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THE headphone company


More power - less strain

Professionally designed and equipped headphones. Detachable cables, extra cable,

speed-switch earpads incl. a spare pair of earpads, hardcase for storage and transportation

and many more details meet professionals´ needs. The 50 mm heavy duty

driver is producing an imposing sound intensity. Tight and powerful bass plus precise

and detailed instrument placement is given. Combined with all useful accessories

included in the new PRO hardbox, the closed-back PRO 550 finds its fans within bass

players and drummers.

Linearity with precision

The PRO 650 comes in the specifically designed PRO Box including 2 detachable cables,

and a spare pair of earpads. The earpads are easy to change (speed-switch-technology).

As with all Ultrasone PRO models the detachable cables make it easy to choose the cable

you prefer. The closed-back PRO 650 uses high class gold-plated drivers. In combination

with the design, PRO 650 offers an spectacular open 3-dimensional balanced image with

a maximum of transparency.

PRO 550

PRO 650

The closed masterpiece

These closed-back headphones use the stiffest drivers available: Titanium-plated!

These drivers offer the most exact and correct sound reproduction you can imagine.

Using specifically developed velvet earpads, you will have fantastic comfort for extensive

working hours, combined with a maximum of isolation. The PRO 750 comes in the safe

PRO hardcase, incl. one straight and one coiled cord, a spare pair of velvet earpads which

are easy to change due to the speed-switch technology.

PRO 750

The open masterpiece

You prefer open-back headphones Using the same stiff titanium-plated drivers as PRO 750,

the PRO 2500 model provides due to its open-back design the most airy sound within the

complete PRO line. Accuracy and the finest sound reproduction is guaranteed for everybody

who does not wish a closed-back system.

PRO 2500

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