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CSP Gateway Configuration Guide - InterSystems Documentation

CSP Web Gateway Management Page

4. ASP Redirect

5. Internal HTTP Server (NSD builds only)

6. Custom Error Messages CSP Gateway

This section contains a parameter that is globally relevant to the whole Gateway installation.

Instance Host Name

This is the network host name for this particular instance of the CSP Gateway. The Gateway generates a default

value which is shown beneath the text box. The value of this parameter is transmitted to Caché with the request

data as system variable CSPIHN. Caché based software can use the value to access management services provided

by the Gateway over the network.

The format for this parameter is: server_name:port

Maximum Connections

This represents the maximum number of connections to Caché that can be created from this Gateway instance.

Note that prior to 2012.2, the default value in Caché followed the HTTP 1.1 recommendation and was set to 2. In

Cache version 2012.2 and later versions, the default value is set to 6 (since most modern browsers, such as Internet

Explorer 8 allow 6 connections per session. Increasing this value allows better application responsiveness if an

application uses more connections but may also result in heavier server resource utilization.

Changes to the Maximum Connections parameter only take effect after a Gateway (or hosting web server) restart.

Maximum Cache Size

Maximum Cache Size

This represents the maximum amount of shared memory to be reserved for the purpose of caching CSP response


The cache size may be specified as follows:

In Bytes

In Kilobytes

In Megabytes




The default value for this parameter is 250K – which is the amount of memory typically required to cache the

static components used in the CSP/Zen samples. This value can be raised or lowered as required.

Changes to the Maximum Cache Size parameter will only take effect after a Gateway (or hosting web server)

restart. Security

If a user name and password are defined here, then all system managers must provide this user name and password to access

the CSP Web Gateway Management page.

If you forget the password, manually edit the Gateway configuration file CSP.ini and remove the Username and Password

parameters from the SYSTEM section of this file. Then you can access the CSP Web Gateway Management page without

a username and password and enter a new username and password if required.




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