download manual - Virgin Media

download manual - Virgin Media

Music player and radio

3 To transfer the saved tracks to the Music Studio, click

the + Add button, select the desired track(s) and click


You can now transfer the tracks in the Music Studio to your

Nokia N-Gage game deck.

Transferring music tracks to your device

1 Save the tracks and playlists in the Music Studio of the

Nokia Audio Manager, see the previous section or the

Nokia Audio Manager Helps for further instructions.

Note: Check that the compatible PC and game

deck are connected using the supplied USB cable.

See ‘Attaching and using the supplied cables’, p. 15.

2 On the PC, open Nokia Audio Manager, the initial

screen is displayed.

3 Click on the icon in the mobile device area of the Music


4 Select the tracks or playlists that you want to transfer

to the memory card of your game deck: highlight the

desired tracks or playlists by clicking on them.

5 Click Transfer to device.

If you selected more music than can fit on the game deck

memory card, you get an error note. Deselect some of your

selected music tracks until the selection fits.

Transferring using Windows Explorer

After you have installed the Nokia Audio manager, it is

possible to use Windows Explorer to transfer MP3 or .AAC

music tracks to the memory card of your game deck.


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