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Contractual Research Organization - Mines ParisTech

Contractual Research Organization - Mines ParisTech


>>> A STAKEHOLDER IN REGIONAL, NATIONAL AND EUROPEAN NETWORKS ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// L’AICarnot : Association of Instituts Carnot ARMINES represents Institut Carnot M.I.N.E.S. (6 engineering schools supervised by the Department of Industry and ARMINES) at AICarnot and is one of the administrators. AICarnot groups together all 33 recognized Instituts Carnot. Its central goal is to run and promote the Carnot network and propose pooling actions. With 13,000 staff members and 7,000 doctoral students, the Instituts Carnot represent 12% of public research and over 45% of contractual research activity (€530 million). The aim is to promote publicly-recognized and professional innovation from public laboratories throughout France, in an approach similar to Germany’s Fraunhofer Institutes. L’ASRC: an association promoting the contractual research profession ARMINES helped to found ASRC, the Association of Contractual Research Organizations. It is composed of 35 privately-owned organizations specializing in industrial-oriented research, support for researchbased training and technology transfers. ASRC members represent over 3,000 people and an annual contractual research turnover of €250 million. Contractual research organizations are distinguished by being rooted in the economic world: the majority of their resources are generated by research and technology transfer contracts. They therefore represent a national resource of technological skills and high level innovation with private status. Mer PACA Aerospace Valley Uptex Axelera Plastipolis Céramique Astech Paris Région Advancity Mer Sécurité Nucléaire de Bourgogne Ville et mobilité Cancer Bio Santé AAP4 Automobile Haute Gamme 1 (1,9 %) 1 (1,9 %) 1 (1,9 %) 1 (1,9 %) 1 (1,9 %) 1 (1,9 %) 3 (5,8 %) 1 (1,9 %) 1 (1,9 %) 1 (1,9 %) 1 (1,9 %) 2 (3,8 %) 1 (1,9 %) 2 (3,8 %) >>> PRESENCE AT COMPETITIVE CLUSTERS IN 2008 EARTO The European Association of Research and Technological Organisations (EARTO) is a European trade organization representing institutions specializing in industrial-oriented R&D and technology transfers. Members include Fraunhofer (Germany), TNO (the Netherlands), VTT (Finland), Sintef (Norway) and many more organizations, representing a total of 70,000 people dedicated to this activity throughout Europe. Move'O Cereales Valley EMC2 Méditech Santé Cap Energies I Trans 4 (7,7 %) 1 (1,9 %) 4 (7,7 %) 2 (3,8 %) 2 (3,8 %) 8 (15,4 %) TOTAL : 52 projects Erkki K.M. Leppavuori, VTT Managing Director, is the EARTO President. The association promotes its members’ profession at the European level, playing the same sort of key role as the ASRC at the national level. It is recognized by Brussels and often consulted by the European authorities. ARMINES is a member of EARTO via ASRC which has a seat on the board of governors. Pascal Iris was elected to the board in 2003. Viameca Cap Digital 4 (7,7 %) 2 (3,8 %) ARMINES is also a member of ANRT (National Association of Research and Technology), EIRMA (European Industrial Research Association Management) and the CURIE network. System@tic 7 (13,0 %) ARMINES 2008-2009 9

>>> A SUBSIDIARY FOR TECHNOLOGICAL DEVELOPMENT AND TRANSFERS ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// >>> TRANSVALOR specializes in initiating and developing industrial and commercial projects devised by laboratories, particularly in the software domain. In 1983, ARMINES created a development subsidiary, TRANSVALOR SA, to meet the need for transferring the results obtained in its laboratories to industries. In 2008, TRANSVALOR employed 33 staff members and generated a €4.6 million turnover, mostly in the industrialization and marketing of scientific simulation software. TRANSVALOR benefits from a team specializing in the industrialization of materials forming simulation software, mainly the FORGE (forging) and THERCAST (founding) software families. The team is largely drawn from the Sophia- Antipolis materials forming centre, a joint ARMINES-École des Mines de Paris research centre. Over the last few years, this activity has seen profitable internal growth thanks to successes in Europe and internationally, particularly in Asia, with exports representing 67%. 2008 figures remained profitable, although with limited growth reflecting the general economic climate. New projects for developing scientific software and databases are in progress: • transfer simulations with recognition of geochemical exchanges (CHESS and HYTECH software developed at the Fontainebleau geosciences centre); • development of the SODA internet portal and HELIOCLIM sun radiance database developed at the Sophia-Antipolis energy and processes centre. TRANSVALOR is the controlling shareholder in GEO- VARIANCES, which industrializes ISATIS deposit estimation software developed with the Fontainebleau geostatistics centre for the mining, oil and environmental sectors. GEOVARIANCES generated stable figures in 2008 after a year of exceptional growth in 2007. Estimated 2008-2009 turnover: €3.2 million. In 2002, TRANSVALOR acquired an interest in a start-up business, SAS Microeconomix, which originated in CERNA (Centre for Industrial Economics at the École des Mines de Paris). The new company specializes in consultancy in competitive economics and achieved remarkable growth in 2008 (turnover: €1.2 million). The ARMINES/TRANSVALOR group has a portfolio of 58 current patents. In 2008, it made patent applications for eight new inventions, mainly in the information technology, energy and materials domains. 10 ARMINES 2008-2009

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