CSP Gateway Configuration Guide - InterSystems Documentation


CSP Gateway Configuration Guide - InterSystems Documentation

CGI Environment Variables

The client principal name (or client username) is that of the Gateway host. This is the name used to identify the key in the

Kerberos Key Table. Assign this principal the necessary privileges in the Caché server to allow the Gateway’s service to


2.2.5 SSL-based Authentication and Data Protection

You can use the SSL protocol to secure communications between the Gateway and Caché.

In this mode, the SSL transport, as configured for this host, secures connections to Caché. The SSL Configuration Name

field should be set to the appropriate value for the target server. The Service Principal Name and Key Table fields are not

relevant and should be left empty.

For more information on creating SSL client configurations for Caché systems, see the chapter Configuring the CSP

Gateway to Connect to Caché Using SSL/TLS in the Caché Security Administration Guide. See also the subsection, in this

book, “Overriding the Library Path If You Use SSL” in the section “Kerberos Library” on setting a path for the SSL


2.3 CGI Environment Variables

CGI Environment Variables are derived both from the client’s HTTP request headers and from the environment in which

the web server is operating. The CSP Gateway transmits the common environment variables to Caché with each and every

request. If extra environment variables are required by the application, they must be explicitly requested in the CSP Gateway

configuration (via the Extra CGI Environment Variables setting in the Application Access section of the configuration). On

the [System] > [Configuration] page, click CSP Gateway Management and Go. Click Application Access

The list of environment variables transmitted is shown in the table below together with a brief description of each. Further

documentation can be obtained from standard web text books. See also the section “CgiEnvs Property and CGI Environment

Variables” in Using Caché Server Pages.

Environment Variable









Value entered in the client’s authentication dialog. This variable is

available only if Basic authentication is used.

Contains the authentication method that the server uses to validate

users when they attempt to access a protected script.

For requests which have attached information, such as HTTP POST

and PUT, this is the content type of the data.

Revision of the CGI specification to which this server complies.

Format: CGI/revision

Value of the Accept request header that contains a list of accepted

formats (MIME types). For example: image/gif, image/x-xbitmap,

image/jpeg, image/pjpeg, application/vnd.ms-excel. The values of

the fields for the HTTP_ACCEPT variable are concatenated, and

separated by a comma (,).

Comma-delimited list of the character encodings that the client


Contains a string describing the language to use for displaying

content (such as en-us).

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