download manual - Virgin Media

download manual - Virgin Media

Music player and radio

9 by pressing the corresponding number key. You can also

select a radio channel location 10 to 20 by pressing one

numbered key immediately after another, for example 1 +

0 = 10, 1 + 5 = 15 and 2 + 0 = 20.

Note: If the headset is disconnected the Radio will

time-out after 5 minutes and close.

Recording from the Radio

You can record the current

radio channel by pressing

and to highlight

the record control

button and then pressing

to record. Enter track

name and press OK.

Note: When in

record mode the record

button becomes

the stop control


Tip! You can also use Stop.

You can answer and make calls while recording the radio.

The volume of the radio is muted and recording continues

in the background. When you end the call, the radio will

automatically resume. You can playback your radio

recordings using the music player.

Nokia Audio Manager

With Nokia Audio

Manager, you can select

digital music tracks on a

compatible PC and transfer

them to your Nokia N-Gage

game deck memory card.

The Nokia Audio Manager

software also allows you to create M3U playlists on the PC,

with references to either MP3 tracks or tracks saved from

CDs. In order for the PC to access the media storage area

(memory card) on the game deck, you must connect your

game deck to the PC using the supplied DKE-2 USB Mini-

B Cable). See ‘Attaching and using the supplied cables’, p.

15. The contents of the game deck’s memory card can then

be displayed in the Mobile Device area of the Music Studio

window of the Nokia Audio Manager. The music tracks on

the playlists can be, for example, transferred from your


When using Nokia Audio Manager, you only need to

connect your game deck to the PC via the supplied DKE-2

USB Mini-B Cable (See ‘Attaching and using the supplied

cables’, p. 15.); everything else is done on the PC.

Note: Do not use this feature illegally! Music can be

protected by copyright. The recording of such music

tracks is permitted for your personal use only. It is

illegal to copy such music tracks for the purpose of

selling or distribution.


Copyright © 2003 Nokia. All rights reserved.

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