download manual - Virgin Media

download manual - Virgin Media

Using your game deck as a phone

part and packet data connections, are logged as one

communication event.


for incoming,

for outgoing, and

for missed communication events.

Filtering the log

1 Select Options→ Filter. A list of filters opens.

2 Scroll to a filter and press Select.

Erasing the contents of the log

• To erase all the log contents, Recent calls register, and

Messaging delivery reports permanently, select

Options→ Clear log. Confirm by pressing OK.

Packet data counter and connection timer

• To view how much data, measured in kilobytes, has

been transferred and how long a certain GPRS

connection has lasted, scroll to an incoming or

outgoing event with the access point icon and

select Options→ View details.

Calls settings

• Select Options→ Settings. The list of settings opens.

• Log duration - The log events remain in the game

deck memory for a set number of days after which

they are automatically erased to free memory.

Note: If you select No log, all the log

contents, Recent calls register, and Messaging

delivery reports are permanently deleted.

• For Call duration, Show costs in, Call cost limit, see the

sections ‘Call duration’ and ‘Call costs (network

service)’ earlier in this chapter.

SIM directory

Go to Menu→ Tools→ SIM.

Your SIM card may provide additional services

that you can access. See also ‘Copying contacts between

the SIM card and game deck memory’, p. 51, ‘Confirm SIM

service actions’, p. 47, ‘Fixed dialling settings’, p. 47, and

‘Viewing messages on a SIM card’, p. 84.

Options in the SIM directory:

Open, Call, New SIM contact, Edit, Delete, Mark/

Unmark,Copy to Contacts, My numbers, SIM details, Help,

and Exit.

Note: For availability, rates and information on

using SIM services, contact your SIM card vendor, e.g.

network operator, service provider or other vendor.

• In the SIM directory, you can see the names and

numbers stored on the SIM card, you can add or edit

them, and you can make calls.

Memory card

Go to Menu→ Tools→ Memory card.

If you have a memory card you can use it to store your

games, music tracks, multimedia files like video clips and


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