Managing Large Numbers of Small Scale Growers in Developing ...

Managing Large Numbers of Small Scale Growers in Developing ...

Managing Large Numbers of Small Scale Growers in Developing Countries


As a leading international provider

of traceability and quality assurance

solutions for sustainable food and

farming, Muddy Boots Software has a

unique range of integrated products

which meet the requirements of

increasingly complex supply chains

within the globalised industry.

Muddy Boots has significant

experience of working in developing

countries to provide solutions

that help manage large numbers

of small growers to meet the

quality assurance and compliance

requirements of their customers.

This qualitative approach drives

improved business process, resulting

Maintaining Market Access

• Poor integrity of product


• Pesticide residue issues

• Unreliability of supply

• Trust over payments

• Supplier approval against multiple

customer standards

in efficiency gains in a highly

complex sector and a tough

economic climate.

The Issues... The Solution...

Today’s challenges revolve around

increased supply chain visibility:

• Who is your grower

• What do they produce

• Where do they produce it

• And do they

produce it

Businesses must be able to

demonstrate all of these elements

so they can ensure their products

are safe and comply with the

standards of their customer.

• Easy to use grower management


• Self audit grower management


• Improved supply traceability

• Transparent methods of

measurement and payments

• Mobile-based data capture for

audits and assessments


Audit Management with Quickfire

Quickfire from Muddy Boots Software is

a highly intuitive audit and assessment

management system. Based on Microsoft

Technologies, Quickfire is delivered as a

web-based application with offline data

capture capabilities; designed for areas

with little or no connectivity.

A highly effective mobile solution

which meets demands for consistency,

compliance and risk management with

simple one-time data entry. Muddy Boots

Quickfire is a must-have solution for

businesses needing to collect data from

large numbers of small scale growers.

Quickfire results in greater visibility of the

current issues in the supply chain and the

current positioning of individuals and their

approval status.

All users including growers, technical staff,

auditors and even buyers can engage

on the process; resulting in improved

corrective action timeline management

and better planning and reporting.

Measurement of improvement over time

demonstrates progress and identifies the

areas to address; leading to improved

targeting of long-term resources.

Sharing access and visibility with

your customer builds confidence and

underpins the development of long-term

supply chain relationships.

Case Study - Homegrown Kenya Ltd.

Homegrown Farm Audit Process

Transformed by Quickfire from

Muddy Boots Software

Homegrown is one of the largest and most reputable

vegetable exporters in East Africa and is owned by

Flamingo, one of the largest horticulture importers

in the UK. Homegrown was voted East Africa’s most

respected agribusiness three times in recent years.

In rural areas of Kenya there are over 1000 smallholders

who have undertaken to grow vegetables for

Homegrown. The small-scale growers are grouped into

two; the medium size individual farmers considered

as farm(s) and smallholders of between 10 to 20 small

farms that join together to make up a group, which is

equal to a farm.

These farm(s) and groups are closely managed by a

Technical Assistant from Homegrown who gives them

all the technical support and training needed to grow

vegetables to the high standards demanded by the


To manage the colossal task of auditing all of their

outgrowers against an increasing number of market led

standards on a regular basis, Homegrown implemented

Quickfire audit management system from Muddy Boots.

Due to its on and off-line capabilities it has enabled

Homegrown’s technical auditors to work remotely,

receiving audit and assessment data whilst maintaining

a high degree of integrity of the process.

“Quickfire helps us capture our audit data more

efficiently and has cut out all the duplication

that took place with our previous paper checklist

system. The automatically generated reports and

results are now easily accessible. Without Quickfire

from Muddy Boots we would have struggled

to manage compliance on behalf of all of our


Jacque Njonjo, Lead Auditor, Homegrown Kenya

The result has been significant in terms of huge savings

in time spent report writing, with greater access

to the data to manage the process more efficiently.

Quickfire is helping Homegrown’s outgrowers meet

export market standards by ensuring farms supplying

the produce are all audited and certified. Homegrown

now meets the standards of GLOBALG.A.P., Tesco’s Nature’s

Choice and Marks & Spencer’s Field to Fork.

The company is able to demonstrate that business

systems are in place to maintain the high quality

standards expected by its customers. This builds confidence

and long-term relationships which all parties

can benefit from.

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