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Medium Voltage

Medium Voltage


Medium Volta oltage e Catalo talogue This catalogue presents our joints and terminations in Hybrid, Contrax and Cast-resin technique as well as the complete range of accessories. All products from one source. Easy ordering – complete delivery You can choose a required product and it is also possible to order additional accessories. The chapter »accessories« offers all you need for your chosen product. The »Ordering Examples« explain how to order joints or terminations and additional accessories. The standard straight-through or transition joint e.g. is without connectors. If you would like to receive an aluminium, copper or a screw connector in addition, you can point this out in your order by mentioning »with« together with designation and article number. We include the connector in the joint kit, and you will get the product you require. CELLPACK Medium Voltage Products are tested according to DIN VDE 0278, CENELEC HD 629 S1, HD 629 S2, IEC 60502-4 and fulfill the qualifications of IEEE and British Standard. Data, values and illustrations given in this documentation are correct and reliable according to the current state of our knowledge. They represent however no obligatory characteristic warranty. Such a warranty is made only by our product standards. The user of this product must decide on his own responsibility on its suitability for the intended application. Our liability for these products exclusively depends on our general trading conditions. Changes in the sense of technical progress and misprint reserved. © 2004, CELLPACK GmbH | 2 | D529•0504

Hybrid Tec echnique combines the advantages of silicone slip-on and heat-shrink technique Page 6 Contrax ax Tec echnique combines the advantages of silicone slip-on and cold-shrink technique Page 46 Cast-resin Tec echnique Page 58 Accessories for joints and terminations. See the ordering examples on page 90 Page 63 Miscellaneous Why are Cellpack products so unique Take a look behind the scenes! Page 86 D529•0504 | 3 |

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