CSP Gateway Configuration Guide - InterSystems Documentation


CSP Gateway Configuration Guide - InterSystems Documentation


Introduction to the CSP Gateway

The CSP Gateway provides the communications layer between the hosting web server and Caché when you call a Caché

Server Page.

1.1 Who Should Read this Document

The Caché installation includes scripts that perform Web Server and CSP Gateway configuration for common Web Servers

and operating systems.

In most cases, installing Caché according to the usual Caché instructions and installing a typical, supported web server

provides a system that works with the CSP Gateway without the need to consult this document.

However, if you have an atypical web server architecture or you are an advanced user who wants to get the best out of your

environment, you might want to use this document. This document describes the details of procedures for configuring a

web server and the CSP Gateway to connect to Caché. It also describes how to use services that the CSP Gateway provides.

1.2 CSP Documentation

Documentation on Caché Server Pages can be found in the following places:

• Using Caché Server Pages — describes how to create CSP pages

CSP HTML Tag Reference — a reference to all CSP tags

• Caché Server Pages Quick Start Tutorial — gets you started

CSP Web Applications Tutorial — an in-depth tutorial

CSP Web Gateway Documentation — online help on configuring the CSP Gateway is available in this book in the

CSP Web Gateway Management page at [System] > [System Administration] > [Configuration] > [CSP Gateway Management].

CSP Gateway Configuration Guide — when you install Caché, the CSP Gateway is installed automatically and works

for most sites. If you need to configure the CSP Gateway manually, use this document. The following two topics in

this guide contain procedures on configuring the CSP Gateway:

– Configuring the Web Server and the CSP Gateway

CSP Gateway Operation and Configuration

CSP Gateway Configuration Guide 3

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