Management rules and external factors - INRA Montpellier

Management rules and external factors - INRA Montpellier

Rule n°16. Tree beating-up rule


Time step for examining the rule

To beat-up or not to beat-up


Limits of time step for applying the rule Year 2


State variables required for the rule


Tree density

Age of stand

Mortality rate of trees (mortality rate) or number of living trees

Likely consequences known by the manager

Decision criterion

In most agroforestry system in England, trees are planted at

their final spacing. It is therefore expected that if there is any

mortality, the trees will be replanted in year 2.

Biophysical Management Rule:

IF year =2, then number of trees to replace = number of planted

trees x mortality rate..

Questions and comments

It is unlikely that this rule will be applied in the HySafe model for

the following reason :

The simulated plot will consist in an average tree, possibly

surrounded by other average trees. Therefore no information on

tree mortality can be generated by the model (if the average

tree dies,…)

I am afraid this rule cannot be included

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