The elevator

The elevator

The elevator

ALa’a EL Barbary & Hager Mahmoud

The mobile space chosen as a media intervention for this project is the



• Elevators are becoming an effective medium that is used as an advertising

vehicle for sending specific messages.

• data arouses the importance of looking more on how could design be

integrated in a better way to create a user experience while riding an

elevator. In other words using the time spent in an elevator in a sufficient

way for users and how would that influence them. Finally how can design

incorporate in elevators to influence people’s decision-making and behavior

through visuals or ads.

• Our process went through several steps as it first started with general

observations on different mobile spaces, which are taxies, elevators and









• Furthermore we concentrated on two specific aspects considering those

three mobile spaces, which are:

• 1. The user experience via the different mobile spaces. How do people

perceive each mobile space with different emotions and experiences. Also

how does the features of the place itself influence people.


• 2. Mobile spaces as a medium of advertising and sending specific

messages and does it have an impact on their behavior and decision


• Based on results, we focused on elevators

• Through observations, we noticed that

whether in a taxi or a tram there are a lot

of activities and action that could be done

through your ride in contrast to an elevator

where you do not have anything to do

unless stair on things.


• Another area of interest was emotional

aspect concerning the user as in an

elevator they felt uncomfortable by being

watched by others


First concept

• Making a friendly environment in

elevators by creating a user

experience to be remembered

through the integration of sound

inside an elevator.

• each user coming inside the

elevator will hear a sound

identifying his occurrence

through the pitch of music.

• Because the elevator is

responding in a positive way to

riders, it results a friendlier


• It is predicted to make people

smile, laugh, dance, sing or at

least leave them at ease

through their ride.

Second concept

• As surveys indicated the great

use of elevators as one of the

most successful advertising

medium nowadays with great

influence on peoples’ decision


• we want to integrate visuals that

would enhance people to

change their behavior towards

certain things such as scribbling

their name, numbers, symbols

on elevators, wall, means of

transportations and public


• It is a way of conveying

messages in a formula of an ad

or poster in order to influence

people’s behavior towards a

specific task or a problem in the

community that needs to be



More than 90% of prisoners are held without charge

and extreme isolation.stop the abuse



Third concept

• This idea most probably

depends on culture and

personal shock.

The main intention is to change

the whole environment of the

elevator by changing the

traditional purpose of elevators


• For example placing certain

services in the elevator, which is

unexpected to be found inside .


Problems in idea 1:

• If the installation did not work

well in patch, people will not

understand what does the

sound indicate or stand for.

Some people could perceive it

as noisy with all the different

music carried out for each


• a common problem would be

using hidden camera without

people knowing is illegal and

interfering of people personal


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