CSP Gateway Configuration Guide - InterSystems Documentation


CSP Gateway Configuration Guide - InterSystems Documentation

CSP Web Gateway Management Page

• It successfully reconnects to the system.

CSP is shut down.

• The connection is manually closed.

If your Caché system is scheduled for extensive downtime, you may want to close the connections from this option. To

close sessions manually:

1. From the Web Gateway Management Main Menu, click Close Connections.

2. Select the server from which you wish to disconnect. You can select * (asterisk) to close all connections to all servers.

3. Click Close Connections.

Note that you can close the connections while the Caché system is down.

2.1.4 Testing Server Connections

The Test Server Connection option on the CSP Web Gateway Management page menu is useful to test CSP Gateway connectivity

to your Caché systems. Note that you must be a system manager to use this feature.

To test CSP connectivity:

1. From the Web Gateway Management Main Menu, select Test Server Connection.

2. Select the desired Caché system from the displayed list.

3. Select View Server-side Log to see the CSP error log on the Caché Server.

4. Click Connect.

Depending on your selection and the state of the server connection, you receive one of the following results:


CSP Test Form

Server Event Log

System Availability Error

Server is currently


No response from the Web


Not Enough Sessions All

channels to the server are

busy: Please try later


CSP is installed and working properly. For Caché v5.0 (or earlier) the form lists

the variables (both user-defined and CGI Environment) that were passed to

the server with the request.The form just shows the basic parameters returned

by the target Caché server (version and process ID). The new minimal

connection worked form was introduced for security reasons.

You should receive this page if you selected View Server-side Event Log.

This error occurs any time that Caché is unreachable. If there are no additional

error messages, check to ensure your Caché system is running.

The CSP Gateway may have timed out while trying to establish a new


Check to see if your web server is running. If it is running, shut it down and

restart it.

You have reached your connection limit and must close some of the connections

you have running.

In all cases where an error condition is returned, check the Event Log for additional and more specific error information.

Consider raising the Log Level to capture even more diagnostic information where necessary.

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