Special Events and Festivals Grant Application ... - City of St. John's

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Special Events and Festivals Grant Application ... - City of St. John's

City of St. John’s

Special Events and Festivals Grant Application

2013 Guidelines

City of St. John’s

Special Events and Festivals Grant Application

2013 Guidelines


Special Events or Festivals are defined as multi-faceted programs of one or more days, produced

by a not-for-profit organization with broad community participation, with established

participants/audiences, significant potential attendance, and identifiable community and/or

economic impacts. Special Events or Festivals should offer participants a unique experience,

and build on community.

Special Events and Festivals fall under three general classifications:

(a) Existing, established events

(b) Emerging special events

(c) One time only events

Special Events and Festivals organizers may apply for funding grants and/or in-kind assistance.

Note: For an eligible special event or festival that is unforeseen during the scheduled funding

calendar, financial support is available at the discretion of the Committee. Funds are limited

and the maximum amount to be awarded will be $500.


To be eligible, the special event or festival must:

• Be an incorporated not-for-profit organization or sign the waiver form EDTC-1005A:

Acceptance of Liability for Unincorporated Applicant

(The City of St. John’s strongly suggests incorporation for the benefit of your organization and


• Be located in the City of St. John’s

• Have an operating Board of Directors

• Provide independently reviewed financial statements

• Be accessible to residents and demonstrate a positive impact on the community

• Seek alternate support from other sources

• Have volunteer involvement

• Acknowledge contribution from the City of St. John’s

• Complete a final report

• Not be a fund-raising event

• Accept the City of St. John's attendant passes and make efforts to ensure accessibility 1



The following expenses are NOT eligible for funding:

• Research

• Travel

• Payment of City property taxes

• Operating or capital deficits incurred in prior years

• Agencies that are primarily funding bodies to other organizations

• Academic or technical training

• Capital or repair costs

• Provision of services which are clearly within the legislated mandates of other levels of


Events or their elements that generate funds for other organizations.

Remember the main purpose of your organization must be the festival or special event.



Anticipated Application Time Line:

Applications available December 21, 2012

Deadline for receipt 4:00pm, February 8, 2013

Recommendation to Council Late February, 2013

Grants awarded March/April, 2013

Deadline for Final Reports

60 days following the event


Applicants will be required to provide information which will be evaluated equally based upon the

following criteria:


• The event theme and core program content and its format (i.e., recreational, leisure, sports,

arts and cultural).

• Benefits realized to the community at large or specific non-profit communities.

• How the event positions the City of St. John’s in context of innovation, volunteerism,

leadership, provincially, nationally or internationally.


• Any collaborative or cooperative partnerships or ventures with other not for profit


• Sources of support both of in-kind and financial.

• The organization’s volunteer program including the number of volunteers and number of

hours of service contributed by those volunteers.


Participants and Audiences:

• Any activities undertaken, either independently or cooperatively, to attract visitors and


• Total attendance including total paid attendance and total free attendance.

• The average admission price and range of prices.

Economic Impacts:

Recognizing that these are not the sole measure of the economic impact of your event but they

will assist in evaluating:

• The total number of performing or other persons employed, contracted or participating.

Performers Contractors Other staff

• The number of accommodations and formats used by both participants and audiences.

• The venues and facilities required whether they be private or public.

• Consideration will be given to those events held outside the peak tourism season.


Detail specifically how the City of St. John’s will be recognized. The City’s Corporate brand standard

will be provided for use. It is important that festivals and special events provide evidence of this

recognition either through print media, photographs, samples or other means. This is a condition of


• A proposed promotional plan and expected media coverage for the special event or festival

as well as any examples of materials used to publicize the festival, including examples of

recognition of the support of the City of St. John’s. (Reference marketing according to local,

national and international reach. Include samples, if possible, or relevant materials.)

• The market reach of the event.

Overall festival and special event evaluation will be made available to applicants upon their

request. Because of confidentiality issues, only the individual applicant can receive their score.



Special events and festivals will be evaluated to ensure they have met the intended objectives.

Organizations successful in obtaining a City grant are required to submit a final report upon

conclusion of the event (within 60 days). There will be a 10% hold back of project funding

pending receipt of the final report. A final report must be received in order to apply for

future funding.

The final report shall include a review of programming, partnerships, participants and audiences,

economic impacts, marketing and statement of revenue and expenditure. A template for the

final report will be provided. The City reserves the right to verify expenditures, including a

review of financial statements.

If all City funds have not been used for the purpose stated in the application, the City will require

that those funds which have not been used as approved be returned by December 31.


No assignment of a Grant may be made to another party without the written consideration of the

City of St. John’s.

The City shall not be liable for any damages, injury and loss of revenue as a result of the project

undertaken, and shall not be held as a partner or otherwise responsible for any obligation related

to the funding.


In order to be eligible for City funding assistance, all special events and festivals must have

the approval of the City’s Special Events Advisory Committee.


For assistance in completing this application or for more information please contact:

Carolyn Cook

Special Projects Office

Dept. of Economic Development, Tourism & Culture

Telephone: 576-8537

E-mail: ccook@stjohns.ca

Please note, however, that your application must be submitted to the Corporate Services

Branch, Department of the City Clerk, 4 th Floor City Hall.


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