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CSP Gateway Configuration Guide - InterSystems Documentation

Minimal Apache Web Server or Private Web Server


When installing Caché and Ensemble, this private version of Apache is installed to ensure that:

1. The Management Portal runs out of the box.

2. An out-of-the-box testing capability is provided for development environments.

The private Apache web server is not supported for any other purpose.

For deployments of http-based applications, including CSP, Zen, and SOAP over http or https, you should not

use the private web server for any application other than the Management Portal; instead, you must install and

deploy one of the supported web servers (for information, see CSP Supported Web Servers in the “Supported

Technologies” chapter of the Supported Platforms document).

The Management Portal Apache server is self-contained and configured to listen on a non-standard TCP port (something

other than the usual, well known, HTTP server port of 80). It does not interfere with any other web server installation

operating on the same host.

To access the Management Portal, enter the following URL (which resolves to the port number on your private web server

for the current Caché instance):


The minimal Apache server used for the Management Portal is often referred to as the Private Web Server.

1.10.1 Building the Private Web Server

The (default) full Apache server is usually created with the following sequence of commands:

./configure --prefix=


make install

The minimal Apache build is typically created as follows:

/configure --prefix= --disable-actions \

--enable-alias --disable-asis --disable-auth \

--disable-autoindex --enable-access --disable-cgi \

--disable-cgid --disable-charset-lite --disable-dir \

--disable-env --disable-imap --disable-include \

--enable-log-config --enable-mime --disable-negotiation \

--disable-setenvif --disable-status --disable-userdir \

--enable-so --without-gdbm --without-ndbm \

--without-berkeley-db --disable-shared


make install

Notice that many of the services that are normally required for a production grade installation are excluded.

While this server can be used to host other CSP applications it is strongly recommended that a full, independent web server

installation is used for this purpose. It should be remembered that any changes made to the configuration of the Management

Portal Apache installation are overwritten when the hosting Caché installation is upgraded.

The Management Portal Apache installation uses the following CSP Gateway modules for communicating with Caché:

• Windows: CSPa2.dll and CSPa2Sys.dll

• UNIX®: CSPa2.so and CSPa2Sys.so

• OpenVMS: InterSystems does not supply an Apache installation for OpenVMS systems. For these systems, the Management

Portal can be either hosted by a web server (and CSP Gateway) installation operating on a remote, non-

OpenVMS, platform or through the Apache web server supplied by Hewlett-Packard. This latter server, known as HP

Secure Web Server (SWS), is based on Apache. Specifically, SWS version 2.1 is based on Apache version 2.0.52.

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