Trailer Restrictions & Hold Harmless Form - Storey County!

Trailer Restrictions & Hold Harmless Form - Storey County!

Storey County Fire Department

Release of Liability

Use of Trailer(s)

In consideration for being permitted to use a fuels management trailer provided by the Storey

County Fire Department, designated for the express purpose of disposing yard waste (fuel

reduction materials) from individual private property parcels, I, _____________________, on

my own behalf as well as on behalf of my heirs, next of kin, personal representatives and assigns,

hereby agree as follows:

1. Trailer will be used strictly for the purpose of removing and disposing of accumulated

yard waste (fuel reduction materials). Items listed on the attached document will not be

allowed, and shall not be placed in the trailers. Should prohibited items be placed in the

trailer, all items within the trailer will be removed on site upon the retrieval of trailer by

the Storey County Fire Department personnel and/or its representatives.

2. I, ________________________, will be the sole user and responsible party of the

aforementioned trailer until it returns and is in the possession of the Storey County Fire

Department personnel and/or its representatives. I agree that I will not grant permission to

any other person or organization to use the trailer. I also agree that the trailer will not be

removed from the location where it is originally placed by the Storey County Fire

Department. I understand that the Storey County Fire Department can remove the trailer

at any time.

3. In consideration of having this service provided to me free of charge, I hereby RELEASE

and DISCHARGE the Storey County fire Department, County of Storey, its personnel,

and assigned representatives from any and all liability, losses, claims, demands or causes

of action (“Losses”) that I may hereafter have for injuries and damages arising out of my

use of said trailer.

4. I further agree to indemnify, hold harmless and defend, not excluding Storey County’s

right to participate, Storey County from and against all liability, claims actions, damages,

losses and expenses, including but not limited to reasonable attorney’s fees and costs,

arising out of any alleged negligent or willful or omissions of me. I will not be liable for

any attorney’s fees or costs if Storey County chooses to participate with its own legal



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Storey County Fire Department

Trailer Use Restrictions

The intent of the Storey County Fire Department in providing trailers to the public is to create an

alternate means of disposal of accumulated yard waste (fuel reductions materials). To this end,

the following items are prohibited from being placed in the trailer:

- Appliances

- Hazardous Materials

- Auto Parts

- Construction Material

- Metals, Plastic, or other man-made materials

- Rocks or Concrete

- Animals

- Anything outside of the scope of vegetative materials

- Tree Trunks

Yard waste should be of such a size as to facilitate ease of disposal. Tree limbs shall be cut down

to 6ft. or less before being placed in the trailer. It is also understood that some dirt/soil may be

included within the disposal of yard waste, but large amounts outside of that scope is prohibited.

Should there be a question as to the conditions specified above, please consult with a Storey

County Fire Department employee and/or its representative prior to, or at the time the trailer is

delivered to your residence. Our office phone number is (775) 847-0954.


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