a land of

battles, feuds, and cattle-stealing; a land of ancient

castles mirrored in lochs.

Loch Lomond, The Trossachs and Stirling


Tour the majestic beating heart of Scotland; a land of

ancient fortresses, lochs, forests and hills; a land of

kings, heroes, thieves and rogues!

From here you travel to Loch Lomond.where

you can relax & enjoy a boat trip on the loch

experiencing the serenity of the ‘bonnie banks’.

The cruise takes in the most picturesque part of

Loch Lomond, taking in the breathtaking scenery

as we pass Loch Lomonds historical stately homes

- Cameron, Auchendennan, Auchenhaglish, and

Arden House. Take in the fantastic views of Ben

Lomond, Scotland’s most southerly Munro before

passing Inchmurrin, with the ruins of the 12th

Century Lennox Castle where Mary Queen of Scots

once stayed. It is the largest Island on a Loch in

Britain. From here you return to Edinburgh in the

late afternoon.

XVI European Conference on Soil Mechanics & Geotechnical Engineering 38

What to see and do

The most beautiful of all the

capital cities of Europe


XVI European Conference on Soil Mechanics & Geotechnical Engineering 39

What to see and do

A truly inspiring city, celebrated all over the world for its contribution

to the arts – Edinburgh will deliver a social programme that will be

memorable and deeply special.

With over sixty galleries, six major performing

art theatres and a host of wide-ranging visitor

attractions, there really is something for everyone

in this vibrant and culturally-diverse city. Art, music,

architecture, theatre, history, crafts… all aspects of

cultural life are here!

There are endless opportunities for delegates to

relax and enjoy the best of Scottish hospitality. For

golfers, there are many stunning links courses just

half an hour’s drive from the city centre. Nearer

the city itself, there are castles, palaces and art

galleries to explore, or perhaps delegates would

enjoy falconry or archery

Visitors can take advantage of the Edinburgh Pass,

offering entry to many of the city’s most exciting

attractions and exclusive offers from some of

Edinburgh’s top retail and leisure operators, as well

as complimentary bus travel in the city centre.

Delegates can visit the royal yacht, or an historic

house. For more informal fun, they can perhaps

unwind with Scottish fi ddle music and lively dancing

in a traditional pub in the Old Town.

The Old and New Towns of Edinburgh are

designated as UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Visitors can take an informative guided bus tour

around the city or, if time allows, enjoy exploring

it on foot, discovering the winding alleyways of

the medieval city and the spacious crescents

and terraces of the Georgian New Town. A truly

inspiring city, celebrated all over the world for its

contribution to the arts – Edinburgh will deliver

a social programme that will be memorable and

deeply special.

XVI European Conference on Soil Mechanics & Geotechnical Engineering 40

What to see and do


Shopping in Edinburgh is a wonderful eclectic


Delegates can wander through the Old Town and

explore the curiosity shops tucked away in quiet

hidden wynds and closes – where they’ll maybe

fi nd their family tartan, luxurious cashmere or some

beautiful Celtic jewellery. They can stroll along

George Street for stylish boutiques and designer

labels and visit the internationally renowned

department store, Jenners, on Princes Street or the

upmarket and stylish Harvey Nichols around the

corner in St Andrew Square.

Haste ye back!

With such a unique blend of traditional and modern

it is not surprising that recent delegate research

found that over 60% of delegates who visit the city

on business intend to return as a leisure visitor

within two or three years.

Not only is there so much to explore and experience

in Edinburgh, it also acts as the gateway to the rest

of Scotland’s breathtakingly beautiful countryside.

Eating out

Edinburgh has more restaurants per head

of population than anywhere else in Britain.

Delegates may choose from anything from

African and American, Italian and Indian, Mexican

and Mongolian, Thai and Turkish to, of course,

traditional and modern Scottish food using the

best local produce from Scotland’s natural larder

– smoked salmon, venison, seafood, cheeses,

oatcakes and soft fruits are particularly popular!

XVI European Conference on Soil Mechanics & Geotechnical Engineering 41

Edinburgh Convention Bureau

I’ve never been to Edinburgh before – I

didn’t realise it was so beautiful. I love

that whole mountain in the middle of the

city thing.

DIDO, 2003

XVI European Conference on Soil Mechanics & Geotechnical Engineering 42

Edinburgh Convention Bureau

The organsing committee will work with the Edinburgh Convention

Bureau (ECB) in order to ensure a highly successful conference.

Indeed, the preparation of this bid has been assisted by the ECB.

They will help to create the perfect event in this inspiring city. They aim

to exceed your expectations.

They offer prompt, professional and tailormade

support for all aspects of the conference business

at every stage of the process – from promoting the

city as a conference destination to association and

corporate markets, preparing bids and winning

conferences through to advising on venues,

arranging site visits, press and PR, booking

accommodation and suggesting social programmes

for delegates.

Their services are all free of charge and include:

• supporting the bid process

• identifying event requirements

• advising on the most appropriate venues

• arranging site inspections

• advising on the best suppliers for your event

• helping to secure accommodation rates and

provisional bookings

• assisting in building attendance figures

• supplying promotional images of the city

• supply information guides

• suggesting pre and post-conference tours helping

with post-event evaluation.

XVI European Conference on Soil Mechanics & Geotechnical Engineering 43

Edinburgh Convention Bureau

Their role is to raise the profi le of Edinburgh as an

inspiring conference destination and to work as a

catalyst between the conference industry and all

the venues and services that our members offer.

BestCities Global Alliance

Committed to

excellence, the

BestCities Global

Alliance is the world’s

only serviceled strategic

alliance of leading convention bureaux. Thanks to a

constant process of monitoring and accreditation,

these eight cities ensure conference organisers the

very best in all service levels. Along with Edinburgh,

the Alliance comprises Cape Town, Copenhagen,

Dubai, Singapore, San Juan, Vancouver and

Melbourne. See www.bestcities.net

Driven by integrity, professionalism and innovation,

the ECB works closely with their main funding

partners, the City of Edinburgh Council and

VisitScotland, and with Scottish Enterprise to

ensure a co-ordinated and focused approach to

delivering successful conferences.

To fi nd out more about business tourism in this

beautiful city, and how they can help, please get in


T +44(131) 473 3666

E info@conventionedinburgh.com

W www.conventionedinburgh.com

XVI European Conference on Soil Mechanics & Geotechnical Engineering 44

Fast Facts


Scotland is part of the United Kingdom and

Northern Ireland and plays a full part in its

parliamentary democracy. The Scottish Government

is based in Edinburgh, with authority over

education, health, law, transport and some social

services within the country. The United Kingdom

(UK) is a member of the European Union.


UK: 58,759,194

Scotland: 5,194,000 (2009)

Edinburgh: 477,660 (2009)


Pound sterling

See www.xe.com for a currency converter

Scottish banks issue their own bank notes but they

have exactly the same value as those issued by the

Bank of England and they are legal tender in all

parts of the UK.


Different banks have different opening hours but

the following times are given as an indication only.

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 0900 – 1700

Wednesday 1000 – 1700

Saturday 0900 – 1200


British electrical standards are 50Hz 230 volts,

so some North American and European electrical

devices may require converters. All will require plug


Emergency Services

The telephone number for emergency services in

the UK is 999. The Edinburgh Royal Infi rmary, a

large general teaching hospital, is 15 minutes from

the city centre.


Since April 2006, there has been a ban on smoking

in all enclosed public places throughout Scotland.


Value Added Tax (VAT) is charged on all purchases

in shops, hotels, and restaurants at a rate of 20%.

Save Money On Your Event Expenses – reclaim

the 20% tax

People travelling to Scotland on business may be

entitled to reclaim the 20% tax charged on event

expenses as well as accommodation, business

entertaining, meals, transport and much more.

Tax Back International can assist you – register for

more information at


or call +353 1 878 3361.

XVI European Conference on Soil Mechanics & Geotechnical Engineering 45

Fast Facts

Climate – the truth about the weather!

Edinburgh enjoys a moderate year-round climate,

with none of the violent extremes of weather

which could interrupt a meeting schedule or social

calendar. From April to September, temperatures

are mild and compare favourably with other

European cities; annual rainfall is less than

Frankfurt, New York and Rome. A perfect Edinburgh

day dawns with a clear blue sky, warm and pleasant

in summer – though in winter often accompanied

by a sharp frost. It is always worth packing a

sweater just in case!

Month Average temperatures Daylight hours

Min ºc Max ºc

January 1 6 7.37

February 1 6 9.39

March 2 8 11.48

April 4 11 14.09

May 6 14 16.17

June 9 17 17.33

July 11 18 17.01

August 11 18 15.04

September 9 16 12.45

October 7 12 10.29

November 4 9 8.17

December 2 7 7.02

Useful Websites

Edinburgh Tourist Information: www.edinburgh.org

VisitScotland: www.visitscotland.com

Today’s weather: www.bbc.co.uk/weather/5day

Edinburgh Airport: www.edinburghairport.com

Rail transport: www.nationalrail.co.uk

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