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Biocide flyer


Kongsvang Allé 29

DK-8000 Aarhus C

Tel. +45 72 20 18 01

Fax +45 72 20 18 70

Thomas Lundgaard

Centre Manager, MSc

Environmental Engineer

+45 72 20 18 26

Torben Lund Skovhus

Team Leader, PhD

Oilfield Microbiologist

+45 72 20 18 27

DTI Oil & Gas Technical Team

Hotline +45 72 20 24 50

Evaluation of Biocide Performance

Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion

(MIC), reservoir souring and biofouling

of production systems are well known

problems in mature oilfields. Usually,

biocides are used as part of the

solution to combat and kill microorganisms.

Our biocide tests include:

Best in class tests

Ranking of a selection of different

biocide products against MIC related

microorganisms using DTI standard

bioassays based on Molecular Microbiological

Methods (MMM).

However, biocide application regimes

are often difficult to evaluate thoroughly

in the field. This is mainly because

the effect of biocide addition is based

on culturing and enzymatic tests that

can give insufficient answers to the


Consequently, such a monitoring strategy

can lead to risk of overdosing,

with negative impacts on both cost

and environment, but also to the risk

of underdosing with increased risk

of failures and unplanned production

shut down due to uncontrolled

growth of microorganisms.

To tackle the biocide challenge, DTI

Oil & Gas offers a range of customizable

services that are all designed

to provide the necessary knowledge

and evidence for proper choice of biocide


Our services span from initial screening

of microbial activity to optimization

of a biocide regime and evaluation of

its effect in the field.

Biocide efficacy assay

As part of a screening process a

selection of biocides can be tested

at different concentrations for performance

evaluation. Quick ranking

of different products can be done on

both water and solids from the system

to find optimal candidates.

Biocide regime optimization

We perform laboratory-based testing

of biocide regimes on system specific

microbes and biofilm from the system.

Tests are done in dynamic conditions

as experienced during batch treatment

and we evaluate the optimal dosing

time, concentration and frequency in

the lab.

Field test and monitoring

With a combination of water samples

and surface samples, e.g. from Sidestream,

Corrosion Monitoring Unit

(CMU TM ) and Corrosion Coupons, we

optimize the biocide program in

the field with a reliable feedbackloop

consisting of microbiology data

obtained with MMM.

Our experienced biocide experts are

always available to discuss challenges

and solutions regarding biocide applications

with you.

So contact us for a discussion about

how we can help secure value from

your biocide program.

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