Management rules and external factors - INRA Montpellier

Management rules and external factors - INRA Montpellier

List of strategic decisions necessary at the start of a simulation

(plot level)

The sensibility to these decisions will be studied by parallel runs of the model.

Decisions at the farm level (where should I localise a SA plot, what area of SA in

my farm, should I delay the plantations over time…) are not considered here. The

following 11 decisions have been identified :

1. Minimum size of the plot

2. Width for the headlands

3. Tree pattern : irregular, regular [rectangular, quincunx]

4. Tree spacing between rows

5. Tree spacing within row

6. Tree line orientation, Tree line slope

7. Tree species [timber tree, dual purpose tree], [sole species, mixture of species]

8. Tree protection [no, net, tube]

9. Accompanying understorey on the tree line [grassing, shrubs, Christmas trees]

10. Soil preparation [uniform across the plot, specific for the tree line],

[ploughing, subsoiling]

11. Initial crop rotation (including water saving fallow in dry systems)

The influence of these decisions on the plot results will be obtained by running

simulations with the same management rules but different values for the initial

strategic decisions.

In the case of mature systems such as the Dehesa in Spain or some Greek plots

with old trees, no strategic choices are offered. In most cases, the trees are not

aligned, but this should not be a difficulty.

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