Lettorato inglese Y2 programme 2007-2008

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Lettorato inglese Y2 programme 2007-2008

Dott.ssa Sian Morgan

Dott.sa Liz Long

Dott. Saleem Syed

Dott.ssa Robin Evers

Lettorato inglese Y2 programme 2007-2008


The course is skills-based and focuses on reading, writing and presentation skills. A variety of text

types will be analysed and produced during the course of the year.

Regular and consistent lettorato attendance should equip students to be working at between high B2

/low C1 level by the end of this year (depending on departure level).


Students are required to obtain the Year 2 Dispensa from portineria or Bernini for the beginning of

term, and each lettore will inform students of any other material required.

A downloadable mini dispensa for presentations is available for self study (see CLA site – materiali



• Reading strategies

• register awareness

• Recognising text types

• Understanding cohesion

• collocation

• dealing with unfamiliar words


Term 1

• Opinion writing

• Letters to the editor

• Opinion articles

Term 2

• Basic academic essay

• Formal writing


Listening strategies

• global

• for detail

• for discourse


• Presentation skills

• structuring &sequencing

• paraphrasing,

• handling questions

• checking comprehension

• reformulating

Course outline

• asking for clarification

• agreeing /disagreeing

Use of English

• Degrees of Formality

• Collocation

• Expressing opinions

• Emphasis

• Using adverbials

• Expanding lexis/word formation


Informal assessment / Homework

• Students will be expected to submit written assignments in Word document by email


• term 1 & 2

• Individual mini presentations will be practiced in class regularly throughout the year.

Formal assessment

• in-class timed writing May 2009

• presentation in pairs May 2009

These last two assessments will form the final lettorato mark.

Non-frequentanti or students who cannot attend classes regularly are requested to contact

long@unimore.it by November 2008. They should obtain the dispensas and work from them

independently with periodic meetings with a lettore during ricevimenti

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