Top Benefits of Ultherapy® Treatment in Kansas City


Ultherapy®, a non-invasive face-lifting procedure is a great alternative to surgical procedures that provides noticeably rejuvenated skin. For more details, visit

Benefits of

Ultherapy® Treatment


Ultherapy® is the only FDAapproved


treatment for lifting the

skin on the neck, chin and


Ultherapy® utilizes

ultrasound technology to

stimulate natural collagen

production deep within the

skin, helping to produce a

firmer, healthier, and more

vibrant appearance over


Benefits of Ultherapy®


Ultherapy® treatment

rejuvenates the skin

without the need for

surgery. Ultherapy® is

the only firming and

tightening procedure



ultrasound technology.

Customized Treatment

The ultrasound device

allows for customized

treatment by adjusting

the depth of energy as

well as the length of

treatment. Additionally,

the procedure works

very well when

combined with

resurfacing or injectable

treatments, such as

BOTOX® Cosmetic or


No Downtime Following The Procedure

While some people may

experience mild redness

or swelling immediately

following their

treatment, Ultherapy®

typically requires no

downtime. This results

from its non-invasive


Natural-Looking Enhancement

Ultherapy® causes

gradual tightening of the

tissue through collagen

stimulation, resulting in

a very natural look. This

can cause anti-aging

results without the risks

and healing issues

related to surgery.

Long Lasting Results

While it generally

takes about two to

three months to see

optimal results,

patients will often

continue to see

improvement over


Ultherapy® in Kansas City

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