July 2013 Value Add Mail Out - Pure Multi-Family REIT LP


July 2013 Value Add Mail Out - Pure Multi-Family REIT LP

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Pure Multi’s complete operational oversight means implementing targeted improvements at each property to enhance rental revenues.

Kitchen unit Before

Common area before

By improving the kitchen

at Prairie Creek Villas

with the addition of faux

wood vinyl flooring,

cabinet re-facing, spray

on granite counter-top

applications and stainless

steel appliances, we are

able to generate a rapid

return on invested capital

and a significant increase

in asset value.

Common area improvements

such as this fire pit typically

represent the best dollar

spent for capital improvements

since every renter

benefits from them. These

types of improvements have

enabled us to enhance our

assets and generate

significant value on invested

capital through strong rental

rate growth.

Kitchen unit After

Renters have been paying

increases of $100 to

$200 more per month for

the kitchen improvements

(that cost approximately

$3,000 to complete). A

$150 increase in monthly

rent x 12 months = $1800 /

year in additional revenues

per unit. At an average

capitalization rate of 6%,

this gives a $30,000

increase in value per


Common area after

Contact US

Andrew Greig

Director of

Investor Relations



910 - 925 West Georgia St,

Vancouver BC V6C 3L2

All figures used in this promotional piece are used as example only and for information purposes. Pure Multi does not give any warranty or other assurance as to the material appearing on this piece, its accuracy, completeness, timelessness or fitness for any particular purpose.

Value Add

Case Studies

Bear Creek Apartments received a

dramatic updated paint scheme,

enhancing its curb appeal.

Bear Creek repainting / new colour scheme



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