Management rules and external factors - INRA Montpellier

Management rules and external factors - INRA Montpellier

As a consequence of the market prices, the labour cost, the input cost, the land

taxation regime, the cost for renting the land.

Long term climate variability

Mean annual temperature – How does agroforestry respond to a global warming

Mean annual rainfall How does agroforestry react to a change in the average

rainfall Short term climate variability (day to day and year to year) is not

considered as an external factor in this approach.

How to format external factors for use in the model

The level of details to which we should describe the external factors has to be

decided. For example, Arbustra used only a crop gross margin, where Popmod and

Wanulcas detail every cost associated with the crop (fertiliser, fuel, seeds…). Do we

want to study the impact of say … oil cost on agroforestry, or simply of crop

revenues on agroforestry

Progressive changes or one-off change in external factors Popmod allows both

possibilities to be studied. We probably should do the same in HySAFE.

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