Exhibitor Prospectus - UMKC School of Dentistry - University of ...


Exhibitor Prospectus - UMKC School of Dentistry - University of ...

Midwest Dental Conference

April 11-14, 2013

Kansas City, Mo.

Exhibitor Prospectus

What is the Midwest Dental Conference

MDC is the largest conference held by a dental school and alumni organization in the country. Highlights of the

conference include four days of continuing education courses by well-known speakers, hands-on workshops, a

gala that supports special patient care, class reunions and technical exhibits.

With alumni attending from all across the country (and especially

from Arkansas, Hawaii, Kansas, Missouri, New Mexico and Oklahoma)

the Midwest Dental Conference offers a variety of regional

audiences and a great platform for your company!

Scientific Sessions

Pam Smith — Nutrition

Steve Anderson — Practice Management

Dr. Michael Sesemann — Restorative Dentistry

Dr. Robert Fazio — Oral Medicine

Dr. Neal Patel — Implants

Dr. Sam Higdon — TMD

Dr. Jeff Rouse — Prosthodontics and Sleep Apnea

Dr. Mitch Gardiner — Risk Management

Dr. John Hellstein — Oral Pathology

Kirk Behrendt — Dental Practice Coaching

Dr. Maria Emanuel Ryan — Oral Systemic Connections

Prof. Lori Holt — Cultural Diversity

More to be announced!

Boost Your Exposure by Being a Sponsor!

As a “sponsor” of the Midwest Dental Conference you can increase your company’s interaction with and exposure

to more than 3,000 dental professionals attending the conference. Depending on your level of sponsorship,

your company can stand out from the crowd by being featured prominently in the conference’s publications,

signage and activities. Please indicate on the enclosed registration form the sponsorship level that will

maximize your success.

To Ensure Your Success We Provide:

• “Exhibits Only” time slots built into the conference schedule

• Distribution of the Conference Guidebook with exhibitor’s information to all registrants

• Detailed directions and extensive signage to direct participants to the exhibit area

• Exhibit promotion from the podium by session moderators

Over 140 companies participated in the 2012 Midwest Dental Conference in Kansas City. All exhibits are located

in the Crown Center Exhibit Hall adjacent to the Sheraton Kansas City Hotel at Crown Center. This facility

is designed for your success with high traffic patterns and maximum exposure to your customers.

Booth Rental Payment

Hall A Booth Rental

Early Bird Special Discount

In-line Booth — $1,025

Corner Booth — $1,125

After March 1, 2013

In-line Booth — $1,050

Corner Booth — $1,150

Hall B Booth Rental

Early Bird Special Discount

In-line Booth — $975

Corner Booth — $1,075

After March 1, 2013

In-line Booth — $1,000

Corner Booth — $1,100

Booth Includes

• Pipe and draping (10 ft. background, 3 ft. side dividers)

• One company identification sign and one wastebasket

• Credentials for six representatives

• Separate listings in the Conference Guide by company name and by product

• Furniture must be ordered through Geo. E. Fern Co.

To be listed in the Conference Guidebook registration applications must be received by March 1, 2013.

Space may only be reserved by returning the completed application, either with your MasterCard, Discover or

Visa information, or your check, made payable to UMKC Dental Alumni Association. Mail your application and

payment to:

UMKC Dental Alumni Association

Karen Wilson,

Coordinator of Exhibits

650 E. 25th St.

Kansas City, MO 64108-2784

Exhibitor Kits

Geo. E. Fern Co. will handle additional exhibit products, services and all exhibit drayage. “Exhibitor Kits,”

including shipping instructions and other pertinent information related to individual booth furnishings, will be

provided by Geo. E. Fern Co. Exhibitor kits will be emailed or mailed to you by Geo. E. Fern Co. approximately

four weeks prior to the event. You may secure further information from Geo. E. Fern Co. by calling 816-221-

0525 or FAX 816-471-1602.

Statistics Chart

2012 Attendees 2011 Attendees







Contact Information

UMKC Dental Alumni Association

c/o Midwest Dental Conference

650 E 25th St. Rm. 411

Kansas City, MO 64108

Phone: (816) 235-2060 or (800) 643-9671

Fax: (816) 235-5892

Exhibit Director

Donna Weber


Exhibit Coordinator

Karen Wilson


Exhibit Assistant

Nicole Johnson


Important Dates


Last day for 80% Refund December 14, 2012

Last day for 50% Refund January 11, 2013

Exhibit Details

Last day to be listed in March 1, 2013

Conference Guide

Early Bird Special Discount Ends March 1, 2013

Turn in names for company badges March 15, 2013


Hotel special rate cutoff March 17, 2013


Certificate of Insurance deadline March 22, 2013

Frequently Asked


Do I need to submit the Certificate of


Yes, this is for your protection. In case

something were to happen, we would

rather have you covered.

How do I reserve a space

By mailing, emailing, or faxing your

application to us, with a full payment,

your space will be solely yours. Booth

assignments are made first come, first

served, so the sooner we receive a

payment and application the likelier you

will have a preferred space.

Exhibit Set Up

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Exhibit Hours

Friday April 12, 2013

Saturday, April 13, 2013


Saturday, April 13, 2013

12:00 pm – 6:00 pm

10:00 am-6:00 pm

10:00 am-4:00 pm

4:00 pm-8:00 pm

How do I register my company


On the back of the application form

are spaces for the names of the

representatives. This gives them

company access to the exhibit hall,

but does not register them for the

conference courses offered. You will

receive up to six (6) complimentary

badges per 10 x 10 booth space rental.

Each additional badge is $35 per

person. A complete list is due by March

15, 2013.

Who can I contact about renting

furniture and shipping instructions

The Geo E. Fern company will send

you a kit by email or by mail, based on

what information we receive from you

on the application form. If you wish to

speak with someone there regarding

holding a shipment or information in

the kit, please call (816) 221-0525.

All shipments should be addressed as


Crown Center Exhibit Hall

c/o Fern Exposition & Event


2301 McGee

Kansas City, MO 64108

Terms and Agreements

The exhibitor agrees that the Terms and Conditions of the Midwest Dental Conference are made a part

of this contract and that said exhibitor agrees to be bound by each and all of these rules and regulations,

and that management shall have the full power to interpret, amend and enforce all rules and

regulations in the best interest of the exhibition.

Assignment of Space

Assignment of booth space continues to

be arranged on a FIRST-COME, FIRST-

SERVED basis. Every effort will be made

to accommodate your preference; however,

if you have a strong preference, it

is recommended that you submit your

application and full payment at the

earliest possible date.

All technical exhibits will be located in

the Crown Center Exhibit Hall adjacent

to the Sheraton Kansas City Hotel at

Crown Center. The construction and

content of exhibits is subject to approval

by the Director of Exhibits. The Midwest

Dental Conference reserves the right to

curtail exhibits, in whole or part, that

are judged not to be consistent with the

professional character of the conference.

Contract for Space

By submitting an application for exhibit

space, the applicant releases the

Midwest Dental Conference from any

and all liabilities to the applicant, its

agents, licensees, or employees that

may arise or be asserted as a result of

application submission or participation

in this exhibit. The Midwest Dental

Conference determines the eligibility of

any company or product for the exhibit.

Application acceptance does not imply

endorsement of products or services

by the Midwest Dental Conference, nor

does rejection imply lack of merit of

same. This application (once accepted

by the Midwest Dental Conference with

booth space assignment) constitutes a

contract for the right to use the space.

Full Rental fee for space is due and

payable with the application. Refunds

are made only according to the written

Terms and Conditions. Should space remain

unoccupied at the opening of the

exhibition, the Midwest Dental Conference

may rent or use the space without

obligation or refund.

Arrangement of Space

The Midwest Dental Conference

reserves the right to alter at any time

the location, size and display limits of

booths if such alterations are in the best

interest of the exhibition as a whole.

Exhibits may not project beyond the

assigned limits or interfere with traffic.

Aisles are under the control of the Midwest

Dental Conference and may not be

used for exhibits.

Subletting of Space

No exhibitor shall assign, sublet or

apportion the whole or any portion of

space allotted, nor exhibit therein any

products/services other than those

manufactured or distributed by the

exhibitor in the regular course of the

exhibitor’s business, nor permit any

representative of any firm not exhibiting

to solicit business or take orders in the

exhibitor’s space. Any exhibitor violating

this rule will be required to pay a

penalty in an amount equal to the price

paid for their space.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation requests must be made in

writing to the Director of Exhibits. An

80% refund will be given if cancellation

is made on or before Dec 14, 2012. A

50% refund will be given if a cancellation

is made between Dec. 15, 2012 and

Jan 11, 2013. No refund will be given for

cancellations after Jan 11, 2013.


Due to the layout of the hall, space is

not available to store display material

and show merchandise. At the conclusion

of the exhibitor set-up, all related

equipment, crates, etc. should be removed

from the premises and may not

be returned to the premises before the

last day of the exhibit show period. The

facility will charge accordingly for removal

of any items left on the premises.

Admission Credentials

All members of an exhibit staff must

be fulltime employees of the exhibiting

company. Dentists, dental hygienists,

dental assistants or laboratory technicians

may not be registered as exhibitors

unless he or she is an officer of the

company or a full-time (nonpracticing)

employee. Exhibiting companies that

register a dental professional as a guest

will forfeit their rights to exhibit and

will be charged the applicable registration

fees for all personnel who obtain

entry in violation of the rules of admission.

Any company violating the rules

of admission will be expelled from the

exhibits hall without refund and will

be excluded from future invitations to


Identification Badges

Identification badges will be required

to enter the exhibit hall. Representatives

of your company will be issued

badges for their use only. All personnel

must be authentic employees of the

company exhibiting. May be subject to

fines if false representation of company

representatives. You will receive up to

six (6) complimentary badges per 10 x

10 booth space rental. Each additional

badge is $35 per person. Complete list

due by March 15, 2013.


While every effort will be made to

provide a secure area, you are advised

that the Midwest Dental Conference,

its sponsors, decorators, or Exhibit Hall

assume no responsibility for any loss or

damage during the set-up, exhibition, or

tear-down of exhibits.

Attendees List

Due to affiliations with University of

Missouri-Kansas City, we are not able to

release attendees mailing information.

Dismantling Hours

Dismantling may only begin when the

show closes at 4 p.m. on Saturday, April

13, 2013. Non-compliance may result in

loss of future exhibition privileges.

Demonstrations/Souvenirs &


All demonstrations or promotional

activities must be confined to the limits

of the booth. No signs or placards may

be displayed on persons or otherwise

outside exhibit spaces. Exhibitors shall

post no bills or signs inside or outside of

the exhibit area without the permission

of the Coordinator of Exhibits. Distributing

samples and souvenirs in a dignified

manner is permitted provided there is

no interference with other exhibits. The

Midwest Dental Conference may withhold

or withdraw permission to distribute

advertising materials, samples or

souvenirs that are judged inappropriate

to the character of the conference.


The exhibitor assumes all responsibility

for compliance with all pertinent

ordinances, regulations and codes of

duly authorized local, state and federal

governing bodies concerning fire, safety

and health, together with the rules and

regulations of the operators and owners

of the property where the exhibition is

being held. The Midwest Dental Conference’s

designated representative will

have the full power of the interpretation

and enforcement of these terms and

conditions and may amend them at any

time. Any and all questions not covered

in the Terms and Conditions are subject

to the decision of the Midwest Dental

Conference and shall be binding on parties

affected by them as by the original

terms and conditions. Exhibitors or their

representatives who fail to comply with

the terms of the contract or who fail to

conduct themselves in a professional

manner, in the opinion of the Director

of the Midwest Dental Conference, may

be dismissed from the exhibition without

refund or other appeal.

Loss or Damage

UMKC Dental and Dental Hygienists’

Alumni Associations, Crown Center

Exhibit Hall, the decorator, and their

personnel will not be held responsible

for any loss and/or damage to exhibits

or other properties while such are

on the facility property. The exhibitor

shall accept full responsibility for any

damage caused by the exhibitor or his

representatives and agrees to indemnify

and hold harmless the hotel and UMKC

Dental and Dental Hygienists’ Alumni

Associations from and against any and

all claims for any such loss, damage,

or injury, no matter how caused. In all

cases, exhibitors should provide their

own insurance.


All property of the exhibitor is understood

to remain under his/her custody

and control, in transit to, within, or

from the confines of the exhibit area,

subject to the Terms and Conditions of

the exposition. Exhibitors are advised to

carry floater insurance to cover exhibit

material against damage and loss, and

public liability insurance against injury

to the person and property of others.

It is recommended that exhibitors take

precautionary measures of their own,

such as the securing of small or easily

portable articles of value. The exhibitor

acknowledges that the hotel and its

owners do not maintain insurance covering

property brought onto the hotel

premises by exhibitors and that it is the

sole responsibility of the exhibitor to

obtain insurance covering such losses.


No nails, tacks or screws shall be attached

to the walls, woodwork, or floors

of the buildings. No gasoline, kerosene,

acetylene, or other flammable and

explosive substance will be permitted

in the buildings unless cleared in writing

by the City Fire Marshall prior to

the convention. Any copy of any such

approval must be made available to

the Coordinator of Exhibits prior to the



To ensure a professional climate and

appearance for the entire exhibit display

areas, exhibitors are requested not to

remove their equipment or displays

between the opening and closing of the

show without special permission from

the Coordinator of Exhibits. Exhibitors

must not interfere with neighboring

exhibits and must avoid use of bright

or flashing lights, loud noises, displays

which obstruct view, etc.

Inability to Perform

Should the Midwest Dental Conference

be prevented from conducting the

conference or exhibitions by any cause

beyond its control or if the conference

cannot permit the exhibitor to occupy

the rented space for any reason beyond

its control, the Midwest Dental Conference

will refund to the exhibitor the full

rental fee less a proportionate share

of any exhibit expenses. The Midwest

Dental Conference will have no further

obligation or liability to the exhibitor.

Interpretation & Enforcement

These Terms and Conditions become

part of the contract between the exhibitor

and the Midwest Dental Conference.

The Midwest Dental Conference’s

designated representative will have

the full power of the interpretation

and enforcement of these terms and

conditions and may amend them at any

time. Any and all questions not covered

in the Terms and Conditions are subject

to the decision of the Midwest Dental

Conference and shall be binding on parties

affected by them as by the original

terms and conditions. Exhibitors or their

representatives who fail to comply with

the terms of the contract or who fail to

conduct themselves in a professional

manner, in the opinion of the Director

of the Midwest Dental Conference, may

be dismissed from the exhibition without

refund or other appeal.

Exhibit Hall Map

Classification List

Please select a maximum of three (3) categories that describes the products or services provided by

your company. Then, in the space provided at the bottom of your application form, list the numbers

you circled. We will use these categories to “index” your company in our Conference Guidebook.

1. Abrasives, Disks, Points, and Wheels

2. Absorbents

3. Acrylics & Accessories

4. Air Compressors

5. Air Dryers

6. Alloys, Precious and Nonprecious

7. Amalgamators

8. Analgesia Equipment and Supplies

9. Anatomical Models

10. Anesthetics, Local & Accessories

11. Apex Locators

12. Articulators & Accessories

13. Audiovisual Equipment & Materials

14. Biological Monitoring

15. Bleaching Kits

16. Blood Pressure Equipment

17. Bonding Equipment

18. Bone Grafting Materials

19. Burs, All Types

20. Business Equipment /Office Supplies

21. Business Systems

22. Business and Financial Services

23. CAD/CAM Systems

24. Cabinets

25. Casting Machines

26. Casting Materials

27. Cement, All Types

28. Chairs and Accessories

29. Claims Processing

30. Composite Materials

31. Computer Forms

32. Computer Hardware

33. Computer Imaging

34. Computer Software

35. Cotton Products

36. Credit/Collection Programs

37. Crown/Bridge Materials

38. Darkroom Equipment/Supplies

39. Dental Dealers

40. Dental Hygiene Materials

41. Dental Implants & Accessories

42. Dental Laboratories

43. Dental Plans

44. Dental Porcelain

45. Dental Care Products

46. Denture Base/Reline/Repair Resins/


47. Diagnostic Equipment

48. Disposable Products

49. Educational Material, Patient and


50. Electronics Claims Transmissions

51. Electrosurgical Equipment

52. Emergency Kits

53. Endodontic Instruments/Supplies

54. Equipment Leasing/Financing

55. Equipment Repair and Maintenance

56. Evacuators and Evacuating Systems

57. Eyewash Stations

58. Faucets

59. Filling Materials and Accessories

60. Financial Services

61. Financing (Dental Equipment)

62. Financing (Dental Patient)

63. Financing (Practice Acquisition)

64. Floss

65. Fluoride Products

66. Gel, Scaling

67. Glass Ionomers

68. Gloves

69. Gum/Chewing

70. Handpieces, Operating and Laboratory

71. Impression Materials

72. Incentive Materials, Patients

73. Infection Control/Compliance

74. Infection Control/Products

75. Infectious/Hazardous Waste Handlers

76. Instruments, Diamond

77. Instruments, Operating and Accessories

78. Insurance

79. Inter Communication Systems

80. Internet

81. Intraoral Cameras

82. Investment Materials/Equipment

83. Investment Planning

84. Investment Planning, Estate

85. Jewelry

86. Laboratory Equipment

87. Lasers

88. Leasing

89. Light, Curing

90. Lighting Accessories

91. Linings, Cavity

92. Long Distance Calling

93. Loupes

94. Masks/Shields

95. Medicaments

96. Military

97. Miscellaneous

98. Mobile Dentistries

99. Office Furniture/Decor

100. Operating Lights (Intra-Oral)

101. Operating Room Supplies/Equipment

102. Optical Aids

103. Oral Irrigation Devices

104. Oral Rinses

105. Orthodontic/Pedodontic Materials

106. Oxygen/Anesthesia Equipment

107. Paper Products

108. Periodontal Instruments

109. Periodontal Products

110. Personnel Service

111. Pharmaceuticals

112. Phone Cards

113. Photographic Equipment, Supplies

114. Porcelain Polishes

115. Porcelain Repair Products

116. Portable Equipment

117. Practice Management

118. Practice Marketing

119. Practice Sales

120. Preventive Dentistry Products

121. Prophylaxis Angles, Kits and Cups

122. Prosthetic and Laboratory Supplies

123. Publications/Professional & Scientific

124. Pulp Testers

125. Record-Keeping Systems

126. Refineries

127. Restorative Materials and Accessories

128. Retention Pins

129. Retirement Programs

130. Retraction Materials

131. Saliva Ejectors

132. Saliva, Synthetic

133. Sealants

134. Sharpeners

135. Signs

136. Skin Care

137. Snoring Appliances

138. Spore Testing

139. Sterilizers/Accessories

140. Stools, Dental Operating/Laboratory

141. Subscriptions Services

142. Surgical Supplies

143. Syringes and Accessories

144. TMJ Products

145. Teeth, Artificial

146. Toothbrushes

147. Toys

148. Ultrasonic Equipment

149. Uniforms and Gowns

150. Units and Accessories

151. Upholstery

152. Vacuum Equipment

153. Video Equipment

154. Wax, All Types

155. Web Site Development

156. X-ray Films, Intraoral/Extraoral

157. X-ray Machines/ Accessories/


Increase your company attraction with your

current and potential customer at the

2013 Midwest Dental by being a sponsor!

Offering sponsorship for the conference including publication, signage and

advertising opportunities.

QR Code Scavenger Hunt

(Unlimited Participants)

Purchase a QR (Quick Response)

code that will be

displayed at your booth for

attendees to capture. You pay

the sponsorship fee and submit

a prize valued at $50 or greater,

which the attendee will play to win. Attendees will

go to participating booths to scan, retrieve password

and enter drawing. The code password will be decided

by you. Upon completing 5 passwords, attendees

will turn in Scavenger Hunt card.

Sponsorship fee: $50 + $50 valued or greater item

Company Promotional Insert

(Limited Participants)

A limited number of exhibitors will be given the opportunity

to include their promotional materials i.e.

flyer, post card, etc. in each attendee’s registration

packet. You supply 3,500 inserts with your company

name, logo, and booth number and we will include

one in each attendee’s packets.

Participation fee: $500

Welcome Tote Bags

(Exclusive Sponsor)

The Welcome Tote Bag sponsor’s

name and logo will appear on

the front of the bag and be

given to every attendee.

Sponsorship fee: $4000

Afternoon Popcorn Break

(Exclusive Sponsor)

Friday and/or Saturday, April 12-13 at

1:30 pm – 3:30 pm

As a sole sponsor, the popcorn

machine will be set up at your

booth for attendees to enjoy in

the afternoon. Signage is available

that will display sponsorship

with booth number, name

and logo. You may decide to have

the machine for one or both days.

Sponsorship fee: $500 per day

Pouring from the Heart

(Unlimited Sponsors)

As a sponsor you will receive advertising in the gala

brochure and on all signage at the

event. You will also have a sign

at your booth saying you are

a “Proud Sponsor of Pouring

From The Heart”. Contact the

Alumni office for more information.

(816) 235-2060

Sponsorship fee: $1,750 to


Speaker Sponsorship

(Unlimited Sponsorship)

If you would like to get recognition as a Speaker

Sponsor, please contact Karen Wilson at

(800) 643-9671.


(Exclusive Sponsor)

The lanyards are given to

all attendees and exhibitors

in their registration packets. The

sponsoring company’s name will appear

on the lanyard.

Sponsorship fee: $3,500

Door Prizes

(Unlimited Sponsorship)

Contribution of a door prize of your choice for raffle

drawing on Saturday, April 13th

What does Kansas City Offer

In a city full of arts and culture, eateries and entrepreneurship, we are more than a cow town. Kansas City has

lively districts that offer something for everyone with its own distinguished appeal.

• 18th and Vine: Historic Jazz District

• Country Club Plaza: Spanish

influenced open air shopping

center featuring familiar and

unique companies appealing

to various shopping tastes and

globally inspired restaurants.

• Crossroads District: Art galleries,

local shops, restaurants and bars ranging from

frozen cocktails and hand-crafted chocolates to

Cajun to Thai.

• Crown Center and nearby: With the only World

War I museum in the country, the Liberty

Memorial is worth a visit as well as Union

Station located nearby, both within walking

distance from the Sheraton and Westin

Hotel. A tour of the Boulevard

Beer Brewing Company is in close

proximity where you should reserve

a tour including samples.

• Martini Corner: Locally owned bars with a

vibrant nightlife.

• Power and Light: Including performance

centers like the KC Repertory Theatre to

the Midland Theatre and well-known

establishments and entertainment venues

• River Market: Ethnic eateries and a wonderful

food market.

• Westport: Generous bar

scenes with several bars

featuring nationally

recognized hand crafted


• Westside/ West

Bottoms: Many local

restaurants gaining attention

including crepes, Mexican and

vegan menus.

Hotel Rates

Exhibitors qualify for special room rates at both the Westin and the Sheraton Crown Center Hotels, which are

connected by a covered walkway. Refer to the UMKC Dental Alumni Association-Midwest Dental Conference in

order to receive the conference rate.

Westin Crown Center Hotel

1 East Pershing Road

Kansas City, Missouri 64108

816/474-4400 or 800/228-3000

$157.00 per night plus tax

single or double occupancy

until March 17, 2013

Sheraton Kansas City Hotel at Crown Center

2345 McGee Street

Kansas City, Missouri 64108

816/841-1000 or 866/716-8134

$152.00 per night plus tax

single or double occupancy

until March 17, 2013

Midwest Dental Conference

University of Missouri-Kansas City

School of Dentistry

Office of Alumni and Advancement

650 E. 25th Street

Kansas City, Missouri 64108-2784

UMKC is an equal opportunity, affirmative action institution.

Mark your Calendar

Future Dates:

April 10-13, 2014

April 9-12, 2015

April 7-10, 2016

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