Apertura Albums - Studio Five Photography


Apertura Albums - Studio Five Photography

the BelliSSimo RAnge


Apertura Albums

Black/ivory mount

ivory/Black mount

Black/Black mount

ivory/ivory mount

the Apertura album is at the top of the tree when it comes to the ultimate in

luxury and quality. the Apertura is a matted overlay album sized at 14×14

inches with a maximum of 25 spreads (50 pages). the album cover is

constructed using the finest genuine leather sourced from one of the most

highly respected tanneries in the country.

ordering the Apertura is an absolute pleasure as there are hundreds of

layouts to choose from. the album pages are available with 4 mount colour

options shown.

You can order anything from a 10 spread (20 pages) to a 25 spread

(50 pages) version of the Apertura and it takes around 7 working days to

produce. the prints are made using traditional photographic paper and the

print options are vibrant lustre or punchy metallic paper.

Black/ivory cut mount

durable binding ivory/Black cut mount

the album is delivered back to you in a beautiful hand-finished complementary presentation box

completely assembled and ready to hand to your client.

Remember you can add

Keepsake Accordions to

complement your order!


the BelliSSimo RAnge


Portfolio Albums

to complete our offering of traditionally printed albums we have the portfolio.

the portfolio is especially designed for portraiture and makeovers, and is

ideal for environmental portrait coverage and model portfolios. When you

choose the portfolio you have complete control over design, finish, layout and

delivery of this unique product.

the portfolio is 14×10 inches in size with a choice of 6 or 8 spreads

(12 or 16 pages) in landscape format. the page spreads are available in

vibrant lustre or punchy metallic paper options giving you complete control

over the final look and feel of your album.

the portfolio is hand crafted to

the finest standards and takes

around 7 working days to

produce. it is available in an

attractive black leatherette cover

style incorporating a magnetic

gatefold on which you can

emboss your name or

a simple message.

Seamless page

cover embossing

the prints that make up the album offer a seamless

spread for your images across the spine area of your album.

the pages are flush mounted edge-to-edge and the prints are made using

traditional photographic paper. When you’ve chosen your paper option you can then decide

to add a laminated finish to your design – the metallic paper comes with a laminate as standard.

the albums are packaged in a complementary velvet-lined

black presentation box with a sumptuous leather effect

covering the outer surface.

When ordering your portfolio album you will find a

fantastic array of creative page layouts to choose from.

Remember to order

your downsized

coffee table Book to

complement your album!


the ARtemiS RAnge


The Artemis Range

The Delos Album

the exclusive Artemis albums form a luxurious range entitled

‘delos’ and are designed to accommodate 10×10 inch prints.

they are supplied with the option of 10, 15 or 20 spreads

(20, 30 or 40 pages).

there is a small cameo aperture in the front of the album for

your favourite image and you can choose between lustre or

gloss finish for your prints.

Artemis albums are packaged in a complementary velvet-lined

black presentation box with a sumptuous leather effect covering

the outer surface.

cameo aperture

page spread

laser embossing

Available sizes

the Artemis Range is designed for the more intimate wedding or event,

fulfilling the need for a simpler, yet equally stunning range of albums.

the Albums are constructed by skilled craftsmen with the 10×10 prints

being adhered to the pages leaving a small black border around

the edges.

the albums have a simple magnetic gatefold which opens to reveal the

pages. You can have the bride and grooms names embossed on the

surface of the gatefold to add that personal touch, or a simple message.

When ordering the delos range you will find a fantastic array of

templates for you to create your album.

mini albums are also available in upright and

square formats to complement this range as

detailed below.

The Delos Mini Album

A perfect complement to your main album, the delos mini is a firm

favourite with brides looking for a unique pocket sized memory of

their special day.

the delos mini albums consist of 7 spreads (including inside front and

inside back cover) giving effectively 14 pages. they come in packs of

5 with the prints packed at the back of the box for you

to place in the albums later.

Size 10×10 3.25×2.25 (upright) 3×3

Spreads 10–20 7 7

All sizes shown above are in inches. One spread = 2 pages.

Remember you can order

a bespoke premium

presentation Box to

display your album!


coFFee tABle BooKS


Coffee Table Books

The Classic Coffee Table Book

digitally press printed coffee table Books are ideal for presenting

images in a thoroughly contemporary style. With the whole page

to design the layout, creating a timeless memory in traditional

book form is effortless.

the pages are printed on satin coated 170gsm paper on both

sides and are stitched together providing a sturdy and

durable finish.

the hardback cover is photographically printed and laminated in either matt or

gloss – you can even print text on the spine! the books are available from the

stylish 6×6 inch size right up to the lavish 14×10 inch size.

the classic coffe table Book is available from 10 spreads (20 pages) up to

80 spreads (160 pages).

Available sizes

printed spine

printed cover

perfect construction

Size 6×6 7×5 7.5×5 7×5.5 8×6 8×8 10×8 10×10 12×9 12×12 14×10

Spreads 10–80 10–80 10–80 10–80 10–80 10–80 10–80 10–80 10–80 10–80 10–80

All sizes shown above are in inches and are available in both portrait and landscape. One spread = 2 pages.

Album proportion guide…

the table below will help you choose the correct and available options when selecting an album for

downsizing to create smaller albums, books or add-ons. the products are colour coded to show which

ranges are compatible with each other.


■ perfetto Albums ■ classic coffee table Book ■ infinity coffee table Book ■ mini Albums

original Album or Book

16 × 12

14 × 10 7 × 5 5 1 ⁄4 × 3 3 ⁄4

➜ ➜ ➜ ■ ➜


■ ■


12 × 9 8 × 6 5 × 3 3 ⁄4

12 × 12 10 × 10 8 × 8 6 × 6 4 1 ⁄4 × 4 1 ⁄4

12 × 8 7 1 ⁄2 × 5 5 5 ⁄8 × 3 3 ⁄4

10 × 8

7 × 5 1 ⁄2

All sizes shown above are in inches and are available in both portrait and landscape. *Infinity books can only be selected as a downsize

item if the spreads do not exceed 30 in total. Coffee Table Books cannot be downsized to Perfetto albums due to cropping margins.


mini AlBumS/the KeepSAKe AccoRdion


Mini Albums

Mini Albums

mini albums have been developed to be offered as a stand alone

product or as a complement to the other books or albums in the ranges.

the albums are digitally press printed and ‘perfect bound’ meaning they

are glued at the spine giving durability and longevity. Available in 4

popular sizes they can be ordered with up to 40 spreads giving you an

impressive 80 pages. the sizes available are 5.25×3.75, 5×3.75 and

5.6×3.75 (upright and landscape) and 4.25×4.25 inches. each mini

album is relative in size to its original album or book order, please see

page 17 for proportion details.

the mini albums carry a minimum order of 5,

each one having the same design throughout,

and are the perfect product to have as a

unique memento. production time for the

mini album is around 3 working days.

The Keepsake Accordion

The Keepsake Accordion

the Keepsake Accordion is a compact and much sought after product which

complements the extensive range of albums and books shown. the Keepsake

Accordion provides the perfect solution in sharing your treasured moments with

friends and family.

the Accordion is available in 3×3 and 3×4 inch

options and is supplied with a personalised

image sleeve included in the price. it is

printed on 300gsm paper and is

uV laminated on both sides.

the Accordion can display up to 6 images

on one side and 4 on the other as individuals or

you can order as a single spread for each side using your own

design. the heavyweight front and back covers are customized using

an image of your choice, finished with a luxurious gloss laminate.

the Keepsake Accordion is available to order in both sizes with a minimum

order of 3. production time for the Accordion is around 2 working days.

heavyweight cover

Accordion folding


ideAS And SuggeStionS


Ideas and Suggestions

All the products in the range of albums, books and add-ons have been developed to be as compatible

with each other as possible. this offers varied solutions when it comes to combining Bellissimo Albums

with coffee table Books or even parents’ albums with Keepsake Accordions. please always remember to

include as many possibilities as you can when you make up your order to ensure you receive the best

option available for your needs.

the images shown above and below illustrate the endless possibilities available in creating a unique and

attractive bundle that you can treasure and share with friends and family, using the downsizing options

shown on page 17.

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