download manual - Virgin Media

download manual - Virgin Media


3. Games

Note: Your game deck must be switched on to use

this function. Do not switch the game deck on when

wireless device use is prohibited or when it may cause

interference or danger.

The performance of games may be reduced if you have

many applications open. Therefore, close other

applications before playing games.

You can use the primary games keys and for

playing games. Other keys may be used dependant on the

game, refer to the instructions supplied with the game for

further information.

Tip! You can answer and end a call while

continuing to play a game.

Note: Playing games consumes power and the

game deck’s operating time is reduced.

Note: The Music player is not accessible when

playing games.

You can purchase a variety of games for your game deck.

For availability of different games contact your Nokia

approved Games supplier or visit

Starting a game

Each game is supplied on a separate memory card. Insert

the memory card of the game in to the Nokia N-Gage game

deck. See ‘Memory card’, p. 24. The game icon

automatically appears in the main Menu as the ninth icon.

Refer to the playing instructions supplied with the game

for further information. Also, you can play Java games that

you have downloaded from the Internet. See ‘Installing a

Java application’, p. 110.

Press Menu, scroll to the game icon and press .

Tip! Press Menu→ to start the game.

Starting a two player game

You may play some games as a two player game via a

Bluetooth connection with a friend who has the same

game on a compatible device. Before starting a two player

game, ensure that the Bluetooth settings of the devices are

compatible. See ‘Bluetooth connection’, p. 115. Refer to

the instructions supplied with the game for details of how

to start the game, different levels and additional features



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